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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Naruto, Bleach & One Piece are up!
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Naruto 515 (English)

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Three (3) Chapters of Fairy Tail this week!
Chapter 207, 208, 209
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by: Ohana - 2Ch

Naruto 515 (Quick Summary)

Spoiler provider believes Hanzou is one of the Edo Tensei. Also the 7 dead jinchuuriki and the former 5 Kages, among others (This is not to mention the ones mentioned by previous users here: Haku, Zabuza, Kimimaro, Chiyo-baa, Hizashi, Asuma, dead Akatsuki).

Naruto and the turtle island folks are to proceed to the Shinobi Alliance location by means of Tsuchikage. Naruto finally begins to realize something's wrong.
Neji, who's part of the scouting team and Anko's team are nearby to the Akatsuki base. Gaara is a regiment commander for allied forces.
Naruto is in the midst of training using just his jinchuuriki power.
[Madara] plans to force Yamato to talk using the Sharingan, as using the Rinnegan to take information would result in Yamato dying.
Ends with Kabuto and Madara: "It's time to go to war".

Tsuchikage is taking the turtle island to the Shinobi Alliance place (I believe he's making it fly too).
Naruto says that things are weird cause the sky shifted again, and that the mission's over so he needs to go back to Konoha to wait for Sasuke in his attack.
Sasuke is still wrapped up with those bandages. He asks Zetsu if he's ready yet. Black Zetsu says not yet. White Zetsu says the next time he looks upon something, it will be as if he's in a different world and that it looks interesting.
The scouts sense Kabuto inside.

Kabuto says they need to extract info from Yamato before anything. But he says not to kill him before they can use him to strengthen the Zetsu.
Madara says he could easily use the Rinnegan Ningendou's technique to get the info but that Yamato would die from it.
A snake slithers onto Yamato's arms and bites his palms.
Madara says that it's a poison that can immobilize the Mokuton powers, and then calls Kabuto a (crafty) bastard for doing so much research on Shodai's cells.
Kabuto says its a remedy he made to suppress Hashirama's powers, and not to worry, that he won't use it on Zetsu.

Kabuto says that even without using Rinnegan, they can get the info they want with his truth serum and Madara's Sharingan.

Aoba and Motoi talk, Motoi says that it seemed they already arrived (to the Alliance location via Oonoki)
It's basically a meet and greet for everyone and they're grouped together.
Tsuchikage is talking to Mizukage about the situation, and about Kyuubi and Hachibi.
The kages and Shikaku talk about the situation, their forces, and other things.
Kankurou is the captain of the Ambush Squad/Battalion. He introduces himself to Sai and Omoi. Sai greets him and wonders what nickname he should give him. Omoi wonders if someone as young as that should be a captain. There are also others.
Kakashi tells Gaara he's the regiment commander. Ao asks Shii if this is his first time in a war, and Shii says yes. Daru is the captain of the 1st Unit/Battalion. Tenten asks if he is their captain, and Chouza remarks that he seems pretty sluggish/listless (using a play on his name "darui", which means that)
Someone named Kitsuchi (yellow earth) is captain of the 2nd battalion/unit. Karui, Hinata (who says that she's nervous), and Kurotsuchi are part of it among others, and Kurotsuchi curses that it has to be her father who has to lead them.

3rd battalion has Hatake Kakashi as captain. Guy who's still collapsed is on his team. Lee asks if Gai is alright. Sakura asks what happened with him.

4th unit/battalion lead by Gaara, whose position is regiment commander and commanding officer. Has Chouji, Temari, and Shikamaru. They make some remarks (Chouji's is about food and Shikamaru is complaining about how much of a pain this is).

5th battalion/unit lead by Mifune. Has Kiba, Hana, Shino, and Ino and they make their remarks.

