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Friday, October 15, 2010

NARUTO 514 (English) is up!!
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by: Ohana - 2 Ch

514: Kabuto's Plan
Enraged... At an ex-pupil!!

Tsuchikage prepares some Chiriton (Clay release) jutsu in mid-air
Deidara: Things are getting worse and worse! Chiriton all of a sudden? He's gonna even more fired up! Yeah!!

Kabuto watches Deidara as he gets on the turtle

Deidara runs away by getting on a bird
Tsuchikage: I won't let you get away!!
When he releases the Chiriton, Akatsuchi stops him from behind.
Akatsuchi: If you do that, you'll kill even the island tortoise!!
Tsuchikage: Eh! How puzzling! It was so huge I could only see the scenery!!
Deidara: There's an opening!! Yeah!!
He releases a clay bird from his hand and right before Tsuchikage's eyes: Katsu!!
The bird explodes, but the attack was blocked by Akatsuchi's golem
Tsuchikage: Were you trying to get us away from this island
Deidara: Akatsuchi's golem, huh. You're just the same as ever, clinging around Tsuchikage, you hindering bastard!! Yeah!!

Manda is going on a rampage on the island
Kurotsuchi: That damned snake!!
Kabuto is squating down and doing something
Kurotsuchi: It's got to be that guy controlling the snake! He was Orochimaru's subordinate, even though he's just a bean sprout of a bastard!!
Manda tells Kabuto something using telepathy
Kabuto: I see, Naruto's somewhere on this turtle huh. In that case... Where is the entrance?

Naruto is holding his head
Yamato: (Shit, what's happening outside!?) S... Seems like there are an aw... Awful lot of earthquakes today, huh
Aoba: Ye... Yeah!
Naruto: ... Even so, that's way too many! In the first place were earthquakes ever able to reverse the ground and the sky?
Yamato: Uh... It just looks like it because it was shaking so much...
Naruto: Really...? I'm going to go out and take a quick look!!
Yamato: No, no~~ You're in the midst of an important S-rank mission, so finish your mission!
Naruto: But... I'm just going to take a quick look...
Yamato (makes a stern face): What's most important to a ninja is to complete his mission as fast as possible!! And that mission is a single mission, that was assigned to you precisely because you are you!! It is a mission only you can do!! That is why you were tasked with it... Do you understand! Naruto!
Naruto: ....
The armadillo behind them stretches out
Aoba: (As expected, even Naruto has begun to notice the abnormalities... We tricked him that this was a S-rank mission but what he is doing is just checking whether animals have a penis. Naruto isn't an idiot... He must already have figured it out...)
Naruto: Yeah! I got it! I'll focus on my mission!!
Aoba: (Good! For the time being everything is going well! It's great he's an idiot!!)

Kurotsuchi does some seals
Kabuto notices Kurotsuchi
Kurotsuchi: (Too slow!!) Youton: Sekkaikori no Jutsu (TN: melting release: hardening quicklime); he spits quicklime out of his mouth
Kabuto evades the attack: You've appeared, huh (I wonder if Aoba is here too...)
Just then, Yamato, Motoi, Aoba arrive
Kurotsuchi: Don't just come out here so nonchalantly! I can take care of him alone!! (as he is saying this...)
Aoba: You really are Tsuchikage's granddaughter...
Kabuto: Excellent... Can I have you lead me to where Naruto is?
Yamato: A snake... That voice... You couldn't be...
Kabuto removes his hood: We meet again, Yamato
Kurotsuchi: I'll send a flow over there!!Get him!! (expanding his mouth) Suiton: Mizu Rappa

(water trumpet)
Aoba: That's great!
Kabuto evades
Aoba: It's no good! He read your moves!!
Kurotsuchi: (while saying "get him!")... I got him!
Yamato: This is...
Kabuto: I see
Kuro: (My Sekkaikori no Jutsu is instant cement! By spilling some water around, I expand my range... And when it reacts with water, it solidifies!!) With this, you can't move any more!!
Yamato: Motoi-san, Aoba, don't step on this water!
Cement encases Yamato's body (TN: I don't know if Ohana meant Kabuto...)
Kuro: I have another plan within this plan!
Aoba: Alright! Once he gets solidified, he's mine! I'll get intel out of him!
Deidara and Tsuchikage and flying towards the sky, they are so fast Akatsuchi is lagging a little
Deidara (You've gotten even faster than when you were in your prime, haven't you, gramps)
tsuchikage: You always fought from a long distance! I don't like that!!
Deidara: Shut up! (I'll get him with C4!! yeah!)

