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Friday, May 20, 2011

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Naruto 540 (English)

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Status: RAW

Love Fodder: I guess a rejected man like me shouldn't be prying too much about the guy you like. I understand... I'll be going.
Sakura: Sorry.
Love Fodder: Good luck to you. Whoever the guy you like must be really great!
(Sakura thought of Sasuke, Love Fodder went out and sighed. Enter Neji.)
Neji: You OK?
Sakura: ...Neji...
Neji: I understand if you're low in spirits. After all, the enemy is lurking in the dark, unknown to us.
Sakura: Yeah. Gotta be extra careful.
Neji: Yes.

(Scene switched to an old temple)
Nagato: I wonder. Why does the jutsu caster go through all this trouble to avoid our making contact with the enemy? And why doesn't he use your Genjutsu?
Itachi: The night is a stage of the silent war of glaring at each other. Madara must have something in his mind before mobilizing us to break the silence.
Nagato: I guess... this Edo-Tensei is something that Madara's new ally cast... Madara himself has readied his own plan, no?
Itachi: Maybe.

(Scene switched to Kiba and Neji)
Kiba: You really OK without going to the medic camp?
Neji: Kiba, you're really a nuisance. I told you I'm fine!
Kiba: Heh, you've overused Byakugan to the point that you can't even stand firmly... and you still try to act tough?
Neji: (facing Akamaru) You're being annoying, Kiba!
Hinata: (I'm replacing Neji-niisan. I should do all I can...)
Shino: Don't need to overexert yourself, Hinata. Why? Because my bugs are already scouting around a large area.
Hinata: Shino-kun, thanks for your attention... but I have to do my best. This war is to protect Naruto-kun. We can't afford to lose!

(Back to medic camp)
Neji: BTW, Sakura, where's Captain Shizune?
Sakura: What, did you figure out something?
Neji: Yeah, somewhat. However small the discovery, we should remain vigilant until we get the culprit.
Sakura: I think she's in tent B2. Shizune-senpai is treating Tonton's sprained leg.
Neji: Better legs than hands. She (Tonton) should be able to return to battle, no?
Sakura: ...... You're right. Since it wasn't the hands, she should be able to form seals.
Neji: Great. Now Sakura, can you please take a look at my arm one more time? It still hurts a bit.
Sakura: Alright... come.
(Neji moved forward, ready to thrust a Kunai. Sakura smashed Neji. Fake Neji screamed and coughed blood.)
Zetsu: How the hell... did you find out!?
Sakura: Pigs do not have hands, SHANNARO-!
Zetsu: (Recalling Sakura's words) So this Tonton is a pig. (I've been fooled... fuck.)
Sakura: So you're the culprit right!? (Another punch) How the heck did you copy Neji, even to his chakra so precisely!? What kind of Ninjutsu did you use!? Spill it out or you'll eat another punch!
Zetsu: My disguise... is number one in the Shinobi world. Who knows... it might not be just me. :3
(Sakura recalled Yamato's report on their encounter with Kisame and the suspicion that the "Kisame" Raikage killed was a fake. It talked about Akatsuki "Zetsu" who appeared in the Kage Summit and was capable of sucking people's chakra.)
Sakura: (This guy's transformation... I see now) You! You can steal others' chakra and make an exact same copy of it, don't you?!
Zetsu: (This woman is sharp) Uh... maybe yes, maybe no.
Sakura: However good you are at disguise, your lying skills suck.
Ninjas: What's the commotion? Who's this guy!?
Sakura: I have something to report to the HQ. I'll leave this guy to you!

Shizune: You've moved too many heavy stuff, Tonton.
Tonton: Oink~

Pee Fodder 1: I gotta pee well this time! Next is my turn for lookout.
Pee Fodder 2: I pee better than you. Look at the size of the ripples my pee caused!
Tetsu: (The size of pee ripples...)
PF2: Hey, Tetsu, come pee too. You'll have to wait a long time for the next chance to.
PF1: Say, don't sneak behind us like that, Tetsu. You distract me. I can't pee properly!
Fake Tetsu: Then... let's dye your pee... red.
PF1&2: Hey, hey...
(Bloody scene)

