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Thursday, August 20, 2009

by: Nja-2Ch (Vasilli / vered - NF)
I forgot the title, The spine has Katsuyu

Sasuke, angered because he is so close to revenge, looses his calm. Without even listening to what Juugo says, he launches a special attack against the Raikage. The girly man [Darui?] deflects it with a Suiton wall, through which he sends a lightning technique.
Girly man: "As our intelligence said, he is Lightning natured"
Cool guy [C?]: "It seems he can also use Katon, so don't neglect your Suiton defence"
Suigetsu: "Ai ai ai... Information about Sasuke seems to have spread with abandon"

The cool guy stops moving and uses "Electric Illusionary Lightning Pillars¹" (it resembles the Taiyouken from Dragon Ball)
Juugo is completely consumed by the genjutsu, Sasuke is about to be crushed flat by the Raikage
Sasuke breaks out of the Genjutsi as Suigetsu blocks the Raikage's attack with his Decapitating Carving Knife², but
it is broken in two, while Suigetsu's arm is broken into small pieces (however, he's made of water, so there is probably no real damage)
Suigetsu: "That guy's attack is no half work. If it were anyone other than me, their arm bones would be pulp..."
Sasuke: "Don't say unnecessary things "

The scene changes to the conference room
"What do we do after this?" Ao is watching Danzou; the Tsuchikage is on alert; his female attendant [Kurotsuchi] wants to see Sasuke, who killed Deidara-nii³; Anpan [Akatsuchi] is protecting the Tsuchikage; Gaara feels like he still hasn't gotten an answer, but...
Then we return to Sasuke

Cool guy: "It seems there's one more person. I'm going to look for him, please take care of the rest girly man"
Juugo: "That guy's a sensing type? If we don't take care of him first..."

Juugo goes into Level 2 Cursed Seal, becoming a type who shows his killing impulse without any problem
"I'm going to kill you!!!"
Raikage: "Don't try your luck!!" It ends with him plunging in

Naruto makes no appearance this chapter.

¹ Electric Illusionionary Lightning Pillars (電幻雷光柱, Genden Raikouchuu)
² Zabuza's sword
³ This could mean Deidara is Kurotsuchi's older brother, but it could also mean they were simply close.
Another Translation:

*Forgot the title of the chapter… The Jump spine this week is Katsuyu

Sasuke, angry that he is so close to getting revenge (and that people are now in his way), loses his cool and ignoring Juugo’s warnings attacks Raikage straight on. Darui uses suiton to create a wall of water and sends Sasuke flying back (while Raikage uses his raiton to run current through the water and Sasuke).

Darui comments that according to their information Sasuke is a raiton user.
C replies that Sasuke can also use katon so Darui should not let up on the suiton defensive techniques
Suigetsu comments that information about Sasuke has been leaked out everywhere.

C says that he will stop their (Sasuke and his team’s) movements and uses a genjutsu called “Dengenraikouchuu” (which apparently looks like Tenshinhan’s Taiyoken from Dragonball)
Juugo totally eats the genjutsu and Sasuke is about to get crushed by Raikage

They get hit with the genjutsu but Sasuke dispels it. Right as he dispels it Raikage is about to hit Sasuke when Suigetsu jumps in and takes the hit. When Suigetsu takes the hit, however, it snaps the Zabuza sword in two and smashes Suigetsu’s arm to little watery bits (he’s made of water though so he probably isn’t permanently damaged).

Suigetsu comments that Raikage’s attacks are really strong and if it were anyone else taking the attack their arm would be torn up. Presumably Sasuke doesn’t like this extra little comment provided by Suigetsu.

The scene changes to the Meeting Hall

All the kage are discussing what they should do now~Ao (the Byakugan guy) will watch over Danzou~The Tsuchikage is just going to stay behind and wait~The girl who was with the Tsuchikage comments that she wants to see Sasuke, the guy who defeated Deidara~The big guy with Tsuchikage who looks like Anpanman will stay behind and look after Tsuchikage~It doesn’t seem like Gaara has given his answer yet~

The scene changes back to Sasuke

C tells Darui that he’s going to go find the remaining Sasuke team member (Karin) so he’s leaving the rest up to Darui.
Juugo realizes that C is a sensing type ninja so they have to take care of him first.
Juugo goes cursed seal 2, the killer freak out type, and says “I’m gonna kill you!!!”

