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Monday, November 2, 2009

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Fan Art Prediction by: Hatifnatten
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Kakashi 's Face Revealed!!
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Sasu-Saku and Naru-Hina

by: Ohana - 2Ch/vered - NF
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Naruto 470 Spoiler Summary:

Part 1:

Naruto's exasperation toward Sakura's confession!!

470: Killer Bee Vs Kisame!!

Kakashi, Yamato, Lee, and Kiba in silence, as the snow is falling

Sakura: I...are you saying I'm lying to myself?
Naruto with an ambiguous face: ...

Sakura: You have to decide what your true feelings are!! If you hate me then be straightforward about it!! Don't make selfish excuses.

Interrupting Sakura while talking, Naruto: That's why it's strange! To say something like that, and to say it here!

Sakura: that!?

Sakura talking on and on: That something--a girl's confession--do you think this is something to take lightly!?
And to say it here!?

I came all the way here for that!

You and Sasuke, Sasuke, it's always you chasing after Sasuke and getting yourself into danger.

As the Jinchuuriki of the 9-tails, you're a target of Akatsuki! Why don't you worry a bit for yourself! You know, I...I'm saying it would be better if you stop getting into trouble and quit chasing after Sasuke.

I came here to tell you I'd like for you to return to the village now. That's it.

Naruto: I don't hear anything but painful excuses.
Sakura: That's what I don't understand! I don't have feelings anymore for the criminal that Sasuke's become.

Naruto: It's not a matter of this promise.

Naruto, whose eye line is dropping: It's about Sasuke wanting to violently take's something I understand, even if just a little...

Kakashi: ...

Naruto: Sasuke loved his family and his clan...if anyone wounded that love, I don't think I could forgive them.

Kiba: If that's the case, why then after defeating Itachi, is Sasuke supporting Akatsuki?
Naruto: It's not like that...he really---

Kakashi: Naruto!
Naruto: !
Sakura: ?
Kiba, Lee: !!

Naruto remembers a conversation with Yamato & Kakashi

(Don't mind what Madara said. For the time being, we'll keep what he said to us. We want to avoid unnecessary conflict. Moreover, until we can find proof to what he said, we can't trust him. To believe that Itachi was used by the uppers in Konoha to kill the Uchiha clan...)

Naruto: Even if that promise to Sakura is gone, it doesn't matter.
Sakura: !
Naruto: I've been thinking that I, myself want to save Sasuke.
Sakura with her eyebrow's raised: ...
Sai watches in silence

Part 2:

Kiba, whispering to Sakura: What should we do Sakura...? Isn't it better if we just tell him like it is?

Lee: !
Footsteps interrupt Sakura and Kiba

Sakura: I've had enough! I'm going back!
Kiba squating: Oh geez...
Akamaru worried: Ku~~~n

Naruto stares at Sakura's back
Sakura: Let's go! Kiba, Lee-san, Sai!
Lee: Sakura-san...
Kiba: Let's go
Naruto watches everyone from behind

Sakura's eyes closed (looks like she's crying?): (Naruto...I'm sorry!)
Sai looks to the side from the end of his eyes
There's another small team in hiding watching

Kiba: Is this ok Sakura?
Sakura: Kiba, I have a favor.
Kiba: ! What?
Sakura: From here I want to search for Sasuke! Please help!

Wind, Lightning, Water, and Earth dispatch from the treetops and are moving.
Kurotsuchi: If we dispose of the Hachibi and Kyubi, Madara's plans won't go as planned and we can weaken the military force of the Cloud and Leaf, killing two birds with one stone right?

Tsuchikage: This time there's no point in doing that.
Kurotsuchi: Why!? You've become a stubborn old man huh.
Tsuchikage recalls Gaara's words: (When did you guys cast yourselves aside?)

Tsuchikage:'s because I remembered...
Kurotsuchi: Remembered what?
Akatsuchi: ?

Tsuchikage: I was before I became stubborn.

Part 3:

You start to see Samehada's true shape from his bandages
Ponta falls: Uguu

Kisame: I didn't get any good shavings from this giant bear.
Sabu-chan wields his axe: Ponta is a raccoon! I'll have you realize my sentiments!
Bee taking notes: ( you use it at a time like this...Alright! Ok!)

Kisame attacks Sabu-chan: You're trying to get in my way huh!
Bee throws his pencil, and Kisame avoids it

Kisame slashes at Bee, but Bee dodges
The pencil he threw sticks into the ground

Kisame: (With a Raiton, he used a high frequency vibration to increase it's power to penetrate. A pencil huh...a piercing ability greater than that of Fuuton...that's some crazy vibration...if I take a hit like that, it will undoubtedly pierce right through me)

Sabu-chan takes this opportunity to slash at Kisame: Yosakukiri!!
Kisame blocks and stops the attack with his sword
Kisame: (He's tracking my movements with a mid-range Raiton using projectile weapons)

Switching to Bee

Kisame: (Moreover, that oscillation, they're trying to place me in-between huh)
Bee goes after Kisame with Raiton flowing through his sword: (With this, two hole~s! I despise you!)
Kisame take the attack, stopping it with his sword

Bee: !?
Sabu-chan: (What's going on!? Bee's Super Vibrato Raiton blade didn't pierce!?)

Bee roaring: Uiiii!
He puts on the 8-tails (chakra) form
Bee aims at Kisame: Heddo Hatto* (Eight Headed Sword) (they butt heads)
Sabu-chan: (The form of the Hachibi! Ok! With this he's getting serious!)

Sabu: !
Kisame stops the blow with his head
Bee: ...! chakra...
Sabu: Bee! I saw it! That sword! That sword sucks chakra! With that last attack (the super vibrato raiton blade), before you made contact with his body, your chakra was absorbed! That's why it didn't pierce!

You see more and more of Samehada
Kisame: Because of the tailed beast your chakra tastes of octopus. At this rate Samehada's going to get overexcited over something this rare...some shavings will do.

Bee, bumping his left forehead to Kisame's: It's unexpected you'd make such cute eyes♪ Soon you'll be making the eyes of a dead fish♪
Bee separates himself from Kisame

You see more and more of Samehada's form
Kisame: Hoshigaki Kisame, after this you will recognize that name.

Samehada changes...a close match with Killer Bee!?
The End
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Fan Art Prediction by: Hatifnatten

Translation by: Ohana - 2Ch
Sakura and Naruto have a long-winded conversation
Sakura, Kiba, and Lee form a team and search for Sasuke. (kept secret from Naruto)
Sai watches from the shadow of a tree

Gaara and the other kage's location is drawn in picture* (not sure about this)
Tsuchikage talks about giving up on giving up

Ponta is taken out and Sabu-chan takes hold of his giant sword/axe?
Samehada interferes by aiming for Sabu-chan as well as Bee
Sabu-chan uses an opening to slash
Bee uses an opprotunity to attack, stopping Samehada
Bee is crazy! 8-tails clothes come off.