Trees come out of Yamato's hand, Aoba rides on those trees towards where Kabuto is, solidified
Aoba: Kabuto... You sure have fallen... Becoming even more and more like Orochimaru
Kabuto: Before worrying about me, you should worry about falling from there
Yamato: Aoba, focus!
Aoba is about to reach Kabuto but Kabuto sheds his skin and becomes a snake. It slithers along Yamato's tree and nears Yamato. Aoba falls into the cement
Yamato: He shedded! Is this it!?
Yamato sends out blocks of wood from his waist, and sends Motoi flying away on them
Yamato: Motoi-san, stay away!!
Kabuto bites Yamato...
Kabuto: Kurotsuchi, I knew how your jutsu worked, so I was able to make you let down your guard
Aoba: !!?
Motoi: Yamato!!
Kuro: Shit!!
Yamato runs away

Tsuchikage: You're pretty good for flying up this high arent you!!
Deidara: Don't look down on me, gramps!! Your Chiroton and my Bakuton (exploding release), which of them is Art...?
From behind Deidara, the Edo Tensei coffins appear
Deidar: !!? What the hell? I was just at the best part!! Yeah!!
The coffin shuts and disappears.
Yamato (TN: I think Ohana meant Kabuto) takes refuge in Manda's nostrol. Manda disappears.

Tsuchikage returns
Tsuchikage: Deidara got away... How about you guys?
Motoi: Yamato, the one who used Mokuton and was keeping an eye on the Kyuubi, got captured...
Aoba: Our guy got away too!! Help me out of this situation!! I'll go right after him!! Where did Kabuto go!?
Motoi: I cant sense the enemy any more... I don't know which way he went either. It's no use.
Tsuchikage: They couldn't get as far as the Kyuubi and Hachibi huh... I don't know about that Mokuton user who probably stood out because he could be used as a hostage for interrogation...
Tsuchikage gets Aoba out of the cement
Tsuchikage: The problem now is that intel could get into their hands from that Yamato!
Aoba: Yamato-san isnt someone you can get intel out of that easily!!
Tsuchikage: That's not what I'm saying. If he's up against Madara, then he has really strong eye jutsu... He won't be able to do anything if he has those eye jutsu used against him

Yamato is tied up and falls to the ground
Yamato: Kuh!
Madara: You've brought me quite a different present, hmm?
Kabuto: That is certainly true... But this guy was the one watching over the Kyuubi and is in possession of some top-secret information. Even better, with this guy, we can make those Zetsus even stronger... Rather than doing the impossible, the minute we caught this guy, I was choosing the method that would be 4 times more efficient. For you guys, that is.
Zetsu: ...

Madara's right eye is the Sharingan; left eye is the Rinnegan
Madara: In that case, hurry up. This left eye is craving war

Nagato's Rinnegan is with Madara...!!