Raikage tells Sasuke and Juugo not to get cocky!!

End of chapter.

Naruto does not appear once in this chapter.

more from Nja:

Karin, thinking it would be very bad if she were spotted by C, stops using her abilities to track the Hokage and instead hides her own chakra.

The fight is mostly one-sided this week with Sasuke getting knocked back by Darui’s technique and then getting followed up by C’s genjutsu. Sasuke dispels the genjutsu to which C comments, “That’s the Sharingan for you!!!”

Right as Sasuke dispels the genjutsu, Raikage punches (and is stopped by Suigetsu) and Darui swings his sword down (which is stopped by Juugo)

After that, Gaara asks the other Kage in the meeting room about when they threw away their sense of self (rose above themselves or gained such self restraint)?

*Upon hearing this, Mizukage thinks, “what a pure child” while the Tsuchikage thinks, “what a rude brat”.
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by: Numinous

461: The Devil’s Bargain
Also read his Naruto 462 Prediction: You're Not Alone

(Sasuke Scene)
Raikage: Now you’ll enter a new world of pain! (starts charging towards Sasuke)
Sasuke: (thinking) He uses Raiton… my new jutsu will be powerless against him.
Raikage: Suck this, punk! (Sasuke evades his lightning-powered fist, but the bolts strike him in the right shoulder)
Sasuke: Gaahhh!
Raikage: Screaming already?! I haven’t started yet! I wonder how you defeated my brother, but get one thing in your head, I’m not my brother!

(Taka Scene)
Suigetsu: His brother? Is he…?
Karin: He must be the Eight-Tails Jinchuuriki’s brother.
Suigetsu: But we didn’t capture him, he got away!
Juugo: Try telling that to him. Most certainly you’ll get your skull crushed.
Suigetsu: Yikes!
Karin: Two forces are coming… they must be his guardians! Prepare yourselves!

(Sasuke Scene)
Sasuke: (thinking) He’s fast and furious… I can’t afford to let him get close to me. I only got my Katon and Sharingan against him.
Raikage: You think too much! (charges another lightning fist)
Sasuke: Katon: Great Fireball Technique! (the fireball rolls in Raikage’s direction, but he easily evades)
Raikage: That’s all you got?!
Sasuke: Katon: Phoenix Immortal Fire Techinique! (multiple fireballs fly towards the Raikage, but he evades)
Raikage: You’re pitiful! (shuriken come out of the fireballs and almost reach the Raikage, but he crushed them with his fists) That’s not enough! Fly, bug, fly! (strikes Sasuke in the belly, sending him flying to the nearest wall, creating a cloud of dust) That’s how I like my bugs, smooched in the wall! (the dust cloud starts to disappear, revealing a bloody Sasuke stuck in the wall.) Uh? (A close up shows Sasuke’s eyes, revealing the Mangekyo Sharingan)

(Naruto Scene)
Madara: Uchiha Sasuke… he’s just a little boy that was caught in the middle of shady schemes. Little, petty schemes that started long ago, even before Konohagakure existed…
Naruto: Spare me the history lesson! Tell what you’re going to do with him, now!
Madara: Don’t be so rude, Naruto. It’s better for you to listen to the whole story to understand him.

Naruto: (staring at Madara)…
Madara: Where was I… oh, right, when the world was in a continuous war between clans that were hired by the battling countries. The Senju and the Uchiha clans stood up the most, therefore they were who fought the most. I did things in order to gain power against the Senju that many would see with grudge… I killed my friend to achieve the Mangekyo Sharingan, and my brother sacrificed himself to give his eyes to me, to make my Mangekyo everlasting…

Kakashi: You’re sick…
Madara: But I felt that was in vain when the Senju asked for truce with the Uchiha, and they agreed. Shortly after that, a pact was made with the Fire Country for help and Konohagakure was born. The selection for the First Hokage was quite unanimous, electing Hashirama, and with that the Uchiha were losing their power. I wanted to restore it, but the clan turned their back on me.

Naruto: You just wanted the cycle of hatred to continue! The clan was wiser than you!
Madara: Shut up and listen! I left the village, but the anger was burning inside me, so I challenged Hashirama in the now called Valley of the End… and lost.
Naruto: But what does anything to do with Sasuke?

