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Friday, November 13, 2009

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Naruto 473: Humanity
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(Danzou Scene)
Fuu: They’re here.
Danzou: Hmm…
Mizukage: (appears from behind a tree) How kind of you to stop. Danzou, you are to answer for the accusations of mind-controlling Mifune and for trying to steal Ao’s Byakugan. (Ao and Chouujurou come out of hiding)
Danzou: The Byakugan is property of Konohagakure, I only want to return it to its rightful place.
Ao: You…!
Mizukage: Nonetheless, we have to reunite with the other Kage.
Danzou: What if I don’t reply to that? (Mizukage’s group adopts a battle stance)
Mizukage: We’ll have to use force.

(Kirabi Scene)
(Sabu hits a tree with his back and falls)
Sabu: Gahh! (thinking) Such power… it blew me off just with the shockwaves. (gets up slowly; talking) Hang on in there, Kirabi
(A cloud of dust lifted by the attack settles down, revealing basic Kirabi and an unharmed Kisame still fused with Samehada)
Kisame: Gigigigigigigi….
Kirabi: You’re still alive, freakazoid? How many times do I have to kill you for you to stay dead?!
Kisame: Since I’m fused with Samehada, it only takes your jutsu to touch my skin for me to absorb it. (his skin starts to get more spiky) And I must say, that jutsu had the most delectable chakra I ever tasted, you’re making me frisky… gigigigigigiGIGIGIGIGI!!!!
(Kisame suddenly freezes on place; his spikes take over him, and Samehada emerges in the place of Kisame, making him vanish; Sabu arrives; Samehada burps an drops on the floor, with its mouth open)
Sabu: W-what happened?
Kirabi: (turns to Sabu) I dunno, I think the sword ate the guy…
Sabu: I see. The sword must have gone berserk from all the chakra it consumed and starved for even more, so it absorbed its host.
Kirabi: Well, that was anticlimactic…
Sabu: (looks nervous) Hummm…
Kirabi: He’s behind me, isn’t he?! (turns around)
Raikage: YOU MOTHERF*CKING KNUCKLEHEAD!!! (knocks down Kirabi) Do you have any idea what’ve you done with that silly prank?! How could you leave Kumogakure without a word and, even worse, play dead?! (Kirabi gets up; Darui pokes Samehada with his sword)
Darui: Interesting sword, it has a mouth.
Kirabi: And it just ate its owner.
Darui: Oh. (gets away from Samehada, horrified)
Kirabi: (to Raikage) That’s kinda why I didn’t say a word, bro! You never let me leave the village!
Raikage: And for a good reason! The Akatsuki came for you not once, but twice! And there’ll be a third time according to Madara, and who knows what’ll happen then!
Kirabi: Madara?! Are you high, brudda?
Raikage: Of course I’m not high! But enough of this, I need to teach Danzou some manners! Shii, find me that old rat!
Shii: Yes, Raikage-sama.
Raikage: And don’t think you’re off the hook! You’re coming too, Kirabi!
Kirabi: (grumbles) And there’s go my Enka career down the toilet…
Raikage: Could you stop with your Enka?! There are things of higher importance to pay attention!
Kirabi: Like what?!
Raikage: Like the Fourth Great Shinobi World War!
Kirabi: WHAT?!

(Naruto Scene)
Naruto: What?! Is everyone mad?! How could they do such a thing?!
Kakashi: Calm down, Naruto! You know very well why they’re acting like this.
Naruto: But…!
Yamato: Kakashi-senpai is right.
Naruto: Grrr… we need to stop her, she doesn’t know about Sasuke and Madara!
Kakashi: Naruto!
Sai: Sasuke and Madara?!
Naruto: Uh, nevermind, the thing is, we got to stop her!
Sai: I see.
Kankurou: Long time no see, Naruto! (the Sand Siblings appear from behind)
Naruto: Gaara! Kankurou! Hummm…
Temari: Temari… is my name that hard to memorize?
Naruto: Sorry. But what are you doing here, weren’t you at the Summit? (he remembers) And the Raikage, you know where he is?
Gaara: He’s after his brother, to deliver the same warning I have to say to you.
Kakashi: And that warning is?
Gaara: Madara declared the Fourth Great Shinobi World War. (Naruto, Yamato and kakashi look apprehensive)

(Sakura Scene)
Kiba: They’re here! (the group catches up Team Samui in a forest’s clearing)
Karui: What, you again?!
Omoi: I told you the Konoha chicks wouldn’t get enough of me.
Karui: Shu-
Samui: Quiet, you two! Well, what’s your purpose for reaching us like this, Konoha?
Sakura: You’re still searching for Sasuke, aren’t you?
Samui: Yes, why do you ask?
Sakura: Do you mind if we help you in the search?
Samui: I don’t see why not. Just make yourself useful. (Ounoki, Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi arrive to their location)
Ounoki: I guess we’re lucky! Let’s just leave the message for the Fire and Lightning Daimyo to this kids and we’ll just have to go to the Wind, Water and Earth Daimyo.
Kurotsuchi: I knew that “new” Ounoki wouldn’t last long… (Akatsuchi grins)
Ounoki: Could you be quiet? (to Team Samui and Sakura’s group) Sorry to interrupt your chat, but we have a message that we’d like you to deliver to your respective Daimyo.
Samui: And what it is, Tsuchikage-dono?
Ounoki: The Fourth Great Shinobi World War is coming. (everyone looks shocked)

(Madara Scene)
(He’s in an hideout; complete Zetsu appears in a wall)
Madara: So, Kisame’s battle is already finished?
White Zetsu: Yes, it was a quick one.
Dark Zetsu: Samehada absorbed Kisame, the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki is alive.
Madara: It seems that I underestimated him. Well, time to adapt my plans to the current situation…
White Zetsu: What about Sasuke?
Madara: Don’t worry about him, when Karin finishes treating him the second phase of the plan will begin…

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