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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Naruto 465: Attack On The Summit

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Fan Art Prediction by: Hatifnatten
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by: Ohana / vered, sho, shounensuki, serenity85 - NF

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While waiting for the ENGLISH Scans indulge yourselves with this

Fan Art Prediction by: Hatifnatten

Here's a quick translation for those interested:

Naruto 465

Gaara: “Susanoo…?”
Temari: “So that’s Mangekyou Sharingan thing, huh…”
Kankurou: “The Uchiha…they always manage to have something hidden up their sleeve…”

C, from behind the pillar: “Darui! Sand forces! Pull back!!”

*Sasuke becomes cloaked in a very evil looking darkness

*Susanoo is now surrounding Sasuke

*Sasuke gives off a devilish smile from within Susanoo
*Then uses Susanoo’s sword to smash the pillars…

Temari (thinking): “Is he aiming for the pillars…!?”

Samurai: “The pillars!!”

Samurai: “The ceiling won’t hold at this rate!!”

*Raikage and Gaara look up at the ceiling

*The massive collapse born by hatred!
*What will be the end of (his) obsession…!!

465: Assault on the Meeting Hall!

*The ceiling begins to crumble

Samurai: “UAAAAAAH!”
*Suigetsu, still stuck to the wall by a sword: “Wh…What the hell is this!!”

*Gaara protects himself and the others against falling rocks with his sand
*Sasuke puts away his sword

*Karin was protected from the falling ceiling by Susanoo’s hand…she is then basically picked up by Susanoo

Karin: “Ugh…”

*It seems as though Susanoo protected Sasuke and Karin
Sasuke: “Were you able to pin-point Danzou’s location!?”
Karin, as she fixes her glasses: “Yeah…”

Sasuke: “Then guide me to him”
Karin: “What about Juugo and Suigetsu…? Their chakra is still…”

Sasuke: “Forget about them…for now we focus on Danzou!”
Sasuke: “Hurry up and guide me!”

Karin, visibly shaken: “I…I got it.”
Karin (thinking): “What’s happened to you…Sasuke!?”

*Raikage punches the pieces of the falling ceiling
*Temari, Kankurou and Darui are protected by Gaara’s sand
Darui: “Thank you…Kazekage-san…”
Kankurou: “Man, that Sasuke…he must’ve used that as his chance to run away.”

Raikage: “We’re going after Sasuke right away!!”
C: “…It would seem as though he went up…”

Gaara, remembering Naruto’s face (thinking): “Naruto…if you were here what would you have done…?”

Suigetsu (thinking): Well thanks to that the knife* came out of me…but at this rate…what the hell happened to Sasuke, Karin and Juugo…?” *Suigetsu refers to Darui’s sword as a “nata” which is usually a knife with a thick blade used to cut lumber

*Juugo starts to split himself thinking: “I can still make it…
*He then fuses with one of the fallen Samurai sort of like Cell from Dragonball.

*Juugo (thinking): “All right…!”
*Meanwhile at the Meeting Hall

*A crack appears in the wall
Ao: “He’s here!”
Danzou: “…”

*They hear footsteps…

Fu: “From above!”
*Everyone looks up

*Sasuke is hanging upside down from the ceiling and his eyes meet with Danzou’s.

*Mifune jumps up and tries to cut Sasuk
*But Sasuke blocks it with his sword

Mifune: “He’s good”
Ao: “!”
Karin: “Sasuke! Danzou ran away!”

Ao, jumps over the table to chase after Danzou, saying: “Mizukage-sama and Choujirou stay here! I will chase after Danzou! This meeting hasn’t reached a conclusion yet!”

Mizukage: “Understood…but don’t overdo it!”
Ao: “Yes! I leave the Akatsuki to you.”

Tsuchikage: “Oh this hurts my back. Do whatever you like.”
Aka, the anpanman-looking guy: “Sounds good.”

Sasuke, coming down from the ceiling: “Karin, come here!”
Karin: “Eeeeeeeek!”
Sasuke: “!!”

*A sludge-like liquid (?) flies at Sasuke, but Sasuke dodges

*The wall begins to melt
*Sasuke gives the evil eye at Mizukage

Mizukage, holding her hand to her lip: “Akatsuki, the ones who turned the Fourth Mizukage into one of their tools and stepped all over Kirigakure…but after a closer look the Uchiha clan really has some nice (looking) men...”

Choujirou (thinking): “There it is…the Mizukage’s kekkei genkai – Youton* no jutsu…!
Sasuke: “Don’t get in my way
Mizukage: “Oh…and he’s a nice looking guy too…it’s such a waste.”

Sasuke vs. The Five Kages headed for a head-on collision…!!

While waiting for the RAW Images indulge yourselves with this
Fan Art Prediction by: Hatifnatten

Part 1:
Here we go~

Gaara: "Susanoo... you say?"
Temari: "That is the Mangekyou Sharingan...?"
Kankurou: "Uchiha... The always have something up their sleeve... always"

From the shadow of a pillar, C: "Darui! Step back from the Suna group for a moment!!"

An ominous darkness envelops Sasuke...
Susanoo is surrounding Sasuke
Inside Susanoo, Sasuke is smiling demoniacally
Susanoo uses the sword it is wielding to break down a pillar...

