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Friday, August 7, 2009

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Numinous gave two predictions for Naruto 460 - enjoy both!

Naruto 460: A Failed Ambush
by: Numinous
Posted: 08 August

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(Kage Scene)
White Zetsu: Uchiha Sasuke is intruding... So, where do you think he is hiding?
Raikage: What?!
Tsuchikage: An Akatsuki, here?!
White Zetsu: That’s right…
Mifune: Summon all Samurai, quick!
Bald Guard: Yes, Mifune-sama! (vanishes)
Gaara: Uchiha Sasuke, here?
Mizukage: Ao!
Ao: Yes, ma’am! (searches the building with his Byakugan) He’s...!
Sasuke: (suddenly appears behind Mifune, with a Chidori Katana near Mifune's throat; the remaining guard drops dead) Inside. (White Zetsu disappears)

(Taka Scene)
(Taka is running to Kage's Summit building)
Karin: I knew that Zetsu was bad news!
Suigetsu: We must help Sasuke!
Juugo: Right. (the trio tries to enter the building, but White Zetsu appear before them)
White Zetsu: Fu fu fu fu... I can't allow that!
Karin: What?!
White Zetsu: Fu fu fu fu... (the ground below Taka starts to swallow them)
Karin: What is this?!
Suigetsu: Let me go! (they vanish into the ground)
White Zetsu: Now, wait for the show to end... (he disappears through the ground)

(Kage Scene)
Raikage: Uchiha Sasuke!
Sasuke: I'm flattered you know my name...
Raikage: Quit being arrogant, brat, don’t you think I forgot about what you done to my brother, Kirabi!
Sasuke: I did nothing to him.
Raikage: Are you insane?! You attacked him and took him away!
Sasuke: Not quite. ( the rest of Taka gets up) We thought we captured him, but he got away. He’s most certainly alive, hiding somewhere.
Raikage: I don’t trust the words of an Akatsuki!
Sasuke: Do as you please. Now where were we... oh, right, I don't care about the rest of you, I'm here for Danzou.
Danzou: It seems you caught up to me... hahahaha!!!
Sasuke: Don't laugh, you son of a b*tch! You'll pay for what you done to the Uchiha clan!
Danzou: I only did what was necessary to keep balance and harmony in Konoha.
Sasuke: Don't make such pitiful excuses!
Samurai: Mifune-sama!
Sasuke: Looks a fine time to show you your death. (he activates Mangekyo Sharingan)

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(Naruto Scene)
(Yamato’s wood clone is spying near the entrance of the Kage Summit’s building. All the Samurai are withdrawing to the interior)
(Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato are inside an house/inn)
Yamato: The Samurai are being summoned to the Kage Summit as we speak.
Kakashi: Something big must be going on in the Summit. I wonder what it is…
Naruto: What if it is Sasuke?!
Kakashi: Don’t jump into conclusions, Naruto. It can be some squabble between the Kages.
Yamato: Are you certain of that, Kakashi-senpai?!
Kakashi: If I was certain, I wouldn’t wonder, would I?!
Naruto: No matter, the Samurai aren’t watching, it’s our chance to crash the Summit! We got to go there!
Kakashi: There’s no stopping you, is there, Naruto? (Naruto smiles) Ok, let’s go!

(Konoha Scene)
(Shikamaru, Sai, Sakura and Shizune are in the tent)
Shikamaru: If that’s what you want to do, fine. Are you going to wait for him to tell him?!
Sakura: No. I won’t wait for Naruto anymore! I’ll go to him!
Shikamaru: You’ll go there? But by the time you get there, Naruto will be returning to the village!
Sakura: I know, but nonetheless I’ll go.
Shikamaru: If you go, I’ll go too. I must be certain the message is delivered.
Sakura: You don’t trust me?
Shikamaru: It’s not a matter of trusting you or not, you’re an emotional wreck right now and you might get hurt in the process, I’ll go just to make sure Naruto knows our decision.
Sakura: I… guess you’re right…