Madara: Patience. Tobirama, worried that the Uchiha would rebel, gave to the clan the control of Konoha’s Military Police, but that was just an excuse to keep away the Uchiha from governation, with heavy surveillance. And then, the incident with the Kyuubi happened.
Naruto: Incident? You were behind the Kyuubi’s attack! Because of you, many people died, including my father while sealing it inside me, you bastard! How you dare to call it an incident?!
Madara: Oh my, it seems my mask has fallen. (claps his hands) Bravo, Naruto, bravo!
Naruto: Hypocrite! When I get you…!
Yamato: Please, Naruto, calm down.
Naruto: Grrr….

Kakashi: You arranged the Uchiha genocide!
Madara: Correct. I wanted them to pay for turning their backs on me, so I made the whole village suspicious of the Uchiha, since they were the only clan capable of controlling Bijuu. Hiruzen plead to not take action on the Uchiha, but the elders and Danzou didn’t care.

Naruto: Danzou… again, uh?!
Madara: But their suspicions about Uchiha clan’s rebellion were true, they were preparing a coup d’état to take over the village. That’s when Uchiha Itachi enters, as a double agent.
Kakashi: So that’s why Itachi murdered the Uchiha clan. For Konoha’s stability.
Naruto: So Sasuke didn’t stop when he killed Itachi because of that… he wants to kill Danzou and the elders!

Madara: As we speak, he’s in the Kage’s Summit, trying to kill Danzou.
Naruto: We got to go there! We got to stop him!
Madara: And that’s the main reason I came to you. Leave Sasuke to me.
Naruto: No chance in hell! What do you want from him anyway?!
Madara: His path of revenge.
Naruto: Uh?

Madara: Sasuke will try to kill Danzou, but as astonishing as his powers may be, he’s not enough against five Kages, their guards and the Land of Iron. He’ll be captured, and that’s when he’ll crave for more power. I’ll give him that power, in the form of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan.
Naruto: But why?

Madara: You activate the Sharingan in a distress situation. You gain Mangekyo Sharingan when you break a strong bond by death. Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan is obtained by transplanting one Mangekyo Sharingan into another. Tsuki no Me*Sharingan, the ultimate form of the Sharingan, will be only achievable by fusing two Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan together.

Kakashi: Tsuki no Me?
Madara: See, what you wrongly call “time/space jutsu”, it’s just space continuum bending jutsu that the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan grants. I can only manipulate the fabrics of space, allowing me to phase in and out the entire body or just parts of it. My goal is to gain access to a time continuum bending jutsu, and the only way is to use Sasuke and his eyes.
Naruto: You’re using Sasuke as an eye container?! You bastard, why are you doing this, why?!
Madara: To change the timeline of events, of course! If I return to the past and kill Hashirama before the truce between Senju and the Uchiha, I’ll be the First Hokage and I will the show the world the power of Uchiha!

Naruto: (starts to gather Kyuubi’s Chakra) You…!!! I’ll tear you apart!
Kakashi: You must be out of your mind to get away with that, Madara
Madara: But, Naruto, you’d gain the most benefit from the timeline change.
Naruto: What?!
Madara: If I alter the timeline, the Uchiha wouldn’t be murdered, so Sasuke wouldn’t begin his path of revenge. Danzou would be neutralized, so his deal with Hanzou wouldn’t exist and Nagato wouldn’t destroy Konoha and kill Jiraiya. And most important for you, I wouldn’t need to let loose the Kyuubi, therefore your father would still be alive. You’d live happily with your parents, without the Kyuubi sealed inside you and without the resentment of the rest of the village. (Naruto imagines himself as a laughing little child, piggyback riding a smiling Minato, while Kushina is by their side, hiding her face with a fan) Isn’t that your deepest desire, to live in a world where you weren’t the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki?!
Kakashi: Don’t listen to him, Naruto!
Naruto: (closes his eyes, sheds a tear) I… I…

* Eye of the Moon

Next Chapter: You’re Not Alone!
by: Zetsu-san

I remember the Kishi Interviews very well.
By the way this is like a few lines prediction.

Remember this

"8. There will be death on Tobi v. Naruto team and one of them becomes unable to fight."

Now I think this could be the fight Kishi was talking about here. Could Tobi destroy Yamato. Rendering him unable to fight. Or even Kakashi. But I thikn more important events will come for Kakashi such as how he got his Mangekyou.

Also, remember this, "Especially Kakashi. I can't tell yet but a huge event will happen to him." So this could be the second main character of Konoha do die along with Jiraiya. "2 huge characters of Konoha will die".

