Naruto Prediction: "Memories of Deja Vu"

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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"This is just a prediction between Sasuke and Naruto's fight... nothing to do with the kages"

by: woo

Madara – (speaking over the dead body of Zetsu) I will miss you old friend, hmmm (looks towards the Valley of End) Deja Vu all over again.

Naruto atop the First Hokage stares at Sasuke atop Madara in Valley of End.

Sasuke – Seems like deja vu, huh Naruto? But fate has turned to me, I have become stronger than you. But I no longer require the power of Orochimaru to defeat you.

Naruto – After all of these years, after all the battles I have succeeded in, you still don't consider me your equal.

Sasuke – You still think like a child, we are equal as human but with power, I am stronger... (charges chidori)

Naruto – Power doesn't necessarily mean strength. (create Rasengan without a clone)

(Flash back scene)

Sasuke remembers thinking that all he has now is darkness, and that he is an avenger and the label of a criminal because he's fighting for his Uchiha ancestors who were wronged by the Konoha elders.

Naruto remembers all those nights and days alone with people looking down on him, but now people recognize him throughout the many different ninja villages and he remembers the smiles of all of his friends, in a faded memory he see his father, his Master (Jaraiya) and Sasuke as they fade slowly away.

Naruto and Sasuke open their eyes, Sasuke in sharingan and Naruto in Kyuubi eyes.

They lunge towards each other, Rasengan and Chidori clash. A storm was created, from the powers of wind, lightning and fire. Rain pours down.

Naruto – Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
Sasuke – Fire style – Phoenix Flower Jutsu.

Clones disappear. Naruto and Sasuke clash, kunai and sword.
Naruto attacks, Sasuke evade all hits.

Strong bursts of chakra is felt throughout Konoha

Kakashi – What power... Tsunade- sama, please issue an order for all jonins to stay away from the Valley of End... If those venture into the area, innocent lives would be at stake.

Tsunade – KAKASHI! Your students are fighting and you stay here.

Kakashi – I cannot meddle with the bonds these two share. Jaraiya-sama would share the same view as me.

Tsunade – (shocked) SHIZUNE! Send an order to all shinobi to cease all movements to the Valley immediately.

Kakashi – (Thinking) Naruto, you are fighting for what you believe in.... I'm sure your mother is very proud of how you grown, and I'm sure your Father is proud of you and how you've become also. Sensei...

The battle rages on in the Valley of End.
Naruto attacks thinking of all the missions the original Team 7 has been on.

Sasuke evades and attack remembering all the memories of his family and of Team 7.

Naruto sheds tears and prepares a Double Rasengan. And throws them at Sasuke. Sasuke attacks the rasengans, they explode in a poof of smoke.

Sasuke – Clones... (drops his sword into the water)

Naruto appears behind Sasuke with a Great Ball Rasengan, he throws it. Sasuke get's his and naruto is electrified by the water.

Madara – Hmmm, can't believe that this is just a warm up....

Naruto and Sasuke hit, and panting.

Naruto – Sheds tears, Sasuke... (Naruto is in 1 tailed state)

Sasuke – Hmmm... looks like warm up is over.

Naruto – SASUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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