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Sunday, May 1, 2011

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Naruto 541 (English)

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by: Jericho Uzumaki

Naruto 541: Family Ties

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Naruto is walking around the Uzumaki Village.

Naruto, “You sent me back into time?!”

Fox, “don’t be foolish, these are my memories, your mind can only comprehend but so much. It has to interpret things it’s own way. Otherwise you would go crazy with the knowledge.”

Naruto “So why am I here?”

Suddenly he is at another location a meeting not unlike the Kage summit.

Several people are at a table they are all Kages the 2nd Hokage is there.

Kazekage, “: I see no problem with allowing this.”

Mizukage, “hmm we are still new , so I see why not.”

Hokage, “well you know I have no problem with it.”

Tsuchikage, “I agree as well, so that is enough , as of the next meeting we will have another Hidden village and Kage inducted into our ranks.”

Raikage slams his fist down on the table, “dammit, the re is no room for a sixth Kage! five is enough. The whirl pool village is not even as large as we are! What do they have to offer?”

Hokage, “calm down Raikage, you are upsetting our escorts. The Soon to be Uzukage will bring the vast knowledge and skill of seals and longevity to our circle. They are a peace loving addition, which is what this all about, correct?”

Raikage, “humph” he sits down and says nothing further.

Naruto is standing in the shadows watching.

Now he is back at the Village.

Ninja, “Uzukage, sir we have word that we will be attacked soon, the attackers are the combined forces of the Cloud village and some other rogue ninjas.”

Uzukage, “I figured as much, two days before the village would have became as notable as the other hidden villages.”

A group of ninja appear in front of him.

Ninja, “we are ready sir we have several groups of children and instructors ready to disperse and go into hidding as you directed.”

Uzukage, “ good, we will go to the Iron country, Leaf village, and other small villages unnoticed. From this day for the we will not openly practice our skills. But one day we will return, let NO Uzumaki give up there name.”

Naruto, “the leaf village? You mean there are Uzumaki in the Leaf village?”

Suddenly he sees the attack on the village and many die protecting it.
Fast forward to the Cloud village A is very young and is walking with an old Raikage(not the same one of course)

Raikage, “tomorrow you will be Kage if all does not go well with me. So I am going to tell you all you need to know and what you dare not repeat to another unless he is your successor.”

A, “yes Raikage.”

Now at the tent with Neji and Sakura.

SF, “hey, look out.”

He jumps in front of a kunai that was meant for Sakura, from Neji.”

Sakura, “Neji, what are you doing?!”
{he can’t be the spy, this proves it to be a mind control technique of sorts}

Neji, “I will kill you Sakura, and the other Medical Jonin as well.”

Sakura, “this tent is for the mildly wounded Neji, meaning there is none in here but me you and the other Med ninjas.”

Neji, “so?”

Sakura, “get out now!!”

The med ninja leave the tent.

Sakura, “They were the only thing saving you. I am sorry Neji, If you can hear me. This is war I must stop you, mind control or not.”

Flash Back:

Sakura and Hinata are walking.

Hinata, “ you must be very good at chakra control to be a med ninja huh? Also you have to be very delicate with your hands too?”

Sakura, “yes, why would you like to be a med ninja? I could talk to Shizune.”

Hinata, “actually I was wondering if you wouldn’t want to learn my technique.”

Sakura surprised, “but I don’t have the brakeman, how could I do that?”

Hinata, “ well you already have the knowledge of all the chakra points right? So all you need in the technique. It wouldn’t be the gentle fist of course but it could be an addition to your taijutsu technique.”

Neji facing off with Sakura, “ you seem as if you are going to win.”

Sakura taking her gloves off, “I am.”
{I hope, this works}

Back to bee and Tsunade and Raikage.

Raikage, “You were supposed to be in the cave being protected, but you and that brat are ou there making all the sacrifices in vein! Have you no sense of morality?”

Bee says nothing.

Raikage, “Fine, I will beat it into you.”

Bee backs up a little. 8tails{I know you hate to do it, but you might have to fight him for real this time Bee}

Raikage comes at Bee with lightning speed.

Before he connects with his fist Naruto appears and takes it on the chin, unphased.

Naruto, “Morals, are you questioning morals? I know what the Cloud Village did to the Uzumaki’s and I know about the Kyuubi, YOU could have ended his hatred a long time ago, but you chose not to!”

Raikage, “shut your mouth boy!”

He swings again, Then Naruto appears several feet away form them.

Naruto in RS mode claps his hands together, “Uzumaki Sealing Jutsu: scroll unearth!”

Suddenly a scroll appears and goes to Naruto.

Naruto, “I have this now and soon everyone will be free!”

He disappears then reappears next to Bee, they both disappear.

Next, will Sakura reveal some new hand to hand skills ? What do Nagato & Itachi have to talk to Naruto & Bee about. Will Itachi be able to help Naruto “save” Sasuke?

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