Sabu-chan knows that Bee is the 8-tails Jinchuuriki
Sabu-chan butts heads with Samehada with his own sword, realizing what it's abilities are and tells Bee
Samehada's bandages come off

Will come back with more tonight
Bee goes wild. The 8-tails shroud appears.
(I'm not sure it would be a shonen manga if bee took his clothes off)

Mr. Shark is tough
The last panel is samehada's outline
Status: NARUTO VOLUME 48 (nothing to do with Naruto 470)
by: vered - NF

by: Shounensuki

Kishimoto got a lot of questions on whether the series was going to end soon. However he has only decided on the plot; the series will continue for a long time still.

Additional Spoilers for VOLUME 48
Ch. 444:
Page 5;
Naruto: "I wanted to make sure of my own feelings. I had no idea what I would do, faced with my foe.
Nagato: "And?"
Jump: Nagato is smiling sarcastically.
Volume: Nagato just has mouth open normally.

Ch. 445:
The [original] cover is cut in the volume. [It's replaced by] a shot of young Nagato, Yahiko and Konan

Ch. 446:
Page 1:
Yahiko: "Nothing will change if you only cry each time you get hurt", with the following line:
"I'm going to change this country."(The difference between the SJ and volume version, is that in SJ, Yahiko used 'ore', in the volume he uses 'boku')

Page 8:
Nagato: "Sensei... What are you always thinking about?"
Jiraiya: "How this world is full of struggles... How I can stop the hatred from spreading"(Difference is Jiraiya using 'washi' instead of 'ore'))

Page 11:
(A space character was added to one of the text bubbles in the volume. Nothing significant.)

Page 15:
Lower-right panel:
The disappearing hitai-ate was fixed.

Page 16:
Bottom panel:
Hitai-ate fixed here too.

Ch. 447:
Page 7:
The kanji for Kuchiyose and the kanji for Gedou Mazou has been seperated.

Ch. 448:
Pg 7:
Nagato: "I've been thinking about what you said earlier about hatred, Sensei"(Difference is Nagato using 'boku' in SJ and 'ore' in volume)

4 pages were added starting from page 16(I think)

Ch 449:
Pg 15:
Konan: "Nagato believed in you, so I'll believe in you"
Following lineJust some kana -> kanji changes)

Naruto: "The name Naruto is to not give up and guts, and also pain..."
Following lineMinor change in kana, nothing significant)

Page 17:
Jump: "Watch me, Ero-sennin!"
Volume: "Watch me, master!"

The panels with Sasuke & Taka is replaced with a panel/panels with a kunai stuck in the ground and the tale of the gutsy ninja in front of a tombstone.

Ch 450:
Page 1:
(Some changes I don't really get. Don't think it's anything significant though)

Page 5:
In the volume, tear traces are added("fixed") to Hinata's face

(The scene with Iruka being all proud of Naruto is extended or something. Don't feel like typing it up. The next page has the scene with Sasuke & Taka deciding to head to Konoha, and then it's the scene with Zetsu)

Page 12:
Naruto's facial expression corrected: Teeth fixed, eyebrows more arched and stuff

Ch. 452:
In the volume, the cover with Omoi is moved to Ch. 453 instead

Ch. 453:
Page 9:
Apparently, there was an ellipsis in the first panel, in SJ. It's no longer there in the volume.
Please scroll down and read predictions from Zetsu-san, Numinous, jeanericuser, TheSpecialOne and the comeback of ShiverX. Enjoy!

by: Zetsu-san

Naruto 470: Confrontations

(Naruto Scene)
Sakura: Naruto I don’t love Sasuke anymore! I’ve gotten over him!
Naruto: Sakura I can see it in your eyes you still love Sasuke and always have.
Yamato tries to step forward again but Kakashi holds his arm in front of Yamato preventing him from intervening.
Sakura: Naruto I really do love you! You’re the village hero. You have always been there for me and you’ve always loved me and I’ve known that and just pushed it aside, like it was nothing but now I’ve realised that you’re the only one I want.
Sakura: (tears begin to surface) I’M NOT LIEING NARUTO! (She falls into Naruto’s arms crying) I’m sorry. (She punches his shoulder lightly)
Naruto: It’s OK Sakura (Puts his arms round Sakura, holding her face close to his chest)
Lee: ...Sakura (Kiba, Sai, Yamato and Kakashi stare on in shock)
Sai: (walks forward and puts his hand on Sakura’s shoulder) let’s go inside Sakura.

(Kisame Scene)
Kisame: (Ponta charges at Kisame, Kisame blocks with Samehada) this beast needs to be tamed. (Kisame moves to the right and Samehada cuts through its bandages and cuts into Ponta’s face) hopefully the 8 tailed beast will be more of a challenge.
Sabu: (shouting) PONTA! (He rushes forward)
Killer Bee: (shouts) WAIT! (Sabu stops) You are rushing as if you’re his.....Bait (pulls out a notepad and writes down that line) I got some good rhymes ya fool.
Kisame: You’re the only fool around here! (Kisame rushes towards Killer Bee)
Killer Bee: (Kisame slashes at him and he jumps back but Samehada rips the notebook to pieces) you done it now ya fool (Killer Bee’s face has a very serious look) you destroyed my rhymes, ya fool. Your gonna pay, ya fool. (Killer Bee jumps back and draws his seven swords)
Kisame: Nanatōryū*, that’s interesting.
* - Seven sword style (I translated myself from what I know, so may not be correct translation)

(Ao Scene)
Ao: (Thinking) Shit! (Starts speaking) Danzou has a lot to explain, even if you kill me, the corrupt Hokage Danzou will be pursued!
Fuu: (Stares at Ao) do not speak of Danzou-sama in an ill manor (Moves Ao’s hand up to his face)
Ao: (Thinking) My Byakugan, I should’ve expected as much of that old bastard. (Speaking) The other Kages won’t allow Danzou to get away with this!
Fuu: (Lifts up Ao’s eye patch) Hmm... (He jumps away, back towards Danzou, leaving Ao)
Ao: (Thinking) Sorry Mizukage, I failed. Choujuurou make sure the Mizukage is safe. (He watches as Fuu gets away)

(Danzou Scene)
Torune: Danzou-sama (Danzou and Torune stop)
Danzou: Fuu, I see you have accomplished your task
Fuu: Danzou-sama, as requested, there has been no damage to his eyes.
Danzou: Well done. Let’s begin the extraction now.
Fuu: (Switches back to his original body) Thanks for looking after my body. (Immediately after Fuu has regained his body, Danzou starts performing hand seals)
Ao: (Wakes up in his original body unable to move with his Byakugan eye missing) ...You....bastard (Danzou channels his wind element chakra into his walking stick then stabs it through Ao’s heart.) You won’t get away with this, you senile old basta- (Danzou stamps his foot onto Ao’s chest)