Temari: (He's aiming for that pillar...!?)
Samurai: "The pillar!!" Samurai: "It was holding up the ceiling!!"
The Raikage and Gaara stare at the ceiling

Hatred produced a great collapse!
What will be the end of this implacability...!!
465: Assault on the Conference Room!

The ceiling starts to crumble
Samurai: "UWAAA!~!"
Suigetsu, still stuck to the sword: "W-what the hell! Heeey!!"

Gaara and co are protected from the rocks by sand.
Sasuke puts the sword away
Karin [is taken] from the cave-in by Susanoo's hand...
Karin falls over showily
Karin: "Uuh..."
It seems like Susanoo is protecting Sasuke and Karin

Sasuke: "Did you find out where Danzou is!?"
Karin corrects her glasses: "Yeah..."
Sasuke: "Show me"
Karin: "What about Suigetsu and Juugo...? Their chakra is still..."
Sasuke: "Forget about that, focus on Danzou!"

Sasuke: "Hurry up and show me!"

Karin is frightened: "I-I understand..." (What are you doing...Sasuke!?)

The Raikage punches [through] the collapsed ceiling
Temari, Kankurou and Darui were protected by Gaara with his sand
Darui: "Pardon me for your trouble... Kazekage-san..."
Kankurou: "That Sasuke... Looks like he used the oppertunity to escape"

Raikage: "Chase after Sasuke immediately!!"
C: "...It looks like he's heading upwards..."

Gaara remembers Naruto's face: (Naruto... What would you do...?)

Suigetsu: (At least I got freed from the sword, but.... what now... What happened to Sasuke, Karin, and Juugo...?

Juugo is isolated: (This will do for now...)
He absorbs the bodies of the fallen samurai? Sort of like Cell.
Juugo: (All right...!)

Susanoo is surrounding Sasuke
Inside Susanoo, Sasuke is smiling demoniacally
Susanoo uses the sword it is wielding to break down a pillar...

Also another bit about mizukage element answering my suggestion about it being Acid:

An Acid element could explain it: it is similar in effect to the Lava Release used by the Four-Tails, but more water-related.
However, it would be rather odd, since acid is written as 酸 and not as anything beginning with 溶.

If anyone cares, here are my thoughts about the Youton issue:

The Four-Tails and its jinchuuriki Roushi used an element called Youton, later revealed to be all-melting lava. According to the spoilers, the Mizukage also uses an element called Youton. The question is if this Youton is the same as the Four-Tails'.

The Four-Tails' Youton is written as 熔遁. On its own, the first kanji means 'to melt,' 'to dissolve,' 'to thaw'. It is an uncommon variant of the kanji 溶, which is the kanji used to write the Mizukage's youton (溶遁).
The difference between the kanji is the left radical; in 熔, the left radical is fire, in 溶, the radical is water. The two kanji mean and are pronounced the same.

The difference in kanji used might indicate that although similar, the Mizukage's Youton is water-related, while the Four-Tails' Youton is fire-related. There's a slight problem, though. It is extremely easy to make a mistake in writing these kanji. As I said before, 熔 is uncommon. Accidentaly writing 溶 instead of 熔 is easy and in fact, Kishimoto-sensei did exactly this in Roushi's third databook entry.
It should also be pointed out that the word 'lava,' the element of the Four-Tails' Youton, has consistently been written as 溶岩 (yougan), thus with the water-radical 溶 kanji and not the fire-radical 熔 kanji. Therefore, making such a clear distinction between the kanji is odd at the least.

About the possibility of the Mizukage's Youton being acid: I would think that Kishimoto-sensei would use the actual kanji for 'acid' if he wanted to create an Acid Release: 酸遁 (Santon).


465: Conference Room Assault

Gaara is surprised about Susanoo

The ceiling collapses

Through the collapsed ceiling, Sasuke accompanies Karin to Danzou's location
The cold Sasuke seems to influence/attract Karin

Ao successfully detects Sasuke

Sasuke breaks into the conference room

During the opportunity created by Mifune VS Sasuke, Danzou escapes

Sasuke chases Danzou, but is halted by the Mizukage

Next week: Sasuke VS Mizukage

It seems so, next week to Sasuke VS the Five Kage - Complete Collision...!!

It seems like the Mizukage uses a kekkei genkai like Lava Release¹.

¹The element used by the Four-Tails

Both Suigetsu and Juugo survive. Suna is also safe

Karin guides [Sasuke] to Danzou

With the ceiling down, Sasuke finds Danzou and faces him

Mizukage: "The Uchiha clan, hm... haa... He's a good-looking man... better-looking than he deserves"
She's like a female panther.

Susano'o is covered in flames(?)

Sasuke smiles inside of Susano'o

He's not covered by Susano'o when the ceiling collapses and he's going to Danzou

Gaara: (In a time like this..) would you have handled it?

Juugo does a fusion with the samurai. (Probably to return to his original form)

Since it's Choujuurou the one who goes "Mizukage-sama's Toton (Melt/Dissolve Release) no jutsu", there's no mistake I made about it

Susanoo is clad in flames?
Sasuke is inside Susanoo, smiling

When he goes after Danzou once the ceiling is down, he isn't wearing Susanoo

Gaara: (At a time like this) Naruto... what would you do?

