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Friday, October 16, 2009

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Naruto 470: His Heart Has Spoken
by: Numinous
Posted: 16 October 2009

Previous Prediction
Naruto 469: Shattered Dreams

(Taka Scene)

(Suigetsu and Juugo try to sneak in the Summit’s building; Kurotsuchi spots them)

Kurotsuchi: (thinking) What are those two are planning? (starts to stalk them; when Kurotsuchi is far away, Dark Zetsu appears and reunites with White Zetsu)
White Zetsu: What took you so long?
Dark Zetsu: Does it matter? Now Kisame is having his battle, let’s go!

(In the Summit’s room, Shii looks tense)

Mizukage: So it’s settled, after Ao returns with Danzou, will transmit to him our decision and send search Hatake Kakashi and the Kyuubi in the Land of Iron.
Raikage: And we’ll form a squad to find the whereabouts of my brother.
Shii: Raikage-sama!
Raikage: Something’s wrong, Shii?
Shii: The remaining Akatsuki are here.
Raikage: What?
Suigetsu: (in a dark corner with Juugo) Crap… (comes out from his hiding spot) CHARGE!!!
Juugo: (with a skeptic expression on his face) That was your plan?

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(Naruto Scene)

Naruto: Sorry, Sakura-chan...
Sakura: What?
Naruto: That promise… I didn’t made only for you… it was for me too. What kind of shinobi would I be if I can’t even save my fellow ninja?
Sakura: But…
Naruto: If peace is ever to be meet, one must break the chains of hatred of this world. That’s why I must save Sasuke, I got to release him from the path of revenge and hatred that is consuming him. If I manage to do that, I’ll have a chance to change the Ninja World to a better future! I want to free everyone from the suffering that war causes, even if it pains my heart.

Sakura: (cries even more) Oh… Naruto…
Naruto: You talked to Sai, didn’t you? (Sakura just shakes her head in conformity) I thought so, he’s the only guy who I talked about that.
Sakura: (stares at the floor) …

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(A: NaruSaku variation)

Naruto: Sakura-chan… (lifts her chin with his right hand) I never had the guts to tell you… guess I was afraid you would punch me to death! It was from the very beginning, I even Henge’d into Sasuke to kiss you once! Always asking you for a date, I must have bored you… but I was so alone… I wanted someone to cherish to be cherished back… (she cries a little more)Please, don’t cry anymore.... (they join their lips in slow motion)

Sakura: (thinking) Yamato-taichou was right…

(Flashback Scene)

(Sakura is healing unconscious Naruto after he went 4-tails, along with Yamato)
Sakura: It’s always like this… the only things I can do for Naruto are so small…
Yamato: It’s not a problem of small or big… what’s important is the strength of the feelings you have for Naruto. Sakura… I can tell by looking at you… in reality, you…
Naruto: (wakes up): Sa-Sakura-chan…

(Naruto Scene)

Sakura: (punches Naruto in the stomach and sends him flying to the nearest wall) Don’t rush things, idiot!
Naruto: (bruised and twitching) Why me…?!
Sakura: Oh, I’m so sorry! (goes towards Naruto to help him)
Naruto: (gets up) Can I ask you something?
Sakura: What?
Naruto: Stop beating me! (they smile)

(Konoha nin Scene)

(the noise of Naruto hitting the wall is heard outside; Akamaru barks)
Lee: Something’s wrong.
Kakashi: Let them be alone, is probably nothing.
Sai: Once I read in a book that when two people love each other and want to be alone, they might engage into sexual intercourse and produce louse noises while at it. (Kakashi stares shocked at Sai; Kiba’s jaw drops; Lee shivers; Yamato facepalms) What, am I wrong?
Yamato, Lee & Kiba: …
Kakashi: Hummm… Sai… and in your readings, didn’t you found something called self-control?!
(B: NaruHina variation)

Naruto: He’s wrong.
Sakura: What?!
Naruto: I once had a crush on you back when we were at the academy, I even Henge’d into Sasuke to steal a kiss from you. Bu then I realized… you only had eyes for Sasuke. It came more painfully obvious as the time passed, even know your heart is his, isn’t it?
Sakura: …
Naruto: These years made me realize that you are more of a sister to me than a crush, and all I want is for you to be happy. Also, there’s someone else I care for…

(Flashback Scene)

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(Naruto is headed to Tsunade’s tent, Hinata approaches him)
Hinata: (blushing) Naruto-kun… I-I want to t-tell you something…
Naruto: Hinata?!
Hinata: (bows) I-I shouldn’t intervene in t-the battle, it was foolish. M-my apologies…
Naruto: You don’t have to apologize for nothing. You just did what I’d do: protect someone you care about. In fact, I should be the one apologizing…
Hinata: (rises) Naruto-kun…?!
Naruto: You were always there, even when everyone shunned me. You wanted so much for me to acknowledge you, and I was blind to never notice it. It almost took your life for me to open my eyes. Forgive me, Hinata.
Hinata: (hugs Naruto, with her face beating red) I-I… forgive you, Naruto-kun! (they smile at each other)
Naruto: You remember when I said I liked people like you?
Hinata: Yes…?
Naruto: I think I wanted to say… that I like people that give all they got in pursuit of their goals, even if they seem unreachable… but, Hinata…
Hinata: (she frees Naruto) W-what, Naruto-kun?
Naruto: In order to fulfill my goal, we even might not see each other again… (she’s shocked, he starts to walk towards)
Hinata: …
Naruto: But at least I know one thing… I’ll have someone I love waiting for me. (she smiles; he leaves)


Sakura: (cleans off her tears with her arm) So, what are you planning to do about Sasuke?
Naruto: I was trying to sense his chakra, but I couldn’t, and it worries me. I think we should go to the Kage Summit as soon as possible, before they do anything against him. Wait… (he rushes to the window)
Sakura: What’s the matter?
Naruto: Hey guys, you can go inside now!
Kiba: (sneezes) Is about time! I’m freezing here! (Akamaru barks)

(Sasuke Scene)

(Sasuke is remembering some events)
Itachi: He fell into despair. And finally, possessed by the Mangekyo, grasping for a new source of light… he plucked both eyes from his younger brother’s head. Light returned to Madara’s world… and the darkness never came again. A Permanent Mangekyo Sharingan! By changing hosts, the younger brother’s eyes found an inextinguishable light! But that was only half of the story. The transplant also gave birth to a completely new eye technique…
Madara: When he left the village, he had already decided he would die by your hand… to make sure he would be able to give you a new power… (he stops remembering)
Sasuke: You want to give me Itachi’s eyes, isn’t it?
Madara: Correct.
Sasuke: Wouldn’t it be ironic that the eyes of the one Konoha sacrificed for their sake would be the instrument of their demise…?

(Kirabi Scene)

(Kirabi rushes towards Kisame and starts to strike him with his blades; Kisame parries them; Zetsu appears from a distant tree)
White Zetsu: It seems they just begun fighting.
Dark Zetsu: Let’s see if Kisame puts up a better show than Sasuke.
Kirabi: ♪ I’m the morning star, blinding with my brightness! ♪
Kisame: Can’t you stop singing? It’s annoying.
Kirabi: ♪ What’s the matter, sardine stink? My Enka is too powerful for you? ♪
Kisame: This will be a long fight…

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