(Kage Scene)
Raikage: Now the Ninja Alliance is formed we firstly we should share what Intel we have of each remaining member of Akatsuki we know of.
Gaara: We need to speak with Hatake Kakashi and Uzumaki Naruto as they are the most experienced when dealing with Akatsuki.
Raikage: I met with them earlier. They are probably still in Iron Country. (Raikage turns towards Shi) Shi and other sensory type ninja, I am giving you the task of finding Hatake Kakashi and Uzumaki Naruto. After we have spoken with them we need to find my brother, I think I might know where he is. (He pictures Killer Bee with Sabu) (Thinking) Idiot, you actually had me worried “ya fool.”
Shi: Right. (Shi and the other sensory ninja leave the room and spread out to search)

(Danzou Scene)
Danzou: I’ve had enough of you (He rips the walking stick out of Ao causing him to die) Fuu, Torune dispose of him.
Fuu and Torune take Ao’s body away.
Danzou (Thinking) Soon I will have my perfect body

Chapter Ends

Next Chapter: Danzou’s True Ambition
by: Numinous

Naruto 470: The Leaf of Autumn
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Naruto 471: Sworn Through Sword

(Naruto Scene)
Sakura: What, lying? I’ve open my heart to you… (Kiba starts to close his fist in anger) Why do you…
Kiba: Shut up, Sakura! (everyone looks surprised)
Naruto: Uh?
Kakashi: Kiba?
Sakura: But…!
Kiba: But nothing! Maybe I don’t know enough about Team 7, but I can’t watch this debacle anymore! What kind of confession is this, when you say talk about Sasuke every couple of sentences?! What kind of twisted confession is this when you can’t even keep up a straight face to him?! I… I can’t let you walk over Hinata’s feelings! (Naruto looks shocked)
Kakashi: Oh boy…
Kiba: Hinata is like a little sister to me, I know how much she cared about Naruto all this years, even if she fainted all the times they were together. But she was true when she confessed, even if almost took her life! She would gladly give her life to protect the one she holds dear… (Naruto looks to the floor, nervous) And what you do, Sakura?! You whine and cry with lies all over the place!
Sakura: … (starts to cry).
Naruto: That’s enough, Kiba. (Kiba calms down) Sakura-chan… I didn’t make that promise just for you.
Sakura: What?!
Naruto: It was a promise I made myself. What kind of shinobi would I be if I can’t even save my friend?! Even if he has drowned in the darkness, I’ll bring him to the light again. The chains of hatred must be broken, and I know I can break them, but first I got to save Sasuke, even if it aches my heart, even if it takes my life. I know you want me not to suffer anymore, but it can’t be helped. That’s my nindo, my ninja way! That’s why you’re lying to yourself… you know you still have feelings for Sasuke, but I also know you couldn’t forget Kakashi-sensei’s words … “Those who break the rules and codes of the ninja world are called trash. But those who don’t take care of their comrades… are lower than trash.” (Sakura stares at him)
Sakura: Naruto…
Kiba: Shikamaru told me you’d answer that. But still, we got to do something about Sasuke.
Yamato: Kiba is right. We must come up with a plan, we can’t just brawl our way.
Naruto: I… guess you’re right.
Kiba: I think it’s better to leave Sakura out of the conversation. (everyone looks upset)
Naruto: Sakura-chan… you don’t mind? (she just cries) I think… it’s better to go inside. (Naruto goes towards the building, followed by Yamato, Kakashi and Kiba; Lee stays between Sakura and Naruto and stare at both of them, staring last at Sakura)
Lee: I am sorry,Sakura-chan, but I thought you were different. (he follows the group, leaving Sai and Sakura behind in the snow)
Sai: (thinking) I don’t understand! What happened? Where did it go wrong?
Sakura: Sai… just go with them.
Sai: Sakura?
Sakura: Leave me alone…
Sai: If you say so… (he leaves her; Sakura punches angrily in the floor, crying)
Sakura: (thinking) Why… why this keeps happening to me? Am I not good enough?

(Flashback Scene)
Sakura: I… I… love you with all my heart! If you were to stay with me… there would be no regrets… because, every day we’d do something fun, we’d be happy… I swear!! I would do anything for you!!! So… please, stay with me…
Sasuke: …
Sakura: I’ll even help you with your revenge… I don’t know what I could do… but I’ll try my best to do something… so please… stay with me… or take me with you if you can’t stay here…
Sasuke: You really are… annoying.

Sakura: But Naruto… you, I have right here, close enough to touch… you bring me peace… from the bottom of my heart, I…
Naruto: Stop this already, Sakura-chan… I told you, this isn’t funny.
Sakura: Why the angry face? I’ve just decided that it’s you I care about, not Sasuke-kun, that’s all… you know what they say, a woman’s heart is a fickle thing…
Naruto: I can’t stand… people who lie to themselves!

(Naruto Scene)
Kiba: (while entering with Naruto) You still haven’t talked with Hinata, have you? She doesn’t deserve to be ignored.
Naruto: Don’t worry, I’ve already talked with her.
Kiba: Really? So…?

(Danzou Scene)
(Danzou and his bodyguards are wandering in the forests; Fuu is back on his body)
Fuu: It’s over yonder, Danzou-sama. (they arrive to Ao’s body)
Ao: (trapped in the puppet; thinking) What are they planning?
Danzou: Are you sure that we can perform it here?
Ao: (thinking) Perform what?
Fuu: Don’t worry, Danzou-sama. All the information that the Kirigakure nin gathers while in the puppet will be erased from his memory in the moment he returns to the body.
Danzou: Very well then. Torune, please start the eye transplant. The Byakugan must remain in its rightful place, Konoha.
Torune: Yes, Danzou-sama.
Ao: (thinkings) The bastard!

(Kage Scene)
Raikage: So it’s settled. Me, Shii and Darui will contact Team Samui to locate my brother, Kirabi. The Kazekage and his siblings will look for Naruto, Mizukage and her guard will look for Danzou and the Tsuchikage and his guards will warn the daimyos for the upcoming war… speaking of which, where is your other guard?
Oonoki: Beats me. She didn’t return from your fight with Uchiha Sasuke.
Akatsuchi: But, Tsuchikage-sama, what if…?
Kurotsuchi: (coming from outside) I’m still here, you silly! (they smile)
Shii: Raikage-sama…
Raikage: What’s the matter?
Shii: The other two Akatsuki that came with Uchiha Sasuke, they’re approaching.
Raikage: Hmph. Since that Uchiha brat escaped me, those two will see the power of this alliance first-hand. (the others look uneasy)
Suigetsu: (in a dark corner with Juugo) Crap… (comes out from his hiding spot) CHARGE!!!
Juugo: (with a skeptic expression on his face) That was your plan?

(Kirabi Scene)
(Ponta is defeated and is bleeding behind an unharmed Kisame)
Kisame: That was a nice workout. Shall we begin?
Sabu: PONTA!!! (cries a river)
Kirabi: That’s it! (pulls out his swords and assumes his famous pose) ♪ Now you’ll feel my wrath, tuna breath! ♪
Kisame: You get crazier by the minute… it’ll be a relief to shut your mouth.