Juugo fuses with the samurai (Maybe to turn back to his original self)

Choujuurou: "She left... I'd say that's the Mizukage-sama's Lava Release technique, no doubt"

It should be youton not toton.
but it is the same name as the Four-Tails' Lava Release
There's one thing about the Mizukage's youton that might make a difference, but which could just a easily be a mistake by either the spoiler giver or Kishimoto-sensei
There are two ways to write the first kanji in Youton: 溶 and 熔. The first kanji uses the water radical, the second the fire radical. The one with the water radical is most common and is the one used in the spoiler, but Kishimoto used the one with the fire radical for the Four-Tails' youton.

It could be done on purpose, meaning that the Mizukage's youton is water-related, rather than fire-related and thus different from the Four-Tails' youton, but I think it's most likely a simple mistake.

The kanji on their own simply mean 'to melt' or 'to dissolve,' so they don't inherently imply lava.
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by: Powermanga, Gimli OM
(according to Hexa - NF, this is FAKE)
Translation (Unconfirmed Spoiler):

Title: New Light.

Shi completed the treatment of Raikage's arm, Raikage went back to face Sasuke again.

By then, Susano'o had already faded, Sasuke's having a hard time controlling Amaterasu.

There, with the barrier, Suna and, Darui assisted in the fight, Sasuke's invoked a multiple Tsukuyomi, Suna and Darui collapsed.

Raikage kicked but was avoided.
Sasuke's almost losing his eyesight.

Then, something like a tank seems to arrive with Madara and Zetsu on it.
From the tank, Madara said to Sasuke "Sasukee, the new Sharingan!". Sasuke's two eyes were exchanged with new ones.

And then, the new Mangekyou Sharingan...!

The end.
Here is a very poor translation....

Sea, to complete the treatment arm of the shadow of the thunder, lightning and shadows will begin to Sasuke

Capacity already gone Susanoo, Sasuke struggled down the power to control Amaterasu

Man joins the girls to cover the sand and there, invoking multiple Tsukuyomi against Sasuke, the man fall to the ground sand and girls
Thunderstorms are also avoided or Masu shadow kick
Sasuke is almost blind state

At Zetsu and Madara appeared like a tank, but it took
Sasuke spotted in the tank "is a new copy wheel eye Sasukee!"入Re替mischief and two eyes of Sasuke and say
There is a new kaleidoscope copy wheel eye ...!

Here is what I pull from it

1. Gara and his team possibly get takin out.(or Sasuke takes them out)
2.Sasuke possibly uses his thunder technique.(or Raikage uses one)
3.Sasuke is basically blind at this point.
4.Madara and Zetsu appear in the middle of the fight.
5.Sasuke's sharingan changes form once again.
6.Sasuke possibly attains EMS from Madara.
by: Numinous

Naruto 465: Pride

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Since the dark figure of 460 was entitled Enton: Kagutsuchi and Sasuke's Susano'o seems more demonic, I thought it was more proper to be Izanami, the wife of Izanagi, Susano'o's father in the Shinto mythology. Why?

1) She had descended to the Land of the Dead and when Izanagi came to retrieve her, she acquired an hellish appearance, which scared Izanagi and set him running away. Izanami sent Shikome (foul women) to pursuit him, and that's why Sasuke's Susano'o summons 4 Shikome, which are like imperfect Susano'o.

2) Sasuke's Susano'o is surrounded by Amaterasu, which is the goddess of the Sun, which makes it more feminine, and that's why it holds the necklace (the third royal treasure of Japan, being the first the mirror and the second the sword, like Itachi's Susano'o had)

3) Izanami dies giving birth to Kagutsuchi in Shinto mythology, so it's only natural to be Izanami casting Kagutsuchi.

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Now the prediction!

(Sasuke Scene)

Sasuke: This is Susano’o. (Susano’o takes the form of a female spirit with horns, with Yata no Kagami, the mirror, in its left hand and Yasanaki no Magatama, the necklace, in its right wrist)

Kankurou: What the hell is that?

Raikage: Don’t you think you scare me with that ghost!
Sasuke: You really don’t know what is before you, do you?

Raikage: Quit your snootiness, brat! Shii, go get that sensor! Darui, let’s go! (rushes towards Sasuke, followed by Darui)

Shii: Yes, Raikage-sama! (he vanishes)
Gaara: Temari, Kankurou, assist the Raikage, we need to learn the weak spot of that jutsu.
Kankurou & Temari: Right!

Sasuke: It’s no use, Susano’o has no flaws, it’s the perfect, absolute defense.
Gaara: Keep convincing yourself of that…

Sasuke: Since you underestimate me so much… Kuchiyose: Shikome! * (Susano’o performs the Tiger, Snake, Monkey and Ram hand seals and places its right palm in front of Sasuke, summoning four ghostly figures, similar to the incomplete Susano’o)

Raikage: You’re so full of crap! When I get my hands on you again, I’ll break your skull into a million pieces, b*tch!

