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Saturday, November 21, 2009

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Naruto 473: The Siren's Call
by: jeanericuser

Kisame is standing over Killer Bee about to slash him when suddenly killer bee turns around and hits kisame point with a burst of pure chakra. Kisame is sent flying backwards before landing at the ground some feet away.
Sabu: "The hachibi must have used its own chakra to repel kisame. I must get to killer bee fast."
Kisame gets up and dusts himself off while looking at killer bee.
Kisame thinking: "That must have been the hachibi but it doesn't have much chakra left. I had better end this now."

Kisame charges forward and jumps into the air. Kisame lowers his sword to stab killer bee as he falls. Sabu suddenly jumps forward and parries the blade of kisame with his axe causing it to land in the ground instead of hitting stabbing killer bee. Sabu raises his axe to make a strike at killer bee and charges forward. Kisame smiles and does a hand sign.
Kisame: "Water style: water prison."
A bubble appears around kisame sealing him in a bubble of full of water. Kisame smiles and takes the axe out of sabu's hand.
Kisame: "Thank you. This blade will do quite nicely for what I have planned."
Sabu struggles to move but can't inside the bubble.
Sabu thinking: "Damn it! I can't get out of this!"
Killer Bee is laying on the ground and slowly starts to breath. Samehada slowly struggles free from the tree and moves towards killer bee. Killer Bee finds himself on the ocean. He sees the image of a beautiful woman slowly moving towards him. Killer Bee is almost transfixed by her beauty.

Woman: "Come to me. I will help you. wake up."
Killer bee slowly starts to awaken but still hears the voice of the woman in his head.
Woman: "Come to me. There is not much time."
Hachibi: "What is this? Where is that voice coming from."
Killer Bee slowly struggles to his feet and samehada is laying right next to him.
woman: "Pick it up. You know what must be done."
Killer Bee picks up samehada and slowly struggles to his feet using the blade to help him up. Kisame charges forward to attack Killer Bee.
Kisame: "This time you will not be getting up! Im gonna tear you apart!"
Kisame swings the axe and Killer Bee easily parries it with Samehada. Kisame struggles to swing the axe around but he can't seem to control it as well as samehada so his next attack is too low. Killer bee easily deflects the slash causing the blade to skid towards the ground.
Killer Bee: "Not use to Sabu's axe are you? That blade isnt meant for a weak fish man like you."
Kisame gets enraged and triest to slash killer Bee but he easily dodges the slash and slashes kisame in turn while at the same time samehada takes some of kisame's chakra. Kisame jumps back but nearly stumbles to the ground. Killer Bee smiles at Kisame while Kisame looks extremely angry at Killer Bee.

Kisame: "To hell with Madara and his schemes! Im gonna kill you right now!"
Kisame charges forward and attempts to make a slash at Killer Bee. Killer Bee charges forward and disappears before reappearing and slashing samehada through Kisame. Kisame finds himself back at the same beach that Killer Bee was at before. The woman slowly appears in front of Kisame.
Kisame: "Its over isn't it?"
The woman nods her head and Kisame tries to reach out for the woman. The woman vanishes and the world goes black as Kisame feels as if he is falling. Kisame wakes ups screaming in agony as samehada spreads itself outward until every part of it spreads outward litterally ripping kisame appart from the upper torso down. Kisame slowly smiles as he falls to the ground in two pieces. Killer Bee swings the blade into the air and smiles as the sun glimmers off the blade. Nearby zetsu watches with an extremely disturbed look on his face from a tree branch high above the ground.
Light Zetsu: "Madara is not gonna be happy about this."
Dark Zetsu: "To think Kisame would go out this way. To be killed by his own blade."
Light Zetsu: "This definately changes our plans."
Dark Zetsu: "It changes nothing. Lets report this to madara immediately."
Zetsu merges with the tree and vanishes away. The bubble around Sabu pops and gushes out water as Sabu struggles to breath. He looks up to see Killer Bee in the distance holding samehada. Killer Bee is looking at the blade in curiousity. Killer Bee suddenly finds himself inside his mind on the beach. The beautiful woman walks up to him.
Killer Bee: "Samehada?"
Woman: "That was a name Kisame gave to me when he discovered me long ago. My real name is calypso."
Killer Bee: "Calypso?"
Calypso: "I was once a creature much like your tailed beast that roamed the mighty seas until one day I was taken prisoner by bunch of men."
Hachibi: "Interesting. Go on."
Calypso: "They desired to have me grant their every wishes in terms of controlling the ocean for their own foolish desires but that was not something I was willing to do so I rebelled. As punishment my body was destroyed and my spirit forever trapped within this blade."
Hachibi: "So like me, you two are a prisoner to a weak host."
Calypso: "Correct. I can never leave this sword again less I lose myself to eternity."
Killer Bee: "Hey!"
Calypso: "Since that time I have served many masters but most of them I could sense had only darkness in their black hearts and thus I was tainted by their blood lust. That changed however when I was exposed to your chakras. As your chakra reached me it freed me from their taint and gave me the strength to resist kisame. I thank you for that."
Killer Bee: "You are welcome."

Calypso: "I now request that since I am free of kisame that I now serve you as I did him. Together we shall be a mighty force of nature much like what I once was before my imprisonment. My only request is that I too share in chakra you give and use in battle. As my body is infused with your chakras I will do my part to bring great strength to you in battle. That is all that I ask in return for usage of me in battle."
Killer Bee: "I accept."
Hachibi: "I agree."
Killer Bee slowly walks towards Sabu while samehada returns to its wrapped up form it had before. Sabu looks at the blade in surprise.
Sabu: "Your really should throw that blade away. Nothing good can come from owning a blade like that."
Killer Bee laughs and places it in a holster behind his back. Calypso giggles inside his mind.
Killer Bee: "Its nothing to worry about now. Kisame doesn't need this blade any more. Besides finders keepers."
Sabu looks at the country side and goes over to examine ponta. Sabu listens to Ponta's heart with his ear to his chest.
Sabu: "Ponta sounds like he will be ok. I guess you had best go see your brother if akatsuki is after you again."
Killer Bee grimaces and then nods his head in agreement. Killer Bee suddenly remembers what Kisame said earlier.
Kisame flashback: "To hell with madara and his schemes! Im gonna kill you right now!"
Killer Bee looks at Sabu and scratches his chin.
Killer Bee: "Sabu-chan, Do you know anything about someone named madara."
Sabu: "Madara? MADARA?! Thats who sent him to us!?!"
Sabu looks extremely nerve racked while Killer Bee looks at him with a puzzled expression.
Sabu: "Killer Bee you better get back to your brother immediately. If he is indeed calling the shots than who knows what has already happened while we have been fighting with this one."
Madara is shown standing on a balcony overlooking the city as it rains at night. Zetsu appears from out of the ground and bows to him. Madara continues to look out over the side.
Zetsu: "We have a problem. Kisame failed to acquire the hachibi."
Madara: "So be it. We have no other choice. Prepare the armies for their first assault. They shall leave at dawn."

Naruto 474: The Great War Begins

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