(Kage Scene)
(Mifune and his Samurai scream in agony, engulfed by Amaterasu, the Kages are shocked; their guards are in a defensive position)
Sasuke: (with his back turned to the Kages, he’s looking to the flames) A death by fire, you should feel honored.
Mizukage: Don't move. I’ll use a Suiton jutsu! (she’s performing a Serpent hand seal)
Danzou: It’s futile. (Mizukage breaks the hand seal) Amaterasu, the ever burning flames, will blaze everything it’s caster puts his sight on. Not even the most power Suiton can douse that fire.
Sasuke: It seems that you’re familiar with Amaterasu… I’m impressed. (turns around)
Danzou: Watch out!
(Sasuke looks in the direction of the Kages, but a wall of Gaara’s sand blocks the way, starting to burn)
Sasuke: Gaara, I was starting to miss your meddling sand…
Gaara: I can’t hold the flames forever, what about a strategy?!
Tsuchikage: Since you know so much about this jutsu, what do you suggest, Hokage?! (Danzou is silent)
Raikage: Say something, you bastard!
Sasuke: Since you won’t make your move, I’ll make mine. (powers up Chidori Sharp Spear, which begins to grow)

(Naruto Scene)
(They’re at the entrance of the Kage Summit’s building)
Kakashi: It’s awkwardly silent.
Yamato: What’s going on?! (Amaterasu’s flames appear from inside the corridor, leading to the Summit's room)
Naruto: These flames…
Kakashi: Tenzou, seal the flames before it’s too late!
Yamato: Yes, Kakashi-senpai! (they pick up a scroll, start to draw a seal and perform Bird, Rat, Horse and Tiger hand seals)
Kakashi & Yamato: Fuuka Houin!* (vapour appears from the scrolls, engulfing Amaterasu and sealing it. The kanji , “seal”, appears on the scrolls; Naruto enters the corridor)
Kakashi: Wait, Naruto!
White Zetsu: (revealing his face in a near wall) This will be interesting...

*Fire Sealing Method

(Kage Scene)
(Chidori Sharp Spear is almost piercing Gaara's sand wall; Amaterasu disappears)
Sasuke: What? (deactivates the Mangekyo Sharingan and stops Chidori Sharp Spear. A person’s silhouette is in the corridor, above the carbonized corpses) Who’s there?!
Naruto: SASUKE!!!

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by: Numinous

Naruto 460: Five Kages, Five Rogues, A Friendship.
Posted: 02 August

(Kage Scene)
(Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato at are in the Summit’s building entrance)
Samurai: You may pass. Mifune-sama gave the permission.
Yamato: Thank you. (the group enters, accompanied by the samurai. They walk in a corridor)
Kakashi: This is it, your second chance Naruto. You think this time he’ll listen?
Naruto: He has to! I can’t let them kill Sasuke!
Yamato: Even if the Raikage doesn’t listen to you, he must answer for the Hyuga incident.
Naruto: (thinking) The Hyuga incident… Hinata…
(Naruto’s group is in the Kage Summit’s room)
Naruto: (bows to Mifune) Thank you for welcoming us.

Kankurou: Hey, it’s really Naruto! But what’s with the bandages, he looks like that fishy Hokage…
Temari: Maybe it’s the new fashion in Konoha!
Kankurou: I didn’t know you were so vain, Temari…
Temari: Kankurou, learn to detect sarcasm, please.

Tsuchikage: (thinking) That silver hair and the droopy eyes… and the bright golden hair with blue eyes… (speaking) If I didn’t know better, I would say you’re the White Fang and the Yellow Flash! Their sons, I suppose?
Kakashi: Yes, that is correct. I’m Hatake Kakashi. (pointing to Naruto) And this is Uzumaki Naruto.
Yamato: I’m Yamato.
Mizukage: So the famous Naruto is the Yellow Flash’s son?! How prosperous! (thinking) Uzumaki… that’s an odd name for someone from Konoha. Last time I heard that name was in the now extinct Land of the Whirlpool.
Naruto: Thank you for the kind words, but I’m here to talk to the Raikage. (begins to bow)
Raikage: Do not bow to me, boy!
Naruto: (back to normal position) Uh?
Raikage: We have a favour to ask you, kiddo.
Gaara: We, the Kages, want you the lead the alliance between the Five Great Nations to counter the Akatsuki threat.
Naruto: (Naruto looks shocked) What?! Really?!
Mifune: Don’t be so hasty, Kazekage. Unanimity is still not found.
Mizukage: Uh?
Danzou: Correct. The leadership of this alliance should not fall in the hands of this Genin!
Raikage: He’s still a Genin?!
Gaara: You shouldn’t judge him by his rank. He’s on our level of power.
Yamato: And was a student of Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin.
Tsuchikage: Jiraiya’s student?! The more I hear from you, young Naruto, the more I’m convinced!
Danzou: Hmmmpfff… for your information, the Akatsuki that levelled Konoha was a student of Jiraiya too! (everyone looks shocked)
Naruto: Who are you to talk about Akatsuki?! If it wasn’t for you making a deal with Hanzou of the Rain and setting Pein in the path of revenge, maybe the Akatsuki would never been formed and Konoha would never been destroyed like that!