Sasuke: Tsh…
*Summoning: Foul Women

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(Karin Scene)

(behind a pillar)

Karin: (thinking) One… no, two chakra sensors are in the Summit’s room… and the Kumo’s one is coming in this direction… this is bad, I got to hide my chakra… (stand up and jumps across the roofs)

(Summit Scene)

Fuu: (thinking) The chakra signal disappeared… whoever is, is not a rookie… (talking) Danzou-sama.

Ao: The signal vanished, I know. That’s no excuse to leave this room, not on my watch!

Danzou: Hmpff…

Tsuchikage: (thinking) Ooo, this is heating up… hmmm… (talking) The Raikage and the Kazekage are taking so much time… is this Sasuke really that strong?
Mizukage: I heard he’s the last of the Uchihas, is that correct, Hokage?

Danzou: Yes. His brother, Uchiha Itachi, murdered all the Uchiha clan with the exception of Uchiha Sasuke.
Tsuchikage: Who is now a rogue ninja… the irony…
Mizukage: The reason behind it, was it found?
Danzou: The information that Konoha holds tells it was has a test to enter the Akatsuki.
Ao: (thinking) His chakra changed. (talking) You’re lying.
Danzou: I beg your pardon?!
Mizukage: Oh my, Hokage, first mind control, now lying?

Mifune: These are serious accusations, Hokage.
Tsuchikage: Spill the beans!
Danzou: That is Konoha’s confidential information.

Ao: How predictable…

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(Sasuke Scene)

Kankurou: Shiro Higi: Jukki Chikamatsu no Shuu!* (ten white-cloaked puppets appear; each puppet connects to one of Sasori’s fingers) Now that’s the stuff! (the puppets rush towards the Shikome)

Raikage: You’re going down! (breaks one of the Shikome with a punch)

Temari: Kuchiyose: Kirikiri Mai!** (sways her fan and summons Kamatari)

Kamatari: Cut, cut, cut!! (another of the Shikome gets its bones chopped)

Kankurou: Fuuinjutsu: Shishi Heikou!*** (three of Kankurou’s puppet release the Lion-Headed Kannon, that grabs one Shikome and seals it in a near wall; seven of the puppets and Darui struggle against the last Shikome, while Gaara stares at Sasuke)

Gaara: (thinking) Something is wrong here…

Raikage: Don’t send puppets to do a man’s job! (approaches the Shikome and shatters it)
Darui: Calling me a puppet, that’s cold, Raikage-sama.
Raikage: Quit yapping and let’s bring the pain on that brat!

Sasuke: Tsh… Enton: Kagutsuchi! (Susano’o starts to shake its right wrist and moving its head as it was in agony. The darkness that surrounds it starts to gather in its right palm, casting it a few meters in front of Sasuke, forming a dark entity ****)

Raikage: Another freak? Bring it on!

Gaara: (thinking) Definitely something’s wrong… he bragged about the absolute defense of Susano’o… but he’s focusing on the offensive… what are you trying to hide, Sasuke?

Darui: You should be careful, Raikage-sama, Chii isn’t here to heal your arms.

Raikage: I know what I am doing! Kazekage, prepare your sand!

Gaara: Yes. (Gaara’s sand flies nearby the Raikage; Kagutsuchi tries to attack him, but the sand stops the attack)

Sasuke: I was already missing your meddling sand, Gaara. (Sasuke’s vision starts to blur, making him cover his eyes with his hand)

Gaara: (thinking) The Sharingan is ruining his health, like they said…

* White Secret Technique: Ten Puppet Collection of Chikamatsu
** Summoning: Quick Beheading Dance
*** Sealing Techinque: Lion Closing Roar
**** Naruto 460 Page 14

(Flashback Scene)

(Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura are in Suna, Gaara and Kankurou are nearby)

Sakura: Chiyo-sama’s funeral is in a short minutes, isn’t it?
Kankurou: Yes…
Sakura: I want… to say goodbye to her one last time…
Gaara: Of course.

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Naruto: Kakashi-sensei…
Kakashi: What is bothering you, Naruto?
Naruto: That new Sharingan…
Kakashi: Mangekyo Sharingan? What about it?

Naruto: You think… Sasuke got it?
Kakashi: I hope not…
Naruto: Why?

Kakashi: The more the user casts the Mangekyo Sharingan, the more damaged is the user’s health… and to achieve it... it isn’t good… (thinking) Rin…
Naruto: Really? I hope you’re right…

(Sasuke Scene)

Sasuke: (now staring at Gaara, who smirks; thinking) Does he...?!
Gaara: Raikage, don’t rush things
Raikage: Are you nuts, Kazekage? (Kagutsuchi almost hits the Raikage’s face, but he evades)

Gaara: The biggest flaw in his defense… is himself. We got to tire him in order to get him.
Sasuke: (thinking) Crap… he knows… no matter, I got more under my sleeve…

Next Chapter: Hide and Seek

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by: Woo

"This is just a prediction between Sasuke and Naruto's fight... nothing to do with the kages"

Naruto Chapter (unknown at the moment) - “Memories of Deja Vu”

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"Changes" by woo

Madara – (speaking over the dead body of Zetsu) I will miss you old friend, hmmm (looks towards the Valley of End) Deja Vu all over again.

