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Monday, December 20, 2010

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Naruto 522 (English)
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Naruto 522: We Died

Title Page is Haku with his hand on a mirror and the reflection.

The others notice it's Zabuza, and someone from the cursed Snow clan who can use Hyouton(Ice Element). The Tensei's are losing their minds, and Kakashi warns the guys to watch out as Zabuza is the best at silent killing. Haku pleads with Kakashi to stop them, and that his dream was to protect and die as Zabuza's tool; however, since Zabuza is dead he thinks he has failed and as he is now he can no longer protect or be a tool of Zabuza.

Kakashi tells him that Zabuza died from something else, and died not thinking of Haku as just a tool. Zabuza, scolds Kakashi for blabbing. The scene shifts to Kabuto who says that Zabuza and Haku are stubborn, but he will succeed into turning them into his tools.

Zabuza's final words to Kakashi are to stop him by any means possible, as he has already died as a human. Kakashi says he understands and reveals his Sharingan as Haku sheds tears and thanks Zabuza.

Kakashi explains that the other two guys are Gari from the Stone village, he uses Bakuton(Explosion) and used to be on the old Explosion Squad with Deidara. The other is Pakura from the sand, and she uses Shaku-ton(Heat?)

Zabuza uses Hidden Mist and Kakashi, Sakura, Lee, Gai form back to back formation. Lee says he'll protect her even if he dies.

The attack starts and Kabuto comments on how he's gained much more control thanks to Orochimaru's chakra, and how not controlling the emotions caused some of the other Tensei's to fail(Sasori). Now he can kill the emotions, but he's not sure how many he can do that with and plans to leave the rest as is as it could be advantageous depending on the situation.

Meanwhile Juugo and Suigetsu have escaped from jail, but Sui cannot find his sword.

Back to the fight, Pakura turns a bunch of ninja's into mummies by evaporating all the water in them and Gari blows another guy up. Haku's about to kill a guy when Gai/Lee kick him.

Kakashi and Zabuza are locked in a struggle when Kabuto takes the next step... he has Gari and Pakura summon...

All the former members of The Seven Swordsman of the Mist along with Zabuza's still broken sword(They don't appear to have theirs, and Kisame is not among them).

The End
Page 1:


Ninja A: they... they are...!
Ninja B: Oh! There's no mistake about it...! They're the demonic man, Momochi Zabuza and the kid from the ice-wielding jutsu Snow Clan!

The effect of Edo Tensei's possession gets increasingly stronger and more vicious

Haku: Argh... I'm losing control of myself...

Zabuza: Damn it...

Spiky hair Edo ninja: The inside...of my burning...

Edo ninja B: Argh

Page 2:

Zabuza: I want to die as a human!

Kakashi: Ok... I understand

Page 3:

Lee: Eh...? Oh... Roger!

Random nin: Cold air... after the mist...?

Random nins: Gyahh!! Ahh!!

Kakashi: It has begun!!

Kabuto's thoughts: Indeed it's different from the previous time... Such a strong possession power... Orochimaru sama's chakra is indeed powerful...

Page 4:

Konoha's Spiraling Whirlwind!!

Nin: Gai san!

Gai: Comrades will fall in battle! Though it's difficult to accept, you must face it! If you're distracted, more comrades will die! Live for your fallen comrades! Do you understand, newbie!!

Page 5:

Gai (?): We now know the enemy's coordination and extent of their powers. Now it's our turn!

Kabuto: Haha...Let the enemy lead me on? I'm not that naive

Kuchiyose no Jutsu!!

Page 6:

They are the previous Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist Village!!!

Page 7:

Kakashi: I can't believe this... even this is possible...?

Nin: !! They... they are... the previous...

The strongest sword wielding group!! And Zabuza's Beheader Sword has returned to his hands!!
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by:Tobi Rama

Naruto 522: Zabuza's Cries

-Kabuto begins the next stage of his unsightly plan to conquer the world.-
Zabuza: Kakashi he's trying to possess our soul
Kakashi: who?
Zabuza: This Demon God.
Kakashi: Exactly who...
Zabuza: Aaaargh

(Scene Change)

Killer Bee: Bro your reachin' da mark close to bullseye wit' your dart.
Naruto: Woah it's awesome.
Naruto: Aargh Damn.
Killer Bee: You we're so close.
Naruto: Yeah I had it there for a moment dunno what happened.
Killer Bee: Just try again you ain't gonna faint.
Naruto: Okaay..
Naruto: Let do this!
Killer Bee: You've almost got this Na..
Naruto: Yeahhhh.
Killer Bee: Nice Bro.

