Numinous Prediction: Naruto 466 (Against All Odds)

Friday, September 25, 2009

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Naruto 466: Against All Odds
by: Numinous
posted: 25 Sept 09

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(Sasuke Scene)
Akatsuchi: Tsuchikage-sama, I think we should distance ourselves from them…
Tsuchikage: What do you think I’m doing?! (sound of something cracking) My back, my back! (Akatsuchi grabs him and go to the farthest wall; along with Mifune)
Sasuke: (thinking) What a disgrace…(talking) I have no business with you, only Danzou matters to me!

Mizukage: But, for now, you have to handle me, pretty boy.
Sasuke: Tsh… If you want to fight me, so be it, but remember, I’ll be the master of your destiny.

Mizukage: (thinking) The husband* of my destiny?! (talking) Now, I’ll kill you.
Choujuurou: (thinking) What’s happening to her? She seems totally different…
Mizukage: Youton: Tsutsumi no Seireen! ** (a veil of mist takes over the Summit’s room)

Tsuchikage: (thinking) Damn this woman, now that I wanted to see this match…
Sasuke: (thinking) If she thinks that this pitiful mist will stop me, she must be out of her mind (starts to walk towards the Mizukage; still thinking) Even if I can’t see her, my Sharingan still detects the origin of the mist by its chakra. (casts Amaterasu; a dark figure twitches; talking)

You’re not worthy of my time, I’ll end your pitiful life. (Amaterasu vanishes; he draws his Katana and strikes the Mizukage; his katana starts to melt; thinking) What? (Mizukage starts to degenerate, revealing it was a clone)

Mizukage: (her voice comes from all directions) Now who’s the pitiful one?! Sweetie, you might have the looks but you lack the experience… care if I give you some personal lessons?
Sasuke: (thinking) She molded her chakra to pass unnoticed in the mist, while she left her clone for me to detect… not bad.

Karin: Sasuke, HELP ME!!!
Sasuke: (thinking) She caught Karin…
Mizukage: Youton: Iki no Ryuu. *** (a giant sludge approaches Sasuke, but he ducks; the sound of dissolving is heard on the background)

Sasuke: You need to do better than that…
Mizukage: Don’t worry, naughty boy, I’ll make it even sweeter for you… Youton: Kiri no Naka de Kaibatsu.**** (the mist starts to grab Sasuke; Sasuke uses Chidori Nagashi, but with little effect; he’s paralyzed) Youton: Yuge Shibuki! *****(a small sludge approaches, but this time hits him in the torso, dissolving part of his clothes and leaving scars on his chest) What a shame, you have such a beautiful body…

Mizukage: Oh my, screaming already? I hope they’re screams of pleasure… care to repeat? Youton: Yuge Shibuki! (more currents hit Sasuke)
Sasuke: (thinking) She leaves me no choice…

*Master and Husband can be written with the same Kanji, 主 (aruji)
** Corrosion Release: Siren’s Veil
*** Corrosion Release: Dragon’s Breath
**** Corrosion Release: Monster in the Mist
***** Corrosion Release: Hot Water Splash

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(Kages Scene)
(Danzou is running through the open with his guards; Gaara spots him)
Gaara: It seems the Hokage is running away.
Raikage: That old rat? Now I have bigger fish to fry! Darui, go get that guy. Shii, Kazekage, come with me.
Darui & Shii: Yes, Raikage-sama. (Ao is seen going after Danzou)
Gaara: Kankurou, Temari, go with them.
Kankurou & Temari: Right!
Raikage: Let’s go catch that Uchiha!

(Sasuke Scene)
(Susano’o’s bones start to appear)
Mizukage: Oh my, already with the bone? This calls for something special… Youton: Kage no Shin’en!* (the mist releases Sasuke and is replaced by total darkness; Susano’o starts to dissolve)

Sasuke: (thinking) Shadows... she doesn't know I thrive on the shadows (Sasuke puts his hands on his throat; still thinking) I can’t breathe… a genjutsu? (a blue light appears, looks like the Mizukage; still thinking) Might be a clone… (uses Chidori Senbon on her)
Mizukage: Aaaaaaah!!! (she twitches in pain)

Sasuke: (thinking) Got her! (she starts to swim in his direction; still thinking) What the…? (the darkness dissipates, revealing he’s trapped inside a Water Prison Technique that occupies half of the Summit’s room, along with a giant monkfish that has a lure similar to the Mizukage; the Mizukage has one hand in the prison, while Choujuurou is holding Karin with his sword close to her throat)

Tsuchikage: (thinking) How the hell she did that?
Mizukage: You fell so easily for my monkfish’s trap ... you have to be smarter than that, pretty boy. (the monkfish catches Sasuke in his mouth and closes it) Don’t worry, it doesn’t bite, but loves to swallow… (the monkfish is pierced by a Chidori Sharp Spear; it opens its mouth, letting Sasuke escape) Now, I’ll do you nice and tender… (she puts the other hand on the sphere)
Sasuke: (thinking) She’s heating the water to cook me alive… (performs the Snake, Ram, Monkey, Boar, Horse and tiger hand seals) Katon: Goukyaku no Jutsu! (a giant fireball appears, consuming the monkfish and evaporating the water; he jumps vertically; some of the fire gets the Tsuchikage’s shoulder)

Tsuchikage: (gesticulating like crazy) I’m burning!!! Put it out, PUT IT OUT! (Akatsuchi pats him, putting out the fire) That Uchiha will pay for almost killing me!
Akatsuchi: It was just a little flame on your shoulder…
Tsuchikage: Shut up! Doton: Ganchuusou! ** (a few pillars of rock sprout from the ground, reaching for Sasuke)
Sasuke: (thinking) If you think I’m falling for that, you’re wrong! (uses Chidori Sharp Spear to destroy the pillars)

Raikage: (crushing the wall) YOU’RE MINE! (jumps towards Sasuke) YOU’RE GOING DOWN, B*TCH! (hits him, making him crush in to the ground)

*Corrosion Release: Shadow of the Abyss
** Earth Release: Rock Pillars Rising

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(Danzou Scene)
(Danzou and his guards are approaching a village)
Danzou: Fuu, is that Kirigakure guard still after us?
Fuu: I’m afraid so, Danzou-sama. And I sense three more people nearby.
Danzou: It must be the Raikage’s and Kazekage’s guards . Well since we can’t get rid of them, let’s stop.

Torune: But, Danzou-sama…
Danzou: Do as I say. (they stop) If they don’t acknowledge my visions in a civilized way, I don’t have any choice but to force my hand.

Ao: So you gave up from fleeing, Hokage?! Now you must return to the Summit to clear matters once and for all!
Danzou: I’m afraid I can’t comply with that. (Fuu and Torune assume a battle stance)
Ao: I thought so. (assumes battle stance; Darui, Temari and Kankurou are seen from afar)

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