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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Naruto 548 (English) is up!
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Naruto 548 (English)

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Walking on the moutain, Nagato and Itachi.

Madara trusted two powerhouses in the war. What lies ahead of them ?

548 : Naruto VS Itachi !

the sun is rising.

Itachi : We walked quite a lot since the night fell. The battle is near.
Nagato : Who will it be ?

Gaara - The shocking truth.

4th Kazekage is inside the sand.

Gaara : Mother ... loved me ?

Kazekage : ...

Gaara : But ... when Yashamaru went for me ...


Yashamaru : You were never loved.

Flashback end

Kazekage : That was me who ordred Yashamaru to lie to you. To corner you, to see if you could stop you Bijuu from going wild.
Of course, for the village too.

Gaara : ...
Kazekage : If Yashamaru hated someone, it wasn't you. It's me. Because the one who ordered that the Shukaku would be implanted into your pregnant mother.
But Suna and Yashamaru.
My fellow Suna Anbu ordered like I said. That was a failure.
My life is just a long list of failures. A gave you too much burdens to carry.
I selfishly judged that you were worth nothing.

Gaara is sweating.

Kazekage : I made you a Jinchuuriki, I stole your right to live a normal life, I stole your mother. I stole your mother's feelings. I stole your bonds to others. I even tried to stole your right to live.
In the end, the only thing your father ever did to you was one thing.
To wound your heart.
Itachi and Nagato are walking
Gaara and his father are having a conversation
Gaara's face is tear-stained
He's crying because he was loved
His father 'enters Nirvana'
Rikudō-mode Naruto and B meet Itachi and Nagato
the Second Mizukage is a nice guy
He uses Yin Release and genjutsu
Ōnoki vs. Mū
Ōnoki is losing ground
Nagato and Itachi are walking through the mountains.

What lies beyond where Itachi and Nagato, The two great war potentials Madara put his faith in, are heading…?!
548 Naruto vs. Itachi

The morning sun rises
Itachi: We've been walking a lot since the sun rose… We should soon see battle
Nagato: Who on earth are they?'?
It says that the Mizukage doesn't use genjutsu, but summons clams

It says he summons 'hamaguri', which is what is known as the common orient clam (Meretrix lusoria) in English
Ah. The cover also has Kakashi. Sorry. I didn't notice him, as I was distracted by the green in the centre. Naruto is lying sprawled
Nauto and Sasuke on the lead colour.
Naruto's eating watermelon and watching beetles sumo wrestling. Sasuke's also on the engawa(wood-deck/terrace) drinking Ramune(= Soda pop from lemonade?).
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