Naruto: I'm gonna make this Technique even better than the Tailed-Beast Bomb.
Killer Bee/ 8 Tails: What. How?
Naruto: Ohkay listen to me. The Rasengan is only part of the story no matter how strong it is.
Killer Bee: What do you mean??
Naruto: The Rasengan is an incomplete technique. Here lemme show you the completed version.
(Naruto returns to normal state)
(Naruto forms a Rasen-Shuriken in his hand )
Killer Bee: Woah thats one heck of a technique sheesh.
( Rasen-Shuriken disperses)

Naruto: Yo' Bee if you can create a technique with your Tailed-Beast Bomb.
Killer Bee: What did you do?
Naruto: I added my chakra affinity to the Rasengan thus manupilating it into a shuriken and it expands when I throw it.
Killer Bee: Naruto thats awesome.
Naruto: Im gonna try to combine my Wind Chakra to the Nine Tails Rasengan

(Scene Change)

Tobi: Sasuke it's time your eyes are ready now.
(Sasuke begins undoing the bandages on his eyes)
-Sasuke opens his eyes -
(It reveals his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan )
* It looks like a 5-Pointed star with a circle in the middle
Sasuke: Its time I get rid of Naruto.
Tobi: He's hidden. The 5 Nations put him somewhere.
Sasuke: I don't care i'll get that Kyuubi if its the last thing i do!
Tobi: Very well take some Pawns with you.
Sasuke: Who you suggesting?
(Three shadowy figures appear)
Sasuke: Impure World Ressurection heh your good.
(Kakuzu,Itachi and Kisame appear)
Sasuke:What the heck is wrong with you treating Itachi like your PAWN!
Tobi: aah F***!

(Scene Change)

Kakashi: Shit what's happening??
Zabuza: Prepare to die Kakashi
Kakashi:Shit the one controlling them is taking their mind.
Kakashi: (It's Kabuto he's the only one capable to control all of these people and he's the one who's able to improve on Orochimaru.)
Kakashi: Sai tell the Kages that Kabuto is in control of all these ninjas and that he will take over their minds!

Raikage: Have you guys noticed the people being used in the Impure World Ressurection.
Tsunade: Akatsuki hs summoned very powerful and great ninjas.
Mei: Reports have come in saying Zabuza has been ressurected.
Tsuchikage: I personally came across Deidera.
Tsunade: Its all related to Kabuto Yakushi, Orochimaru's right-hand man.
Tsuchikage: If its anyones bet he's probaly the one who summoned all these ninjas
Tsunade: It was reported that he was approaching a base suspected to be Akatsuki.
Tsunade: It seems Akatsuki and Kabuto are on mutual terms.
Raikage: Its time to crush these freaks!
by: Forelong

Open to Kakashi jumping back from Zabuza.
Kakashi: What's going on?
Zabuza: Someone is pouring more chakra into's making us stronger.
Rock Lee: met Naruto-kun?
Haku: Yes. I suppose I was the first opponent he defeated. I am sorry, but I have to fight you. Flying Needles of Death!

Ice needles fly at Rock Lee, who dodges them.
Kakashi: He wasn't able to use water in the air for his jutsu before. He is more powerful.
Kakashi reveals his sharingan.
Shinobi #1: Did that kid say he was killed by Naruto?
Shinobi #2: The guy who saved the Kazekage?
Shinobi #3: LEFT FLANK.

Gari worked his past Might Guy and comes at the crowd.
Gari: I feel much better fighting adult shinobi. Arm Blade!
Sakura punches Gari out of the way.
Sakura: We're adults to. We were the day we put on these headbands.
Gari: Believe me, girl, if that is the best you can do, you're doomed before you start.

Sakura (thinking): Not a scratch. And it feels like I punched a brick wall.
Guy: Steel Release. I'd heard about it but never seen it. Sakura-san, stay back. You're a medic and should focus on tending anyone that gets hurt. I'll--what the...?
Sakura jumps up and several Zetsus are popping out of the ground and attacking shinobi. Sakura lands in a tree.

