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Sunday, September 20, 2009

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Naruto 467:Challenge
by: Numinous

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(Madara Scene)

Madara: (thinking) So Naruto has arrived. Good.

(Taka Scene)
Suigetsu: Who’s that guy?!
Karin: (thinking) His chakra… is like that Jinchuuriki! So intense…
Juugo: He must be Naruto…

Suigetsu: What, the guy who defeated Pain? No wonder he destroyed Susano’o so easily!
Karin: And his chakra is just extraordinaire!
Juugo: I wonder… what he’ll do with Sasuke…

(Shii Scene)
Shii: (thinking) What is this chakra?! Is like Kirabi, but it’s not his… the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki? I must haste, hold on, Raikage-sama!

(Summit Scene)
Fuu: Danzou-sama, Naruto has arrived.
Danzou: (thinking) So Sai has betrayed me… no matter, I’ll dispose of him later.

Ao: So you know who’ s chakra is this? You mind to tell us who he is?
Danzou: Uzumaki Naruto, the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki.

Mizukage: He’s here, with an Akatsuki on the loose?
Danzou: I left instructions in Konoha to not let him leave the village…

Tsuchikage: It seems that even your village doesn’t go with your face, Hokage.
Danzou: Mind your tongue, Tsuchikage!
Tsuchikage: Oh, poor fragile Hokage, don’t tell him the truth or he might break like a glass!
Mifune: Please, Tsuchikage, we’re not here for provocations.
Tsuchikage: Hmpff…
(Naruto & Sasuke Scene)
Raikage: (thinking) He’s that brat from earlier… (talking) Hey, that Uchiha is mine! (Gaara’s sand grabs the Raikage’s arm) What the hell?
Gaara: Let Naruto with him, please.
Raikage: Grr… fine. But if doesn’t do anything, I’m going!

Naruto: (holding Sasuke by the cloak’s collar, with tears on his eyes) What the hell are you doing, Sasuke?!
Sasuke: Getting… my revenge…

Naruto: Aren’t you tired of revenge, Sasuke? You killed your brother, wasn’t that enough?! Why don’t you stop, Sasuke, why?!

Sasuke: You still don’t get it… do you?!
Naruto: Of course I don’t! I don’t understand you anymore!

Sasuke: That’s because you don’t know what I know! You can’t imagine what I’m feeling now, to know your whole life was a lie!

Naruto: (punches Sasuke) Do you even consider the pain I went through in my childhood? I know well your pain, so don’t say I don’t know! But your hatred will solve nothing!

Sasuke: You’re so naïve to think like that…

Naruto: I don’t care if I’m naïve or not, I just know revenge isn’t the answer! Revenge was what made Itachi murder the Uchiha clan, revenge was what made Nagato destroy Konoha!

Sasuke: Konoha was destroyed?! So I don’t need to destroy it anymore…

Naruto: (punches Sasuke again) Do you even listen to yourself anymore?! Why do you want your hometown ruined so badly?

Sasuke: All of them must pay for what they did to the Uchiha clan! Specially the elders and Danzou!

Naruto: Danzou… he might have ordered the Uchiha genocide and set Nagato and you on the path of revenge, but revenge is not the answer!

Sasuke: And let him walk free, after he blamed the Uchiha for the Kyuubi’s attack?!
Naruto: Uh? But it was…
Madara: (appears in a vortex) Enough with the talk! The time for the challenge hasn’t come!

Naruto: YOU!!!
Raikage: Who’s that guy?
Gaara: Beats me…

Sasuke: Leave me alone, Madara, I got this covered!
Raikage: Madara? Uchiha Madara?!
Gaara: This is bad! (Gaara’s sand rushes towards Madara)

Madara: Enough is enough! (sends a blast to Naruto, who defends with his arms, leaving Sasuke’s collar; grabs Sasuke) I’ll take this… yoink! (disappears in a vortex, before Gaara’s sand reaches him)

Naruto: (opens his arms, seeing that Sasuke’s gone) SASUKE!!!

(Kirabi Scene)

(Walking in the forest)
Kirabi: Oh yeah, oh yo, Kirabi da master is goin’ to Konoha to master some Uchiha butt, oh yeah, oh yo!!!

Hachibi: (in Kirabi’s mind) You still suck at rapping.
Kirabi: Oh, chill up, Bully, don’t get so cranky!

Hachibi: Why do I even bother… so, you still think that Sharingan guy is in Konoha?
Kirabi: Oh yeah!

Hachibi: But he’s an Akatsuki, don’t you think he’s somewhere else than Konoha?
Kirabi: Geez, way to ruin the mood, Bull! Can’t I do some sightseeing? Besides, the dudes in Konoha must know about that Sharingan dude.

Hachibi: If you say so…

(Kisame Scene)

(Kisame is seated on a rock; Dark Zetsu appears)
Dark Zetsu: Didn’t found the Hachibi’s Jinchuuriki yet?

Kisame: I found him, but the problem is that he’ s headed to Konoha, and I’m not in the mood to pick a fight with them, specially that Maito Gai, he’s such a pain in the ass…

Dark Zetsu: Still sore about last time? (Kisame stares at him coldly) Err… so what you’ll do about the Jinchuuriki?

Kisame: I’ll just wait for him to leave Konoha, and then he’ll taste my Samehada!

(Anko Scene)

(Anko’s jumping through the trees)

Anko: (thinking) The last information says he’s moving north… what is Kabuto up to? Wait… someone’s here! (searches her pouch and throws a kunai with a paper bomb attached, that explodes in the nearest tree; talking) Show yourself, rat!

Terai: (reveals himself, with his white cloak and ANBU mask) Impressive, nothing short of Orochimaru’s student…

Anko: (thinking) An ANBU? (talking) What business has ANBU with me?

Terai: I don’t represent the ANBU, I’m here in Danzou-sama’s behalf. His orders for you are to give all the data gathered about Kabuto to me and to withdraw immediately from this mission.

Anko: Too bad I don’t work for Danzou, I only answer to the Hokage, Tsunade-sama!
Terai: Danzou-sama is the appointed Sixth Hokage, you have to work for him.

Anko: What?! Is this a charade? No way Danzou is the Hokage!
Terai: Now do as I ordered.

Anko: (grabs a kunai from her pouch and licks it) And if I say no?!
Terai: Danzou-sama didn’t say you had to be alive to give the data…

Next Chapter: The Inconvenient Truth

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