Next Chapter: Sworn Through Swords

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Naruto 471: Sworn Through Sword

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CLICK Images to read Full Abridged Version
Naruto Chapter 60 Abridge Version
by: jeanericuser

Naruto 470: "Life Without Dreams"

Ponta is laying on the ground with a huge gash in it's back. Sabu-chan has an angered look on his face with concern while Killer Bee has drawn his sword. Kisame smiles at Killer Bee.
Kisame: "Now with that minor annoyance out of the way, shall we begin or shall I continue what I started and
kill your friend."
Killer Bee: "Sabu-chan, take ponta out of here. I will deal with this foul smelling fish man."
Sabu-chan: "I will not take this lightly no way. Im gonna kill you now and have sushi today!"
Killer Bee: "Sabu-chan! No! Don't do it!"
Sabu-chan charges at Kisame and Kisame responds by parrying Sabu-chan's attack with samehada. Samehada saps Sabu-chan's chakra resulting in him become weary and collapsing on the ground. Killer Bee draws out his swords and charges head long at Kisame. Kisame easily dodges Killer Bee's sword slashes and jumps back to the top of a tree. Killer bee huddles over the fallen Sabu-chan.
Killer Bee: "Are you ok?"
Sabu-chan: "I don't know. Whatever he hit me with its taken all the life out of me. I can barely move."
Killer Bee: "Don't worry. I will take care of this one."
Sabu-chan: "Be careful. That attack he used packs quite a punch."
Killer Bee: "Well by the grace of the bee and the strength of my blade. I will live to fight another day."
Kisame starts laughing and Killer bee looks up to see him still standing on the top of the tree branch looking down at him.
Kisame: "Now that we have those little annoyances out of the way, are you ready to fight or shall I just kill them right now."
Killer Bee: "..."
Kisame: "Well then I guess we can begin now."

Danzo is heading away through the forest with Torune who has Fuu draped over his shoulder. Fuu starts to wake up and Danzo stops at a clearing. Torune drops Fuu on the ground.
Fuu: "Easy Torune! I just woke up!"
Torune: "I was tired of carrying you."
Danzo: "Now that we have no one else persueing us, I will tell you my plan."
Fuu sits down on the ground while Torune leans against a tree.
Danzo: "It is safe to assume now that we can not rely on the other villages for assistance in this matter. Even now I would imagine they are trying to figure out how to discredit me."
Fuu: "So what do we do about them?"
Danzo: "We discredit them first in the eyes of the one person they need the most to discredit me, the daimyo."
Torune: "But what if they just send people to konoha to spread the news about what happened?"
Danzo: "That is why one of you will be heading back to konoha to spread the alert to all Root members. Any info concerning the Kage conference is to be eliminated immediately and martial law declared."
Fuu: "But won't many of them grow suspicious and wonder what happened?"
Danzo: "That is why we will tell them that we have gotten intelligence of another planned akatsuki attack on konoha. With that kind of threat in their minds the others will naturally side with us."
Torune: "Sounds like that will work."
Fuu: "But what are we gonna do about the Daimyo."
Danzo: "Fuu and I will head to the home of the Daimyo with the news of the attack and convince him that the other villages have sided with akatsuki. This way the daimyo will have no choice but to refuse to listen to them."
Fuu: "Sounds simple enough. With no way to disprove they are not working for akatsuki it will be easy to keep the daimyo from learning the truth.
Danzo: "Exactly. It is here and now that we must split up. Torune, you head to konoha and get everything ready for when I come back."
Torune heads off running as fast as he can while Fuu gets up. Danzo smiles and looks at Fuu who is getting up.
Danzo: "Now we too must go. We have an appointment to make and I do not want to be late."

Naruto is looking Sakura in the eye with a serious look. She has tears starting to roll down her face.
Naruto: "Sakura what have I always told people is my greatest goal in life?"
Kiba: "What significance does that have right now? Don't you understand she is pouring her heart out to you?!"
Sakura: "To one day become hokage. But I don't understand...."
Naruto: "A life without dreams or ambitions is a life without meaning or purpose. I understand now why sasuke has become what he has become. He has finally found his purpose in life however misguided it may be."
Sakura: "..."
Naruto: "Love me or not, I can not let you deceive yourself and live a lie because you feel that you still owe a debt to me."
Sakura: "But shouldn't my love be enough to convince you to stop looking for sasuke?"
Naruto: "Your sacrifice is unnecessary because I have already learned of Sasuke's goals in life and I now understand what must be done. When this crisis is over then we will discuss our feelings but for now we have bigger problems to worry about."
Sakura wipes away her tears and looks Naruto in the eye.
Sakura: "What is sasuke's goal in life now?"
Kakashi and yamoto exchange concerned glances.
Kakashi: "Naruto maybe you should not tell her."
Kiba: "If you have learned anything about what Sasuke is really up to I will relay it on to the others. We are willing to help."
Lee: "Kiba is right! We are willing to do what ever is necessary in this righteous battle."
Kakashi: "I guess there is no other choice. They will learn about it soon anyway. Tell them Naruto."
Naruto: "To destroy all who once called him ally or friend. To destroy that which was once his home. Sasuke's one goal in life now is to destroy Konoha and everyone around him whether they be friend or foe."
Sakura has a shocked look on her face and begins to cry as she covers her face with her hands. Kiba looks angered at what he has heard but then nods his head in approval. Lee comforts sakura with an arm around her shoulder.
Naruto: "That is why I must destroy him first and then what is left of his clan mainly Madara Uchiha."
All the others look at Naruto in shock at what he has just said.

471: "Deception"
by: The Special One

Naruto 470 -The Bitter Truth

(The scene continues on from last chapter. Naruto is tightly gripping Sakura’s shoulders.)

“N,N, Naruto how could you say such a thing? We both know how we feel about each other. Just drop that hard to get attitude and open up will ya? How about we go on a date, just the two of us, like you’ve always wanted and drop this gloomy setting for the meantime,” said Sakura. (Sakura is now scared by Naruto’s evil glare; Naruto removes his hands and drops his head in utter disappointment. Close up on everyone else’s faces show that their disturbed as well [except for Sai] from Sakura’s response.)

“She crossed the line so far that she’ll need a map to get back,” thought Kiba. “Sakura how could you toy with a man’s heart like it’s some action figure,” thought Lee. (A tear rushes down his face as he pumps his fists in disappointment.) “This will not end well. An almost exact replication of the events that transpired in the fourth act of the latest Icha Icha novel,” thought Kakashi.

“I’m sorry Kakashi, but I can’t sit back and let Naruto get swindled,” said Yamato. (He tries to move forward however Kakashi stops him again.) “Kakashi,” yelled Yamato. (Everyone takes notice, and then Kakashi whispers in Yamato’s ear.)

“Tenzou, Naruto talked the Akatuski Leader into changing his ways. He can certainly settle a trivial matter of this level. Have some faith in Naruto, if we keep intervening, he’ll never improve as a man,” whispered Kakashi. “I understand, I didn’t mean to lash out, but Sakura… She’s obviously up to something, and it’s staler than day old oatmeal,” whispered Yamato.

