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Friday, August 7, 2009

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Naruto Chapter 460: Ambush
by: The Special One

(Everyone is stunned by Zetsu's shocking appearance.)

"UCHIHA SASUKE! COMEOUT YOU TRAITROUS DOG," yelled Raikage. "Sir let us handle the small work," said Shii. "Maybe we should get the other Kages to order their subordinates to plan an assault," said Darui.

"Otta my way," said Raikage. (Raikage snatches Darui's blade from him and pushes him to the side.) "Lord Raikage," mumbled Shii.

(The other Kages are unable to react to the Raikage's shocking actions..)

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"Akatuski fool begone," yelled Raikage. (Raikage channels lightning chakra into the blade and slips into mid air. As he swings the weapon downward. The Rest of the Kages take notice and prepare themselves and their subordniates to evacuate immediately.)

"Looks like I'm today's pick," said Zetsu. (Raikage's blade is engulfed in a lightning bolt like shape. Talk is short as in a split second everyone evacuates and the area is reduced to rubble. It appears as though a huge thunderbolt shook the foundation. Samurai, Falcon, and Team 7 takes notice. The building collaspses in Raikage's wake. The dust clears revealing a dissapointed Raikage.)

"He got away. So, you are here in the Land of Iron. You'll pay dearly for this Uchiha Sasuke. I'll find you, you scum of a missing-nin," said Raikage.

(Switch Scene to Team 7. Yamato and Kakashi are in Naruto's room.)

"Did you guys hear that too," said Naruto. "Yeah, it sounded very close by," said Yamato.
"Guys, come with me for a second," said Kakashi. (They all stand outside. Kakashi activates the sharingan.)

"Just as I feared. It seems The summit of the Kages has been attacked. I sense a strong trail of chakra toward that area" said Kakashi. "What the hell? A suprise attack on the Kage. Who could be behind this," asked Yamato. "I don't know. Who'd be stupid enough to pull such a stunt. Whoever it is, they must have faith in their abilities," said Kakashi.

"You think it was an inside job," asked Yamato.

"Do you think The Hokage could be in danger," asked Naruto. "I don't know about that. But let's say whoever it is, is strong enough to defeat at least one of the Kages. The structure of the entire shinobi world would be drastically altered. This could spark a global catastrophic warfare between the nations if it were the Kages fighting amongst each other. The state of confusion and diaster the world would be in would be unheard of," said Kakashi.

"It could be even bigger than another shinobi war given the circumstances," said Yamato. "Another war is not what the shinobi world needs. We need to get over there and stop whatever is going on. Although, I don't like Danzou, we shouldn't just stand here and let the village's Hokage be hurt," said Naruto.

"What do you say," asked Yamato. "Even though I would normally let the Kages deal with matters such as these. This is indeed an emergency. Naruto, get prepared, we're heading out. There should be aids with the Kages.. Prepare for whatever outcome," said Kakashi. "Right," said Naruto.

(Switch Scene to Konoha's hut)

"I'm going as well," said Sai. "But Sai," said Shikamaru. "I'm apart of Team 7 as well. If presevering the integrity and safety our of squad is Sakura's concern, it is also mine. Besides, I need to be there for Naruto as well," said Sai.

"Don't count me out either. I won't tell the other guys, but Naruto is an important aspect to this village. Though because of that we instinctively placed so much pressure on him. At the same time he still has responsibility given his masters. I need to have a talk with him as also. I am a personal friend to Naruto. How he feels is my direct concern" said Shikamaru.

"You guys," said Sakura in a calm voice.

(Switch Scene to open snowy plain. The subordinates and the Kages talk amongst themselves.)

"Damn that man! Because of him we lost our biggest lead on Akatsuki," said Tuschikage. "Raikage is known for his short fuse and explosive power and ninjutsu. He is not one to be taken lightly, and Good work Aoi . By the way Hokage. Don't think you've cleared your tracks, I want answers right now," said Mizukage.

"You've tricked us," said Gaara. "What is the meaning of this Hokage. Spit it out," said Tushikage.

"Torune, fu," said Danzou. (They guard him.) "So, is it true what the Mizukage's guard mentioned," said Mifune.

"Listen here old man. You better say something," said Kankuro. "Calm down," said Gaara.

(Raikage comes crashing in with Shii and Darui.)

"If you don't talk Sasuke's head won't be the only thing I take home," said Raikage. "I think there are more matters you should concern yourself with. Like Akatuski," said Danzou.

(Immediately Danzou reveals the sharingan. Everyone face north.)

"There's four of them behind Danzou. They're moving in very fast. Get ready Chojiro," said Aoi

(Aoi reveals his Byakugan. Chojiro pulls out his Hiramekarei which is a twin bladed like numchuck. The blades have Jagged teeth marks moving down where the blade slices. They are wide-short swords that arc.)

"Kankuro and Temari," yelled Gaara. "Right on it," said Kankuro. (His puppet is revealed to be Sasori, Temari pulls out her fan.)

"Time to bag me some Uchiha," said Raikage. (He pulls off his cloak revealing a finely chizzled body. He cracks his nuckles.)

"Look at em. He's all fired up," said Shii. "This time please don't put my life in danger," said Durai. "Ha, ha, ha.. I'm competiting with the other Kages and subordinates this time. I'm gonna bull doze my way through everyone until the Uchiha lie dead at my feet," said Raikage.

(Durai readies his blade.)

"I don't SAY this enough, but give them hell you guys. I'm too old for this mess," said Tuschikage. "We've got you've covered old man," said Kurozuchi. "Don't want you to pull a muscle," said Akazuchi.

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(Switch Scene to Team Falcon then are above the Kages and their subordinates.)

"Sasuke, like oh my God. The chakra levels I'm feeling right now are life threateneing. Are you sure we can take Danzou and still save ourselves," said Karin. "I'll use Amaterasu. No one will stand in my way," said Sasuke.

"WHat the hell? Are you thinking about attacking the other Kages as well? What has gotten into you said," Karin. "Let me tell you one thing. I don't give a damn about what happens to the world. I'm an avenger. Revenge is everything to me. My goal, my life dreams has no bearing on what happens to the world outside in my view. It is time I live for myself," said Sasuke.

"Wow, Sasuke," said Suigetsu.

"You're freaking crazy, what the hell," yelled Karin. "You wouldn't understand. I don't expect you to. You can drop this if you like, this is my dream, my reality," said Sasuke. (Sasuke activates Mangekyou Sharingan and uses Amaterasu. The sky is covered in black flames as it prepares to collide with the Kages.)

(Switch Scene to Team 7)

"Amaterasu," said Kakashi. "So it must be a person with the sharingan," said Naruto. "Itachi is already dead. It is either Madara, or, or," said Kakashi. "Sasuke," said Naruto firmly.

(Switch Scene to the Kages.)

"What what the hell is this technique," asked Raikage. "A black flame.. Uchiha Sasuke is here. I know this is one of the Mangekyou Sharingan's techniques," said Danzou. "Mangekyou, never though I'd hear that word again," said Aoi.

"Whatever the case is. Prepare for collision. Uchiha Sasuke has struck war with the Shinobi World," said Danzou. (Raikage gets in front.)

"That's the same technique that was said to have been used on Killer Bee. Not on my watch! I'm not going to let that punk do as he pleases. He is a missin nin. I'll put an end to it myself. You guys stand clear of the real shinobi. DO YOU HERE ME," yelled Raikage. (Raikage begins making handseals.)

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