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Friday, October 8, 2010

NARUTO 513 (English) is up!
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by: Ohana - 2Ch / NF

translation will follow.. stay stuck!
Full Summary
513 Kabuto vs Tsuchikage

With the Tsuchikage's jutsu, Kurotsuchi, Akatsuchi and Tsuchikage take off into the sky.

Kabuto opens Deidara's head with a kunai and does ? with ? (TN: yes the ? are there in the Japanese spoiler)
Kabuto: I'm using a different talisman from Orochimaru-sama. I won't restrict you, Deidara. I don't even understand fine arts
Deidara: That's okay, there's no way you could understand my fine art that easily, yeah
Kabuto: Yeah. Anyway, the explosion you set off right before you died... It became quite the topic of discussion
Deidara: I told you, didn't I? You can't understand it that easily. To that that would take time. Ye... Yeah.

Naruto makes all the animals line up in a row, to the amusement of Guy and Bee.
Bee's friend: We'll have all the animals take shelter in the big turtle's shell
Aoba: Since we told him we were here to do a survey on the ecology, he'll probably want to do this
Yamato: If Naruto gets wind of the war, it won't be good. He isn't going to stay silent if we don't prevent him from finding out. After all, it's a war to protect Naruto himself.

Kabuto: About the coordinates of this place... They're shifting, aren't they
Tsuchikage suddenly punches Kabuto
Kabuto: Launching an ambush on me, are we, Tsuchikage?
Tsuchikage: Why do you have this bird and Deidara?
What Tsuchikage had punched was a clay bunshin of Kabuto, which then breaks apart
Deidara: It's been a while, Old man Oonoki. This Deidara here's a clay bunshin too
Next to them is a bird with the real Deidara and kabuto
Then Deidara goes "Katsu!!" and the bunshin explodes!!

Naurto can't tell if an armadillo is male or female so goes to ask Bee
Bee: The armadillo's a shy one ♪ It isn't proper to check its sex ♪
Naruto: But this is an ecology survey!
Bee: I'll keep quiet about this so you just go report that it's a female ♪
Naruto: But it's written on the armadillo's back that it's a male. Go ask that old man. He's the boss of this palce right?
Bee: I'll lend a listening ear and ask the armadillo
Bee: Private is privacy ♪
Naruto: No wonder this is an S-rank mission~~~!!
Bee: Even if the sex has been reversed YO it's not like the world has been turned upside down. What an idiot, this bastard!
In the water there is a huge snake... Bee's friend senses the abnormality
The huge squid in the sea also senses it

Deidara has exploded the bunshin. The tsuchikage next to him had been a clay bunshin made by Akatsuchi
"Why are you alive" and other aori
Deidara: I was supposed to have killed Sasuke!!
Tsuchikage: (It seems like you don't know anything... Deidara)
Kabuto: It couldn't be that it came here without us doing anything?

Bee's friend: Has this location been found out already?
The big snake bites the big turtle's tail, turtle screams
At that sound, the location of the island has been revealed
Kabuto, Deidara fly there in a hurry, with tsuchikage hot on their heels

The island rocks, Naruto thinks its an earthquake
The snake won't let go of the turtle's tail
Kabuto: (Using all types of medicines on Manda's cells~~~ That is the 2nd Generation Manda. It surpasses the original Manda in size, strength and perception!
Deidara gets a shock when he sees the island
Kabuto: It isn't an island, it's on a turtle. And in there wait the Hachibi and Kyuubi
Deidara: You mean that Naruto guy's in there! Yeah!
Kabuto: I'm going to stop the shaking of the island. Deidara, the biggest one please

The 2nd gen Manda gets onto the island

In the sea, the jellyfish Deidara made is below the turtle

Deidara: I'm going to explode it

All the animals have been flipped on their backs too
Yamato: Mokuton: Jukai Kotan (birth of a sea of trees)!!
He calls forth a whole lot of trees to form a cushion for the animals
Naruto: This is some crazy earthquake
Bee: The world is really turning upside down. What an idiot, this bastard!
Naruto looks at the flipped-over Armadillo. It was a male after all.
Yamato: This is hardly the time to be carrying out an ecology survey---!!
Bee's friend: It's definite that something is happening out there. But please play along with him about this being an earthquake!

Kabuto lands on the island
Deidara: I'll handle those guys. I have some debts to pay off
Tsuichikage: Deidara, you should know how dreadful I can be...
Deidara: Oh crap, the old man's snapped
Tsuchikage: You haven't forgotten, have you
Tsuchikage makes something like a cero in his two hands (TN: for non-bleach fans, a cero is like some bullet of light)

The strongest elderly shinobi's livid!!
by: Joey

Naruto 513: Hosts Found

Madara: Bring him back alive.
Kabuto: Yeah I know
Madara: Then don’t let me down.

