Naruto 516 Prediction by REK

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Naruto, Bleach & One Piece are up!
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by: REK

Chapter 516: Restituting Light to the world

Madara is thinking about Kabutos ability in finding a counter for Harishiramas’ Mukotom and wonders what he’s objectives).

Kabuto: You still don’t trust me

Madara: If you try betraying me I’ll kill you.

Kabuto: don’t worry, I gave you my word.

White Zetsu: They have moved the Tortoise to the Mist Village, the leader of their united army is non other that the ex Jinchuuriki Gaara of the Sand.

Madara: A young child, the son of the 4rth Kazakage.

Kabuto: ………..

Change of Scene: Mist Village

Gaara (Commander General): Our enemy knows our military strength and maybe more, so we got to be careful; every one knows his task and each team will be supported by medical-nins. I leave each General explain his Division about the about his specified task in the group.

United Shinobis: Yes sear.

Kakashi (Division III General): With Kabuto rejoining Akastuki, he will certainly use
Edo Tensei, he may resurrect other shinobis who went down in previews war or ambush.

Division III: Yes sear.

Kitsuchi (Division II General): Division III and I will support us; we will have to eliminate the I rst scoundrel of Zetsu, so the rest of the division takes care of the rest.

Darui (Division I General): Our goal is to close the march and to look out for any ambush, that means ensuring Division III & II backs.

Gaara (Commander General): Akastuki must be terminated at ounce, it our job to insure peace and protect our beloved once.

United Shinobis: Yeah.

Switching scene: The enemy marching towards the villages

A 1000 of Zetsus opening the march of destructions through the Sound village, passing the Hot Spring, …

As for Kabuto and his summoning waiting to engage battle with the allied shinobis, Madara being as a spectator, not getting involved, appreciating the massacre that is happening.

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