“Don’t worry, it’s all going according to the forth act,” whispered Kakashi. (Yamato sighs.) “You don’t mean… Kakashi you’re hopeless,” whispered Yamato. (Kakashi puts his hand over his mask to help silence his giggles. Sai and the others take notice.)

“……,” Sai is speechless. “What are they whispering about? I want to know,” said Lee. (He attempts to listen in while Kiba elbows him in the gut.) “What was that for,” whispered Lee. “Now is not the time, look at the setting. I got this hint that something is about to go down,” whispered Kiba.

(Sakura places her hands on Naruto’s shoulders however, Naruto reacts quickly by knocking them off with the force of both of his hands. She is stunned.)

“That, hurt! What had gotten into you Naruto,” yelled Sakura. “Enough. I’ve had enough of your mouth. If I heard one more word I’d probably void my bowls,” said Naruto. (Everyone is at attention.) “You can’t seriously mean that,” said Sakura. “I SAID ENOUGH! I’ll hear no more of your lies,” yelled Naruto.

“But I was just trying to,” said Sakura before getting cut off. “SHUT UP! I can’t believe this. I never knew you were so weak. The Old Sakura I knew would never give up on Sasuke! Now you are settling for an excuse for your lack of strength to do anything! That’s not the Sakura I came to know and respect,” yelled Naruto. (Sakura has the “I eat shit face” on.) “Sasuke’s the one who needs saving so I don’t have time to waste on someone like you,” said Naruto. (He turns his back to Sakura. He then runs away.) “Nn, NARUTO,” yelled Sakura. (She falls to her knees and cries continuously. She reaches her hand out however, it soon loses strength and hits the snow. Kakashi appears in front of Sakura and looks down at her.)

“Get up! Let me have a word with you,” said Kakashi. (Sakura looks at Kakashi with tearful eyes.) “It concerns Naruto’s feelings, I suggest you hear me out if you ever want to establish the same connection you two had previously,” said Kakashi. (Kakashi pictures Obito before the dialogue switches over to Sakura.) “I messed up, didn’t I,” asked Sakura. “Well the number one rule is to learn from your mistakes and besides, Naruto’s a forgiving kinda guy,” grinned Kakashi.

“And I said I wouldn’t make any more mistakes… Why do I always keep causing Naruto problems no matter how hard I try to remedy the situation,” thought Sakura.

(The Scene switches over to Kisame vs. Killer Bee. Bonta is seen unconscious as it lies down flat on one side. The entire side that is exposed has had the hide cleanly shaved off. The hide is seen under Kisame’s feet, almost like a huge carpet.)

“Thanks for the gift, my Samaheda gladly appreciated it,” said the smirking Kisame. (Sabu while standing on his sword moans. Killer Bee is on a nearby branch due to Bonta forcing him to retreat to safer ground.) “NOOOOO. My poor Bonta,” yelled Sabu. “Hmm. In one stroke, this guy aint no joke. I gotta go all out no doubt,” thought Killer Bee.

(Sabu points his finger at Kisame.) “You’ll pay with my passion,” yelled Sabu. “More chakra for me to rip out,” thought Kisame. (He swings his blade while Sabu gulps and sweats.) “Don’t worry Sab, I’ll rush him like a mob. So without a delay, I’ll choose to fillet,” yelled Killer Bee. “MY PRECIOUS STUDENT,” thought Sabu. (He tears up. Killer Bee flips down and lands on his feet. Killer Bee pulls out his dual short-swords and channels the lightning element into them. He rushes forward with fast speeds. Kisame has his blade at the ready.)

“Here he comes,” thought Kisame. (As Killer Bee draws within 15 ft, Killer Bee turns his behind to face Kisame. Killer Bee bends down and points his hands backwards which positions both blades behind him. Kisame is shocked at that pose.)

“What the hell kind of sword style is that,” said Kisame. “Raiton: Dual Powered Bee Drill,” yelled Killer Bee. (From the two lightning charged swords, the lightning element extends in length the Chidori Eisou. However, the two chakra blades merge together and twist with each other, creating a kind of drilling lightning shape manipulation that rushes at Kisame at blinding speeds.)

“Oh yeah, he can’t avoid it at this range,” thought Killer Bee. (Kisame however, swings his blade horizontally, which cancels the lightning technique.) “What, my chakra,” thought Killer Bee. (Sabu is shocked.) “My turn,” said the grinning Kisame. (Kisame rushes forward at Killer Bee’s awkward poise. Killer Bee however, quickly gets on his guard by turning around and parrying Kisame’s diagonal slash with his short swords blocking in an x block formation however, Kisame’s blade changes a little as the shark skin scales are cutting into Killer Bee’s blades.)

“So you’re an expert swordsmen like myself? How do you like my Samaheda? It severs and eats chakra, all your jutsu are ineffective at this range,” said the grinning Kisame. (Killer Bee notices that his blades are beginning to crack.) “So dat’s your game,” said Killer Bee. (Kisame notices that Killer Bee is pushing back.) “You’re a strong one I see,” said Kisame. (Killer Bee’s blades crack even further as he pushes Kisame back. Killer Bee grunts and grinds his teeth as the sparks fly.)

“There’s not a fool I couldn’t beat. Everyone I face will meet defeat,” yelled Killer Bee. (He pushes back with supreme physical strength which knocks Kisame back several meters as Kisame digs his blade in the ground to increase friction. However, Both of Killer Bee’s blades look as though the next strike would shatter them instantly. Kisame smiles and begins unwraping his Samaheda.)

“Hah, hah. It has been a long time since I’ve shown this to someone. No wonder you gave Itachi’s brother more than he could handle. This is my Released Samaheda! How about I turn you into confetti for this marvelous new carpet of mine,” said the grinning Kisame. (Kisame’s blade is unwrapped. All of the menacing scales have now lifted upwards as Kisame prepares to seemingly seep the teeth into the boastful Killer Bee.)

Next Time: Fearless!
Who will break first in this catastrophic display of Beastly Nature?
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Kakashi 's Face Revealed!!
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by: ShiverX

Naruto 470: Determination

Naruto and everyone is standing where we left them last chapter, Naruto is still looking into Sakuras eyes.

" I can't stand people that lie to themselves.."
Sakura avert her eyes, looking down...
"I'm sorry Naruto... I just don't know what do do anymore.."
Sakura looks up again.
Naruto meets Sakuras gaze.
"Why are you like this? What happened? Tell me Sakura...."
Naruto gets a mild but serious look.
Sakura averts her eyes again, not sure of what to say. Kiba steps in.
"She is doing this because we decided to handle Sasuke by ourselves! It is time that we handle him before anyone else does."
Naruto let's go of Sakuras shoulders and looks at Kiba with a serious look.
"What do you mean by that Kiba?" his voice is somewhat threatening.
"We, all of the teams.." Kiba does a sweeping motion.
"We have decided it is better we stop Sasuke by ourselves before he does something else causing Konoha more trouble."
He sighs, " Sakura is just trying to make sense of the situation. She is doing what she thinks is necessary."
At these words Sakura turns around to face Kiba. "That's not true!" She faces Naruto, " It's not true Naruto! I do have feelings for you.... I have realized that recently.." she looks down again. "When Sai told me about your feelings...I..."