(Kabuto and deidara fly off and we are left seeing Madara watching them as they fly off)

Madara (in thought) It won’t be long now until I rule the world with my genjutsu

(The island that Nauto and Bee is on comes into view from a distance)

Naruto: Will Gai sensei will alright?
Yamato: He will be fine. He just won’t be able to move for awhile. He went through this once before.
Motoi: That was some technique he used.
Yamato: Yes but the side is great. He won’t be able to fight in the war now.
Naruto: What about Gandma Tsunade? Can’t she heal him?
Yamato: Muscle fiber damage is different. It can’t be healed by medical ninjutsu. It has to heal on its
Bee: We lost a mighter but akatsuki is down a fighter.

(scene switches back to Kabuto and Deidara)

Kabuto: There’s the island with the jinchurikis. Time for a surprise. Use your C1 bombs Deidara.

(Deidara starts making the bombs in his pouch. He pulls out several spider bombs and drops them
on the island as they fly. The bombs go off surprising everyone on the island but not hurting anyone)

Naruto: What the hell was that?
Yamato: It’s the akatsuki. But how is Deidara alive? He blew himself up against Sasuke. Unless…no it
can’t be.
Naruto: It can’t be what?
Yamato: Edo Tensi. Impure resurrection.
Motoi: Edo tensi? But I thought only Orochimaru and the leafs second hokage could use that technique.
Yamato: Yes but now someone else as mastered it as well.

(Kabuto and Deidara are still flying around as Deidara starts making more spider bombs)

Bee: So what are we going to do against an opponent who can fly?

(All of a asudden we see sand fly past them and grab a hold of Deidara’s bird. The sand pulls the bird to
the ground. Deidara and Kabuto land on their feet in front of everyone)

Naruto: That sand is…

(Garra lands in front of the team)

Naruto: Garra!?

Garra: I’ll be your opponent. I still owe him from last time.
Kabuto: That’s fine but it will end the same way as last time. Yall shall all be dead soon anyway.
Garra: We shall see.

Will Garra prevail against Deidara this time?

Next chapter: Garra vs Deidara The rematch

This is my first predition. Hope yall liked it. If yall did, I will be more than happy to write more. Just leave
comments at the bottom and let me know.
by: Silverblade

Naruto 513 Prediction

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Madara: Kabuto. Remember don't kill them.
Kabuto: Heh. Will do.

Kabuto is shown pushing his index finger against the bridge of his glasses. He smirks and flicks his palm forth. Deidara nods and then the duo takes off.

Kabuto: Now to find them.

Kabuto snake-like tail exposes himself from underneath Kabuto's robe and points to a particular direction.

Kabuto: There!
The Clay bird is shown making a turn towards the direction.

-Scene switches-
Madara: Let's go get Sasuke he should be fine.
Zetsu: You think so?
Madara: After all he's a powerful Uchiha like myself.

-Scene switches to Sasuke-
Sasuke: The leaf will drench in horror.
Madara appears..
Sasuke: Thanks to you. I can take down the leaf. But first...
Madara: What?

Sasuke glares at Madara revealing his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.
Madara: Impressive.
Sasuke: Take me to Konoha elders NOW!!!
Madara: As you wish.
Madara and Sasuke warps to some underground bunker.
Sasuke: ?!! What is this?

Madara: A secret bunker. This is where they called "behind the scenes" where ninja do dirty business. Since I declared war. A shinobi alliance won't be really mandatory.

An Elite Mist ninja steps forth.
Sasuke: My first test dummy.

-Scene switches to the cloud-

Outside is Gaara and the Tsuchikage.
Right before the Tsuchikage takes off he gazes upwards and spots Deidara.
Tsuchikage yells: THEY FOUND US. -Then hurts his back- OWWWW
Gaara: ....sigh

*He points towards Deidara's clay bird.*
Shinobi prepares for battle.

Kabuto: Go get them Deidara!
Deidara springs from the bird and lands at the center of the base.

Darui and Ao steps near Deidara.
Darui unsheathes his cleaver and Ao readies a seal.

Kabuto: I just want to see how strong they are. These should be fine tools to play with. After all. Madara is my tool.

Kabuto smirks

-Naruto 514: War-

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by: The Special One

Naruto 514: Deployment

(Kabuto hands a small scroll to Deidara, who opens it and reads it. Deidara then makes a handseal, which lifts up the clay creature and sends them off. While the two of them leave the area, Kabuto waves to Tobi and Zetsu. Eventually, the clay bird is out of sight.)

