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Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Naruto 472: Octopus vs. Shark
by: The Special One
Posted: 12 November 2009

(The scene drops off on Raikage’s group as they are in pursuit of Team Samui, the setting is somewhere on the outskirts of the Land of Iron.)

Raikage: SHII! How much further until we reach Samui’ squadron!?

(Shii makes the ram handseal and closes his eyes for several moments while they continue to move. Raikage and Darui both look intently at Shii. Soon, Shii opens his eyes and breaks his hands apart.)

Shii: It’s still faint but, they’ve stopped moving.

Darui: They must have received the communication lizard we sent off back at the summit and taken a break in a nearby town.

Raikage: Well what are we waiting for!? LET’s GET TA STEPPIN! (Raikage blasts off with blinding speeds inadvertently kicking snow in the faces of both Darui and Shii much to their dismay. The scene switches to Fuu’s location while he’s in sitting down sweating terribly near the puppet that contains Aoi’s soul.)

Puppet Aoi: Couldn’t do it could ya? I don’t blame you; it was a reckless thing to do to say the least. Honestly, kids these days shouldn’t be so careless with their life. (Fuu is slightly annoyed from hearing Aoi’s banter. Soon, Fuu goes into deep thought.)

Fuu: It appears as though the time constraints of the jutsu will become apparent; he’s probably luring me into a trap. I’ll have no choice but to fight him. I should have planned things better and brought the body over to Danzou Sama when I had the time. (End of Fuu’s thought. The Scene switches over to Sai [well he’s an ink clone] and Naruto’s location, which is positioned behind the cabin.)

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Naruto: What are you doing here Sai? I thought you left for Konoha with Sakura and the other two.

Sai: This is just a clone; I’m relaying an important message regarding the true motives of Sakura. (Naruto looks distraught.)

Naruto: What are you talking about? And why the serious tone? You freaking me out man. (Sai points his head down in some forms of disappointment.)

Sai: I’m sorry Naruto, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know she’d react like that. (Naruto grasps Sai’s shoulders.)

Naruto: I knew something was up with Sakura the moment I saw her. Just tell me. Is she in danger? (Sai raises his head and begins to speak.)

Sai: I couldn’t stop her, not after what I’ve. (He gets cut off by Naruto before he can finish his statement.)

Naruto: What did you do? C’mon man we’re teammates. And how does this relate to Sakura? Don’t worry, you can tell me anything. (Naruto smiles brightly at the end.)

Sai: I, I… (The Scene switches over to another district in that small village. Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro location, as they walk down a sidewalk in pursuit of Kakashi.)

Kankuro: Man, I hope they’re here! I don’t wanna be wasting my time freezing to death.

Temari: Stop complaining and suck it up! They’re here anyway. The Raikage’s detection shinobi said he felt their chakra nearby. So where else would they be? Camping out in the wilderness when there’s a nice comfy village here; I don’t think so! Use your damn head. (Kankuro grunts and thinks to himself.)

Kankuro: Bitch. (End of Kankuro’s thought. Soon Gaara goes into deep thought.)

Gaara: Naruto, I just hope he complies for all our sakes. (End of Gaara’s thought. Kankuro and Temari take notice to Gaara’s serious demeanor.)

Kankuro: Everything straight bro?

Temari: You’ve been like this ever since the summit. Are you really ok, or has Sasuke gotten to you?

Gaara: Uh, no, I’m fine. Let’s just focus on locating Kakashi’s Platoon, there’s no time to waste. (Temari and Kakuro both nod their heads. Gaara goes back into a deep thought.) Sasuke, it might entirely be too late. I wonder if we should tell him. (The Scene switches over to the huge orb, or prism of water that covers over the lot of the terrain. Sabu stands on top of a mountain that has a view over the battle.)

Sabu: That shark guy is at home when he uses that jutsu. Hope Bee is alright...

(The Scene switches over to the mass of water. Killer Bee emerges from the water with his short sword in hand, though he’s battle worn as his tailed state ends. Killer Bee’s upper body armor is gone as he has a large cross shaped scar on his chest; he now stands on the water’s surface.)