Naruto takes a step towards Sakura and embraces her.
"Sakura... I don't know what they told you or what you think you must do but it's alright. I understand what you must be going through....." Sakura starts crying.
Naruto turns his head towards Sai and Kiba, his eyes staring angry at them.
"I don't know what you said to Sakura about my feelings but right now is not the time to think about these things. Are you all really ready to give up on Sasuke just like that?"
Naruto steps back half a step and raises Sakuras face to look her in to the eyes, his face is again mild but with somewhat serious eyes. Sakura is entranced by his gaze.
"Sakura, we can discuss these feelings another time. Yes, I have always liked you but that doesn't mean I was doing all this because of that.
My promise to you is important, but it is not the only thing that drives me. My bond to Sasuke, no our bond to him is very important. I have learned a lot these past weeks. It is not up to me to quit anymore, but even if it were, I would never do it. I won't go back on my word."
Naruto raises his voice and turns slightly to face them all.
"That's my way of the Ninja Dammit!! How many times do I need to remind you all about that?
I will never give up on Sasuke, I'm going to bring him back to the village, and I'm going to stop Madara!"
Everyone seem shocked at these words.
" I was left with dreams and hopes that needs to be fulfilled and the will of those who came before us."
Naruto let's go of the now stunned Sakura and faces the others that is also entranced by Narutos words. He smiles at them with his whole essence.
" I won't give up guys. It is not something that was tasked on me, it is something I choose, but somehow it is what I was always suppose to do.
Jirayaa believed in me, Minato,my father, believed in me, even pain believed in me in the end. I know you guys used to have more faith, both in me and in Sasuke.
Will you not keep that faith? I agree that something must be done about Sasuke as he is now. But that something is just finding him and bringing him back.
I know things look bleak right now, but if we only believe.. the sun will shine again. We must never give in to Shinobi inherit hate.... "
Everyone is looking in awe at the inspiring spirit of Naruto.
"Naruto, you have grown so much" Kakashi whispers to himself.
Sakura starts to get her spirit back. "I...I'm sorry Naruto....I..." She wipes her tears.
"That's alright Sakura, you should always be true to yourself." Naruto smiles at Sakura again, everyone smiles at the new found spirit and happiness.
Narutos smile turns from secure spirit lifting into the more goofy smile he used to boast as young. "Now, having said that" Naruto scratches the back of his head and grins with his eyes closed. "I could really use all of your help, would you hear me out? Hehe..."
Everyone laughs and then many of them nod with determination.
Kakashi places his hand on Naruto's shoulder.
"It seems you got everyones support Naruto. The question now is what you will do with it?"
Naruto grins at Kakashi with a devious smile. "I have a plan!"

Kisame is blocking the blow from Ponta.
"What's up with this brutal strength?" Kisame jumps back and swipes at Ponta. Ponta evades and keeps attacking.
"This creature does not base his attacks on chakra, but on brutal strength." he thinks to himself. "I guess I have to get brutal as well." Kisame smiles.

Next chapter: Killerbee vs Ponta!
___________________________________________________________Like a
abridged by: Numinous

(Konoha Scene)

(Sai hands an iPod to Sakura)
Sai: If you're in doubt about what to say to him, just listen to the "How to conquer your man." by Yuna!
Sakura: Wow, really? Thanks a bunch! (starts to hear to the iPod track)

Yuna's voice in the iPod: Hey, Yuna's here! You might know me from various "How to" tracks, like "How to wear boots with a kimono", "How to whistle like a dork" and "How to summon a giant bird while falling". But now, I'll teach you how to conquer your man! You know I had several men wanting to be my lover, like Seymour Guado, Gippal and that New Yevon Chairman's son that never showed up. But I always stayed true for my love, *Insert random name here, but probably is Tidus*, even if he wasn't real and peeked too much Lulu's breasts, and even if he disappeared for 2 years and came back with a plot hole. Yes, that's my kind of commitment! Now, before your man disappears into thin air like mine, go talk to him right now! And, just for the case, grab two of your most fruity friends and buy them the most sissy dancing garment. Buy yourself a sexy dancing garment, again, just in case.

Sakura: That's it! Sai, go grab Lee, let's shop... and bring Kiba just to cover it up.
Sai: What?!

(Land of Iron Scene)

Sakura: Naruto... there's something we need to talk...
Naruto: ...?

Yuna's voice in the Ipod: Now make him feel good, like saying you love him because he's popular and you didn't cared for him when he was a nobody... oh, and say that he's your second pick, men love that, it worked so well with *Insert random name here, but probably is Tidus* when I was kissing Seymour. Don't forget the sentimental speeches!

Sakura: (thinking) Okay. (speaking) I love you!
Naruto: Wha..?! What did you just say, Sakura-chan?! I think I misheard you, say it again.
Sakura: As I said, Naruto, I love you! Sasuke-kun doesn't mean anything to me any more! I don't know why I could love anyone like him... I'm confessing to you here, so listen to me.

Naruto: But why...? How come...? If you're joking, then this isn't funny at all... Sakura-chan.... Just... What the hell happened to you...?
Sakura:Nothing, really... I just opened my eyes... I don't need to love someone who is a missing-nin and a criminal, do I? I'm not going to be a child forever. I'm going to look reality in the eye. So, Naruto... I don't need your promise any more. Won't you stop chasing Sasuke...?

Yamato: What is... (Kakashi stops him; thinking) Aw, no that I could to something cool...
Naruto: What happened to you, Sakura-chan? Why did you so suddenly change your opinion of me...

Sakura: I'm telling you, I don't need it any more! I've fallen in love with you, with all my heart, that's why. (Naruto recalls a scene where Sakura loved Sasuke; Sakura hugs Naruto)
Kakashi: Sakura, are you... (thinking) Drunk?

Sakura: I've just grown apart from Sasuke-kun... But you've always been at my side, Naruto. You cheered me on... I've realized... how you really are. You're a hero who protected the village. Everyone in the villages loves you now.... I've just become one of them... You were that mischievous dead-last... but little by little you've grown lovely and handsome... You were close to me so I saw it. But Sasuke-kun keeps committing crimes... It just breaks my heart... He's just become someone distant to me.

Naruto: ... (thinking) She's joking, right?
Sakura: But Naruto... When I can touch you like this... I feel at peace... I'm telling you this from the bottom of my heart...
Naruto: Cut the bullshit, Sakura-chan... I told you I can't laugh at a joke like that.
Sakura: why are you getting mad? I've just moved on from Sasuke to know what they say, a woman's heart is like Autumn skies...
Naruto: I... I hate people who'd lie to themselves! (Sakura cries a river)

Yuna's voice in the iPod: If the conversation didn't work, try singing and dancing! Men love women that shake their goods! If you don't know any songs, play karaoke with this track!

