Naruto 460 RAW Spoilers and Predictions

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

by: T.D.A., serenity85 and idol (NF)

Naruto460: The Web Encircling Sasuke!
by: Nja - 2Ch (Sho-NF)

Summary (Part 1-5)
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What is the unwanted intruder, Zetsu, there for...!?
Zetsu: "Hey, let's all go search for Sasuke~! Ooooh!"
Raikage: "What the hell!?"
Temari: "That guy..."
Gaara: "...Sasuke?"
Kankurou: "Why would he..?!"

Mizukage: "That Sharingan no..."*
Choujuurou: "?"
Ao: "The guy who beat Haku and Zabuza?"
Danzou: (Sasuke's here? It can't be...)

Kurotsuchi: "Who's he?"
Akatsuchi: Must be one of the members of "Akatsuki"..."
Raikage gets Zetsu in a headlock
"Where is Uchiha Sasuke!? Answer clearly!"
Zetsu: "!?" (He-He's crazy fast!)

Raikage: "If you don't answer, I'll show no mercy!"
Zetsu: "That's too bad...well I guess I could give a little hint-"

Raikage suddenly applies force on Zetsu's head ((Kill(ed)? Since we only see the panel where he applies force, it maybe that he's not dead.))

Raikage: "C! Begin!"
C: "Hah!"

Mizukage: "You shouldn't kill! If we only captured and interrogated him, we would've been able to gain information on "Akatsuki"."
Gaara: "There's no one who'll speak out against "Akatsuki". They're all hardcore."

Mifune: "Okisuke, Urakaku, find Sasuke with your very lives at once. And ready the #2 battle alert!"

Urakaku: "Hah!"

Okisuke and Urakaku are probably Mifune's entourage
Okisuke has thick eyebrows
Urakaku is bald
It could be they're opposites of each other

Raikage: "Eye of the Mist (about Ao), you watch over the Hokage!"
Ao: "!"
Raikage immediately crashes right through the wall
Raikage; "C! Darui! Let's go!"

Seems like they're searching for Sasuke
Darui: "Uh sorry for the desk and wall..."
C: "Hey Darui, don't worry about that. Let's go!"

Tsuchikage: "Geez what a brute. At this rate, even if that Cloud rough-neck became part of the 5-Kage..."

Okisuke radios the samurai

"#2 Battle Alert, find intruder Uchiha Sasuke. Dispatch 3-squads to the tower entrance and form a secure line."
Samurai: "Understood"

Karin: "!?" (This is...)
Sasuke: "What's wrong Karin?"
Karin: "The samurai have started moving around! And it looks like they're looking for us!"
Juugo: " was him."

The samurai are hurriedly walking around
Samurai A draws his sword(s) and goes close to the presence(?) across the pillar

Naruto's lying down
Tobi's (Madara) sitting on a window frame
Tobi: "How does a chat sound, eh Uzumaki Naruto?"

Naruto: "!?"
Naruto looks back: "You..bastard!"
Naruto immediately does Rasengan but Tobi avoids it

Tobi: "Going straight to Rasengan huh? You should know that's ineffective."
Tree(s) surround Tobi and capture him
Yamato: "Naruto, you be still now."
Tobi: "You live up to your reputation, Kakashi of the Sharingan. You're fast."
Kakashi: "You won't lay a hand on Naruto so easily, Uchiha Madara!"

Tobi: "So that means you should listen to what I just said. No attack will get through me, Uchiha Madara*"
*[trans note: the way he said his name is the same way he did when he introduced himself in the story: "kono Uchiha Madara"]

Kakashi: "So it is you, Uchiha Madara?! I knew it!"
Yamato: "I don't know whether you're here or if you change into a ghost, but you need to materialize your body to snatch up Naruto. If you don't do so, you can't get him. That's why we can get you. You're in my territory now."

Tobi: "Hehehe I didn't think of anything particularly special in coming here. I've got my own plans. Besides, now I just wanna talk."

