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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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Who Among the 5 Kage is Strong Enough for Madara??
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Please read NARUTO 563 PREDICTIONS below

by: The Special One

Naruto 563: The Kages Unite!

(All five Kages stand firm as they prepare to go toe-to-toe with a man of legend.)

Raikage: “I’ll smash him to pieces. No dojutsu can keep up with me!”
Tsunade: "That's not the sharingan. Naruto can attest to that." (Naruto, in back of them, nods.)

Onoki: “Don’t let the blood rush to your head, boy.”
Raikage: “I’m not here to get lectured by a battered ol’ fool.”

Mei: “Oh, brother.”
Tsunade: “We must act as one!”

Gaara: “I concur, bickering will be our undoing; I know, it’s easy for us to get a little excited, but we must realize what we’re up against. As the Hokage says, we must act as one, four fingers and a thumb, all working together to make the hand functional.”

Ononki: “And that hand will craft our future.”

(Tsunade turns to face Naruto.)

Tsunade: "I'll just ask you a few question, afterwards, protect yourself from battle."
Naruto: "Right granny!"

(Meanwhile, Madara, who stands upon a shattered log overlooking the area, is soon accompanied by Muu, who pulls himself out of the wedge he was smashed into.)

Madara: “The volume of chakra circulating through their general area is enough for discomfort. What have you done Kabuto to allow such odds stacked against you?”

Muu/Kabuto: “Less than half of what I’ve ever done is attributed to the union of the Kages, this other Madara, who also goes by the name of Tobi, did the rest.”

Madara: “Reckless!”
Muu/Kabuto: “Have you thought up your next move?”

Madara: “Currently, this is a stalemate, it doesn’t seem as though they’ve ever worked together, this could give me a bit of a leeway. Though, the longer I stay idle, the more likely others are spreading gossip about my capabilities… I’ll act first!” (Madara leaps into the air and hovers over the battlefield, much how Pain hovered over Konoha before launching the massive shinra-tensei wave, meanwhile, Tsunade is first to speak.)

Tsunade: “That’s the technique, Pain used to decimate Konoha! It’ll be a shockwave like attack that’ll clear the field!”

Gaara: “I should have enough left in the tank.”
Tsunade: “Don’t strain yourself.”

(Madara, while levitating, unleashes shinra-tensei, it, however, smacks into a splash of sand, as the sand splatters everywhere. Madara is descending towards the ground. Raikage spots the descending Madara, activates his Raiton cloak, and jumps into the sky, attempting to punch him with a strong right as Madara is following towards him. In mid-air, Madara barely avoids the punch by pushing off up the Raikage’s arm, however, the Raikage ups his amp and instinctively counters by performing a spinning side kick before Madara is able to safely withdraw, which sends Madara into a new direction, in which Tsunade plans to intercept.

Madara manages to twist his body to face Tsunade while he is still heading towards that direction, make quick handseals and expels a gigantic fireball. As it attempts to engulf Tsunade, Mei squirts out sprays of water, which collies into it from the side, putting the flames out. Madara, who is about to collide into Tsunade, tries to knee her in the face, however, Tsuande guards by putting up her forearms, the blow glances off and Madara stands right in front of Tsunade.

Tsunade tries a spinning back hand, however, Madara ducks, jabs her in the gut, rises up and does a quick jab-cross combo to the face. Tsuande nose and mouth bleeds, she screams out and returns a downward leg drop, Madara smirks and backs up to avoid it. Immediately, Tsunade smiles as her foot strikes the ground, which creates great disturbance and splinters large flaps of earth, which causes Madara to lose his footing, knocking him flat on his back. As Madara looks up into the sky, Raikage is descending downwards, right above him, performing his guillotine.
Madara activates shinra-tensei again, which shoves both Tsunade and Raikage away into further distances. Madara stands up, performs handseals, and four thick branches emerge from Madara’s body. They soon are shaped into clones. The wood clones each bare the Rinnegan. The scene switches over to Muu’s location, who views the battlefield. Muu senses something, so he flies into the sky. Seconds later, Onoki follows right behind.)

Onoki: “I may be drained, but I have enough to take care of you. Now, let’s finish what we’ve started.”

(The scene switches back to the battle. Raikage and Tsunade, roughed up, regroup with Gaara and Mei.)

Gaara: “Are you guys alright yet?”
Raikage: “Barely felt a thing.”
Tsunade: “Speak for yourself.”
Raikage: “Heh, now he’s trying to even the odds.”

Tsunade: “We can’t go into that fray; that’s what he wants. With his Rinnegan, his view points are all covered.” (Mei walks in front of the other Kages.)

Mei: “Leave it to me! (She makes handseals) Boil Release: Steam Cloud.” (She expels steam from her stomach which is projected towards and around Madara and his clones.)

Gaara: “I see.”
Raikage: “Only one problem. We need to be able to find him.”
Tsunade: “That’s where a sensory ninja would come in.” (The scene focuses on the tired shadow clone.)

Naruto: “The Kages are really putting on a show.” (The scene switches over to Madara and his clones, which are hidden amongst the thick clouds of steam.)

Madara: “Fighting all of them at once is proving to be quite a taxing task, not that I could expect no less.” (The scene switches back over to the Kages.)

Gaara: “But Naruto’s clone is in no condition to fight.”
Tsunade: “I know. We don’t need him to fight.”

Next time: The Kages mount their counterattack!
by: k-lai

Naruto 563: The Five Kages Stand as One

Genma: Princess Tsunade aare u alright?
Tsunade: Who do u think you're talking to?
MadaraPrincess) are u senju tsunade of shodai's lineage?
Tsunade: And what if I am...

Madara: Well well my old nemesis grand-daughter stands b4 me, feels so nostalgic
Tsunade: Madara we will not allow u to control the world the way u want, this day, here and now we will fight you to death
Madara: And what makes u think that you would win?

Raikage(charges up raiton armour): Less talk more fight, uchiha madara prepare urself!
Tsunade: Wait! I told u he's an uchiha. He may be strong but I have quite the knowledge about how to deal with him. My granfather
did not die in vain for nothing.

Four kages: !!!
Tsunade: Yes the death of madara was shrouded in mystery because we intentionally made it so. Shodai said in their fight that something
Madara: So u know?
Tsunade: Of course, I've known all this time. It's something passed down from hokage to hokage
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