(At the HQ)
Inoichi: Yet another report of an ambush among the allies. The place is a chaos. There's no way to find out the enemy!
Shikaku: What does that mean!? There shouldn't be any ambush! There's no way the sensors guarding the wall couldn't find out the spy. How are the dead bodies? Any possibility of poisoning or stuff?!
Inoichi: All external wounds! Those are physical attacks!
Shikaku: Other than using Genjutsu to control those soldiers, there should be no way... Could it be, Itachi?
Ao: Although the only person who can cast Genjutsu from enough distance to avoid us sensor's detection is probably Itachi Uchiha, even he should not be able to mass control so many people in different places so perfectly!
Inoichi: ! Medical squad's report! (Talked about what Sakura found out)
Ao: (Panicking) What should we do, Shikaku of the Leaf? If we don't find out a way to distinguish the enemy from our people soon, we will have our allies killing each other! The casualties will only continue to increase!
Mabui: So this is the power of white Zetsu. Looks like the battle during daytime... was all planned for this purpose.
Shikaku: (Must calm down. Must calm down x100. Let's think of all the intelligence we gathered during daytime. Must calm down x100)

(Scene switches to Naruto and Bee)
Naruto: !?
Bee: What's wrong?
Naruto: Everything around us is getting blurry all of a sudden! Why!? OMG!
(Raikage and Tsunade appeared)
Naruto: Granny-!?
Bee: No~~ ...B- BRA!?
A: Bee! How dare you stare at Hokage's breasts in front of me!
Bee: No- BRA-THER! I'm surprised that bro found us out~ but Hokage's boobs are still damn hawt~!
A: I've come to stop you! You are not getting any further than this!

edit: again, Jap script
by: Jericho Uzumaki

Naruto 540: Under the Cover of Darkness

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Kabuto looking frustrated, “How in the hell? This cannot not be, Unless…this is why Lord Orochimaru never resurrected an Uchiha?!”

Itachi and Nagato are sitting across form each other forming hand signs then

“Mangekyo-Sharinghan!” “Rinnengan!”

Nagato, it appears that it has worked, what do you think?”

Itachi standing up, “I believe so Nagato.”

Nagato reaching his hand up as Itachi helps him to his feet, “Well that is a change, why not call me pain?”

Itachi, “it is not just your to bare my friend.”

Nagato, “speaking of pains to bare, it hurts me to tell you this but, Sasuke was a member of Akataski before I died. I am not sure how you feel about that.”

Itachi says nothing.

The 9 tails inside Naruto.

Fox, “that boy sis foolish, but he surely is the son of the 4th. An Uzumaki to boot, I wonder if this kid knows what happened to his clan? All these years and I have never bothered to enter his mind completely, even though I wouldn’t control him I would know everything he knows, problem is he would know what I know as well.”

Naruto is jumping through the woods with Bee at his side.

Suddenly he tackles Bee to the ground.

Bee, “Wha?”

HE lands on the ground with Naruto kneeling over him.

Naruto puts his hand over Bee’s mouth and goes out of RS mode, “Quiet, they are almost here. Granny and Raikage are looking for us.

Tsunade and Raikage are jumping form the opposite direction tree to tree. They pass by not noticing Naruto and Bee.

Bee, “this is serious, if they are looking A must be furious.”

Naruto, “he is always angry, what’s the difference now?”

Raikage behind Naruto, “the difference now is I am my anger is towards you Konoha brat!”

They jump back and turn around to see Raikage with Tsunade coming up as well.

The Fox in side Naruto is watching this.
Fox, “you? No, but you do look like him a little, same angry eyes.”

Naruto voice form outside, “I don’t wanna fight you Raikage, I just want to save my friends and stop Madara”

Fox, “kid you really don’t know shit do you? Well it’s time I showed you what I know, maybe it will toughen you up.”

Naruto is standing beside bee facing Raikage and Tsunade, “I said I don’t want to fight you, that doesn’t mean I will let you take me back to the cave.”

8 tails {Bee Naruto is about to get a rude awakening.}

Bee {what do you mean, he is awake this ain’t no dream.}

8 Tails{ I feel the 9 tails chakra moving but it isn’t trying to attack he is doing something that cannot be undone. He is about to merge with Naruto.}

Suddenly Naruto eye start glowing the color of the fox, “Look who we have here the little boy that has become a man. You are Raikage now huh? Well lightning rod your secret is about to be known.”

