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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Naruto, Bleach & One Piece are up!
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By: Sage _Naruto

Naruto 516 : The Attack Begins!

The cover shows the shinobi alliance sign with the 5 kages standing behind it vs madara’s sharingan and rinnegan with kabuto’s snake surrounding him.

Naruto Scene

Naruto :hrmmm (concentrating hard to try and line up all the blacks, he is about to put his third black)
Naruto : !! Gah! (he puts the 3rd rock on too hard causing all the rocks to fall) ..DAMMIT!!
Killerbee : Use the chakra as your own arm or you’ll make the blocks fall, if you got that then you got it all! Yeah!
Naruto : arghh im TRYING! (starts to pick up another rock)

Sasuke scene

Sasuke : Zetsu….how much longer will this take? And where is madara?
Zetsu : Madara is busy making preparations for the Final part of his plan…
Sasuke : which is?...
Zetsu : Everything will be clear in time sasuke…
Sasuke : ……

The shinobi alliance scene

Kakashi : Gaara-kun are you ready?
Gaara : Yes.
(gaara walks up to a podium overlooking the Army)

Gaara : My fellow shinobis and samurais…I am gaara the fifith kazekage of the hidden sand and your Commander general (pauses) There is a war on the horizon as all of you know and our enemy is most likely more powerful than all of our forces combined. Also we have very limited intel on the Madara Uchiha, the leader of the akatsuki,which puts us at an immediate disadvantage.. (a few worried faces are shown in the army)

Darui : *thinking* ehh…shouldn’t he be motivating them?
Gaara : But we have something the enemy doesn’t. We have trust. (Each kage is shown with a the symbol of his nation in the background) ..We have courage (all the shinobi of the army are shown) ..And most of all…we have comradeship (the shinobi alliance symbol is shown with everyone in the background).Each and every one of you here is fighting for more than their nation..You are fighting for your friends…your comrades.

Kankuro : (smiling) *way to go gaara..*
Temari : (smiling)…
Gaara : You are fighting for what you love and believe in .. You are fighting for the future of the of the ninja world!
(The whole army erupts in roars and applause
Gaara: (steeping off the podium)
Kakashi : That was very good gaara-kun.
Gaara : (nods) ….thank you…

The Kage room

(All the division leaders and the special units’ captains are also present.)
(there is huge map of the nation on the wall behind the kages)
Mizukage: the Hidden mist and hidden hot spring nation have been completely evacuated to a safe location by a special group of elite ninjas. They have been instructed to stay with the people.

Raikage: (walks over to the map) right so I will go over our strategy once more.(looks at Ao) the sensor unit will dispatch first. You job will be to scout the area and keep an eye on it to help the ambush team set up a surprise attack. (Points at kankuro)Once the Ambush team gets the signal from the sensor team you will procede to surround and secure the area around the hidden hot springs. You will be accompanied by division 1 (looks at darui and nods).You are our first line of attack and your goal is to take the enemy by surprise and break up their offense.

Tsuchikage: (flies over to the map beside raikage and points at the hidden mist village) the hidden mist village will be our primary battlefield. Here division 3 headed by Hatake Kakashi , Division 5 headed by Mifune-san and The intelligence Unit headed by Yamanaka inoichi, will be dispatched. Division 3 will be our main battle unit who will be in charge of dealing with the enemy here. Any hostages taken in during the battle will be immediately interrogated by the intelligence team to provide us with a better picture of our enemy’s capabilities.

Meanwhile Mifune-san’s division 5 will aim at recovering the wood element user Yamato from Madara. As soon as you have completed the mission you are to come back here to help division 2 and together act as a final line of attack.

Mizukage : (gets up) (looks at shikamaru) Since the kazekage will not be accompanying your unit during this time you will be the division leader. You division’s main goal will be too stop any over-water attacks from surrounding us. This is very crucial because if we get surrounded by the enemy we WILL be defeated quickly.

Shikamaru : *ehh…this is such a pain in the ass*
Tsunade : And finally , shizune will send 2 members of her team with each unit and division. The remaining medical ninja will remain in the village and treat anyone that is injured. Additionally I will send a part of Katsuyu with each of you. She will keep us constantly updated with your mission’s progress.

Raikage : (stands up) Most importantly remember to give it your all and if you find yourself under pressure you are too retreat here immediately. We cant afford to lose any of you.
Gaara : That is all for the briefings. We will dispatch at sunrise tomorrow. Thank you…all of you.

Madara scene

Madara: It is finally time. I have been waiting for this moment for over a hundred years and it is finally here. Tomorrow will the dawn of a new world. The beginning of a fight for a better place.

A fight which WE WILL WIN!
(he is shown standing over a HUGE army of Zetsus)

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