Tobi: “Zetsu. (Zetsu looks on intently.)

Follow him, record any data that you find useful.” (Zetsu nods his head and starts to submerge beneath the ground.)

Special effects: “Zu, Zu, Zu, Zu, Zu.” (The scene switches over to Gaara, who is soaring on a cloud of sand with his gourd mounted over his back.)

Gaara (in thought): “Please keep tight, Naruto.” (The scene switches over to inside Tobi’s lair. The view focuses on a corridor, with many doors aligned against the walls. Instantly, one door flies open. Sasuke, with bandages over his eyes and upper torso emerges from the door. He then tears off his bandages and begins walking towards an exit until he notices something.)

Sasuke: “What do you want?” (Sasuke turns around and spots Tobi, who then closes the gap between the two of them.)

Tobi: “Where are you headed?”

Sasuke: “I’m healed, I’m setting off to Konoha, don’t intervene.”

Tobi: “I see, but first, I have something to give you. (The scene switches over to a small armory, it has everything from scrolls to ninja weapons. What catches Sasuke’s sight, is a set of body armor in which gleams on a stand; it use to be Madara’s old uniform.)

Tobi: “I did the tailoring myself. I would like you to have it. It is one of my most prized possessions. That alone should demonstrate the kind of trust and respect I have towards you. Sasuke, you are the pinnacle of Uchiha prowess and you remind me of what I use to be, so many decades ago. Wear it with honor!”

(The scene switches over to the allied forces command. Inside HQ, the Kages devise their next plan.)

Raikage: “With the hosts taken cared of for the moment, it’s time we put the next order into motion!” (Tsuchikage is still grouchy from not tending to the hosts, however, the Kages ignore him.)

Mifune: “They already know our order of battle. This puts us at an extreme disadvantage.”

Raikage: “Don’t you think I know that!? That’s why I want to hear ideas; I don’t want to propose an idea that will cause us to waste more damn time arguing about it while the enemy draws near.”

Mizukage: “Hmm…”

Tsunade: “At a time like this, I think it is best to scout out their presence from as far as possible and improvise as we go along.”

(All of the kages are intently paying attention to her.)

Tsuchikage: “Easier said than done Slug Queen… We don’t want to hear the obvious! Concrete material my dear, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

(Tsunade’s scowls.)

Tsunade (in thought): “I’ve about had enough of that pipsqueak of a Kage…”

Raikage: “ENOUGH! Explain in more detail Hokage.”

Tsunade: “As you’re full aware, Konoha is home to the best of tracking tools. We have the Byakugan, ninja hounds, Inuzaka, and Yamanaka clan members. When Akatuski makes a move we’ll be on it. As long as we stay within radio contact, information should be spread quite easily if placed in the correct locations. From there, Raikage, you can access the order of battle by mapping Akatuski’s patrol routes before they reach us.”

Raikage: “Very well… Sounds like a plan to me. Does anyone object?(No one objects.) Good, although I’ve taken into account of Konoha’s superb tracking abilities, it will take a bit of time to reorganize their patrol routes in liaison with the Hokage’s proposal and set up a new method of assault.”

Tsunade: “May I make another acquisition?”

Raikage: “Make it quick.”

Tsunade: “Mind if I scoop up Kakashi? He has very useful scouting summons and is an expert in the field himself. I believe he should be in command of the scout team.”

Tsuchikage: “What a ham you making out of this boy, ehh?”

(Mizukage begins to curl her fingers through her hair and blush a little.)

Mizukage (in thought): “Oh, him…”

Mifune: “Ahh, yes, the one slated for the Hokage position.”

Raikage: “Copy cat… I rather trust one of my own to handle the job, however, I to have to admit it would be a waste for talent such as that not to be used on the battlefield. Again, great observation Hokage.” (The scene switches over to Kakashi, who sneezes as he opens a crate. Shikaku places his hand on top of Kakashi’s shoulder from behind.)

Shikaku: “Hey man, the Lady wants to have a word with you.”

Kakashi: “My, aren’t I the man on demand these days.” (Shikaku smirks.)

Shikaku: “Hey, shame that you didn’t become Hokage. I was rooting for you, you know…” (Kakashi glares at Shikaku.)

Shikaku: “I, I mean, of course I wanted Tsuande-sama to recover, but, ehh, you know what I mean.”