Raikage, “what? What did you call me?”

Tsunade, “Naruto what is going on?!”

Naruto, “Sorry, Naruto is not here right now, but we will be back shortly…”

He disappears.

They all look confused and shocked.

In a dark place similar to Madara’s Dimension.

Naruto is there.

Naruto, “what is this place?”

Fox, “this is my home, where I dwell when I am not in your world. I am merging wit you Naruto, it is time you knew what I know. We will truly share an existence. I am only doing this in hopes it will help you live longer so that I live ling as well.”

Suddenly we see a village with the Uzumaki crest on the gate.

Naruto is walking through the gate.

“what, is this place? Where am I?”

Stranger, “your in the whirlpool village son, the home of the Uzumaki Clan.”

Naruto, “ What? Uzumaki Clan?”

What does the Fox know about the Uzumaki’s. what secret does Raikage have?!

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by: jeanericuser

Naruto 540: The Moon's Eye Unleashed

30 minutes ago:

Madara is standing on the back of gedo maza with gedo maza looking up at the moon with its eyes open in the middle of a forest. Zetsu appears behind Madara as Madara takes off a glove. Zetsu has a puzzled look on his face.

Zetsu: "What exactly are you doing?"
Madara: "During my little trip to see the battlefront I acquired a portion of the kyubi's chakra thanks to using the remains of kinkaku and genkaku. With the kyubi chakra sealed within here I now have the power to begin stage 1 of the moon's eye plan."

Madara places his palm on gedo maza and its eyes light up as it looks to the moon. Madara's eyes glow as he too looks up at the moon.

Madara: "With this stage activated I am now able to reflect my abilities off the surface of the moon thus allowing me to target anyone who looks upon the moon's surface for even so much as a second. Ahh I think I found my target."


Sakura is shocked as she looks at Neji who has a sinister smile on his face. The ninja moves in front of her to protect her. Sakure stands still still shocked at what she is seeing.

Ninja: "I will not let you harm her."
Neji: "There is nothing you can do to stop me. Just step asside and maybe I will allow you to live for a short time longer."
Ninja: "Not a chance."

From outside the tent a body goes shooting out of the tent fast ripping appart the tent causing it to slowly collapse. Neji walks out as the tent collapses while sakura a short time later crawls out in time to see neji looking up at her.

Neji: "This is your end Sakura."

Neji prepares to strike when suddenly he is trapped in dirt as he looks over to see several sensor ninjas staring at him. Neji turns to face them and then suddenly collapses. Sakura looks at him oddly as she notices that he is unconscious. Several other ninjas near by collapse as well. Madara removes his hand from gedo maza as he turns to zetsu. Zetsu has a puzzled look on his face.

Madara: "I have successfully infiltrated the medic nin station at the battlefront. They will not be healing their wounded on this night as they try to sort out who was controlled and by whom."
Zetsu: "Why didnt you just kill all of them?"
Madara: "Unfortunately with only a partial sealing of the bijuu chakra I am unable to maintain control for more than a few minutes at a time. When my time is up I simply lose control."
Zetsu: "Shall I attack them at night?"
Madara: "No. This shall be our time to sow the seeds of discontent within their ranks. We will see if this alliance manages to last through the night."

Nagato and Itachi stop to rest as they sit down leaning against the side of a boulder. Nagato looks up at the moon in surprise as he sees for a brief second what appears to be a giant sharingan eye.

Nagato: "It would appear Madara has begun to use his plans to end this war."

Itachi looks at the moon for a second and clenches his fist.

Itachi: "Damn him. I had hoped he would never get this far."
Nagato: "Relax. Madara may have a portion of what he needs but he can not hold it long. Look again. The moon has returned to normal. Besides he will not have this power again after this night until a full moon has risen once more."

Itachi looks up at the moon and sees it is back to normal again.

Itachi: "Why did you help him?"
Nagato: "The same reason why you probably helped him. We both came to him in search of power but only later did we realize just how foolish our ambitions were."
Itachi: "At least my brother will one day put an end to madara."

Nagato flashes back to Naruto's face and Naruto looking at him at their very first meeting.

