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Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Naruto 472: A Desperate Situation
by: jeanericuser
Posted : 12 November 2009

Killer bee is swimming underwater looking at the transformed kisame. Sabu is shocked at what he is seeing. Kisame smiles at Killer Bee.
Kisame: "Like the new look. I so rarely have to ever use this form any more."
Sabu thinking: "What has happened to him? I have never seen a transformation like this before."
8 tails: "Be careful killer bee. Unlike me you still need to breath air."
Killer Bee thinking: "Relax. I know what Im doing."
8 tails: "Then let me remind you that you just lost track of him."
Killer bee looks over at where kisame was and he has vanished. Killer Bee looks around in shock trying to find Kisame.
Sabu gurgling and pointing to Killer Bee: "Look out! Behind you!"
Killer Bee barely dodges a slash from kisame's left hand. Killer Bee tries to attack kisame but kisame easily dodges the sword slashes. Kisame charges forward and kicks Killer Bee in the torso. Killer Bee gulps some water and looks with surprise as Kisame slashes him on the chest. Killer Bee tries to swing his sword at Kisame but kisame vanishes.
Killer Bee thinking: "I better get to the surface fast. I can't fight him in this place."
Killer Bee looks and sees that sabu is already swimming towards the surface. Killer Bee follows suit only to find that the surface is covered with a powerful shield. Sabu gulps some water and looks at Killer Bee with a nervous
Killer Bee thinking: "Damn it! How am I gonna escape from this?! Sabu doesn't have much time left."
8 tails: "You have no other choice. With my power we can defeat him. You know what must be done."
Killer Bee thinking: "But the last time I let you out you destroyed a whole countryside. I can't take that risk."
8 tails: "What other choice do you have left? There is no other way. Let me out!"
Sabu is drowning and starts to sink to the bottom.
Killer Bee gurgling: "Sabu-chan! No!!
Killer Bee: "Alright! I guess I have no other choice. But first lets get rid of this shield."
Kisame thinking while watching from above: "Now this fight will get really interesting."

Ao is falling towards the blade in the ground. Ao is a second away from hitting the blade when fu releases the jutsu Ao immediately reacts by inverting his body to land feet first on the blade edge. Ao falls back with a deep cut in his foot but still alive. Fu starts cursing while still trapped inside the puppet. Ao looks at the wounds and then takes his sleeves to bandage the cuts on his feet.
Fuu thinking: "Damn it! Danzo is not gonna be pleased with this."
Ao walks over to the dummy and examines the curse mark on the dummy.
Ao: "Nice try. I think I will be taking this dummy. It may come of use again some day."
Fuu: "Damn him!"
Fuu wakes up to find himself on the shoulder of Torune.
Danzo: "Did you succeed in retreiving the eye?"
Fuu: "No unfortunately."
Danzo: "Well at least you have delayed him quite significantly. We are almost out of the iron county now."
Fuu thinking: "Damn it!"
Danzo: "I will explain our plans once we leave the iron county."
Mizukage arrives at Ao's location to find him examing the dummy on the ground.
Mizukage: "What are you doing Ao? Did I not tell you to not follow danzo too far from the village?"
Ao: "I was getting close when they tried to kill me with this."
Choujiro: "What is it?"
Ao: "A cursed dummy. Their plan was to steal my byakugan eye but unfortunately the person controlling the jutsu was unable to figure out a means to steal the eye."
Mizukage looks at the bandages and then looks at Ao.
Mizukage: "Are you ok enough that you can travel?"
Ao: "I am fine Mizukage. Do you want me to continue in pursuit of danzo?"
Mizukage: "No. We have a new mission instead. The situation concerning akatsuki has changed greatly since you left."
Ao: "How so?"
Mizukage: "I will explain on the way. For now follow me and keep an eye out for this boy."
Mizukage hands a picture to Ao.
Ao: "Who is he?"
Mizukage: "The jinchuriki of the Kyubi. His name is Naruto Uzimaki."

Killer Bee is unleashing a massive wave of chakra energy. The dome from the outside begins to crack. A bird on top flies away. Killer Bee roars in rage as Sabu sinks further to the bottom. Suddenly dome explodes and Killer Bee
immediately swims down. As he is within range of grabbing sabu, Kisame attacks him from behind leaving several large scratches on his back. Sabu starts to sink to the bottom again. Killer Bee swings his sword at Kisame and misses again at hitting kisame. Killer Bee tosses his sword at kisame who dodges it with ease while diverting his attention away from killer bee. Killer bee swims down and grabs sabu. With one hard toss Sabu is sent rocketing out of the bubble and smacks into a tree. Sabu starts to cough up water and is struggling to breath. Kisame gives off a laugh as he looks at Killer Bee.
Kisame: "And now you have no sword to fight me with."
Killer Bee: "And now I have no other reason to hold back."
Kisame: "Now lets see what you really can do with that bijuu."
Killer Bee thinking: "Alright! I guess Im left with no other choice."
8 tails: "Its time to put an end to this one."
Killer Bee suddenly explodes with energy that causes the water to litterally move away as his chakra raises higher and higher. An unearthly scream echos from Killer Bee's mouth as chakra visable escapes from Killer Bee's body. The 8tails cloak appears around Killer Bee. Bone Armor forms around him creating an octopus like body with 8 arms. Kisame watches all this from a distance.
Kisame thinking: "So this is the power of the 8 tails."
Killer Bee is transformed into a bone armored encased figure with 8 arms with each equipped with curved blades.

Naruto 473: 8 tails vs Kisame

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