Kakashi: “Thanks. (Shikaku walks away as he gives Kakashi his farewell.) Almost Hokage hmm? (Kakashi pictures the old team seven laughing and joking around together and himself, later down the line, trying to kill Sasuke, and then recalls Sakura almost being killed by Sasuke and Naruto jumping in to save her. Later, he pictures Obito and then, finally, Rin) I don’t know about that.”

(The scene switches back over to the moving island. Killer Bee and Naruto are preparing a sparring match against each other. Naruto and Killer start rushing toward each other. Naruto comes in with a straight right cross, Killer Bee catches it with his right hand, which stops Naruto in his tracks.)

Naruto (In thought): “Dang! He’s super strong!” (Killer Bee then thrusts kick Naruto in the mid-section, sending him flying. Meanwhile, Aoba, Yamato, Motoi and Gai [he is still in physical pain] squint in pain, as they see Naruto take a hard blow. Naruto slides across the ground, but quickly returns to his feet.)

Killer Bee: “COME ON! NARUTO!” (Naruto grins, devilishly.)

Naruto: “FINE! Shadow clone jutsu!” (Naruto produces two shadow clones, three bodies in all. They all rush ahead and quickly surround Killer Bee from all sides.)

Killer Bee: “Ok…” (The shadow clones on the right and left of Killer Bee, charges him at the same time, however, Killer Bee extends his both of his arms out at the same time, quickly dispersing them. Seeing that Killer Bee’s frontal guard is down, due to his arms being momentarily outreached, Naruto quickly does a flying kick toward Killer Bee’s face, much to the shock of Killer Bee. However, Killer Bee instantly uses his headbutt to counter, which sends Naruto flying, however, Naruto quickly recovers in mid air via twisting and lands on the ground, perfectly. Naruto shakes his foot in agony.)

Naruto: Crap! I was sure I had you! How hard is your head!?”

Killer Bee: “GOOD MOVE! I haven’t had this much fun since I last fought bro. (Killer Bee then withdraws two short-swords from his back and gets into a striking stance. Naruto gulps.) Wat’s good motha-fucka!?”

Naruto: “Hey, I thought this was just a little friendly spar?”

Killer Bee: “It is, bitch! I ain’t gon’ kill ya, now get on your guard before you need a stitch!” (Motoi yells from the side lines.)

Motoi: “That’s just how Raikage-sama and Killer Bee train!”

Naruto: “WHAT THE HELL!?”

Next Time: “While the hosts take it “easy”, the war for their well being begins!”
by: Gakure

Naruto 513 - Black Zetsu

Raikage: Since the island is coming near the village, u shd be there in no time. If the need arises, we will send more backups.
Gaara: No need. I'll take Temari and Kankuro along
We then see some known faces in the allied forces.

-on the island-
Naruto: (Points at Gai) So what are we going to do with him, we have no medical ninja around. Shdnt we go and look for some….

Aoba: I’ll try my best but he is done for at least ae week
Naruto: Damn, he said he will help me with my study and the next moment he passes out.

Aoba laughs.

Naruto (Thinking): They still think I don’t know what’s going on. I’ll just play along for the time being. This Island is a living thing. I saw it whilst in SM fighting the Kyuubi.

Motoi: !!!!
Yamato: What’s wrong?
Motoi: Someone with a massive amount of chakra is approaching here and fast, with two others. Too soon. Re-enforcements shd be here soon to back us up but for now we go at it full force.

-Madara’s underground-
Zetsu: What were u thinking
Madara: Don’t worry, it’s not that I told him everything. Just the ones to keep him interested. Come on. Lets go see how sasuke is doing.

Madara(whist checking Checking sasuke vital stats): Well, well well. They have come along fine enough. I think its time to take the bandages off.

Sasuke slowly unveils his eyes. Looks around for a bit and then got really pissed.

Sasuke: How many people have u got here? I can feel Hundreds, no thousands of living things not exactly human underground.

Madara : Ah yes, I was gonna tell u. Come around, will u?

-where the 100k white zetsu’s are-
Sasuke: What are these?

Madara: My law enforces. They will enforce my rule after I have won this war. The Sharingans u see in the lab are also for them. I replicated as many as I can just for them. U, with the EMS will be their commander.

Sasuke looks irritated but says nothing.
Sasuke: So how do u plan to go against the allied forces.

Madara: Black Zetsu here is the answer to that. My fight with Hashi gave me the opportunity to steal his living tissue. Combining that with mine and the chakra of the three tails gave me the ability to create life, even though it is not in a perfect form. That is what u see in all these white zetsu. In addition to that, I also gain the ability to destroy life. That is black zetsu. Of course it comes with a lot of risk. But with all the tailed beast gathered, it wont be a dream anymore. Deep down below this 100k white zetsus is another 100k black zetsu meant for eradicating the allied forces and any force during the war. You will their ability when the time comes. But for now we head for Konaha.

