NARUTO Funny Facts and Amazing Trivias

Friday, January 21, 2011

contributed by: Obi-Wan

1. “Itachi” means “weasel”. In Japanese superstition and belief, the weasel is a symbol of bad luck and something that would bring misfortune. What the hell were his parents thinking?? Giving him a name like that?

2. Bakudan is Deidara's favorite food - that's funny because Bakudan is a homonym for bomb/explosion

3. Konan's wearing a pretty sexy gettup under that Akatsuki cloak. It's kinda like Karin's outfit, except strapless, and partially reveals her outter bossom. She's got a pierced belly buttom...(That's too bad! konan was killed by madara T_T)


Kisame : Fukahire (Shark fillet)
Hidan : Bacon in the soup XD
Kurenai: Cake (i wonder why?...XD)

5. Many of naruto fans notice that Sasuke's hairstyle is like a "Duck butt"...XD. The idea of Sasuke's hairstyle was influenced by Karura (Hase Dera - Hase Kannon Temple). Karura can spew fire from mouth and its flapping of wings sounds like clap of thunder.
It is said to be the enemy of snakes and dragons. But did you know, The name "Karura" was the wife of 4th Kazekage, the older sister of Yashamaru and the mother of Gaara, Kankuro and Temari?

6. Suigetsu is marked as taller than Sasuke (177.4cm against 168cm for Sasuke) while he is drawn smaller.

7. If you look carefully that Yondaime (naruto's father) is exactly like Davide Bowie (in the movie "Labyrinth"), Killer bee is exactly like Raven (Tekken), & Die (from dir en grey) is exactly like gaara...XD

8. Brothers A (raikage), B (killer bee), choji are LEFT HANDED. In akatsuki, tobi (madara), kisame, hidan, kakuzu, orochimaru and sasori are also LEFT HANDED.

9. Unlike most characters in Naruto, Sasuke doesn't address anyone with honorifics at the end of their names (except to his parents, clan members, and Itachi when he was a child), like "Kakashi-sensei" or "Orochimaru-sama", something the Japanese would consider very insulting or rude.

10. Funniest Quote from Jiraiya: "I am, Jiraiya, the epitome of manliness! I shall fall for no woman's wiles! When you're me,
you only need to flash that sexiness to have women fall at your feet."

11. I believe Sakura is like Konohanasakuya-hime, the blossom-princess and symbol of delicate earthly life. She is the daughter of the mountain god Ohoyamatsumi. She is often considered an avatar of Japanese life, especially since her symbol is the sakura, or cherry blossom.

12.Here are their WEIRDEST HOBBIES:
Naruto: Watering plants
Temari: Just Watching plants XD
Jugo: Playing with birdies, forest bathing.XD
Deidara: Creating art = Blowup XD
Kisame: taking care of Samehada (Samehada is a GIRL???XD)
Neji: Emptying his mind (Literally "thinking empty-mindedly," but its literal meaning in English sounds like something Naruto does all the time XD)
Tenten: Fortune telling XD
Chiyo-bachan: pretending to be dead..XD

13.Name meanings of Tobirama and Hiruzen : "hashira" means "column", "tobira" means "door". "Ma" means "space, interval",
so uhm, "space between doors"? XD

14.Kakashi was a part of the Konohagakure Anbu, which is a team of high-level shinobi who carry out the "darker" missions of the village such as assassination or protection. The Anbu wear animal masks to conceal their identity. Kakashi's mask looks like a dog but has also been interpreted as a fox. The Torture and Interrogation Squad Captain is Ibiki.

15. Kiba was exposed to Naruto's farting three times. First during the Chunin Exams, then on the mission to find the bikochu beetle, and third during the Three-Tails Arc in Part II.

16. Shino's last name "Aburame" means "Oil Woman". Apparently, shino, his dad and his group were identified as male.

17. The only mention of Ino's mother was when she and Sakura visited Sasuke in the hospital. She yelled, "Mom! I'm going out for a walk." However, there was no response.

18. Like his sensei, Rock Lee's character seems to be inspired by Bruce Lee, as shown from his name and having the same birthday. Additionally, Bruce Lee once received the same type of injury as Rock Lee did in the Chunin Exams against Gaara, and he was also never expected to walk, much less fight again.

19. Did you notice in Naruto part 1 animae that during chuuin exam, the fight between naruto & neji is copied by Cowboy Bebop & Sasuke's fighting style (Valley of the End) is copied by Conan Lee in the movie ''ninja in the dragon's den''. Lee's Drunken Master Boxing Style (during his fight with Kinimaro) was influenced by Jackie Chan.

20. In Naruto manga chapters 388-389: itachi closing one eye before he did amaterasu in one chapter, and then having the other eye closed in the next chapter.

21. Naruto's Worst:

Worst Moment: Ino gets a golden shower from Naruto (In Naruto Episode 192) & Sakura's confession (In Naruto Manga Chapter 469).
Worst panel: the appearance of a RAINBOW during Konan's fight with Madara.
Worst Event: The fights between Kabuto & Deidara vs Drawfkage, Yamato & company while Naruto is arguing with KB about armadillo's junk...XD

22. In manga, Konohamaru Sarutobi has a sexy jutsu with Sasuke and Sai. In the English version of the manga only the silhouette of the two is visible, in the anime this is taken out.

23. Madara can be translated as "spots". Tobi can be translated as "jump", or as "kite". The latter translation connects Tobi with Taka through the Japanese proverb "a hawk born from a kite" (tobi ga taka o umu), meaning that an extraordinarily gifted child can be born from ordinary parents.

24. Kakashi's favorite food is MIso-juice eggplant (Ewww...nasty!!!)

25. Gekko Hayate's Blood Type is AB (Rh - ), so this is why he was always sooo sickly!! XD

26. Kishi's Q & A: If you drank Suigetsu he would come out of your ass (This is a serious answers from a stupid question)

27. Chouji's Notable Quotes: "Akamaru sure looks tasty"...XD

28. Horus, sasuke's summon hawk, always been depicted as an ancient Egypt God that has a falcon's head. The symbol of Horus is a hawk that can be found in the Egypt's ancient murals, hieroglyphs, or amulets.

29. Was it a coincidence that Naruto loves ramen because ramen has a topping named Naruto as well? Naruto is indeed a steamed fish-paste cake, sliced to decorate soup. It has jagged edge and pink spiral on the middle. Naruto is also a city and strait in Japan, famous for it's whirlpools and the Dainaruto bashi (The Great Naruto Bridge).

30. the Nara clan is known to raise up deer. 'Shika' in Shikamaru means deer and Nara is the first Japanese capital during the Nara period (710 - 784 A.D.) which is known to worship deer as God's messenger. thus you'll be seeing many deer live freely in Nara national park.