Kabuto: "First I have the Akatsuki (Itachi, Deidara, Sasori, Kakuzu, Nagato). Then the former jinchuuriki members. Then there's the 5 kages' once predecessors. The rest of them are skilled fighters who made a name for themselves" (Zabuza, Haku, Kimimaro, Asuma, Hanzou, Chiyo-baa, Gaara's aide, Neji's father).
Yamato was put to sleep by the Shodai wall/slime thing.
Madara: "Let's get this war started!"

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by: Luke Skywalker

Naruto 515: Yamato and Hashirama

Madara: It's time. Your death is near ... Hashirama clone.
Yamato: Hugh ...
Kabuto: Are you sure you can complete your examination? I know that with your
Madara: Dare you doubt me ... ?!
Sasuke (appears but the shadow of his hair covers his eyes): Well then ... What are you doing here?
Kabuto: That you speak to me, traitor?
Sasuke: Do not be evil.
Kabuto: Humpf. I am new to your eyes and they do not frighten me!
Sasuke: Hey hey ... I'll eliminate you ...

Sasuke moves very quickly and plants a Kabuto Kunai electrified in which just before molting.
Sasuke: Huh?
Kabuto: I've already said. Do not underestimate me.
Sasuke walks like a drunk.
Madara: That's enough. Kabuto is with us now. His power of reincarnation ... It's powerful. He reincarnated Sasori, Deidara, Hidan, Kakuzu and Nagato.
Yamato: (What? This Hidan .... He is immortal ... According to the report Shikamaru it has been beheaded by Asuma-sempai and he is not dead. This time too, it was sliced into pieces ... He is not dead this time as the report of Shikamaru. How can reincarnate a living? ... Not necessarily ... it's the last member ... Kisame died there within a few hours and I have the impression that a relationship has been established for quite some time between Madara and Kabuto is necessarily ... it ... The last ...) Sasuke ... Naruto want to
Sasuke: Do not talk to me about him.

Madara: ... Give me your information (which activates Sharingan)!
Yamato resists and nothing happens.
Madara: Ahh ... Orochimaru has successfully cloned Hashirama perfectly.
Kabuto: Yes, Yamato is a true master Orochimaru success.
Madara: Hashirama has succeeded in developing a body in his brain. Upon seeing a Sharingan, all plots of his brain is protected by guards a priceless quality. Even a Mangekyô Sharingan can not pierce it. In contrast, Eternal Mangekyô Sharingan, I can not guarantee anything.
Kabuto: It involves Sasuke huh?
Madara: Not yet. Sasuke trains hard and drives cost a lot of chakra and his eyes are exhausted. We'll have to wait ...
Black Zetsu (appears): The operation is over ...

Madara: Ohh ... Okay. I can not risk your life ... Sasuke, you too Kabuto. In contrast, the new clones produced by the chakra collected during the fighting on the island can be useful.
Madara jumped to Kabuto and murmur.
Madara: I put a scroll of teleportation on Sasuke, when something attack him I appear and especially if it's you, I send Sasuke in my dimension.
Kabuto: You do not trust me huh? Hehehehe. No problem.
Sasuke: ...
Kabuto: I have something to do. Guys called Juugo and Suigetsu
prisoners in dens of master Orochimaru, my mission is to bring them back is not it?
- Hide quoted text -
Madara: Yes.
Sasuke: They ... I forgot. My ... my ... friends ... ... And Karin?
Kabuto: Hehe ... That old traitor. Konoha was captured. I do not intend to save it.
Madara and Zetsu Black going in the other dimension.

Black Zetsu: What ?
Madara: We will not get anything at the moment of Yamato. And we do not have time to wait.
Black Zetsu:?
Madara: The plan is simple ... The clones created with the chakra recovered during the fighting on the island, they serve me. I'll send them on the island.
Black Zetsu: Huh?
Madara: ... Kisame, he sent the roll. And it was written that Naruto was going to try to control the nine tails.
Black Zetsu: What?!
Madara: I need your clones. They are stronger than whites. I will also visit the island and I would use the technique of invoking the lizard to make me invisible and watch the fight.
Black Zetsu: Ok ... Let's go!