Naruto is on break next week because Kishimoto's doing some data collection/research.
Having learned that naruto is inside of the tortoise from the snake, Kabuto starts to search the entrance.
Meanwhile, inside (of the tortoise) naruto seems to be at last getting aware of the oddness, however he gets jockeyed by Yamato's words easily. 'great that he's dumbass!' says Aoba.
Kuro (-tsuchi) blows a yo-ton jutsu (meltdown tech), sekkai-gyou? /ko? (lime concrete?) onto Kabuto, which is dodged. There Yamato Aoba and Motoi show up. 'Aoba too is here?' says Kabuto.
To Kuro who says her camp will dispose (of Daydara), Aoba says 'i believe you're a granddaughter of tsuchikage,... (namely...what?)'
Hearing Kabuto, yamato mutters 'that cant be...' 'Hello, again! Yamato.' says Kabuto.
There, Kuro tries to sweep Kabuto away into the direction of Yamato n co with sui-ton (water tech), mizu-rappa(water trumpet), which is (again) dodged.
But that is just as kuro planed: the sekkai gyou(?) she spat first was quick acting cement that sets with water.
Kabuto cant move with the cement being bound about the legs.
Aoba is up to capturing Kabuto to pull out info.
Meanwhile old pa and Daydara are putting on a display of air battles. 'have you not gotten faster than your prime? ' Daydara is amazed.
‘you always fight sneakily running this way and that at a long distance, as in the old days. that's what i don't like about you.' Says the oldster. 'cut the crap!' says Daydara.
They are too fast for Aka to keep up with.
Staging is set up with mokuton and Aoba tries to pull info out of Kabuto. But then, Kabuto casts its skin and becomes a snake.
Aoba falls into cement and Kabuto closes in on Yamato
Pushing Motoi away in order to save him, Yamato fails to get out in time and is swallowed up by Kabuto.
'Kurotsuchi, knowing the arrangements of your jutsu i could lower their guard at ease.' Says Kabuto. Apparently it was also kabuto's tactics that he was caught from the start. Kuro pursues Kabuto.
Pretty high up in the sky, Daydara is about to intercept Old Pa's jin-ton attempt with his baku ton, C4.
He however gets shrouded in a casket and disappears. 'what the hell is this, just when the iron is hott?' screams Daydara on disappearing.
Kabuto hides himself inside manda's body via its nose(/nostril), and vanishes with manda.
'Damn Daydara made good his escape.' Old Pa joins Motoi and Aoba. Motoi informs him that Yamato's been taken.
Aoba asks them to save him from the cement so that he can go after them. 'they cant be sensed anymore and their direction isn't known either.' tells Motoi.
'So, they werent tenacious of their 9B and 8B hunting... whether they were after a captive to interrogate or after yamato himself, the thing is, our intel may leak from Yamato. Says old pa.
'Sir Yamato isn't someone you can easily get info from' aoba says
'That's not what Im saying. With Madara interrogating, there's strong doh-jutsu. you have nothing on his doh-jutsu' says old pa.
Kabuto's taken Yamato to Madaras place. Madara goes 'Your little present looks quite different from what you're supposed to bring me.’
'yes but this one is a guard for 9b and with secret info. Having him we can also strengthen up Zetsu quite a bit.
On capturing this one I took the efficiency rather than going too far. For your side.' Says Kabuto.
'Then hurry up. This left eye is longing for war.' with these words of Madara, TBC.

The right eye is sharin, the left is rinne now.

514 Kabutos scheme

In a towering rage at the former pupil!

Tuchikage prepares jin ton in the air.
Dayrare: that being said, ****, seriously its getting even hotter n hotter! Hes up to giving me jiinton without notice! yep!!

Watching Daydara, Kabuto lands on the turtle.

Daydara runs away on a bird.
Tuchikage: I wont let you!!
when he's about to release jin-ton, Akatsuchi stops him from behind.
Aka tsuchi: it would kill the insular turtle as well, dani!!
Tsuchikage: damn it!! Knotty hell!! Too huge that it looks nothing but a part of scenery!!
Daydara brings out a clay bird in the hand and in front of Tsuchikage's eyes goes 'katt!!'
the bird explodes, which However is dodged with akatsuchi's golem.
Tuchikage: Now I shall take him away from the island.
Daydara: the Golem of Akatsuchi, huh? what a bother, he's still sticking close to Tuchikage, as before!! Yep!

Manda runs wild on the island.
Kurotsuchi: that damn snake!
Kabuto is crouching down doing something.
Kurotsuchi: as expected, that sod is who manipulates the snake! despite the fact he's a sissy sprout who used to be an orochimaru's henchman!!
Manda informs Kabuto of something via telepathy.
Kabuto: Oh, naruto is inside of this tortoise, i see. this case, where is the entrance?
By: Joey

Naruto 514: Tsuchikage vs Deidara

(The cone that Onoki is holding flys towards Deidara as it expands and crashes into Deidara then turns to dust.)
Onoki: looks like you did forget.
(Deidara’s right arm is missing but it regenerates like the 1st and 2nd hokage did when Orochimaru summoned them.)
Onoki: So it appears you regenerate when damaged. Well in that case-

(The scene switches over to Naruto and company.)