Temari: Burn!
Kankurou: That’s gotta hurt!

Mizukage: Well, well, what a shocking development, isn’t it, Hokage?!
Tsuchikage: And there goes the leftovers of your reputation down the toilet…
Raikage: Why I’m not even surprised... and I owe you an apology, Mizukage, for accusing you for the Akatsuki creation in your country.
Mizukage: Apology accepted. I'm just glad all was cleared up.
Danzou: What, you’re trusting his words?!
Mizukage: And why would we trust your words?
Danzou: I’m the Hokage, he’s a reject!
Mizukage: Are you calling him, the son of the Yondaime Hokage, the Yellow Flash…
Tsuchikage: Student of the Sage Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin…
Gaara: And student of Kakashi, the Copy Ninja, son of the White Fang…
Raikage: A reject?! Look at yourself, Kousokage*, before you speak!
Danzou: What did you just called me?!
Raikage: Oh, you don't hear very well… must I repeat, Kousokage?!
Danzou: War has started by much less, Raikage!
Raikage: And with what army will you come against me?! From what I acknowledged in this Summit, Konoha will ditch you at the first chance they get! Maybe only those puny guards of yours might come to your rescue!
Danzou: Konoha’s Shinobi will protect their Hokage’s reputation! (looks at Naruto and company; Naruto turns his face, Kakashi stares at the floor, Yamato looks back, nervously)
Tsuchikage: I wouldn’t count on that…
Mifune: This seems troublesome… may I suggest a pause in this Summit? A quick break, just to clear your minds. I recommend you to visit our wintry gardens, our snow roses are in their highest splendour this time of the year.
Tsuchikage: Good call, Mifune. You could carve a knife in the tension felt in this room.
Raikage: At last, you propose something decent, Mifune! I was growing tired of seeing this scum’s face!
Danzou: Hmmmpfff...
(All the Kages and their guardians exit the building, in order: Raikage, Tsuchikage, Danzou, Gaara and Mizukage; Naruto’s group is still in the corridor)
Yamato: I’ll talk with the Raikage about the Hyuga incident.
Kakashi: Be careful, Tenzou. I don’t think he’s in the mood for quarrels about the past.
Yamato: I know, Kakashi-senpai. I’ll handle the conversation with tact.
Kakashi: Want to talk with him too, Naruto?!
Naruto: I don’t know anymore what he wants! First he wants to kill Sasuke no matter what, and suddenly wants me to lead an alliance against Akatsuki?! I just can’t figure that out!
Kakashi: I thought you were getting used to change people’s minds.
Naruto: It’s just… weird.
(They’re outside, Yamato vanishes. Danzou, Fu and Torune await the group)
Danzou: Naruto… Kakashi… I would like to have a conversation with both of you.

*Kousokage: Sewer Rat’s Shadow

(Sasuke Scene)
(Sneaking on top of the Summit’s building roof)
Suigetsu: Oh boy, I wouldn’t want to be in Danzou’s skin right now!
Sasuke: They just made Danzou’s mask fall. I think this is the time.
Karin: What?!
White Zetsu: Aren’t you rushing this, Sasuke?
Sasuke: If it depends on Danzou, there won’t be any consensus. Think of it as a present to all Shinobi Nations.
Karin: But they’re forming an alliance to go after us!
Juugo: We’re in the front of their noses and still they didn’t detected us.
Sasuke: Juugo’s right. Even if they are after us, it’ll take some time.
White Zetsu: Just don’t make any foolish mistakes.
(Sasuke looks ate Danzou’s crew. Naruto and Kakashi are with them)
Sasuke: Damn you, Naruto, always in my way…
Karin: We got to wait… there’s no way we can defeat them.
Sasuke: Of course we’ll wait… an ambush in the open with them isn't something we can afford at the moment.

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(Sai and Sakura Scene)
(Flying on the ink bird, trees with snow fill the horizon)
Sakura: It’s getting cold… I should’ve brought a mantle.
Sai: Don’t worry, we’re getting close. See the snow on those trees in front of us?
Sakura: How can you be so passive about this freezing weather?! You’re wearing less than I am!
Sai: Maybe because I don’t bitch so much about stuff.
Sakura: What?! (tries to smack Sai, but the bird trembles)
Sai: Calm down or we fall!
Sakura: I thought you said the bird was stable!
Sai: And it is, if we don’t struggle on it!
Sakura: Guess you’re right… (thinking) Wait for us, Naruto.

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