Naruto atop the First Hokage stares at Sasuke atop Madara in Valley of End.

Sasuke – Seems like deja vu, huh Naruto? But fate has turned to me, I have become stronger than you. But I no longer require the power of Orochimaru to defeat you.

Naruto – After all of these years, after all the battles I have succeeded in, you still don't consider me your equal.

Sasuke – You still think like a child, we are equal as human but with power, I am stronger... (charges chidori)

Naruto – Power doesn't necessarily mean strength. (create Rasengan without a clone)

(Flash back scene)

Sasuke remembers thinking that all he has now is darkness, and that he is an avenger and the label of a criminal because he's fighting for his Uchiha ancestors who were wronged by the Konoha elders.

Naruto remembers all those nights and days alone with people looking down on him, but now people recognize him throughout the many different ninja villages and he remembers the smiles of all of his friends, in a faded memory he see his father, his Master (Jaraiya) and Sasuke as they fade slowly away.

Naruto and Sasuke open their eyes, Sasuke in sharingan and Naruto in Kyuubi eyes.

They lunge towards each other, Rasengan and Chidori clash. A storm was created, from the powers of wind, lightning and fire. Rain pours down.

Naruto – Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
Sasuke – Fire style – Phoenix Flower Jutsu.

Clones disappear. Naruto and Sasuke clash, kunai and sword.
Naruto attacks, Sasuke evade all hits.

Strong bursts of chakra is felt throughout Konoha

Kakashi – What power... Tsunade- sama, please issue an order for all jonins to stay away from the Valley of End... If those venture into the area, innocent lives would be at stake.

Tsunade – KAKASHI! Your students are fighting and you stay here.

Kakashi – I cannot meddle with the bonds these two share. Jaraiya-sama would share the same view as me.

Tsunade – (shocked) SHIZUNE! Send an order to all shinobi to cease all movements to the Valley immediately.

Kakashi – (Thinking) Naruto, you are fighting for what you believe in.... I'm sure your mother is very proud of how you grown, and I'm sure your Father is proud of you and how you've become also. Sensei...

The battle rages on in the Valley of End.
Naruto attacks thinking of all the missions the original Team 7 has been on.

Sasuke evades and attack remembering all the memories of his family and of Team 7.

Naruto sheds tears and prepares a Double Rasengan. And throws them at Sasuke. Sasuke attacks the rasengans, they explode in a poof of smoke.

Sasuke – Clones... (drops his sword into the water)

Naruto appears behind Sasuke with a Great Ball Rasengan, he throws it. Sasuke get's his and naruto is electrified by the water.

Madara – Hmmm, can't believe that this is just a warm up....

Naruto and Sasuke hit, and panting.

Naruto – Sheds tears, Sasuke... (Naruto is in 1 tailed state)

Sasuke – Hmmm... looks like warm up is over.

Naruto – SASUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next Issue –Equality

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by: The Special One

-A candle light that burns like a torch through the night

“The power of darkness hmm,” said Gaara. “Gaara, what is going on? All our attacks were dead on,” said Temari. “He said his ultimate defense was better than yours. He might be right,” said Kankuro. (Raikage and Shii come crashing in.)

“Boss, we gave it all we’ve got, I don’t think even you’ll make a difference,” said Darui. “Bull shit,” said Raikage. “What are you going to do with one arm,” asked Shii. “Crap,” said the sighing Darui. (Raikage charges up, and rushes in to attack Sasuke’s Sasunoo as the scene soon switches to Karin’s location.)

“YES! But Sasuke doesn’t look too pleasing, not even all of them combined can attack him,” said Karin. (She glances over at Juugo and Suigetsu.) Damn, they’re in bad shape. Everyone is distracted, I should be able to reach them,” said Karin. (She rushes in front Suigetsu.)

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“Hey! What about me? Pull this blade out why won’t ya,” asked Suigetsu. “Quiet down or they’ll hear us, and Juugo comes first,” said Karin. (As she rushes toward Juugo’s location.) “Damn, what a bitch,” said Suigetsu. (She reaches Juugo’s location.) “Karin,” mumbled Juugo. “Hurry and bite me,” said Karin. (Juugo bites Karin.) “AHHHHH,” groaned Karin. (His wounds heal on Juugo’s body.) “Thanks, let’s go get Suigetsu,” said Juugo.

(They both rushes over to Suigetsu’s location.) “Juugo, get this out of me,” said Suigetsu. (Juugo pulls the blade out while he gets shocked a little. Soon the lightning fades from Darui’s blade while it sits on the ground. Suigetsu picks up the blade.)

“This is mine now,” said the smiling Suigetsu. “Karin, have you located Danzou,” asked Juugo. “Yeah, but there were some powerful chakras around his location; it was probably the other three Kages and their aides. They also have sensors with them, if we move out we run the risk of being intercepted,” said Karin. “Looks like we’re stuck,” said Juugo. “I wouldn’t be worried though. Look at Sasuke, not even the
Raikage can’t get a hit off on em,” said Suigetsu. “There’s something not quite right about Sasuke, something ominous,” said Karin.

