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Friday, July 15, 2011

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Naruto 547 (English)

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by: King Leonin

Naruto 547: The New Version

Naruto is waking he is surrounded by the Bijuu Escort squad and Bee.

Bee, “damn what a day, are you okay?”

Naruto, “yes I am fine, thank you.”

Bee with a funny look on his face.

Yokohamaru, “well then let’s go, we should head to HQ for the battle plan”

Naruto, “we must hurry if we are to help the others”

Bee, {we? I am confused with this kid, what happened in his head?}

{good boy, you are learning}

Naruto and the other s leave.

Madara with Zetsu, “oh? Hmm I wonder if this was a plan of his?”

Zetsu, “I don’t think so I peaked in on him and he seems to have no idea it is happening”

Madara, “well the eyes of the Sage and the MS together are full of surprises”

We see Itachi and Nagato standing with the army of fallen Alliance behind them , they are facing the Alliance ninja. They are prepared for a fight.

Sakura has come out, “alright Itachi what is it? You wanna fight us here and now like some puppet for you Master?”

Darui, {gheez he is an undead legendary Uchiha with MS, you don’t have to piss him off too!}

Kiba, looks and sees a member of his clan in the crowd, “Jiba? You bastard Pein, that is my cousin! You have no right!

He charges towards him on top of Akamaru.

Several Fallen Alliance nin block his way.

Ninja1” hold on Kina, we aren’t being controlled, he brought us back,n we are all alive right now!”

Sakura, “what? Why?”

Nagato, “we are temporarily under our own control Sakura, these ninja are alive again. But two draw backs, when I am released form this jutsu they will die again mad If they are killed in battle again I cannot bring them back.

Itachi, “yes, also he could not resurrect everyone just this small portion of your army, unfortunately.”

Hinata, “PPein-sama, can you find the hidden spies in our ranks? They are duplicates down to the chakra.”

Nagato, “My name is Nagato Uzumaki, I am no longer Pein. But no I cannot that is Zetsu I cannot tell any difference with my eyes as you and Itachi cannot with yours.”

Sakura{ Uzumaki? Is he a relative of Naruto or just a clan member?}

Slug hiding on Sakuras back crawls on her shoulder, “there may be help on the way for that.”


Shika, “great you’re here, we have been waiting.”

Raikage and Tsunade walk up to Naruto and Bee.

Raikage, “yes what kept you?”

Naruto, “wow Granny I didn’t know you could move that fast too?!”

Show a flash back of Raikage holding her in his arms on the way to HQ.

Tsunade, “well anyway Naruto, are you ready for the intel?”

Naruto, “yes ma’am, Me and the Bijuu squad will do our best out there!”

Ino, “Bijuu Sqaud?”

Shika, “oh the escort team? They were just to make sure nothing happened to you guys on the way back here. They are going to be disbanded immediately to join the different divisions.”

Naruto, “Well could me and Bee keep them as a temporary division? We could split up in to two ranks to cover more ground in this war.”

Raikage, “sure why not, that way someone will be watch their backs the whole time out there.”

Naruto gives a thumbs up, “thanks Grandpa A!”

Raikage’s assistant looks at Raikage.

Raikage, “don’t ask.”

Shika, “well I read the intel on your Kyuubi mode, seems you can sense evil intent. We need you to shadow clone and quickly spread to all the camps and seek out the assassins. They are disguised all the way to the chakra as our on ninja. You must hurry!”

Naruto, “hmm, Yeah I can sense evil intentions but...”

Bee, “But he can’t clone to find the spy or else he’s gonna die”

Tsunade, “so what are you saying, we can only find a few?”

Naruto, “No, we can find them all.”

Raikage, “how without your Kyuubi chakra?”

Naruto, “well it seems that the fox was stopping me from reaching my full potential, I should have reached years ago. But now that he is not interfering I can do it.”

Ino, “what are you talking about?”

Naruto, “all this time the Fox was taking my Yin chakra to replace his, when I locked him away an took his it was really mine in the first place. It wasn’t the Kyuubi that helped me sense like that it was my own chakra. So Bee I can’t run out of that chakra my body constantly makes it.”

Raikage, “so how will this help us?”

Naruto, “well I think I have surpassed my Dad’s technique now. He was fast, he was the yellow flash. But don’t call me the Orange flash or anything, just Naruto please.”

He grins.

Tsunade, “yeah your were pretty fast dodging Raikage but just like your father it as barely.”

Naruto, “the key to my dads tech was his Kunai”

Raikage, “we know this Naruto, so what? You have no known ability similar and no way you could train now to use those Kunai even if someone knew how they worked?”

Naruto, “Don’t need them, dad used those Kunai because he didn’t have the chakra to perfect that technique. Yes he was fast he could go to each seal in a second but he was still only one person, he knew that.”

Tsunade, “perfect? What do you mean?”

Naruto, The sealed he used on the Kunai incorporated the Uzumaki Crest combined with the summing seal, he mixed his chakra in it so that he could summon himself through the seals.”

Tsunade, “we don’t have any of those Naruto, what now?”

Naruto, “I told you I don’t need them. It takes another jutsu to complete this one. I am the only ninja that can do it!”

He closes his eyes and powers up, his chakra aura starts to glow, his eyes open and his pupils are ..

Raikage, “orange, his eyes are orange? What is going on?”

A Hyuuga looks at Naruto, “he isn’t getting this form the seal, it isn’t the 9 tails, it, it’s his chakra. But it’s moving so rapidly all over his body there is so much chakra at all his points that even the palm tech couldn’t cut them off!”

Tsunade, Naruto what are you doing.”

Naruto, “getting the other half of my chakra back.”

Inside with the Fox.

Naruto, “okay brother fox ,watch me go.”

Fox, “I have to see this, I don’t even know what your doing.”

Back out side.

“shadow clone jutsu!”

Everyone is looking around but they don’t see anything.

Bee, “wow did you goof up, nothing popped up.”

Ino, “General, Lady Tsunade, there are sittings Naruto at all the camps taking out the assassins, there are dozens popping up and taking them out them vanishing!”

Naruto, “every single division every single squad every single camp has a Leaf ninja, and all Leaf Ninja were the crest of the Uzumaki. That is my seal, it is based n the chakra design of the Uzumaki it is a seal, a seal that all Leaf carry.”

Raikage, “what about those without what about places where there are no Leaf?”

Naruto, “If I have see it or have been there before, then I can go there, no problem!”

Bee, “Yeah that’s great more range than the fourth Hokage, the places been okay, what about the places you ain’t?”

Ino interrupts, “uhm, it seems there are also reports at the edge of the battle field of Narutos leaving the area, to fast to catch. They are even some reported at the Cloud village. They said they are arriving and spreading to different parents of the village then disappearing.”

Raikage, “I am impressed. You shadow cloned into the camps and had some spread across the area. So when they disperse you will know what they know, so you will have been there without leaving here at all.”

Naruto, “yeah those Uzumaki crest are hard to focus on, this way is much easier. By the end of this day they all should have spread to al the villages and even the iron country, I am pretty fast now with my own chakra back!”

Suddenly he stops smiling and disappears.

Everyone looks confused.

Raikage, “Find him!”

Ino, “I already have, you might want to get Kakashi to Shizune’s Med camp, now”

At camp.

There is Itachi and Nagato surrounded by Naruto’s holding Rasengan, with some holding the Alliance ninja back.

Directly in front of The two is Naruto with his eyes glowing Orange and a strong gust of wind surrounding him, there is a slight crater under his feet. He has a small rasenshuriken in both hands.

Naruto, “so this is where I join in the fight?! Bring it on!!”
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