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Thursday, February 3, 2011

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Naruto 527 (English)

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Samui and Atsui are sent to Darui as reinforcements
Kinkaku can use a technique with his gourd to steal his opponents' souls
While recording speech, the person recording the speech is sucked up
Atsui is male and has a slight resemblance to C
Gaara and the Tsuchikage aren't setting out
This time it's Kinkaku and Ginkaku vs. Darui, Samui, and Atsui
"the person whose words are recorded is sucked in (into his gourd)".
also, both kinkaku and ginkaku use that technique (taking the souls of their opponents by recording their words/speech), not only the former.

will be interesting to see how that works...
"They use five ninja tools said to be the treasured tools of the Rikudō Sennin. They even managed to bring the Nidaime Hokage to the verge of death with them, but... the Kyūbi's chakra...? I hadn't heard they held that..."
This must be about the tools Kinkaku and Ginkaku use
Journey to the West also had the brothers wield five treasured weapons
A sword, a fan, a rope, a pot, and a gourd:
Red Gourd, Clean Bottle, Plantain Fan, Golden Rope, Seven Stars Sword.
by: Forlong

Naruto 527

Ginkaku: Look at this cocky bastard.
Kinkaku: Reminds me of that guy that killed us.
Darui: Storm Release: Thunder Cloud.
Ginkaku and Kinkaku jump over the cloud.
Ginkaku: Come on, kid. You don't think we knew about that jutsu. You can do better than that.
Darui: Well hows this. Storm Release: Cloud Clone Jutsu!
Dozens of Kage Bunshins come at the brothers.
Gin & Kin: What the...!?
Hiashi: So many Kage Bunshins. I thought Naruto-kun was the only one who could make that many.
Cloud Shinobi: If he was using his own chakra he wouldn't be able to make so many. In fact, he has below average chakra. He was the first to truly master Storm Release. He uses almost no chakra in his jutsu, because he can harness the powers of nature itself!
Darui: Water Release: Water Wall Jutsu!
Water engulfs Gin & Kin.
Black lightning courses through the wall of water.
Cut to Muu.
Muu: !? O...Onoki!?
Kabuto: Fu fu fu. It seems that the Third Tsuchikage-sama has come to the front line. Well, I have a little surprise for him. Thank you, Sakura-san, for leaving this where I could easily find it.
Second Muzikage: Who the Hell is Onoki?
Fourth Kazekage: Idiot, did you know nothing about your own rival? Onoki-sama is the Third Tsuchikage and was Muu-sama's student.
Third Raikage: Yes. He was the only other person to master Dust Release.
Second Muzikage: Wow! I don't know who did this but I like him already. What would be a worse fate for Muu than to have to kill his own student.
Muu: I wouldn't expect you to understand the bonds others share, murder of First Mizukage-sama.
Second Muzikage: WHAT? No one was able to connect me with that.
Three coffins rise out of the ground.
Fourth Kazekage: More dead fools that what nothing more than to bicker?
Gaara: !?
Onoki: What is it, young man. Spit it out.
Gaara: They just summoned three more people and they all have insanely high levels of chakra.
Onoki: That's Muu-sama for you. He must have sensed our numbers and caught me here. Who are they.
Gaara: I'm checking right now. One is an old man with red hair. He's wearing some sort of faceplate.
Onoki: That sounds like Roshi-sama. He was the Jinchuriki for the Four Tails.
Gaara: And the other two are...
Fourth Kazekage: Master?
Gaara: The Third Kazekage and the previous Jinchuriki of the One Tail.
Onoki: Well...those are long range fighters...this is going to be tough.
Gaara: Everyone prepare to fall back. Shikamaru, take your half of the Division to back up Durai when I give the order.
Shikamaru: Roger!
Onoki: Tell me, Gaara-sama...this Naruto he really all that? Is he really worth what this will no doubt cost you?
Gaara: No. He's worth ten time more than this will cost me.
Onoki: Well...well. No way I'm going to let myself die here and miss the chance of meeting that guy now.
Hi Guys, Zetsu-san here, just to let you know about this
Naruto Shippuden Movie 4
I would recommend watching if you already haven't done so
(we finally get to see Yondaime in action!)
by: Superninja

Ok well this is the way I hope the next chapter will look like (not necessarily these fights, but I hope we get a one or two fights developed)


Kinkaku: "We're sorry kid, but it looks like this is your last battle."
Kinkaku and Ginkaku charge at Darui, Darui jumps and swings his sword at one of them but Kinkaku blocks it with his hand. Kinkaku's hand that blocked the sword gets covered in kyuubis chakra.
Kinkaku: "This is our partial kyubi chakra cloak ability, our hides are hard to break through."
Kinkaku grabs the sword with his hand. Darui releases his hold on the sword and jumps away by pushing himself of the sword.
Darui (does hand seals): "Storm release jutsu!"
The water around them starts to rise in pillars. Darui sends electrical discharge into the water. Lightning bolts start to dance around the water pillars and the water starts to boil.
Darui: "I'll use the water to prolong my lightning attack, this jutsu will last a while, as long as there's water around."
Kinkaku and Ginkaku get caught and paralyzed with electricity.
Meanwhile Kakuzu at the other side of the field notices Darui.
Kakuzu: "Haha, a lightning and a water user, his heart will be useful to me." (Kakuzu drops a guy he was killing and turns to face Darui)

Meanwhile Kankuro gets ready to retreat.
Kankuro: "Now!"
Kankuro's team takes the container with Deidara and starts running, Kankuro throws smoke bombs.
Kabuto (controlling the golems from afar): "You guys are not going anywhere."
Chiyo, Hanzo, Kimimaru and that other golem run after them. Kankuro retreats, but he runs backwards while he controls the Sasori puppet to fire at the zombies.
Kankuro: "You guys go ahead, don't let them get a hold of Deidara!"
Kimimaro runs beside Kankuro, but doesn't attack him.
Kankuro: "They are going for the container with Deidara?"
Chiyo attaches her strings to Sasori puppet and blocks it's actions.
Kankuro: "Shit, this isn't good!"
Hanzo does a water cannon attack on Kankuro. Kankuro releases the puppet and jumps down from a tree while the water cannon blasts a couple of trees but misses him. Chiyo with Sasori puppet, Hanzo and that other guy jump down and face Kankuro.
Kankuro: "I'm sorry it has come to this, granny Chiyo."
Kankuro opens his scroll and summons a couple of puppets.
Kankuro: "At least I'll be able to show you ... a puppet I created my self, my ultimate creation."

Darui (holding a hand seal): "I'll increase my lightning release and turn these two to dust, then I can seal them before they regenerate."
Kakuzu grabs Darui with his tentacles which forces Darui to release the seal. Darui grabs Kakuzus tentacles and electrocutes him which breaks Kakuzus hold on him. Darui jumps away to have all three facing him. Now Darui faces Kinkaku, Ginkaku and Kakuzu. What he gonna do now???
Naruto 526 (English)

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