(Naruto and Bee are still arguing about the armadillo. The others can’t believe how stubborn both of them are. Kabuto ‘s face is seen as he spies on them from the bushes.)

Kabuto (in thought): `They are making this to easy. To think that Kisame couldn’t handle them. They don’t even realize I’m here.
Naruto: It is to a male! Huh?
Motoi: What’s wrong Naruto?
Naruto: Remember how I can sense hatred with the nine tails chakra? I can sense something from the bushes now without the nine tails chakra.
Motoi: But I don’t see anything. Maybe you just aren’t used to your new powers.
Naruto: Hmm…Maybe you’re right but still….

(Scene switches back to Deidara and Onoki)

Deidara: You can’t beat me old man. (Deidara starts making his c1 bombs and turns them into fast birds)
Onoki: We’ll see about that. Earth style: dragon mud bomb
(A dragon head appears and shoots mud bombs at Deidara, but Deidara escapes on his bird)
Deidara: Is that all old man? How will you reach me now?
Onoki (frustrated): I have more than earth style remember?
Deidara: That dust won’t do much good against me. (Deidara sends his birds out.) Ha!
Onoki: Earth style: earth dome wall. (A dome of earth surrounds Onoki)
Deidara (in thought): Clever old man but lets see you handle this.
(Deidara starts making his c2 dragon as the dome wall collapses.)
Onoki: Your explosives won’t work.
Deidara: You haven’t seen all of my art. (Drops the c2 dragon as it starts flying around and shoots bombs at Onoki out of it’s mouth.)
Onoki: Earth style: rising earth pillars. (Columns of earth rise into the sky and intercept the incoming bombs from the dragon.)
Deidara: Not bad for an old man. I guess I’ll have to go up some more.
Onoki: This fight is just about over

(Deidara begins making the c3 bomb he used against Garra)

Onoki (in thought): Just a little longer
Deidara: I’ll show you that art really is a blast. NOW YOU DIE! (Drops the c3 bomb but it then stops and floats in mid-air) What’s going on?
Onoki (with a smirk): You’re the one about to die. I have been adding my dust to your pouch that your clay is in this whole time. My dust is now infused with your clay. Now then-
(Dust surrounds Deidara from the back.)
Onoki: Dust Burial!
Deidara: Shi-(Deidara is crushed from the attack.)
Onoki (in thought): The Kazekage is just like a weaker me. After all, dust and sand are alike in many ways. Now I have to stop Kabuto.

(Scene switches to Naruto and gang)

Naruto: Well my mission is almost complete. The only thing left is the plants.
Kabuto (in thought): I can grab him when he comes over. Kukuku

Will Kabuto capture Naruto?

Naruto 515: The Snake Makes His Move
by: Gakure

Naruto 514: Seal of Dust

-madara's lair-

Madara: Time to go sasuke.

Sasuke: Dont order me around. Why are we going there anyway.

Madara: It is a secret. (Thinking: He will definitely get defeated if we don't do anything to prevent the alliance from giving the targets backups.)

-on the turtles stomach-

Oonoki: Aka, Kuro.

Aka, Kuro: Yes Sir.(As they both leave oonoki as far as they could)

Oonoki: Wind Release: Air Vibrant. (As a high concentrated air pressure is released from his palms gunning for Kabuto and edo deidara at insane speed)

Edo dara: Shit. I cant stop this.

Kabuto: Kuchiyosi, Ichi Rashomon.

(A shield in a form of a huge gate appears coming from the ground blocks the attack creating violent swirls of both water and wind in the area)

Naruto and co were alerted form the huge blast due to the clash. Naruto stands up to check it out but is prevented by Bee. Bee does a fist bump on naruto's chest.

Bee(In naruto's inner world): Stay calm. I wanna tell u something. Sorry dude, I shd have told u this earlier. We, as Jinks, are hiding out here from the war. There was no ecology mission to begin with. Akatsuki is after us and we are being kept here by the alliance forces, but I guess that plan is bested now since the enemy is here.

Naruto(In naruto's inner world): I see, that explains everything Gaara told me. Lets go haul ass cos am not leaving my friends behind to hide when they are fighting for me.

Bee, Naruto: YYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!(As the others were running towards them, naruto makes two clones and started gathering NE)

-cloud village-

Apparently they heard the Scream of the turtle too.