Sakura: (yelling) Sai, Lee, put on your costumes!
Naruto: Wut? (Sai and Lee put some weird dancing clothes)
Sakura: Ready?! Then show me your moves!
Sai & Lee: Yes!
Kiba: You don't mean...?
Sakura: Yes! (puts up the Songstress dressphere) ♪What can I do for you?! ♪
Naruto: WTF?!

Kakashi: Oh God, gouge my eardrums out!
Yamato: I'm with you, Kakashi-senpai.
(One flashy J-Pop song later)
Kakashi: Am I dead?!
Yamato: No, you're alive, Kakashi-senpai.
Kakashi: Godamnit!

Naruto: Now I get it! You just gone completely crazy!

Yuna's voice in iPod: If nothing worked, go the nearest window and threat him that you're going to jump!
Sakura: (thinking) But...
Yuna's voice in IPod: DO IT!!!!
Sakura: (goes to the room's window) If you don't take me seriously, I'll jump!

Kakashi: If you fall, you'll die! Normally, anyone on this manga would survive without a scratch, but you failed so much in this chapter that you'll surely die!

Sakura: Don't worry, I'll survive. (Everyone but Sai shakes their heads in negation) Believe it!
Naruto: Hey, that's the last drop, copying my English dub lines? Now I really don't want to have you around!

Yuna's voice in the iPod: If still he doesn't buy it... JUMP, B*TCH!!! (Sakura jumps) Now summon Valefor like I teached in "How to summon a giant bird while falling"!

Sakura: Oh shi- (she dies, crushed in the street's floor)
Sai: (grabs his walkie talkie) Mission accomplished.

Hinata's voice in the walkie talkie: Excellent. In exactly 5 seconds an Hypello should deliver the tickets.
Random Hypello: Hello, I'm representating mishter Tobli in hish new party! Don't confusate mishter Tobli with Tobi from thish manga, yesh? You're all invitated for "Shakura ish finally dead" party in Kumogakure, it'll be the biggesht shelebabration on thish manga!

Naruto: But she died just 5 seconds ago! That's cruel!
Random Hypello: The ramen ish good, plenty and free!
Naruto: When does it start, dattebayo?!!!!
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Sasu-Saku and Naru-Hina

Naruto 469: Sakura's Confession

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Naruto Chapter 60 Abridge Version

Naruto Chapter 12 Abridged Version

by: Numinous

Naruto 470: His Heart Has Spoken
Posted: 16 October 2009

Previous Prediction
Naruto 469: Shattered Dreams

(Taka Scene)

(Suigetsu and Juugo try to sneak in the Summit’s building; Kurotsuchi spots them)

Kurotsuchi: (thinking) What are those two are planning? (starts to stalk them; when Kurotsuchi is far away, Dark Zetsu appears and reunites with White Zetsu)
White Zetsu: What took you so long?
Dark Zetsu: Does it matter? Now Kisame is having his battle, let’s go!

(In the Summit’s room, Shii looks tense)

Mizukage: So it’s settled, after Ao returns with Danzou, will transmit to him our decision and send search Hatake Kakashi and the Kyuubi in the Land of Iron.
Raikage: And we’ll form a squad to find the whereabouts of my brother.
Shii: Raikage-sama!
Raikage: Something’s wrong, Shii?
Shii: The remaining Akatsuki are here.
Raikage: What?
Suigetsu: (in a dark corner with Juugo) Crap… (comes out from his hiding spot) CHARGE!!!
Juugo: (with a skeptic expression on his face) That was your plan?

(Naruto Scene)

Naruto: Sorry, Sakura-chan...
Sakura: What?
Naruto: That promise… I didn’t made only for you… it was for me too. What kind of shinobi would I be if I can’t even save my fellow ninja?
Sakura: But…
Naruto: If peace is ever to be meet, one must break the chains of hatred of this world. That’s why I must save Sasuke, I got to release him from the path of revenge and hatred that is consuming him. If I manage to do that, I’ll have a chance to change the Ninja World to a better future! I want to free everyone from the suffering that war causes, even if it pains my heart.

Sakura: (cries even more) Oh… Naruto…
Naruto: You talked to Sai, didn’t you? (Sakura just shakes her head in conformity) I thought so, he’s the only guy who I talked about that.
Sakura: (stares at the floor) …

(A: NaruSaku variation)

Naruto: Sakura-chan… (lifts her chin with his right hand) I never had the guts to tell you… guess I was afraid you would punch me to death! It was from the very beginning, I even Henge’d into Sasuke to kiss you once! Always asking you for a date, I must have bored you… but I was so alone… I wanted someone to cherish to be cherished back… (she cries a little more)Please, don’t cry anymore.... (they join their lips in slow motion)

Sakura: (thinking) Yamato-taichou was right…

(Flashback Scene)

(Sakura is healing unconscious Naruto after he went 4-tails, along with Yamato)
Sakura: It’s always like this… the only things I can do for Naruto are so small…
Yamato: It’s not a problem of small or big… what’s important is the strength of the feelings you have for Naruto. Sakura… I can tell by looking at you… in reality, you…
Naruto: (wakes up): Sa-Sakura-chan…

(Naruto Scene)

Sakura: (punches Naruto in the stomach and sends him flying to the nearest wall) Don’t rush things, idiot!
Naruto: (bruised and twitching) Why me…?!
Sakura: Oh, I’m so sorry! (goes towards Naruto to help him)
Naruto: (gets up) Can I ask you something?
Sakura: What?
Naruto: Stop beating me! (they smile)

(Konoha nin Scene)

(the noise of Naruto hitting the wall is heard outside; Akamaru barks)
Lee: Something’s wrong.
Kakashi: Let them be alone, is probably nothing.
Sai: Once I read in a book that when two people love each other and want to be alone, they might engage into sexual intercourse and produce louse noises while at it. (Kakashi stares shocked at Sai; Kiba’s jaw drops; Lee shivers; Yamato facepalms) What, am I wrong?
Yamato, Lee & Kiba: …
Kakashi: Hummm… Sai… and in your readings, didn’t you found something called self-control?!
(B: NaruHina variation)

Naruto: He’s wrong.
Sakura: What?!
Naruto: I once had a crush on you back when we were at the academy, I even Henge’d into Sasuke to steal a kiss from you. Bu then I realized… you only had eyes for Sasuke. It came more painfully obvious as the time passed, even know your heart is his, isn’t it?
Sakura: …
Naruto: These years made me realize that you are more of a sister to me than a crush, and all I want is for you to be happy. Also, there’s someone else I care for…

(Flashback Scene)