Cut to Madara.
Madara (thinking): They discovered the white Zetsus sooner than I thought they would. No matter. They're close enough already.
Madara walks into a room.
Madara: Almost time, Sasuke. Just a few more minutes and you'll be combat ready.
Sasuke: Good. I want to fight Naruto and unlock that last power.
Madara (thinking): Always so eager to fight without thinking. No matter. He should be powerful enough to weaken Naruto to the point where I can capture him. And if he dies...well, I'll have a good set of eyes to take from him.

Cut to Kitsuchi.
Karui: Watch out. They can put spores on your body.
Kitsuchi: Hyuugas, keep an eye out for the spores.
Hinata & Neji: Yes, sir.
Kitsuchi: Earth Style: Mud Canon!

Mud Canon fires at Zetsus and flattens them.
Kiba: What are these things?
Hana: Shadow Clones?
Neji: No, they're different from Shadow Clones. They're to...real.
Karui: Who cares what they are? Let's just take them out!

Cut to Naruto.
Bee: Dang, that kids got a lotta guts, but I would say he's rather nuts.
Hachibi: Bee, I think I know why he has trouble with that Rasengan. His chakra seems different now.
Bee: Of course it is, buddy. He's got chakra from the Kyuubi.
Hachibi: No, I mean his ordinary chakra feels more calm than before. I think the Kyuubi was trying to stop him from being able to control his own chakra. He's used to the disruption, so working without it requires him to start over again.

Bee: You think so?
Hachibi: It's the theory anyway.
Bee: One way to know.

Naruto falls back.
Naruto: I must be getting closer. I can feel it.
Bee: Hey, Naruto, I want to do something for me. But you can't use Kyuubi chakra, you see.
Naruto (thinking): Those rhymes are really starting to get on my nerves.

Naruto reverts back to normal.
Naruto: Alright, what is it?
Bee: Okay here's the deal, man. I want you to do a one-handed Rasengan.
Naruto: But I can't do that. I already told you.
Bee: Your chakra control was disrupted by the Kyuubi, so now you have to learn it all over again, you see.
Naruto: you're saying...?
Bee: If a one-handed Rasengan, you make. Mastering the Biju-Bomb will be a piece of cake!
Naruto: AWESOME! Let's get to it!
by: J-Man

Naruto 522

Kakashi: Maybe if I give Zabuza his Sword back he might disappear.
Kakashi summons Pakkun
Kakashi: I need your help old friend
Pakkun: Anything for you kakashi old boy
Kakashi: I need you to go to the land of cloud and bring back the big sword from the prisoner Sugitsu
Pakkun: it is very dangerous at the moment kakashi I will need my brothers to bring the sword back safely
Kakashi: Fine
Kakashi summons the rest of the ninja dogs
Pakkun: Thank you Kakashi we will be on our whey then
Kakashi: Good luck

Skips to Naruto Scene
Bee: Before you go any further show me that technique without the nine tales cloak
Naruto: Oh yes her we go
Naruto produces and normal rasengan and then hits the floor making a small ditch
Bee: hmm….

Naruto interrupts: oh wait, that is not all
He makes a great ball rasengan and makes a large crater in the floor
Bee: Wo…
He gets interrupted again by Naruto: oh wait here’s another one
He goes into sage mode and then throws a rasengan shuriken making a massive crater in the floor
Bee is completely gobsmacked: Wow Just Wow
Naruto is beaming with joy that bee liked it,

Jail Scene
Pakkun goes to the guard and asks for the sword for kakashi the guard agrees, while the guard has gone to get the sword we see a half dead sugitsu and a half dead Jugo slowly combining with each other in the prison to keep each other alive.
Pakkun tries to pick up the sword but is unable to so the big black dog behind him grabs it with his teeth and they leave.

Kakashi and CO
Haku and Lee are fighting it out, Haku is surprised that lee is actually faster than he is but realises that lee can’t use anything but taijutsu. Haku does a wind attack which hits Lee but does not do a lot of damage then lee uses leaf hurricane to hit Haku, lee then does the basic lotus on Haku.(we see Haku head first into the ground with his body all twisted, he then regenerates and carries on fighting.
Zabuza is fighting kakashi but keeps getting his arms continuously chopped off but they keep regenerating

Zabuza: I wish we were fighting on better terms Kakashi
Kakashi: same here Zabuza
Zabuza: I feel a sudden surge of power with in me my chakra has grown ten fold
He then kicks kakashi in the face and sends him flying
Zabuza: watch out I’m doing a hurricane jutsu
Kakashi thinks a hurricane jutsu that is bad, hurricane jutsu 10x stronger Kakashi yells out to every one: RUN !!!!!