Also, Tobi might leave Yamato unable to fight because the 1st Hokage used his Wood Style to defeat Tobi/Madara so Madara might get annoyed about the fact Yamato has Wood Style so he might take slight revenge by seriously injuring or killing Yamato.


Madara seriously injures Kakashi, which is the "huge event", prompting the side story of how he got his Mangekyou Sharingan.

Madara kills Yamato out of hate/anger at Hashirama Senju because of his Wood Style Jutsu.
by: The Special One

Naruto Chapter 461: Raikage vs. Sasuke

"Finally, the time has arrived for me to nail your coffin shut," yelled Raikage. (Sasuke uses his sharingan to scan Raikage's body.)

"His body is emitting waves similar to my Chidori Nagashi technique. But his chakra is much more dense than my full bodied technique. Who the hell is this guy," mumbled Sasuke.

"Fool. It seems you can't even tell the resemblance between me and the brother you possibly sent to his death," said Raikage.

(Immediately Raikage {remain's charged} rushes in and attempts to strike at Sasuke with a ground smashing punch to the floor. Sasuke evades by jumping into the air. Raikage smiles.)

"Gotcha Fool," yelled Raikage.

(Sasuke's body is engulfed in a lightning based charge. The lightning that hit the ground when Raikage punch it, channeled into an arc and hit Sasuke in mid-air, keeping him suspended in the air.)

more spoilers and predictions at

"Hmm. He's not bacon yet. It seems the kid knows a little bit about lightning nature recomposition. Not bad," said Raikage.

(Sasuke uses his Chidori Nagashi to counter act the bolt that is travelling from Raikage's fist into the air striking at his person. Sasuke is still trying to fend off against Raikage's charge.)

"Damn it. He's strong. I'm having trouble fending off his lightning styled attacks," said Sasuke. "Ha, ha. Get toasted," said Raikage. (Raikage increases the charge and mini explosion sends Sasuke flying into debris.)

Switch Scene to Karin, Suigetsu, and Juugo:

"He said Sasuke sent his brother to death. He must be the Eight Tails' brother," said Karin. "Yeah, but the host escaped," said Juugo. "Should we tell that crazed maniac that," said Suigetsu. "Guy's watch out," yelled Karin.

"That Crazed maniac is Raikage," said Darui.

(Darui immediate strikes with his short-sword, with quick reflexes, Suigetsu turns around and parries with his beheading broadsword. Shii approaches as well.)

"Tell us what you've done with Killer Bee. We've heard word that he might still be alive," said Shii. "The hell if we know, that eight tailed host slipped away, that's all," said Suigetsu as he knocks Darui back, causing him to slightly slide.

(Juugo goes in front of Karin to protect her. Shii positions himself back to back with Darui.)

"So, Killer Bee got away after all," said Darui. "Raikage would be pleased to hear this," said Shii. "But What should we do with them, they are obviously with Akatuski and they violated our village grounds," Darui. "Capture them anyway. I've already sent communications to the other Kages and their aide," said Shii.

"Shit! We're in for it now," said Suigetsu. "Think about the odds. We need to get the hell out of here," said Karin. "I think these guys will let us. But, I'm not feeling worried," said Juugo with a grin. "Heh, gotcha covered pal," said Suigetsu. "These guys are insane," said Karin. (Juugo goes into his cursed state.)

"We'll hold off until back-up arrives," said Shii. "Right," said Darui. (Karin sits back while Suigetsu and Juugo clash with Darui and Shii. CLASH sound.)

Switch Back to the battle between Raikage and Sasuke

(Sasuke is still charged with Chidori Nagashi and is running for his life as Raikage comes flying at him. Sasuke then decides to remain still.)

"Just a little closer," said Sasuke. "Heh, waiting for death it seems," said Raikage. (Raikage comes within five meters of Sasuke and is about to be pierced by Sasuke's CHidori chakra sword as Sasuke extends his left arm.)

"What's this," said Raikage. (Raikage catches the Chakra sword with both hands, however he is being pushed back.)

"His monstrous strength is unreal," said Sasuke. (Sasuke uses a second Chidori, Raikage uses his strength to hold one with his right hand and switch his left hand into holding the other. Raikage stops being pushed back.)