Killer Bee: He just ate my chakra like it was nothing! Even I’ll die if I exchange blows with him again in this territory I’ll need to conserve. Version two takes too much of a toll on my body…

(Soon Killer Bee looks down and sees Kisame swimming in the water like he’s some shark [lol], wagging his tail and body and doing Olympic tricks. Soon it emerges from the water and tries to upward slash Killer Bee with an uppercut exposing the sharp end of his arm. Killer Bee jumps back however, Kisame dives back in the water and sprouts up from behind Killer Bee.

Killer Bee turns around as Kisame launches his body forward and attempts to strike Killer Bee with the large fin that goes down Kisame’s backside. Killer Bee holds his hilt with both hands and swings diagonally, which parries Kisame’s fin and knocks him back. Kisame smirks and then dives back into the water. [Next few scenes consist of nothing but parrying and clashing. Be prepared to use your imagination here for the transitional]

They clash in the air! Kisame has both of his arms lifted up high vertically and parallel with the sharp ends point at Killer Bee. Killer Bee has positioned his blade flat horizontally with his left hand laying flat near the edge of the blade keeping the guard steady.

[Switch scene]

In close range, Kisame swiftly turns his back to Killer Bee and tries to stab him with the sharp end of his tail. Killer Bee smacks it out the way by swinging his blade.

[Switch scene]

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Kisame is emerging from the water in front of Killer Bee however, Killer Bee quickly rushes over and slashes his blade downward hitting Kisame’s head however, Kisame arches his body so that his tail springs out and attempts to stab Killer Bee.)

Kisame: Gotcha!

Killer Bee: SHIT! (Scene cuts to Kisame’s tail piercing through Killer Bee’s body as blood pour out of Killer Bee’s mouth as Killer Bee’s blade sinks into the water.)

Kisame: I see. (It shows that the tail didn’t pierce through Killer Bee’s heart.) At the last minute, he must have diverted the attack. That was too close, almost killed him. He saved my hide. (Kisame pulls his tail out and opens up his arm to catch Killer Bee’s body. Soon the scene switches to a white realm as Killer Bee lay unconscious. Soon, the area begins to get engulfed by darkness, preparing to engulf the little light surrounding Killer Bee’s silhouette. Killer Bee goes into deep thought.)

Killer Bee: Is this the last time I’ll enjoy the rays of the sun. (End of Killer Bee’s thought.)

Eight Tails: You’re not dead wise ass! (The darkness stops eating away at Killer Bee's morale.)

Killer Bee: Eight-o?

Eight Tails: How selfish, if you give up I die too! Leave it up to me to bail us out when you go off and get yourself into a bind! You go take a nap or, something. I’m going to show him what happens when he messes with US!(Killer Bee wipes his face from the apparent tears.)

Killer Bee: Ah I lov ya, what about ya?

Eight Tails: Gay!

Killer Bee: I’m kiddin, I’m kiddin.

(The scene switches to the outside where Kisame is shocked as tentacles are emerging from Killer Bee’s body. Kisame lets go of the body and swims under water as he backs away.)

Kisame: This chakra, it’s much grander than before, I most certainly can't combat all of that! He must be going into beast formation! (Scene switches to Sabu’s location.)

Sabu: I better get out of here! I knew Bee wouldn’t die! Bonta, I hope you made it out of there.

(The scene switches back to the dense sphere of water. The Eight Tails has its head sticking out of the water, while its tentacles and feet are somewhere buried in the mass of water.)

Eight tails: It’s over minnow! (The Eight Tails dips its head in the water as waves of water springs upwards. Kisame is swimming expertly trying to avoid the tentacles that twists and pursues its prey. He tries to cut through them however, he only makes flesh wounds.)

Kisame: Damn it, I’m completely surrounded and I can’t harm it! (Soon the tentacles unleash ink near Kisame’s location as the tentacles manage to catch up to him and constrict him from all angles. Kisame notices that the suction cups of the tentacles are sucking his body, causing distortion in his physical form.

Eight tails: That my friend is how it’s done. (Switches to dialogue between Killer Bee and Eight Tails.)

Killer Bee: I don’t know, make sure you double check.

Eight tails: Fine, if it’ll help you sleep at night. I’ll check... (Little time goes by.) He still has a heartbeat, my tentacles are monitoring his heart.

Killer Bee: Fool just won’t kick the bucket, he must be absorbing your charka, keeping his vitals pumping.

Next Time: What can Kisame do now that the Eight Tails has erupted and unleashed its rage?

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