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Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Naruto 517 (English)



Anko loses and is captured
偵察の油女の人死亡、残りはサソリにあやつられカンクロウ部隊と交戦、そこにサイがくるが兄貴 もあらわれる
Aburame from reconaissance dies, remaining is Sasori manipulating Kankurou's team . Also Sai's precious brother

Chapter ends with:- Omoi tells a commotion causing Sai that he finds it unforgivable to allow his comrades to be injure

Kankurou's unit is Sai, Omoi, Tango, Zaji, Hoheto, Ittan, Kiri
by: Matt Woods

Naruto 516: The First Wave

Kabuto lies awaiting with all of the former akatsuki members
Itachi, Sasori, Kakuzu, Deidara, all stand behind Nagato, who is standing behind kabuto
Kabuto: I will not control you all, as I anticipated, but you will do as I command!
akatsuki: yes......kabuto

Another scene takes place in gaara's regement
Gaara: There are so many of them... and to make things more dangerous, they know our strength...
A battle takes place between some shinobi and the zetsu's, they were stronger than they thought

A scene with naruto and killer bee takes place; naruto just picked up 2 huge pillars using the kuubi's powers
Naruto: I DID IT!!!
Bee: There ya go boy, flyin through this pompous test throwing those pillars like they was a toy!!!
Inside a cave, awaits the bodies of the dead members of the many 5 great nations villages, there is one body that seems suspicious, it's face is hiding.... who could it be?
Madara: You will prove a great deal in this battle..... I want YOU to retrieve naruto..... Jiraiya.....
by: ShiverX

I think it will be some time until we see Naruto take battle, but once he does he will save a lot of people. He is definetly going to turn the tide. But before that we will see some major Fail from the Ninja world. All to estalish The strength of the enemy.
I also predict that Sasuke will kill Kabuto ( just like some ppl already predicted). But it will be to save Naruto.
"He's my opponent, or something like that." Again establishing him as the strong opponent.

1. Madara and Kabuto succeed to wreck hvoc in the Ninja world, establishing them as strong villains.
2. Naruto turns the tide agains their armies.
3. Kabuto Stops Naruto with(oh lets say Jiraya).
4. Sasuke kills Kabuto to stop him, establishing him as even stronger AND a person of his word.

5. Madara might slay/trap Sasuke.
6. Madara dies by Naruto's hand!

The end ;D
by: Gakure

Naruto 517: War Breaks

-Inside the turtle-
Naruto: Make me sad you say.

(Naruto withdraws on the glowmode and sits down while Bee goes from Version 1 to Version 2 to the full 8 tails mode.)

Naruto: How did u do that?

Bee: How you feel when the kyuubi forcefully fed you with his will.

Naruto: It really hurt. I felt like I was being pushed into the centre of a pitch dark endless pain and I couldn’t do anything about it.

Bee: You got to tame that ‘will’ of the kyuubi. Without it u can’t go 9 like I do, yo. It is very powerful but I know ya gonna make it powerless.

Naruto: Ya, even when I took the chakra from him, he still had so much power.

Bee (turning back no normal): With the chakra u just took, U can only do Version1 when u use all of it at once. For Version 2, u need the kyuubi’s ‘will’ and for the full power 9 tails, u need the combination of the “chakra’ and the ‘will’

Naruto(beaming with all 32 teeth): Am sooo pumped up.

Bee: Tha first was of strength, but now of ‘wills’. U gonna have to release the Kyuubi again, Naruto. I’ll show u how to do this (As he sits next to Naruto bumping fists)

-Kabuto and Anko in a deadlock of the Shadow-Snake-Hands jutsu-

Madara: Oh we’ve got company already, none other than your fellow pupil. Anko Mitarashi

Kabuto: Don’t worry, just go on ahead. I’ll take care of this.

Madara ports away

Anko: Why were u leading us your way.

Kabuto: Kukuku. U noticed huh. I knew it was u so I wanted to see u again.

Anko: Oh, and what a nice welcome present u have for me.

(Anko throws a couple of needles with her right hand but is easily dodged by Kabuto by jumping back. Both retract their hidden snake hands jutsu.)

Kabuto: What do u mean?

Anko: I have hunted Orochimaru-sama all my life with just one goal, to kill him. I wanted to be the one to kill him so I was mad when I heard he was taken down by Sasuke. But it seems fate always wanted me to be the one to really do it by giving me a second chance. He has delivered him into my hands. He is in you right? Moreover, If I take u down, I weaken Madara’s strength. U wont be able to control those human summons anymore. Killing two bird with a stone is worth my life.

Kabuto: Don’t tell me u still mad cos he chose me over you. Well if you have to know, u were no good, that’s why. Ku ku ku.

Anko: This will be over quickly than I thought.

(As a snake comes from underground behind Kabuto, grabbing his cloak, it pulls Kabuto down. Anko immediately jumps on top of Kabuto, holding her hands in his, she stabs through both of their hands with a kunai, pinning them both to the ground.)

Anko: Let’s do this. Just the two of us (She begins to make seals)

Kabuto: If u might know, u are not my typ…….!!!!!!(Thinking, that’s…)

Anko: Ninja Arts: Double Snake Assassination Technique.

Kabuto: No way, U knew that? (As both of them start to dissolve).

-Somewhere near Madara’s HQ-

(Smoke surrounds the area. Fleeing birds; burnt up forest; Muta, Ranka and Byukugan user are dead. Edo Summons still airborne)

Edo Deidara: Told you, humh, my art is beautiful and is the best humh.

Sasori: Shut it, and hurry up.

Edo Root Member: I sense numerous people approaching at 12 o’clock

Edo Deidara: Oh they are close? Humh, time to show them how my art lasts forever.

(As the birds speed to meet them.)

-somewhere unknown-

(Kakashi is leading his group and they are running through a vast empty landscape.)

Kakashi(Shouting): Sensing team, got anything yet?
Random dude: Not yet Sir.

(Immediately a portal opens in front of them)

Kakashi: !!!! (Raises his hand to stop the marching army)

(Madara steps out)

Kakashi: !!!!! Madara.

Madara: I see, this is the first assault team. Good thing I met u. What do u say, huh, tell me where the remaining jinks are, and all this will be avoided.

Kakashi: Go eat shit.

Madara: Thought so. (raises hand) Begin.

(Shinobis starts killing each other to the bewildment Kakashi and some others. Apparently, the zetsu’s have already infiltrated them, and since one of zetsu’s abilities makes it possible to clone people to even their chakras, Madara used this to cause confusion and uncertainty amongst them)

Madara: Can’t believe u didn’t notice my 20,000 army merging into your 16,000. You are not only outnumbered, you can’t trust anyone.

Kakashi: You bastard. (Launches forward a bit doing hand seals and activating his MS)

Madara: No need to waste with this one (Launches a missile from his hand) Bansho Tenin

Kakashi: !!!!!(As he collides with the missile almost instantly)
Army: !!!!!

-Madara’s HQ-

Kabuto (appearing from somewhere else): Ever heard of the white snake’s regenerative powers. Poor girl just committed suicide.

Anko(Last breath): Bastard, I faile….d

Figure: What are you doing here, Kabuto. (Two figures approach)

Kabuto: Sasuke?

A new entrant into the war, but which side will he take as the allied forces begin to take major damages. end
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