They all look at him
Kankuro: I think he shit himself
Sai: I think he shit himself
Omi, and rest of ninja in unison: I think he shit himself
Sakura: Yep he shit himself

Before Zabuza does the hurricane jutsu Pakkun arrives with the sword Kakashi disappears cleans his shit and comes back with relief, he throws the sword to Zabuza and Zabuza catches it, he looks at his sword and starts to cry like before he died
Zabuza: Thank you Kakashi
He then disappears into tiny fragments, Haku realizes Zabuza has gone so he disappears as well just before a head but from lee. Lee doesn’t see Haku who go and accidently head-butts a tree which goes flying into the rest of the revived ninja.

Next time 523
by: KZR

Naruto 522

Scene to Kakashi vs Zabuza
Kakashi quickly steps back and makes some hand signs: Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu
A stream of water hits zabuza and before the stream stops Kakashi is already on top of the stream hitting the water with a Raikiri...Zabuza is thrown away and as he gets up he wonders about the combo

Zabuza: You really got better doubt about it...i really wish that this battle could be done without me being controled like that...i'm really sorry....Hidden Mist technique!
The mist quickly surrounds them...Kakashi goes a step back and does again some hand signs
Kakashi: Well Zabuza...i'd never imagine that we will fight one more time...but this time you will rest in peace..Sealing technique: Lion closing roar tech. !
Zabuza: What the heck..i have no chakra left...oh..i really got skilled Kakashi...
Kakashi: I've sealed your chakra the only thing you can do is to leave our world and go rest..
Zabuza as he fades away: Thank you Kakashi....thank you

Scene switched to Madara as he enters Sasuke's room:
Madara: Ready to fight Sasuke?
Sasuke: I can't wait any longer ! Take the wraps away Madara!
Madara: Patience...but i assume you're's time to reveal the world the true power of the Uchihas!
Sasuke's wraps are thrown away but he stand with his face turned away...
Sasuke: So this is it huh?
Madara: Now Sasuke,what do you have in mind?
Sasuke: What do i have in mind? I aim to kill everyone and to destroy Konoha from it's very foundation...i will burn down the village, i will destroy the Hokage's faces ...they will wish to never met me...but the most important...i will destroy Naruto with my full power ...and i will laugh as he falls in front of me...
As he says that Sasuke slowly turns his head and we get a glimpse of his eyes, which looks like Itachi's sharingan but with a star inside...

Scene switched to Raikage,Tsunade and Mizukage

Mizukage: Some of the groups are already fighting...there are reports of some creatures like the one that attacked us on the seems that they come in big numbers...
Tsunade: Also..Kabuto's golems ..Kankuro of the ambush squad found a way to defeat seems that making the golem realising it's own contribution or place into this world it's enough to release their souls...
Raikage: I don't like this stuff...where are the good old days when all that mattered it was who was the toughest and the bravest....we rely on our emotions too much these days...
Tsunade: The good old days...i don't think Madara gives a shit about that anymore...
Mizukage:By the way...Madara has yet to make an appearence on the battlefield...and the Uchiha brat,Sasuke too...
Tsunade: This doesn't sounds right...what is he up too?

Scene switched to Naruto

Naruto thinking: Well i assume there only one way to deal with this thing...
He stops from moving and closes his eyes...
Killer bee talking with 8 tails: What the heck is he doing?
8 tails: The far i can see...he is gathering natural's called sennin mode...
Naruto suddenly rises up and opens his he looks normal,he is not gold anymore, but has the gold aura around him and red eyes...when he opens the eyes we see that he has a combination of the two...sennin mode eyes and kyuubi eyes...
Naruto: Well...i will give it a shot like this!

Scene switched to Madara and Sasuke...
Madara: Well Sasuke...your first mission is to kill the regimental commander of the Joint shinobi army...Gaara...that way you will test your new powers
Sasuke: I will kill Gaara and after that i will clash with Naruto...they will feel the true power of the Sharingan!

Next chapter...Sasuke closing in...Gaara killed?

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