Rai: They have definitely found them. I think we need more pple there.

Gaara: Am going.

Madara: (Appearing with Sasuke and a bunch of White Zetsus out of no where) No one is going no where.

We hear ninja fights and screams. White Zetsus are everywhere. Madara has already drawn the first blood with his bringing of 40,000 white zetsus to throw the alliance into chaos.

-on the turtles stomach-

oonoki vs Kabuto

We see the bird disappear, Edo Deidara reforming and Kabuto healing faster than anything we have seen.

Kabuto: That was one deadly shockwave u got there oldman. It actually broke thru my shield.

Akatsuchi: Earth element: Four Pillar Prison.(We see four pillars rise from the ground enclosing Kabuto and Deidara.

Kurotsuchi: Lightening Element: House of lights.(High voltage electricity errupts within the four pillars sending the place to nothingness except dust every where.

Akatsuchi: Did it work?

The place clears and only Deidara is seen still standing beside a dead huge snake, from which Kabuto emerged from later with snake like lower form. Kabuto then leaves gliding on the ground towards the forest Yamato made.

Oonoki: I didnt think it will work. U two go and offer ur help to the jinks. I'll take care of this.

Deidara begins to chew his clay.

Oonoki: Edo tensei. The jutsu which brings back the dead as a killing machine. I know all abt akatsuki. I have used u too many times not to know u well. I know all abt this technique. But it seams u have forgotten which kind of man I am. I'll remind u pretty soon.

Oonoki still floating begins to make a lot of handseals.

Edo Deidara: That's...the technique used to seal the bijuus untill a better host is found

Oonoki: Ha..U catch on quick. Surmoming, Black Reaper technique.

A black traditional tea kettle on a sacrificial alter appears. (Just like the one Shikaku, the 1 tails bijuu was sealed into).

Edo Deidara: I wont allow u.

Edo Deidara immediately spews the contents of his mouth into a C4 deidara bomb but much smaller than the one used against sasuke.

Edo Deidara: Hahahaha. That justu requires u to have contact to be able to seal me. mmmhh. I wont allow u to get closer.

Oonoki: I already have made that contact.

Edo Deidara: What are talking abt.

Oonoki: Did u see the dust surrounding u after Kuro and Aka's combo attacks, That was my jutsu and that's all the contact I need. U have really forgotten how terrifying I can be (He begins making handseals at incredible speed)

Edo Deidara: Huh.. Katsu. (A huge explosion errupts behind Oonoki). Hahahaha.. I have killed him... I have killed him. You were so bent on my C4 u didnt notice my C2 coming from behind. My art is the best.

The alter is unaffected and seemed to be protected by some kind of aura. But no Oonoki. Suddenly near the alter, an earth image comes out from the ground forming into OOnoki.

Oonoki:No ur art sucks. Sasuke is still alive. (with hands clasped together) Fuunjutsu: Seal of Dust.

Edo deidara has a bewildered look on his face.

The kettle opened and Edo deidara is turning into dust and getting sucked into the kettle.

OOnoki: Goodbye, U were my best prized student when u were arouund.

-As the casualties of the war begin to fall, what has Kabuto in stock for the remaining jinks-


Next: The Completed Edo Tensei.

No message from kishi this time. See u soon.
by: Confirmed

Naruto 514: The Fierce Battle!

(Kabuto Scene)
(Tsuchikage unleashes the cone-like attack towards Deidara, which lands an impact leaving the sky covered in smoke. The smoke clears and that Deidara appears to be a clay clone. Real Deidara is standing behind Tsuchikage)
Deidara: How can I forget. You ruthessly killed my brother before my eyes.
Tsuchikage: I made an important and wise decision. Your brother was an S-class missing Ninja. And apparently you left the village and chose to walk down the same line as him. Had I known you were going to turn out like this earlier, I would've killed you too.
Deidara: The hidden rock couldn't comprehend my art in anyway. That pathetic village couldn't afford of have me as a part of it.
Tsuchikage: Don't act so cocky around me, kid.
Kabuto: Thanks for making another bird. We'll i'am off to meet with the Jinchurrikis. I trust you can take care of this, Deidara.
Deidara: No sweat.
(Kabuto heads towards the island)
Tsuchikage: Kurotsuchi, Akatsuchi, what are you two waiting for. Go after him!
Kurotsuchi & Akatsuchi: Yes sir!(They follow Kabuto)
(Tsuchikage turns to Deidara): Now I can finally fight without limits.(Tsuchikage charges at Deidara)
Deidara: Hmph....