"Not bad, not bad kid. BUT STILL NOT ENOUGH," yelled Raikage. "What THE! How is he doing it. THis is an A-Rank chakra manipulation. He shouldn't be able to do that," said Sasuke.

"I AM RAIKAGE. GOD OF LIGHTNING," yelled Raikage. (He then channels a stronger current of electricity down the chidori chakra swords which swiftly reaches Sasuke's location and over powers him.)

"ARRGH," yelled Sasuke. "Die Uchiha Sasuke. This is just how it is. You've dug your own grave," said Raikage. (Sasuke cuts the circuit to disabling his chakra. Immediately Raikage comes rushing in at Sasuke.)

"Damn it. Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu," yelled Sasuke. (Raikage rushes straight through it.) "IS That all you've got," said Raikage. "Fire style: Great Dragon Fire Jutsu. Three powerful flame dragons come rushing at Raikage. Raikage stops spreads his hands and uses a large charge of lightning to effectively disturb the flaming dragons. He basically used a similar technique to double Lightning Blade technique employed by Kakashi.)

"Did my brother seriously lose to a punk like you," Raikage asks. (Raikge rushes forward again, Sasuke is backed into a wall. He uses the full extent of fire ball ninjutsu to keep Raikage at bay however, Raikage is still steadily charing forward.)

"Huh, huh. Lightning based attacks are useless against this guy, I don't even think Kirin with work against such a lightning styled expert, he'd just counter it. He's much better than Kakashi and even myself in it. Fire does little damage. But, what about a black flame," Sasuke Thought. (Raikage bursts through the flames.)

"Its over... Hmm. WHat's this feeling," said Raikage. (Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan awakes and blood is dripping from his left eye.)

more spoilers and predictions at

Switch Scene to Karin:

(While Darui, Shii, Suigetsu, and Juugo heat it up, Karin notices something.)

"His chakra, he must be preparing to use Amaterasu," said Karin

Switch Scene to Kakashi, Yamato, and Madara's location:

"You see, Sasuke has found out the truth about Konoha. About the horrible past that involved the Uchiha and the Senju," said Madara.

"Senju, that's blood of the 1st Hokage. You should know, you fought with him," said Yamato. "The elders, Danzou and the Hokage advisers, carried over their hatred from the foundations of Konoha itself," said Madara.

"I don't know what you are trying to pull, but Itachi planned that genocide," said Kakashi. "It seems you didn't know either. But Danzou is definitely connected to it, to say the least," said Madara.

"YOu think Sasuke will try to get revenge on Danzou," yelled Naruto.

"Ha, ha, ha," laughed Madara.

"You scheming rat," said Kakashi.

Next Chapter: The Battle Heats Up
by: forkliftjoe

I think Sasuke is working on the next Tailed Beast... No. 10...

This may be what Madara/Tobi is after...

How to make a Tailed Beast

Take one Uchiha and hack him off.

Next, put him through emotional hell.

Then, give him insane, rigorous ninja training.

Hack him off some more, then let simmer.

Shake well, then use a Ludicrous 2-Page Summoning Jutsu and attack the Village.

I'm also predicting we find out how the Tailed Beasts were first created and maybe some flashbacks.

Sasuke vs Raikage
Naruto vs Madara

1. A Broken Neck - Bye! Bye! White Zetsu

That's what he get for barging in at the summit! Like what I've said in the past chapter - had he not popped out, Danzou would have had it!! Now he totally shifted the mood! From Danzou to Sasuke!

Zetsu: either the White or the Dark half - is still an Akatsuki (S-Rank). There is no way that he could have been killed so easily (does it make you feel better Zetsu-san?).

I will share something I've found, this is just a theory of someone (sorry I lost ur name but i'll give credits later), what do you think about this:

WHITE ZETSU channels peoples anger and hate and killing intention
BLACK ZETSU projects it onto other people and uses it to make that person aggressive
This is how Madara knows Sasuke is going to give in to the darkness.

2. Danzou Should Be Taken NOW!!!

The other kages together with Mifune should have taken the Hokage already! While Raikage is up to Sasuke - they should do something about Danzou!

3. Naruto vs Madara

What is there to talk about? Madara is after the bijuu, Naruto is right in front of him - why would he want to talk? Madara is planning something big and sinister. He doesn't want to help out Naruto in any way. I bet whatever he is about to say will make it even more difficult for Naruto.

If Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato ends up fighting Madara - would all three of them stand a chance at all?

