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Friday, October 30, 2009

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Naruto 470 -The Bitter Truth
by: The Special One
Posted: 30 October 2009

(The scene continues on from last chapter. Naruto is tightly gripping Sakura’s shoulders.)

“N,N, Naruto how could you say such a thing? We both know how we feel about each other. Just drop that hard to get attitude and open up will ya? How about we go on a date, just the two of us, like you’ve always wanted and drop this gloomy setting for the meantime,” said Sakura. (Sakura is now scared by Naruto’s evil glare; Naruto removes his hands and drops his head in utter disappointment. Close up on everyone else’s faces show that their disturbed as well [except for Sai] from Sakura’s response.)

“She crossed the line so far that she’ll need a map to get back,” thought Kiba. “Sakura how could you toy with a man’s heart like it’s some action figure,” thought Lee. (A tear rushes down his face as he pumps his fists in disappointment.) “This will not end well. An almost exact replication of the events that transpired in the fourth act of the latest Icha Icha novel,” thought Kakashi.

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“I’m sorry Kakashi, but I can’t sit back and let Naruto get swindled,” said Yamato. (He tries to move forward however Kakashi stops him again.) “Kakashi,” yelled Yamato. (Everyone takes notice, and then Kakashi whispers in Yamato’s ear.)

“Tenzou, Naruto talked the Akatuski Leader into changing his ways. He can certainly settle a trivial matter of this level. Have some faith in Naruto, if we keep intervening, he’ll never improve as a man,” whispered Kakashi. “I understand, I didn’t mean to lash out, but Sakura… She’s obviously up to something, and it’s staler than day old oatmeal,” whispered Yamato.

“Don’t worry, it’s all going according to the forth act,” whispered Kakashi. (Yamato sighs.) “You don’t mean… Kakashi you’re hopeless,” whispered Yamato. (Kakashi puts his hand over his mask to help silence his giggles. Sai and the others take notice.)

“……,” Sai is speechless. “What are they whispering about? I want to know,” said Lee. (He attempts to listen in while Kiba elbows him in the gut.) “What was that for,” whispered Lee. “Now is not the time, look at the setting. I got this hint that something is about to go down,” whispered Kiba.

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(Sakura places her hands on Naruto’s shoulders however, Naruto reacts quickly by knocking them off with the force of both of his hands. She is stunned.)

“That, hurt! What had gotten into you Naruto,” yelled Sakura. “Enough. I’ve had enough of your mouth. If I heard one more word I’d probably void my bowls,” said Naruto. (Everyone is at attention.) “You can’t seriously mean that,” said Sakura. “I SAID ENOUGH! I’ll hear no more of your lies,” yelled Naruto.

“But I was just trying to,” said Sakura before getting cut off. “SHUT UP! I can’t believe this. I never knew you were so weak. The Old Sakura I knew would never give up on Sasuke! Now you are settling for an excuse for your lack of strength to do anything! That’s not the Sakura I came to know and respect,” yelled Naruto. (Sakura has the “I eat shit face” on.) “Sasuke’s the one who needs saving so I don’t have time to waste on someone like you,” said Naruto. (He turns his back to Sakura. He then runs away.) “Nn, NARUTO,” yelled Sakura. (She falls to her knees and cries continuously. She reaches her hand out however, it soon loses strength and hits the snow. Kakashi appears in front of Sakura and looks down at her.)

“Get up! Let me have a word with you,” said Kakashi. (Sakura looks at Kakashi with tearful eyes.) “It concerns Naruto’s feelings, I suggest you hear me out if you ever want to establish the same connection you two had previously,” said Kakashi. (Kakashi pictures Obito before the dialogue switches over to Sakura.) “I messed up, didn’t I,” asked Sakura. “Well the number one rule is to learn from your mistakes and besides, Naruto’s a forgiving kinda guy,” grinned Kakashi.

“And I said I wouldn’t make any more mistakes… Why do I always keep causing Naruto problems no matter how hard I try to remedy the situation,” thought Sakura.

(The Scene switches over to Kisame vs. Killer Bee. Bonta is seen unconscious as it lies down flat on one side. The entire side that is exposed has had the hide cleanly shaved off. The hide is seen under Kisame’s feet, almost like a huge carpet.)

“Thanks for the gift, my Samaheda gladly appreciated it,” said the smirking Kisame. (Sabu while standing on his sword moans. Killer Bee is on a nearby branch due to Bonta forcing him to retreat to safer ground.) “NOOOOO. My poor Bonta,” yelled Sabu. “Hmm. In one stroke, this guy aint no joke. I gotta go all out no doubt,” thought Killer Bee.

(Sabu points his finger at Kisame.) “You’ll pay with my passion,” yelled Sabu. “More chakra for me to rip out,” thought Kisame. (He swings his blade while Sabu gulps and sweats.) “Don’t worry Sab, I’ll rush him like a mob. So without a delay, I’ll choose to fillet,” yelled Killer Bee. “MY PRECIOUS STUDENT,” thought Sabu. (He tears up. Killer Bee flips down and lands on his feet. Killer Bee pulls out his dual short-swords and channels the lightning element into them. He rushes forward with fast speeds. Kisame has his blade at the ready.)

“Here he comes,” thought Kisame. (As Killer Bee draws within 15 ft, Killer Bee turns his behind to face Kisame. Killer Bee bends down and points his hands backwards which positions both blades behind him. Kisame is shocked at that pose.)

“What the hell kind of sword style is that,” said Kisame. “Raiton: Dual Powered Bee Drill,” yelled Killer Bee. (From the two lightning charged swords, the lightning element extends in length the Chidori Eisou. However, the two chakra blades merge together and twist with each other, creating a kind of drilling lightning shape manipulation that rushes at Kisame at blinding speeds.)

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“Oh yeah, he can’t avoid it at this range,” thought Killer Bee. (Kisame however, swings his blade horizontally, which cancels the lightning technique.) “What, my chakra,” thought Killer Bee. (Sabu is shocked.) “My turn,” said the grinning Kisame. (Kisame rushes forward at Killer Bee’s awkward poise. Killer Bee however, quickly gets on his guard by turning around and parrying Kisame’s diagonal slash with his short swords blocking in an x block formation however, Kisame’s blade changes a little as the shark skin scales are cutting into Killer Bee’s blades.)

“So you’re an expert swordsmen like myself? How do you like my Samaheda? It severs and eats chakra, all your jutsu are ineffective at this range,” said the grinning Kisame. (Killer Bee notices that his blades are beginning to crack.) “So dat’s your game,” said Killer Bee. (Kisame notices that Killer Bee is pushing back.) “You’re a strong one I see,” said Kisame. (Killer Bee’s blades crack even further as he pushes Kisame back. Killer Bee grunts and grinds his teeth as the sparks fly.)

“There’s not a fool I couldn’t beat. Everyone I face will meet defeat,” yelled Killer Bee. (He pushes back with supreme physical strength which knocks Kisame back several meters as Kisame digs his blade in the ground to increase friction. However, Both of Killer Bee’s blades look as though the next strike would shatter them instantly. Kisame smiles and begins unwraping his Samaheda.)

“Hah, hah. It has been a long time since I’ve shown this to someone. No wonder you gave Itachi’s brother more than he could handle. This is my Released Samaheda! How about I turn you into confetti for this marvelous new carpet of mine,” said the grinning Kisame. (Kisame’s blade is unwrapped. All of the menacing scales have now lifted upwards as Kisame prepares to seemingly seep the teeth into the boastful Killer Bee.)

Next Time: Fearless!
Who will break first in this catastrophic display of Beastly Nature?

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