(Naruto is headed to Tsunade’s tent, Hinata approaches him)
Hinata: (blushing) Naruto-kun… I-I want to t-tell you something…
Naruto: Hinata?!
Hinata: (bows) I-I shouldn’t intervene in t-the battle, it was foolish. M-my apologies…
Naruto: You don’t have to apologize for nothing. You just did what I’d do: protect someone you care about. In fact, I should be the one apologizing…
Hinata: (rises) Naruto-kun…?!
Naruto: You were always there, even when everyone shunned me. You wanted so much for me to acknowledge you, and I was blind to never notice it. It almost took your life for me to open my eyes. Forgive me, Hinata.
Hinata: (hugs Naruto, with her face beating red) I-I… forgive you, Naruto-kun! (they smile at each other)
Naruto: You remember when I said I liked people like you?
Hinata: Yes…?
Naruto: I think I wanted to say… that I like people that give all they got in pursuit of their goals, even if they seem unreachable… but, Hinata…
Hinata: (she frees Naruto) W-what, Naruto-kun?
Naruto: In order to fulfill my goal, we even might not see each other again… (she’s shocked, he starts to walk towards)
Hinata: …
Naruto: But at least I know one thing… I’ll have someone I love waiting for me. (she smiles; he leaves)


Sakura: (cleans off her tears with her arm) So, what are you planning to do about Sasuke?
Naruto: I was trying to sense his chakra, but I couldn’t, and it worries me. I think we should go to the Kage Summit as soon as possible, before they do anything against him. Wait… (he rushes to the window)
Sakura: What’s the matter?
Naruto: Hey guys, you can go inside now!
Kiba: (sneezes) Is about time! I’m freezing here! (Akamaru barks)

(Sasuke Scene)

(Sasuke is remembering some events)
Itachi: He fell into despair. And finally, possessed by the Mangekyo, grasping for a new source of light… he plucked both eyes from his younger brother’s head. Light returned to Madara’s world… and the darkness never came again. A Permanent Mangekyo Sharingan! By changing hosts, the younger brother’s eyes found an inextinguishable light! But that was only half of the story. The transplant also gave birth to a completely new eye technique…
Madara: When he left the village, he had already decided he would die by your hand… to make sure he would be able to give you a new power… (he stops remembering)
Sasuke: You want to give me Itachi’s eyes, isn’t it?
Madara: Correct.
Sasuke: Wouldn’t it be ironic that the eyes of the one Konoha sacrificed for their sake would be the instrument of their demise…?

(Kirabi Scene)

(Kirabi rushes towards Kisame and starts to strike him with his blades; Kisame parries them; Zetsu appears from a distant tree)
White Zetsu: It seems they just begun fighting.
Dark Zetsu: Let’s see if Kisame puts up a better show than Sasuke.
Kirabi: ♪ I’m the morning star, blinding with my brightness! ♪
Kisame: Can’t you stop singing? It’s annoying.
Kirabi: ♪ What’s the matter, sardine stink? My Enka is too powerful for you? ♪
Kisame: This will be a long fight…

Next Chapter: The Nightmare Begins
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Naruto 469: Shattered Dreams

by: vered/shounensuki - NF
(Anything not coming from Nja or Ohana will be tagged UNCONFIRMED)

From Shounensuki:

It looks real enough (accdg to Shounensuki):
(Anything not coming from Nja or Ohana will be tagged UNCONFIRMED)
Naruto: "I like the Sakura-chan that likes Sasuke. If you abandon him, that all ends. Let's bring back Sasuke together"
Sakura cries, of course
Kisame apparently beat Ponta
Any way, the spoiler describes three scenes: Sakura and Naruto, Kisame and Killer Bee, and finally Karin and Sasuke
Karin is worried about Suigetsu, apparently

Kakashi seems to interrupt Sakura and Naruto and begins to talk about Madara. Karin and sasuke talk about something, but it gives no specifics
It says twice that Sakura cries, though
Status: UNCONFIRMED SPOILER (this gotta be FAKE!!)
by: A.E.G.I.S - NF
(Anything not coming from Nja or Ohana will be tagged UNCONFIRMED)

Naruto kisses Sakura on the forehead (bleh)
Kisame rapes someone/thing (Ponta ?) under Bee / Sabu eyes.
Mizukages thinks it's too hot and melts her clothes.
Karin thinks Sasuke will heal faster if she smexes him.

Naruto Addict's personal note: THIS IS HILARIOUS!!
by: Sys - NF
(Anything not coming from Nja or Ohana will be tagged UNCONFIRMED)


Demon Shark vs Yao

Sakura "is ... What are you talking about something ... I lie ..."
Naruto "I said ... I damn嬉Shikunee What is such a blatant lie ... I was told if I heard what happened!"
Sakura ". ... ... I say why not! What is it like a reality show!"
"No, it's not like they will always be people to ri times the other hand into the dawn"
"Mr. Ku Sasuke is just down for the count ... more and more terrorists now ..."
"Naruto is now progressing, but ... are you straight before I found different is that everyone is for you"
"I have seen realized in such ... are you closest to their true feelings ..."
Naruto "... Sakura-chan has seen up close and now I know why ..."
"If I heard it happened! Wakeneedaro happy to say that this is a lie!"
Sakura "What are you angry with me ... What is something a lie."
Naruto "Sakura-chan, but now知Ranee Phan How will I swear I do not like Sakura-chan"
Sakura's face shock
Kiba "... ... ..." Gili (sound of teeth grinding)
"Naruto Sasuke'm in sync that we discussed me!"
Naruto "! ... That's Sasuke?"
Lee "Kiba Kimi Hey!僕達is a promise to stay out of any"
Kiba "Shut the hell up! Raging I was just sitting around forever!"
Sakura "Kiba ..."
Naruto "What is that Kiba Sasuke Dattebayo!"
Kiba "we live in a Sasuke"
Sakura "Wait!"
Kiba "!"
Sakura "Kiba please let me tell you something"
Lee "is任Semashita僕達Ms. Kiba Sakura ... you can leave him in at once the end is a man!"
Kiba "... I found a bad chip."
Kiba tumble to the ground (laughs)
Sakura "(thank you ... Kiba ...)"
"... Naruto ... certainly as I say about you is that you are not completely断Chi切Re of the Tsu crush on Sasuke Naruto ... I'm real"
Naruto "... ...!"
Sakura "What I also like the reality show ..."
"Listen well speak slowly from Naruto"
"Sasuke you are a criminal now like I said ... you people had to suffer the revenge of course you Sasuke Sasuke"
"The people disappear like the other day ..."

We recall with little Omoi
That they take care of Sasuke ~

Sakura "... Now when you killed Sasuke ... We will not tolerate a war that eventually spread hate like that!"
"We can not be blind to miss it go to waste is not an ..."
"I talked So ... What should we do synchronization"
Naruto "... ... ..."
Sakura "... we answer to stop you Sasuke results are discussed in our hands because before you Resona Naru Sasuke!"
Naruto "What Phan ... I mean I swear to stop?"
Sakura "is a compelling if you Sasuke ..."
"Will kill"
Naruto "!"
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