Nagato: "Your brother is sasuke right?"
Itachi: "Yes. I had hoped that my noble sacrifices would teach him to fight for what is right and to not be what I had become."
Nagato: "I should probably not be the one to tell you this but you have a right to know. Sasuke has followed in your footsteps. He has joined akatsuki as well."

Itachi stops looking at the moon and turns to face Nagato.

Itachi: "What?"
Nagato: "Your plans to nurture sasuke with hate has only turned him into a man filled with hatred to all those around him: Madara, the village, his friends, everyone around him. Sasuke now feeds on that hatred much like I did at one time."

Itachi has a stunned look on his face then he slams his fist against the side of the boulder. Itachi looks at Nagato to see he is oddly peaceful.

Itachi: "So what convinced you to abandon all this hatred?"
Nagato: "Fate. In all things there is a reason and a purpose."

Naruto is shown running through the forest with killer bee right behind him.

Nagato: "For all the darkness in this world there is always a faint glimmer of light."

Sakura is shown healing the ninja that had fallen in love with her.

Nagato: "And even in the darkest hour there is always a hint of the incoming dawn."

Shikimaru is shown looking at a map with katsuchi pointing out something with excitement. Itachi smiles as he looks at Nagato who is looking at a book he has sitting on his lap, The gutsy ninja.

Naruto 541: Counterstrike.....Kabuto is in Danger.
by: Forlong

Open on Sakura.
Wounded Shinobi: S-so...who...who is the...lucky guy...
Sakura: Uh...that's...kind of personal. We only just met I don't think--Neji-san, what are you doing here?
Neji: I think I know who the spy is.
Wounded Shinobi: Spy!? How could a spy get past the defenses here?
Neji: Mind control jutsu. The poor soul has all his memories, but his compassion for them is gone. He has to sit back and watch as he kills his friends.
Sakura side-steps between Neji and the injured shinobi.
Sakura: It's you, isn't it, Neji!?
Neji: Fu fu fu. Took you long enough to realize it. You should have noticed when I said I would find the culprit on my own. I would have asked for someone to search with me, if I were still on your side.

Sakura (thinking): Crap, a mind control jutsu powerful enough to control Neji. And I don't know if I can fight him. If I get in close, he'll hit my chakra points. Unlike Naruto, I don't have enough chakra to reopen them myself. But my long range's...
Neji: You're worried, Sakura. Because you know I am more skilled than you are. You don't stand a chance against me, but don't worry. I'm not here to kill you, [Neji charges at Sakura] but capture you!

Sakura jumps over Neji. The wounded shinobi backs off.
Neji: TO SLOW!
Neji smacks the the wounded shinobi in the face, knocking him out.
Sakura (thinking): I can't use that jutsu. Not here. But I'm great at dodging attacks. If I dodge long enough, I'll draw attention to us.
Neji: You think you can hold out for help to arrive, don't you? Well, it's already to late. You're within my Eight Trigrams. EIGHT TRIGRAMS: SIXTY-FOUR PALMS!
Neji strikes Sakura sixty-four times and she falls.
Neji: To easy.
In a poof of smoke, Sakura turns into a log.
Neji: What the...!? When did she...? [beat] When she jumped over me...that must have been when she did it. Damn!
Neji runs through the camp, going after Sakura. Several shinobi start talking.
Shinobi #1: An intruder?
Shinobi #2: And it's Neji-kun?
Shinobi #3: The genius of the Hyuga clan.
Shinobi #1: Come on, we have to stop him!
Neji (thinking): She's leaving the camp. I see. She realizes that I'm here to capture her as bait for Naruto, so she's leading me away.
Shizune walks out of a tent as sees Sakura jumping over the fence with her hands together, as if she just clapped.
Shizune (thinking): she...?
Neji runs past with shinobi following him, Shizune stops them.
Shinobi #2: Shizune-sempi, what are you doing?
Shizune: Sakura has a plan. She's leading him away so no one else can get hurt. She knows what she's doing.
Shinobi #1: What, how could a Chuunin know a jutsu powerful enough.
Shizune: She was a student of Tsunade-sama, and has far more potential than I did.
Neji continues following Sakura and they stop in front of a cliff-face.
Neji: Nowhere to run.
Sakura: Funny, I was about to say the same to you.
Sakura makes five hand seals.