(Kabuto Scene)
(Kabuto changes his course and starts to head to the opposite direction of the island)
Kurotsuchi: Where the hell is this guy going?
Akatsuchi: I don't know, but we better follow him.(They head after him)

(Island Scene)
Yamato: Motoi, I think you need to distract Naruto and Bee and try to take them away from this area.
Motoi: Right! But..What about these huge snakes?
Yamato: I can handle em.
(Kabuto comes out from behind one of the trees) : That won't be the only thing you have to handle.
(Yamato in shock) : When did he come here!? I didn't sense anything coming from him.
Kabuto: Oh don't look surprised. I can completely hide my presence. And that's not the only thing that I can do.
Motoi: Looks like you'll be needing help.
Yamato: Don't worry about me. you have to take Bee and Naruto away from h...(Hew gets cut off by Naruto)
Naruto: I'am not going anywhere!
Bee: Neither i'am I, mutha fucka.
Yamato: Naruto..Bee..You..(He smiles) Guess there's no more use hiding it now.
Kabuto: My, my. Well, i'll be hitting the jackpot.

(Kabuto scene)
(kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi follow Kabuto till they head far off the island)
Kurotsuchi: Just where is this guy heading to!?
(Kabuto stops. He turns and faces them, he suddenly starts to dissipate into clay)
Akatsuchi: What the...He was a clay clone!?
Kurotsuchi: He outsmarted us this time. Come on, let's hurry!

(Tsuchikage Scene)
(Tsuchikage is catching Deidara by the neck. Blood spouts from Deidara's mouth)
Tsuchikage: It's ashame it all had to go down this way. You were one of the top Ninjas in our village before you became an outcast.(Tsuchikage throws Deidara down into the ocean. He watches him fall. Tsuchikage suddenly widens his eyes in shock)
Tsuchikage: What the hell is that!

The End
Next time: Deidara's Secret!

Note: I appear to make Kabuto look gay in most of my recent predictions. But that's only cuz Kishi makes him look that way in the Manga. And I also spammed clones heavily in my prediction without giving any explanation to how they were done. But again, it's because of Kishi.
gaara: [ jump and punch deidara so the bird fall ] not this time.. sun-
deidara: katsu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
naruto: gaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
k-bee: oh no!!!!!!!!!!1
tsuchikage: that brat!!!

will gaara beat deidara? will the war begin now???
next: 515 gaara revenge
by: Babel

naruto: its an earth quake! lets just get out from here!
k-bee: yeah lets just hop hop till ya'll die!
motoi: you guys should hide here or you can get some accident!
naruto: just scared didnt ya? such a stupid..
(in the sky deidara try to put the goddammed bombs around the turtle)
deidara: lets just give some art on your body! gyahahahah!
kabuto: shit! what are you doin following us!?
tsucikage: theres no one of you will get that jincurichki!
deidara: shut up old man! you should die now! an old like you is such a troublesome for taking care of a big nation
tsuchikage: shut up your damn ugly mouth! im onoki! the kage from...gaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!my back!!
kabuto: such a trouble some! i'll punch them down! three of you! kage bu-
(gaara appears and his sands punch kabuto down then kabuto rushes into tsuchikage and the tsuchikage beat kabuto)
gaara: and now its fair...
deidara: dont you want to die twice? i can put you into heaven!
gaara: i dont needed will die at this time i beat you up...
deidara: dont be so sure ! you will be death like the previus time we meet!
gaara: i fight for hundred thousand people..and now i fight for two people...
deidara: oh yeah? so... shall we?
gaara: ....
(naruto appearances)
naruto: the earthquake is over...thanks god!
k-bee:yeah god ! youre the best!!!
motoi:yeah we should back to the camp...
naruto: what is that big snake!?
yamato: (shit! thats manda! so kabuto was here! but why the earth quake is over?) lets just go naruto... gai is sleeping!
naruto: thats... MANDA! i heard orochimaru was die! so who's call that snake??
k-bee: yeah thats sooooo cool!
naruto: kabuto is here?
yamato: (shit he's know that) we should go!
motoi: lets hurry!
naruto: wait! so there was a war!? gotta chek that out!
(naruto runs to the head of trutle and raikage scene appear)
raikage: kazekage and tsuchikage was in there, we should prepare for the war..
hokage: yeah, but im afraid some akatsuki come to here and in the turtle island..
raikage: so we should prepare!
mizukage: yeah..
(naruto scene)
naruto: omygosh i saw a war! wait, they are all look familliar
k-bee: cool! should we watch or help?
naruto: gaaaaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaa!
gaara:[look at the head of turtle] naruto!?
deidara: so thats the jicurichi? better run than wasting time! [ fly into naruto ]
gaara: [ jump and punch deidara so the bird fall ] not this time.. sun-
deidara: katsu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
naruto: gaaaaaaraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
k-bee: oh no!!!!!!!!!!1
tsuchikage: that brat!!!