4. What Has Gone Wrong With Sasuke?

Isn't it that he is after the 5 kages? Well, he should only be after Danzou anyway (leave the other kages - nothing to do with his revenge). Why is he in the rampage of killing all the Samurais from a neutral country. He has gone totally berserk! What prompted him to do so?

3. What is that Kyuubi-Looking Shadow Behind Sasuke?

Yes, that is how I see it! Im sure it is the reason why Sasuke is acting strange to the extent that Karin is trembling -- what is it anyway?
  • * Is someone controlling Sasuke?
  • * Is it his own version of a tailed-beast / monster inside him?
  • * Is it something that is already innate of him? Something he already possessed?
  • * Is it a result of his built-up hatred? Consuming him? Giving him the dark power? (did I just described Darth Vader?)
4. Sasuke Vs Raikage
How I wish its a Naruto vs Sasuke *sigh*. Oh well, I guess this set-up will be an interesting confrontation.
  • * Why the need for Raikage to be half-naked?
  • * Can't wait for the Raikage's jutsu. Is he just all brute or is there something more?
  • * Will Sasuke inform Raikage that Killerbee escaped and is still alive?
  • * Will Taka help out and fight Darui and Shi?
  • * Will Sasuke fear Raikages anger?
  • * Will this be the start of another Ninja War??
Share us your opinions, analysis and if you do have any predictions, please share it to all of us. Enjoy!!

Naruto 460 (English): Sasuke Surrounded

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Sasu-Saku and Naru-Hina
Status: FanArt PREDICTION (Enjoy!)
by: Hatiffnatten

FanArt Prediction
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by: Numinous
posted: 08 August

Naruto 461: Judgement

also read his other predictions:
Naruto 460 Prediction: A Failed Ambush
Naruto 461 Prediction: Judgement
Naruto 462 Prediction: Failure
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(Konoha Scene)
(Shikamaru and Sakura are leaving the tent; Sai and Shizune are still inside the tent)
Sai: (thinking) Is friendship and love this strong?! Going all the way to a foreign country just to talk to Naruto?! And Naruto… all these years devoted to bring back Sasuke… Is it so much worthy of such effort?!
Sakura: (returning to the tent) Sai, can you come with us?! With your birds the travel would be so much faster!
Sai: I can’t leave the village…
Sakura: Forget about Danzou. By now, he might have seen Naruto, so what’s the use?!
Sai: But…
Sakura: Stop complaining! Let’s go!
Sai: (thinking) Forgive me, Danzou-sama (he exits the tent. Outside, he picks up a scroll and starts to paint. He conjures 3 ink birds. Kiba, Shino and Hinata are farther away from perspective)

more predictions at:

Shino: Where are they going at a time like this?!
Kiba: I don’t have a clue, do you Hinata?
Hinata: M-maybe their going after N-Naruto-kun…
Kiba: Uh? Why do you think so?
Hinata: (blushes) I-I wanted to talk with N-Naruto-kun, but I couldn’t find him…
Shino: Maybe he left the village and went to the Kage Summit.
Hinata: M-maybe you’re right…
Shino: So, what are you waiting for, Hinata?!
Hinata: F-for what?!
Kiba: To go with them. You wanted to talk with Naruto, right?
Hinata: (blushes even more) I-I…
Kiba: Just go, you silly.
Hinata: T-thanks, guys… (she starts to run towards the birds, that were almost lifting off the ground) W-wait up!!
Shikamaru: Hinata?!
Hinata: I-I want to go too, b-because…
Shikamaru: (smiling) I know. (to Sai) Can you conjure another bird?
Sai: Sure. (one more bird is conjured)
Hinata: T-thanks, Sai-kun.
Sakura: (thinking) Poor Hinata, Naruto still didn’t talked to her after the invasion… I hope he doesn’t break her heart. (Hinata rides a bird and the groups lifts off)

(Kage Scene)
(Naruto is in the room; Sasuke is still staring at him, and the Kages are still behind a sand wall burning with Amaterasu)
Sasuke: Look who’s here. Theres’s no party without you getting in the middle, is there?
Naruto: SASUKE! Stop this madness!
Sasuke: Madness?! You think I’ll let that rat called Danzou unpunished for what he did?! He made my brother assassinate all the Uchiha clan, you know how it makes me feel?! You don’t know!
Naruto: I… (Kakashi and Yamato enter)
Sasuke: Kakashi-sensei… it’s been a long while…
Kakashi: Sasuke…
Yamato: Kakashi-senpai, the Amaterasu!
Kakashi: Right!
Sasuke: How rude of you, disregarding me already. (Sasuke turns to Kakashi and Yamato)
Sasuke: Uh?! (stares at Naruto)