“The darkness of his chakra surpasses Orochimaru’s; even I can feel it,” said Juugo. (The scene is at Raikage. He is pounding away at Sasunoo. He punches and kicks it and then move out the way as the arms try to grab him. The arm attacks him, Raikage then blocks and then returns back to the group.)

“It can’t be hopeless,” said Raikage. (Gaara walks in front of Raikage.) “Let me. I’ll face him,” said Gaara. “Hmm, don’t get your hopes up Kazekage. But if you do manage to touch him, let me be the one to kill him,” said Raikage. (Sand from Gaara’s gourd pours on the ground and then mixes with the earth as it dives into the ground.) “He’s making more sand,” said Kankuro. “He’s probably going to test Sasuke’s technique,” said Temari. “This boy,” mumbled Shii. “

What is it,” asked Darui. “His chakra… That’s right, he use to be a host however, Akatuski stolen it from him. He survived because one of the council members of Suna used a Tensei to exchange her life for his,” said Shii. “But what does it mean about his chakra,” said Darui. “It is because he used to be a host, that his chakra endured the Bijuu’s chakra, that probably increased his chakra capacity as it was used to balance out the Bijuu’s chakra since he was born,” said Shii. (Around the battlefield, sand covers the entire floor. Gaara then begins making handseals in rapid succession. He keeps doing it as the sand starts to lift up. Gaara then claps his hands together.)

“Quicksand Waterfall Current,” said Gaara. (An ocean of sand covers the area as waves of sand smashes into Sasunoo. Sasuke commands the Sasunoo to defend with its arms. Sasunoo is being rattled and moves back slightly.)

“Such power, Gaara of the Desert, but it’s useless,” said Sasuke. (The scene swiches to Team Falcon.)

“His chakra is on par with Raikage’s,” said Karin. “I guess he won’t have such an easy time with them,” said Suigetsu. (The scene switches back to the battle. Gaara then extends his arms out as the sand lifts higher up and starts to circle around Sasunoo in spirals.)

“The feeling is back… Sand Hurricane" said Gaara. (A huge hurricane of sand spirals around Sasunoo, and then latches onto to it; Gaara then extends out his arm.) “Desert Funeral,” said Gaara. (Sasunoo is

then put under extreme pressure from Gaara’s jutsu. Everyone is surprised and believed that he had done it, until the sand falls from Sasunoo, revealing it to be unharmed.)

“Nice try kid,” said Raikage. “Like I said before, it is no use,” yelled Sasuke. (Team Falcon cheers. Gaara soon comes to a revelation.) “Sasuke’s barrier technique doesn’t seems to be mounted to the earth . (He remembers pushing Sasunoo with his sand technique.) That’s it, the ounce of light,” said Gaara. (Gaara places his hands on the sand.)

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“I told you it is pointless. This is the ultimate defense,” said Sasuke. “The night doesn’t last forever,” said Gaara. (Sand erupts like a geyser from the floor of beneath Sasuke’s feet.) “FROM THE BOTTOM,” said Sasuke. “This kid tunneled the sand up under Sasuke. That thing doesn’t protect him from attacks that come up from under the bottom. Not bad Kazekage. UCHIHA SASUKE, I’M READY,” yelled Raikage. (He jumps up in the air and prepares to dive into the sand. The scene switches back to Sasuke’s position. The Sand just keeps rushing in. The scene switches to Karin.)
“SASUKE,” yelled Karin.

Next Chapter: Has the Sasunoo failed?
by: jeanericuser

Sasuke is surrounded by sasoona and looking at Garaa. The others are all shocked at what they are seeing.
Tamari: "What is that?!"
Raikage: "Another one of the mangekyo sharingan's jutsus."
Garaa: "So this is what you have become sasuke? This jutsu reflects exactly the kind of monster you truly are."
Sasuke: "The darkness in me has long since silenced the light. There is no turning back for me. Not now not ever."
Garaa: "Then you leave me no other choice."
The sand in garaa's goard begines to pour out again. But this time its a different color. Tamari looks at it and instantly her eyes widen in shock.
Tamari: "Garaa you didnt?!"
Garaa: "Yes Tamari. Yes I did."
Tamari: "But the elders said a jutsu like that should be forbidden for a reason. Has the fate of its last user taught you nothing?!"
Garaa: "Without the bijuu, my strength I had is slowly fading away as is my control of this sand. The only way I will ever be able to have that same power again is with this. Besides Im sure the third kazekage would not mind me using it."
The sand turns all dark and hardens into a large metalic spike.
Raikage: "What is that jutsu you are using kazekage?"
Tamari: "Iron sand."
The eyes of everyone including sasuke are suddenly shocked at what they have just witnessed. The large metalic spike shoots through the air and hammers into sasoona forcing it lurching backwards. Sasuke looks at garaa with a concerned expression.
Sasuke thinking: "I don't know if I can take this many hits for too long."
The metal spike moves back and splits into dozens of little smaller spikes. The spikes fly through the air and imbed themselves into sasoona. Sasoona lets out a wave of chakra repelling the spikes but at the same time sasuke falls to one knee.
Karin: "Sasuke can't take this kind of attacks for much longer. I had better get to him now."
Garaa: "If you give up there is still a chance we can get you only a mild sentence for what you have done."
Raikage looks at Garaa with an angry expression.
Sasuke: "Do you take me for a fool? I know none of you will allow me to leave this place alive. Besides is that all you really got Garaa?"
Garaa: "Then you leave no other choice than to take you down now."
Some more iron sand comes out of the goard and forms into a ball. The spikes fly over and attach to the ball. The ball suddenly starts to spin.
Raikage: "To think a jutsu this destructive could be in the hands of someone so young."
Tamari: "This is dangerous for him to be using this jutsu. I don't know how long Garaa can hold this up."
The ball rockets through the air and slams into sasoon. The spinning motion grinding repeatedly against the bones.
Karin: "This is it. Now is when it must be done."
Karin tosses a smoke bomb at sasoon and another near the others. Smoke erupts through the area blinding everyone. A cracking sound followed by a shattering sound occurs. The smoke moves away to reveal the bones of sasoona laying on the ground but sasuke is gone along with the rest of the members of team falcon.
Raikage: "Sasuke has escaped. Everyone spread out and find him!"