will gaara beat deidara? will the war begin now???
next: 515 gaara revenge
by: Silverblade

Naruto 514: War

Naruto 513 Prediction

Naruto 514: War
Naruto 515: Secret Operations

Darui lunges forth with his cleaver!
Darui: ?!!

Deidara dives his hands into two pouches on the left and right side of his waist. He then removes and sends a series of clay-spiders towards Darui and Ao.

Ao: Water Release - Barrier Technique

A thin stream of water raises from the soil below, forming a hemisphere around Ao and Darui to guard them from the attack.

The explosives explodes on the barrier.

Darui: I owe you man.

Ao: This is Deidara from the Hidden Rock Village. Someone must of revived him with a jutsu. This guy specializes in earth jutsu. But be wary. His work of art can create one hell of an explosion.

Darui: No problem. I'll take care of him with my ranton.
Deidara: My art will always be a bang.

Deidara creates a clay dragon.

Fodder ninja: !!!
Raikage peers from outside the window.

Tsuande: Stay put. Our ninja are elite enough to take care of it.
Raikage: Stay put and DO WHAT?
Mei: We'll think of a strategy to preventing them from advancing.

- Scene switches to Darui -

Darui: NOT TODAY. Freak.
Darui - Storm Release: Tempest Circus

Darui forms a seal and a sphere of chakra forms in front of him. The sphere expels into a linear stream of beams penetrating Deidara's dragon causing it to melt into a mud.

Deidara: Bastard.
Kabuto: Deidara seems to be having problem. But I need him to buy me some time.

- Scene switches to Sasuke -

Elite Mist Ninja: Uchiha Sasuke! Last of the Uchiha Clan.

Sasuke: Where are the elders? Wait. Why ask when I can do this!

Sasuke uses his EMS and throws the Elite Ninja into a genjutsu where a wall of spikes clashes against each other killing the ninja.

Sasuke: Down the hall to the left!

Madara: Amazing.

Sasuke barges into a door.

A meeting is taking place between the Konoha elders and the other elders of the hidden villages.

Homura: Look who it is. Sasuke Uchiha.
Koharu: Quiet child. You don't know the truth about your clan.

Sasuke: I'll make you reveal everything right NOW!!! *Sasuke uses His EMS on Koharu*

Sasuke: ?!!!!! WHAT THE???

Koharu: I've fought and dealt with many Uchiha. After all I learned from the great Hashirama. Your genjutsu won't work on me. However, I'll make a deal with you. Kill the Hokage and you'll get your "truth"

Sasuke: Hmph! Fine.
Madara is outside listening...
Sasuke: Where is the Hokage by the way?!!
Koharu: The Cloud Village.. Kill her and then come back here to see me.

Sasuke: I'll be back. Quickly and after you tell me. You and your partner over there will die.

Sasuke turns his back and meets Madara outside.

Sasuke: TAKE ME TO THE CLOUD VILLAGE.. *Sasuke's Eternal Mangekyou is showing again*

-Naruto: Secret Operation-

Naruto 513 Prediction
Naruto 514: War
Naruto 515: Secret Operations

Hi Guys, Zetsu-san here, just to let you know about this
Naruto Shippuden Movie 4
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