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Monday, November 2, 2009

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Naruto 470: Confrontations
by: Zetsu-san
Posted: 31 October 2009

(Naruto Scene)
Sakura: Naruto I don’t love Sasuke anymore! I’ve gotten over him!
Naruto: Sakura I can see it in your eyes you still love Sasuke and always have.
Yamato tries to step forward again but Kakashi holds his arm in front of Yamato preventing him from intervening.
Sakura: Naruto I really do love you! You’re the village hero. You have always been there for me and you’ve always loved me and I’ve known that and just pushed it aside, like it was nothing but now I’ve realised that you’re the only one I want.
Sakura: (tears begin to surface) I’M NOT LIEING NARUTO! (She falls into Naruto’s arms crying) I’m sorry. (She punches his shoulder lightly)
Naruto: It’s OK Sakura (Puts his arms round Sakura, holding her face close to his chest)
Lee: ...Sakura (Kiba, Sai, Yamato and Kakashi stare on in shock)
Sai: (walks forward and puts his hand on Sakura’s shoulder) let’s go inside Sakura.

more spoilers and predictions at: http://naruto-spoilers.blogspot.com

(Kisame Scene)
Kisame: (Ponta charges at Kisame, Kisame blocks with Samehada) this beast needs to be tamed. (Kisame moves to the right and Samehada cuts through its bandages and cuts into Ponta’s face) hopefully the 8 tailed beast will be more of a challenge.
Sabu: (shouting) PONTA! (He rushes forward)
Killer Bee: (shouts) WAIT! (Sabu stops) You are rushing as if you’re his.....Bait (pulls out a notepad and writes down that line) I got some good rhymes ya fool.
Kisame: You’re the only fool around here! (Kisame rushes towards Killer Bee)
Killer Bee: (Kisame slashes at him and he jumps back but Samehada rips the notebook to pieces) you done it now ya fool (Killer Bee’s face has a very serious look) you destroyed my rhymes, ya fool. Your gonna pay, ya fool. (Killer Bee jumps back and draws his seven swords)
Kisame: Nanatōryū*, that’s interesting.
* - Seven sword style (I translated myself from what I know, so may not be correct translation)


(Ao Scene)
Ao: (Thinking) Shit! (Starts speaking) Danzou has a lot to explain, even if you kill me, the corrupt Hokage Danzou will be pursued!
Fuu: (Stares at Ao) do not speak of Danzou-sama in an ill manor (Moves Ao’s hand up to his face)
Ao: (Thinking) My Byakugan, I should’ve expected as much of that old bastard. (Speaking) The other Kages won’t allow Danzou to get away with this!
Fuu: (Lifts up Ao’s eye patch) Hmm... (He jumps away, back towards Danzou, leaving Ao)
Ao: (Thinking) Sorry Mizukage, I failed. Choujuurou make sure the Mizukage is safe. (He watches as Fuu gets away)

(Danzou Scene)
Torune: Danzou-sama (Danzou and Torune stop)
Danzou: Fuu, I see you have accomplished your task
Fuu: Danzou-sama, as requested, there has been no damage to his eyes.
Danzou: Well done. Let’s begin the extraction now.
Fuu: (Switches back to his original body) Thanks for looking after my body. (Immediately after Fuu has regained his body, Danzou starts performing hand seals)
Ao: (Wakes up in his original body unable to move with his Byakugan eye missing) ...You....bastard (Danzou channels his wind element chakra into his walking stick then stabs it through Ao’s heart.) You won’t get away with this, you senile old basta- (Danzou stamps his foot onto Ao’s chest)

(Kage Scene)
Raikage: Now the Ninja Alliance is formed we firstly we should share what Intel we have of each remaining member of Akatsuki we know of.
Gaara: We need to speak with Hatake Kakashi and Uzumaki Naruto as they are the most experienced when dealing with Akatsuki.
Raikage: I met with them earlier. They are probably still in Iron Country. (Raikage turns towards Shi) Shi and other sensory type ninja, I am giving you the task of finding Hatake Kakashi and Uzumaki Naruto. After we have spoken with them we need to find my brother, I think I might know where he is. (He pictures Killer Bee with Sabu) (Thinking) Idiot, you actually had me worried “ya fool.”
Shi: Right. (Shi and the other sensory ninja leave the room and spread out to search)

more spoilers and predictions at: http://naruto-spoilers.blogspot.com

(Danzou Scene)
Danzou: I’ve had enough of you (He rips the walking stick out of Ao causing him to die) Fuu, Torune dispose of him.
Fuu and Torune take Ao’s body away.
Danzou (Thinking) Soon I will have my perfect body

Chapter Ends

Next Chapter: Danzou’s True Ambition

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