Black Zetsu(thinking): I hope he isn’t stupid enough to tell him it was my abilities that poisoned Itachi and gave him that illness without itachi even knowing.

-on the island-
Motoi: They are here.

Three familier figures appear b4 them.
Gaara: Were u expecting somebody else.
A sign of relief rushed thru them as naruto approaches to talk to gaara.

-somewhere unknown-
Kabumaru is still mid air surrounded by water and cant help to think he has been deceived by Madara.

Kabumaru: Oh well, the allied forces shd be ready to busrt in the underground right about now. But I need to find Naruto and fast.

Just then he spots a messenger bird heading towards somewhere.
Kabumaru: There, huh. Ku ku ku. They gonna love this(as he follows the bird)

-what does Kabuto want with Naruto as Sasuke prepares to unleash his new found power on Konoha-

Naruto Shippuden Movie 4
I would recommend watching if you already haven't done so
(we finally get to see Yondaime in action!)
by: SilverbladeVI

Continuation from his Naruto 512 Prediction
Naruto 513: War

Madara meets the two hosts.
Madara: Both of you. Are coming with me.

Naruto makes a trio of Kage bunshin.
Bee readies Samehada.

Madara uses Katon: Multiple fireball jutsu
Naruto and his shadow clones dodges the fireballs easily. His clones near Madara.

Madara: Hmph!

Madara sends his elbow thundering against of the clones face. The clone vanishes into white mist. Madara's Knee meets the abdomen of another clone and that one also vanishes into white mist. Naruto and his clone brings themselves closer to Madara for an attack. Madara then springs into the air a few feet and unseaths his Harisen. With a mild swing of his Harisen a gale of air mixes with the terrain below causing a minature dust storm to blind Naruto and his clone.

Madara lands back onto his feet and darts towards Naruto, but then Killerbee saves Naruto by smacking Madara with the Samehada.

The dust clears up and Madara does a series of flips and lands on a tree branch.
Madara: Not to shabby.
Killerbee: Yo Nine-o. Lets show this guy what happens when he messes with two hosts.

Naruto: He becomes toast right?
Killerbee: eh.. -Sweatdrops-
Killerbee: GO!!!!

Naruto goes Rikudo Mode
Killerbee goes into his tailed state
Madara: ?!! What the?
Madara is shocked by Rikudo Mode.

- Scene switches to Sasuke-
A whole army of Cloud, Leaf and Mist ninja are keeping their eyes locked on Sasuke.
Kakashi is shown with Neji, Shino and Chouji.
Kakashi: I'm going in!

Kakashi darts towards Sasuke.
Sasuke: Fool.
Susanoo's fist smashes Kakashi.
Samui: He's reckless. Tch.

A bunch of fodder ninja jump onto the scene but Susanoo ends up knocking them away like flies.
Omoi: I see why the Raikage lost half an arm to this guy.
Sasuke: Is laughing uncontrollably.

A hand emerges beneath Sasuke and Kakashi pulls him down into the Earth about half way.
Sasuke: !!!! WHAT?!

Sasuke looks down and see that he's quickly sinking into the earth. He then uses Chidori Nagashi, but is pulled into the earth. He spots Kakashi and impales him with a chidori. But Kakashi turns out to be a kage bunshin.

Sasuke then activates his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and turns around and spots Kakashi.
Kakashi: !!! Dammit. He spotted me.

Sasuke: With these eyes I can see everything.
Susanoo sends Kakashi flying.

- Scene switches to Rock Village -
Rock Shinobi: Us help Konoha? Yeah right.
Tsuchikage: Akatsuki has seven bijuu. If we let them win. We all lose.

Elite Shinobi emerges forth.
Elite Shinobi looks manly. He has an axe. An eye patch with the Rock forehead protecter on his wrist. His muscular figure intimidates his comrades.

Rock Shinobi: So I guess we have no choice then.

Elite Shinobi: Man up and stop being weaklings. I've fought in two shinobi wars and managed to get away from that fourth Hokage. This shinobi war is my time to shine.

Tsuchikage: Whoa this guy is serious.

Elite Shinobi points his axe towards the exit of the village.
Elite Shinobi: TO KONOHA!!!
Tsuchiakge: I'm the Tsuchikage.
Elite Shinobi: Shut up old man. There is a war to win.

Naruto 514: A Shocking Secret.

Read This!! Another SPOOF From Numinous
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