Naruto: (closes his eyes) I… I know what it feels to lose a person dear to me. (Jiraiya and Minato’s faces appear in the background) Ero-sennin died in the hands of Pein! The same Pein that was bent in a path of revenge, just like you! (Kakashi and Yamato start to use Fuuka Houin) And he was in that path because of a deal between Hanzou of the Rain and Danzou! If it wasn’t for Danzou, Pein would never be an avenger, would never form Akatsuki and Konoha would never be destroyed! Because of him, Fukasaku-sensei and Kakashi-sensei were dead for moments! (Amaterasu is nullified, the sand shield wears off, exposing the Kages; Naruto opens his eyes in tears, revealing Sage Mode)

Sasuke: (thinking) What are those freaky eyes?!
Naruto: Because of him, Hinata almost died! If there’s someone who entitled to take revenge on him, it’s me! But I won’t. This cycle of hatred must be stopped, or this world will never achieve peace! Danzou must answer for his crimes, but not with revenge! (Danzou looks at the floor, the other Kages stare at him coldly) Look what revenge done to you! Your mind became so twisted… you forgot about us. You’re not the only suffering, me, Sakura, Kakashi, everyone in Konoha is suffering because of you! I know you’re not that selfish, Sasuke…
Sasuke: Such moving words, Naruto. I would cry if they touched me… but you won’t change my mind. That coward will meet his fate now! Since you figured out my Amaterasu…

Kakashi: EVERYONE, GET OUT! (everyone gets out, Kakashi grabs Naruto by force)
Naruto: LET ME GO! (Yamato and Mizukage stay at the corridor)
Sasuke: Katon: Gouryuuka no Jutsu!*(flames in the shape of a dragon flies on the top of the room; Yamato performs the Boar, Dog and Ram hand seals, while Mizukage performs the Serpent hand seal)
Mizukage: Suiton: Bakusui Shouha! **
Yamato: Suiton: Hahonryuu! ***
(The Summit’s building explodes, some debris fly towards the group, resting outside=
Gaara: I’ll handle it! (a sand shield surrounds the group, protecting them from the debris; Yamato and Mizukage arrive near the shield shortly after)
Yamato: Are you okay?!
Gaara: Don’t worry, we’re fine. (the sand shield vanishes; a lot of steam comes out of the ruins, along with water pouring out, soaking the group’s feet.)

Kankurou: Do you think he’s dead?!
Ao: I wouldn’t bet on that… Byakugan! (he searches the ruins, he senses Sasuke’s chakra) He’s there, alive.
(An ominous laugh comes out the ruins; as the steam dissipates, it reveals an wet, cloakless Sasuke)
Naruto: Sasuke…
Sasuke: How kind of you, Yamato, Mizukage-sama, to perform such lovely Suiton jutsus against my Katon… not only it helped me acquire the thundercloud I needed, the water is at your feet.
White Zetsu: (with his head sticking out of an wall, thinking) Is he going to use that again? Is he that mad?!
Kakashi: (thinking) A thundercloud?! (looks up; a giant thundercloud is floating above them, roaring with thunder inside it) Is he using it… for a Raiton jutsu?!
Sasuke: (jumps to a still dry rock) Disappear with the thunder.

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(Sakura Scene)
(Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru and Hinata are flying in their birds; the Three Wolves Mountains are visible)
Shikamaru: According to my data, the Land of Iron is just ahead of us. Look, the Three Wolves.
Sai: Is that… a thundercloud, near those mountains?!
Shikamaru: What?! That’s odd for a cloudless sky…
Hinata: Byakugan! (She investigates the cloud) It’s a cloud moulded with chakra!
Sakura: A cloud… with chakra?
(The thundercloud roars, Kirin is unleashed)
Sakura: What was that?!
Hinata: For a moment… I saw a giant beast, made of lightning!
Shikamaru: A Raiton jutsu?! It must be…
Sakura: Sasuke…
Sakura & Hinata: (terrified) Naruto!

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* Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique!
** Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave!
*** Water Release: Destructive Rapid Torrents!
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