Naruto 516 Prediction by Gakure

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Naruto, Bleach & One Piece are up!
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by: Gakure

Naruto 516: The Dark Silence

-Madara, Kabuto, Zetsus, Moving Out Of the Lair-

Madara: We march, the war begins now. And about the Edo golems?

Kabuto: I’ve retracted them. I will summon them if the need arises.

Madara: With their new power, the Zetsu army should be enough to break deep into their ranks. The Rinnegans animal path summons are enough to take care of aerial and aquatic attacks.

Kabuto: And my Edo Tensei is enough to stall the Kages and high ranked fighters. That should open the way for you to capture the remaining bijuus. Ku ku ku.

Madara: Don’t be conceited. We made the first incursion and this will put the alliance forces on urge. They will most likely change their battle strategy since by now they know we got Yamato. We will be operating from the shadows until we get to the bijuus.

Kabuto: Ku ku ku. You scared? Anyway reserve all the energy you can, because the two remaining bijuus are no joke, you of all people should know ………

Madara(cuts kabuto): Don’t lecture me bastard. I have a trump card.

Kabuto: Sasuke, huh, ku ku ku, yeah, you really do.

-Gaara addressing the alliance with the rest of the Kages, generals, and captains behind him-

Gaara: One person is trying to throw our beloved world into chaos. The peace our forefathers have bloodily built is on the verge of collapse. When it happens, there will be no old and young, no little or big, no water or fire, no earth or wind, and consequently no lightening. We march as a united front against the terror we face today, and I can promise you that you will like what you see when we achieve victory. This is for us, for children, for our grandchildren, and most importantly for you.


Gaara(raises his right hand): I can’t promise you no loss of lives, but I assure you, we will recover and account for everyone, dead or alive. As we march, let our hearts guide us. I wish you all victory.


Gaara: Now. Tell me what your heart speaks!!!!!!

Alliance: HRAAAH!!!!!!!! HRAAAH!!!!!!!! HRAAAH!!!!!!!!

Gaara: Disperse, and wait for further instructions from your captains.

-Gaara turns to instruct the captains upstage-

Gaara: The strategy remains the same. We strike first, fast and hard. Tsuchikage will take the fifth, seventh, eighth, eleventh and nineteenth assault teams to the enemy’s hideout. The sensing team should keep us updated, and keep your eyes out for Madara. If found, alert us immediately, Tsuchikage-sama has decided to confront him personally. Now go.

(The captains and the generals scatter to meet their various teams, leaving the Kages)

Gaara: As agreed, Naruto and Bee are yours, Raikage-sama and Mizukage-sama. Tsunade-sama, you know what to do. We head out. I’ll follow the enemy hideout infiltration team.

(They all nod in agreement and dispersed)

Oonoki: After living through 3 wars, I never thought I’ll have to strain my back one more time in another war. Here goes nothing(As he jumps down)

-Inside the turtle-

Naruto: Got it now, it’s perfect. Anything else; am so pumped up for more.

Bee: Naruto yo, it’s not about haste but wait.

Naruto(As he rescinds the RSM): Ok. I’ll wait. But why has Captain Yamato not returned yet. We have to head back soon.

(Appraoching footsteps)

Figure1: You are going nowhere now that I am here.

Figure2: This is your home for now. Bear with it for a while, young man.

(Everyone surprised)

Bee: Oh, it’s big brother and, Oh it’s that your new girlfriend. Baby looks cute yo.

Mei(Thinking): Girlfriend, Marriage, Cute babies.

Raikage: Shut it. This is Mizukage-sama. We are here to be your personal guards. Motoi, your job is done, head out to your designated post.

Motoi: Yes Sir. (Leaves)

Naruto: Personal guards. What do you mean? Where is Yamato sensei? (Starts to get pissed)

Bee: Cool down naruto. (Tells Raikage in a telepathic way that naruto still doesn’t know what is going on)

Naruto: I know what is going on now. This is what Gaara told me before. The war to protect the remaining jinks. The war against Madara. And u think I’ll just sit tight whilst my friends battle their lives out for me? Yamato sensei is dead right? I cant sense him anywhere. I made a promise to them and to him(sasuke). I am not sitting here doing nothing. I am getting out of here, with or without your approval

(Tears run down his face as he starts to go RSM looking really pissed by the second. The yellow RSM cloak starts to get augmented by a black aura until it was all black)

Bee, Rai, Mei: !!!!!!!

Bee: This is not good. (Goes 8 and tries holding naruto for him to calm down. The tails grabbing naruto immediately turned burnt black and dissipated into the air, forcing bee to withdraw immediately.)

Mei: I think he has lost control of the 9tails.

Bee: No, that can’t happen. The kyuubi is well sealed now but its hate is still strong. Just like a magnet, the 9tails ‘will’ will always be drawn towards its chakra, since they used to be one.

Raikage: In the end, u can never do away with that “will(hate)”, it has to be controlled.

Bee: I have to talk to him somehow. Only he can do this.

Naruto(In his inner world): What is happening to me? I don’t feel fine. What is this?

Dark Naruto: Over here, pussy. Been waiting for u?


Hatred emerges again as Naruto's raeg worsens the war

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