A bird arrives.
Tsunade: What ... WHAT!
Raikage: What?
Mizukage: Huh?
Gaara: ...
Display: Yamato of village of Konoha was captured by the Akatsuki. Kabuto Yakushi is part of this event. It is with the Akatsuki and control the Edo Tensei. They found the island but Tsuchikage came along with them.
Tsunade: The Edo Tensei ...
Raikage: What?
Mizukage: Huh?
Gaara: ...
Tsunade: You do not understand ... The Edo Tensei is a reincarnation technique created by Orochimaru. I know what I mean! According to the report he relied Deidara of Akatsuki when he was killed by Uchiha Sasuke!
Raikage: A technique of reincarnation?
Gaara: I see ...
Mizukage: This does not bode well.
Gaara: I'll go. I go on this island now ...
Tsunade: If you wish, I would send Kakashi, Guy, and Shikamaru with you.
Raikage: No way! We will move Naruto and Bee!
Tsuchikage (in TV): Okay, I'm on the island I can fly those guys up a hidden lair in the ground in the country of the rock.
Raikage: It's decided! We will move Naruto and Bee in the lair !

- Island -

Naruto: Where is Captain Yamato?
Tsuchikage: Ah ... It was an impediment to Konoha.
Naruto: What? Never there when you need ... What kind of impediment ?
Tsuchikage: I do not know more but I think it is a mission to find a guy named Kabuto Yakushi. With some Anko, Sai and some members of the elite of Konoha.
Naruto: Huh? Kabuto eh? ... First of all how you know this, kind of spy! Who are you ?
Bee: The Tsuchikage of the country of the rock.
Naruto: AHHH! Excuse me
Tsuchikage: Better, a kind of mutt! Ouch, my back ...!
Naruto: You're old. And why are you here?
Tsuchikage: I was responsible for watching over the island, some species have been stolen from us and can be found here.
Naruto: Huh? Why you came with your toes?
Tsuchikage: Just! Stop asking questions! The most important thing is to find these plants!
Naruto: ... So who replaces Captain Yamato? Kakashi-sensei? Aoba is he picked him? With Motoi ?
Three dozen black face out of the wall: No they are there!
They throw Aoba Motoi and on the ground, black spores have emptied their chakra.
Madara's voice sounding (it is not in the room): Yamato is with me ... And we'll catch you!

by: Tyrannos

Chapter 515: Travel to the Stone!

Kabuto begins revealing his master scheme and Yamato isn't thrilled that hes going to be poked at. Madara walks off in agreeing to Kabuto's request.

Meanwhile, the Tsuchikaze decides that moving Naruto and Bee to the Stone Country is best for now, since the Island had been discovered. They tell Naruto they going to a new spot to do research, but he realizes Yamato is missing. Aoba says that he had to return back to Konoha to handle some "personal affairs" and Naruto falls for it, much to the shagrin of the others.

Madara returns and walks up to Sasuke, whose bandages are soon to be taken off. Sasuke is itching for a fight.
by: Gakure

Naruto 515: The Re-union.

-Madara’s Lair-

Madara: Then get to work. My left eye is hungry for battle.

Kabuto: Roger that.

Madara: Let’s see what this Hashirama imitation can give us. (As he picks Yamato up and activated his SG only to later let go of Yamato and covering his SG eye with his hand)

Zetsu and Kabuto:!!!

Madara:. What an enormous resistance. You really have Hashirama’s powers. It’s been a long time since I felt this sensation. But your luck has run out since I now have the powers that trounce anything. (As he picks Yamato up and activated his RG)

Yamato: Ummmmhhhhhhh!!!!

Madara: I see. There seem to be a little detail left out of Kisame’s report. (Thinking: How did Naruto get that seal directly on himself. I better hurry. If Naruto knows its purpose and how to use it, it is over for even someone like me)

Sasuke: And what will that be?

Madara, Zetsu, Kabuto: !!!!!!