Next chapter: An old man's memories
by: silverblade

Sasuke: Feel my hatred!!

The Ethereal figure that envelops Sasuke begins to take form of a demonic knight wielding a halberd and underneath his elbow an arm sprouts holding an hourglass.

Gaara: Damn it! Again!

Kankoru: It didn't work the first time. What the hell is that thing?

Shi: The mythical beast from hell.... things are going to get ugly..

Sasuke starts walking towards them. The beast stares down at Kazekage, Raikage and everyone else.

Gaara: Stay back! *The sand begins to dance lively around Sasuke and Susanoo. Suddenly the sand goes dead.

Gaara: What the... I can't control it anymore.

Shi: !!! The hourglass.. It's filled of chakra. Sasuke's aura must of sucked in the chakra from the sand.

Sasuke: Gaara. Your desert techniques won't work on me. I can see chakra and now to end this. You're all in my way.

Raikage: IT AINT OVER TILL IT'S OVER!!!! *Raikage's severed arm regrows as a form of chakra instead of flesh.*

Shii: Thinking*That ability gives the Raikage to use ninjutsu for only a limited of time.....

Now everybody on a count of three aim with your best shot.

Darui, Shi, Gaara, Raikage and Temari does handseals.

Darui: Suiton: Mizujinheki!!
Raikage: Raiton: Colliding force!
Gaara: Suna: quicksa- !!!

Susanoo absorbs the chakra made from those techniques and stabs Raikage with the Halberd.

Karin, Suigetsu, Juugo, Darui, Shi, Gaara, Temari, Kankoru, Deidara's sister and Samurai: !!!!!!

The hourglass is filling itself with Raikage's chakra.

Sasuke: AHHH!!! *His vision fades out and the Halberd is extracted from the Raikage only removing some of his chakra. Susanoo is slowly fading. I must use that power!!

The hourglass from Susanoo's elbow-arm explodes into chakra for Susanoo's technique. Sasuke pulls out his Kusanagi and commands Susanoo to do the Samurai's sword technique with the halberd.
A tainted glow of darkness that slowly drawing the light out of the Iron country emanates from Sasuke.

Sasuke: Surge of Chaos!!! and with one swing of his sword. It causes a huge explosion of dust. The room where the summit is being held begins to shake and rumble.

Outside Naruto see several of Samurai rushing towards the area.

Kakashi: A huge explosion at the summit occured. *A huge smoke cloud is shown.*

Naruto: It's Sasuke. Let's head over there now!!! It's not far from here.

-Scene switch back to Sasuke-

Sasuke has fallen into a pool of blood. Susanoo is gone. Gaara and everyone else is protected by the sand shield Gaara created. But it took a lot out of him.

Fu and Torune leaps from the shadows to grab Sasuke body..... However.... They are impaled by a variety of blades, axes and spears.

Madara appears over Sasuke with his EMS activated without his mask..

Sasuke: ugh... *thinking: I used the Mangekyou too much. Plus that technique of Susanoo also done a recoil on me as well depleting a huge amount of my chakra.*

Raikage: Damn it!!

Madara: Sasuke. Come with me. We have other important matters.

- Next time: Escape
by: Jumare

Naruto 465: Naruto's Decision

(Naruto Scene)
Yamato: Damn! He got away.
Kakashi: That's a good thing. We wouldn't have been able to take him on.
Naruto: (Pounds his fist against Yamato's cage) SASUKE!!!
Kakashi: Take it easy Naruto!
Yamato: Remember you don’t have the seal anymore.
Naruto: How am I supposed to stay calm? He's using Sasuke. I need to stop him!
Yamato: Naruto! Stop behaving like a child. You heard him; Sasuke is doing this of his own free will. Danzo may be using him but have you thought that maybe Sasuke wants to be used?
Naruto: ....... (He starts trembling) flashback to Sasuke saying " I am an avenger "
Yamato: Senpai. Do you really think we should trust everything he just said?
Kakashi: It seemed pretty genuine and I don't understand why he would lie. But then again he did say he was Uchiha Mandara
Naruto: Then why don't we find out?
Kakashi & Yamato: ....?!?!
Naruto: Let’s go to the meeting. I need to talk to Danzo.