Sakura is badly bruised and Shizune is treating her.
Shizune: Tsunade-sama, you shouldn't have taught her that. Without Creation Rebirth, it can be--
Tsunade: I know the risks, Shizune. And now she does to. Sakura, you have yet to master Creation Rebirth, and solder pills will only help so much in withstanding this jutsu. This is for use against an opponent far beyond your level.
Sakura: I'd also have to lead him away, to keep others out of range...
Tsunade: Yes. I developed this jutsu for extreme cases, when everyone but the medic has been neutralized in a squad. The medic is to draw the enemy away and use it to incapacitate them. Understood?
Sakura: Yes, Tsunade-sama.

Sakura: Sorry, Neji-san.
Neji: Her chakra! What is she--
A sphere of chakra extends from Sakura and engulfs Neji.
Cut to Shizune.
Shizune: Move out. You have to gather Neji and Sakura for treatment. Neji is under some sort of mind control jutsu. I will contact HQ to get someone here who can undo it. Keep him restrained.
Medics: Yes, ma'am.
Shizune (thinking): Chakra Strom. It focuses all the user's chakra and releases it out of all chakra points. Even I couldn't master it, and frankly I'm glad I didn't. The jutsu harms everyone in the radius, even the user. [shot of Sakura on the ground, bleeding in several places] If we don't act quickly, Sakura could die.
by: Superninja

Sakura and the weird guy that followed her finish their talk.
Sakura's fan boy: "All right then, I'll just leave you be."
Sakura (handing him the letter back): "Sorry."
Sakura fan boy: "Keep it if you don't mind. Heh, maybe if you read it you might fall for me heheh."
Sakura: "Oh....I am sorry, but I don't want to keep your hopes up."
Sakura fan boy: "Ok, that's fair" (accepts the letter back)
Neji enters the tent: "Sakura, I didn't know you had company."
Sakura fan boy: "It's all right, I'm just leaving." (leaves)
Sakura: "What is it, Neji? Did you find the spy?"
Neji:"Yes, I did."
Sakura: "Then we have to report this to our commander immediately!"
Neji: "Lets go! You lead the way."
Sakura turns her back to Neji.
Sakura: "Who is the spy?"
Neji: "I am."
Sakura half turns with a shocked expression towards Neji while Neji is preparing for a deadly strike. The Sakura fan boy (SFB) jumps from behind and catches Neji's throat in a deadlock with one arm (coz his other arm is injured). Neji flips him over and strikes him in the chest.
Sakura: "No!"
Neji: "You're next!"
Neji jumps towards Sakura with great speed but Sakura crushes one sleeping bomb with her hand and creates a sleeping gas cloud around her.
Neji does the rotation to drive the smoke away. He blows away the tent.
Sakura: "Who are you? You can't be Neji."
Neji: "Why Sakura? Don't you recognize my trademark techniques?"
Neji jumps towards Sakura and Sakura tries to parry him but Neji redirects her hand down.
Neji: "Too slow."
Sakura stomps the ground to unbalance him and jumps back."
Neji: "Nice moves."
A lot of ninjas gather around Neji and Sakura.
Neji: "I've found the spy, there she is!"
Sakura: "No, he is the one that has been killing our ninjas!"
ninjas: "Stop your fighting both of you and we will judge who is the spy."
Neji: "All right, I am standing still."
Sakura: "'s a trick, don't fall for it!"
ninjas approach Neji and Sakura: "put you hands behind your back!"
Neji strikes them all very swiftly and puts them down: "hahaha"
rain of kunais fall towards Neji who deflects them with his spinning move. Neji starts to run in between tents.
Neji: "byakugan!"
Sakura (thinking): "with byakugan he has the advantage moving like this in between the tents." (turns around) "Oh no, SFB!"
SFB: "I just thought I'd leave this letter on your desk and go."
Sakura: "Don't talk. I can heal you."
SFB (with blood dripping from his mouth): "You don't have to read it, I think you'll find it stupid now..."
Sakura (crying): "Shut up already!"
SFB: "Right now I probably look like some hero....if you read it you'd find out I am not much of a hero.."
Sakura takes the dying man's letter and puts it in her pocket.
Sakura (with an angry expression)
Will Sakura be able to stand her own against a mad Neji?? Find out next time or something like that lol
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