Madara: Oh, you were listening the whole time? Don’t worry, just an ignorable detail.

Sasuke: Kabuto is here too. Whatever. Am ready, take me to Naruto.

Madara: Humph….Sasuke, I thought I told u patience is the key to winning this battle and also your fight with Naruto. Without proper consideration, even with your power, you will get slaughtered before you even get to see Naruto. Be patience for a little more while. As for Kabuto, things have changed a little and now he is part of us.

Zetsu: So what should we do now?

Madara: We are going to scout some more and make our final preparation. The time has come. Sasuke, I am leaving u in charge of the base. Protect it with your life. (Goes near Kabuto and whispering: I have set a seal on Sasuke to activate should anything or anyone attack him. I won’t be lenient if you try anything)

Kabuto: Ku ku ku Still don’t trust me, I see. A deal is deal. 3km south west of Kumagakure. I’ve already made sure the Island has became immobile. Heads up, your old enemy Oonoki is part of the guards. Ku ku ku This should be interesting.

Madara: Zetsu A056 is yours. Use him. White Zetsu, stay behind and be my informant should anything else happen. Black Zetsu, let’s move out. (They warp)

-Madara’s other dimension-

Black Zetsu: Scouting, u say?

Madara: Naruto has somehow acquired the Heaven and Earth Seal, and it physically manifested when he was able to control the kyuubi.

Black Zetsu: What??? It is already a huge problem to us by him gaining control of the 9tails and now this?

Madara: That’s why we are here. We are going to capture them now. I need your help and you might die.

-kumo village-

Kazakage(Gaara): I should have gone instead. His mobility problem seems serious.

Raikage: Don’t worry, they won’t even find the Island much less beat Oonoki.

A cloud deciphering ninja approaches the kages panting his hearts out.

Kages: !!!

Bird Guy: Raikage sama. I have news. Akatsuki have found the island but not after Tsuchikaga sama got there. Orochimaru’s subordinate, Yakushi Kabuto is confirmed to be the one leading the attack. He escaped after failing to get any of the jinchurikis, but…………..

Mei: What is it?

Bird Guy: I think it will be better if u read it yourself. (As he puts the paper containing the info on the table)

Tsunade: Impossible, Yamato? He is a master at disguise and tracking, and one of our best. Edo Tensei, huh (Puts her thump in her mouth and begins to bite on it)

Mei: Oh my, this spells trouble

Tsunade: Call me Kakashi to ………

Raikage: No need. It will only weaken the head of the alliance. Oonoki is already there. He can protect the two of them.

Tsunade: If Akatsuki have Edo Tensei jutsu, then their battle prowess has gone up considerably. We have to change our approach. The jinks must fight upfront to draw Madara himself out.

Raikage, Gaara: No way.

Raikage: Our plan should be the same, only that we have to bring in ambush since they now know their location. Mizukage sama, your abilities are ok for this mission, right? You have to hurry.

-Inside the turtle-

Bee is consoling some of the animals which got hurt during the “earthquakes” as Naruto is trying desperately without succeeding to turn some of the animals which have fallen back up.

Naruto: Where is Yamato sensei when you need him!!!

Motoi and Aoba stays sulking outside whilst Tsuchikage and his guards enter the turtle. Bee and Naruto notice their headband and approached cautiously.

Naruto: Who are you.

Bee: Naruto, that’s the Tsuchikage sama yo. (Thinking: Backup, huh)

Naruto: But what is he doing here? And where are Yamato-sensei, Aoba-san and Motoi-san.

Naruto, Oonoki, Kuro, Akatsuchi, Bee:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Figure: Right here.

Two Black Zetsus showed up from nowhere and out of them came Motoi and Aoba unconscious.

Madara: (Pointing to Naruto and Bee) Yamato is with me and you two are next.

What’s this Seal as Tsuchikage meets his old foe.
Hi Guys, Zetsu-san here, just to let you know about this
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