(Sasuke Scene)
Raikage: Shi you done?
Shi: one more sec...... Uh! Boss I am not done yet!
Raikage: (charges towards Sasuke) this kid is getting on my nerves. RAIJIN TAIHO!!! (His arm is super charged with lightning, taking the form a giant hammer and he strikes Susano'o)
(There is a blinding flash and everything around Sasuke and Raikage is blown to smithereens. Everyone else takes cover Gaara protects Te, Ka, Da, Sh and himself with sand.)
Darui: (think) that was Raikage's second strongest attack.
Temari: Did he get him?
(Dust clears, Susano'o still stands unscathed.)
Raikage: What the f*** are you?
Sasuke: Death!!!!!
(Susano'o punches Raikage. He flies to the end of the room and goes through a pillar then through several walls.)
Shi & Darui: Boss!!!

(Karin scene)
Karin: Sa-su-ke? (She is trembling)

(Suigetsu Scene)
Suigetsu: Shit Sasuke's lost it.

(Danzo scene)
Ao: tcchh!! The Raikage's chakras are rapidly decreasing.
Tsuchikaze: he got beat? (think) is he really this strong?
Danzo: (Stands up)
Ao: I thought I told you to stay put
Danzo: They apparently need help. Or should we wait for him to come to us when he's through with them.
Mifune: he is right, but the Kirigakure sensor should go too.
Danzo: Still don't trust me. Fine
Ao: Let’s go.

(Sasuke scene)
(Susano'o takes full form. A Devilish Specter with four arms and claws.)
Sasuke: Feel my pain. Rip them apart!!
The Susano’o arms attack with incredible speed.
Gaara: it’s fast. I won’t be able to guard everyone in time.
(Gaara tries to protect everyone with sand but Susano'o is just too fast. It collides with Gaara's premature sand wall.)
Gaara: it won’t hold!
(Earth spikes erupt from the ground and reinforce Gaara's sand, giving enough time for everybody to escape before Susano'o shatters their barricade.)
Kurotsuchi: We can't beat him we need help.
Shi: I can sense the Hokage's chakras and that of 3 more nin. Help is coming.

(Danzo Scene)
Da, To, Ao, and
Ao: we're almost there!
Danzo and his guards stop abruptly.
Ao: why the hell are you stopping! We’re almost.....
{Danzo takes of his bandages to reveal his eye (still closed)}
Danzo: We have no intention of saving those people.
Ao: I see what you're trying to do. You can't control me I can see the chakra in your eye.
Danzo: Yes, you can see but the question is can you resist it?
Ao: what?!
(Danzo opens his eye to reveal Mangyoku sharingan.)

(Naruto scene)
(Naruto is sitting, meditating. He is in sage mode)
Naruto: Kakashi sensei, I can feel Sasuke's chakra. It seems..... a little different.
Kakashi: Is he alone?
Naruto: no he's fighting. I can sense Gaara's chakra too.
Kakashi: and Danzo?
Naruto: He's moving in the opposite direction away from Sasuke.
Yamato: He's running away! .... Should we go after him or Sasuke?
Naruto: No (standing up) Sasuke wants Danzo so we bring him Danzo.


Next Chapter - The Hokage and the Hero.
by: killerrabbit9

Naruto 465

Switch scene to Madara.

He is in the sewer in Naruto's mind.
We see some prison bars and familiar eyes.

Kyuubi: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
Madara: So you're still alive? I couldn't tell. (this is sarcasm)

Kyuubi: I could say the same about you...I was surprised to smell your chakra again, a foul stench but that kid makes even you smell like roses.
Madara: Yes, thats why I'm leaving him to you if you can manage to escape.

Kyuubi: When I escape I think I'll rip you to shreds....
Madara: !

Kyuubi: after I rip apart the brat first.
Madara: Naruto eh? It seems you become quite attached to him over the years

Kyuubi: Where is he by the way?
Madara: Oh he's doing his sage thing, so he's distracted while I talk to you. Strange that he was able to complete his Sage technique, I wouldn't think you'd allow it.

Kyuubi: The brat is not as talentless as I thought, he found away around but so did I.
Madara: So what happened, why are you still here?


Madara: I see, the same thing that happened last time. Well I can only do this one more time without risking your destruction and likely my death...

Madara focuses his eye on the seal and creates a tiny crack.

Madara: Considering how much more chakra the boy is using it should weaken much quicker, and considering how much pain he's about to feel. I would love to chat but I have pressing matters plus I think he's beginning to notice.

Madara begins to disperse.

Kyuubi: Wait.. the other Uchiha was here, the quiet one and he gave Naruto-
Naruto: Gave me what? What's going on?
Madara is gone and Naruto is in front of the Kyuubi in Sage Mode.
Kyuubi: He gave you nothing, now come a bit closer...
Naruto: No!! He was here, how? His body was gone, and what did he do?

The crack in the seal gets bigger.

Naruto 464: The Power of Darkness!!


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Kakashi 's Face Revealed!!
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Sasu-Saku and Naru-Hina

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