Kakashi: "Talk?"

He's surrounded by that wood thing of Yamato's

Tobi: "Right. What was it that lead Pain's Nagato to betrayal? I have taken an interest in you, Naruto."

Naruto: "I don't give a damn about that! What the hell do you plan to do with Sasuke?! Tell me about him!"

Tobi: "Sasuke..."
Kakashi: "..."
Yamato: "..."

Tobi: "That's fine with me. I'll tell you then...tell of the young man who was infected by the hatred and malice that is part of this world of shinobi. I'll tell you of Uchiha Sasuke."

Naruto's facial expression changes

Samurai A gets close. The cloak is hanging on a pillar
Samurai A: "Already escaped..."
Sasuke gets close behind samurai A and strikes him down
Karin and co. are hidden

Karin: "No good, there's too many of them! I'll just find him quick and we'll catch him!"
Suigetsu: "I'll remember that guy Zetsu or whatever he said his name was!"

Samurai are all over the place
Samurai B takes out his sword and gathers(?) chakra

Karin looks on at that, hidden: "So samurai can control chakra too, huh?"
Samurai C, D, E, F, G, H are gathering(?) chakra along their swords

Suigetsu: "So they use chakra that way...?"
Karin: "Ah, Sasuke! Why'd he go-?!"
Sasuke goes next to samurai C, D, E, F, G, H
Sasuke: "I'm irritated right now. If you come, I don't think I can hold myself back..."

Samurai: "Hey I could say the same thing to you!"
The samurai sends chakra(?) from his sword
Sasuke repels it
Samurai D: "He repelled it?!"
Samurai E: "...It's similar to our own sword techniques..."

Juugo: "Karin, forget about the samurai. Sense Danzou's location."
Karin: "But what ABOUT the samurai?!"
Juugo: "I'll take on the samurai. At any rate there's Danzou still to go."

Sasuke stabs/kills the samurai
Karin: "!?" (Huh?)

There's a panel with Sasuke standing in the palm of the hand of a giant shadow/beast(?) that's behind him
Sasuke stabs/kills the samurai
Suigetsu: "And that guy... tells ME not to kill!"
Juugo: "This is..."

Karin can't stop trembling
Karin: (Sasuke's different. Nothing at all what it was like before...even moreso than when he had the 2nd level cursed seal transformation. It's so potent...and so cold)

Raikage and co. while they're running-
Darui: "There's a lot of chakra snuffed out around here! Most likely it's Sasuke's!"
Raikage: "Which one?"
Darui: "!" (Raikage-sama, that's-!)
C: "Right below us!" (This is serious...)

Looks like the Raikage is preparing an action-plan for facing Sasuke
Samurai: "He has companions?"
Karin: "!" "Something big's coming!"

For some inexplicable reason, Raikage is naked above the waist
He breaks through the ground to Sasuke directly below him

Raikage: "Little punk, I'll teach you to fear my wrath!"

Sasuke puts power into his eyes?
Hatred calls for battle!
The encounter between Sasuke and Raikage leads to an outbreak of war!

Finished! Saasei!* [trans note: ohana's little leave-note]

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Sasu-Saku and Naru-Hina
by: Nja - 2CH (Shounensuki)

The spine has Tsunade, the cover has Naruto and Sasuke (Confronting [naruto], Sasuke's eyes are dead)

The Raikage grabs White Zetsu's neck and asks: "Where is Sasuke?"
White Zetsu: I think it'll be all right if I gave you a hint
The instant he says this, Zetsu's neck is broken with a loud sound, making it go limp. White Zetsu is dead?

The Mizukage-sama says: "No killing"

The others are ordered to watch the Hokage, while [the Raikage] breaks through the wall to look for Sasuke

Madara visits the palce where Naruto is sleeping and asks: "Could we have a little chat?" He is instantly met with a Rasengan
Then Yamato and Kakashi appear and seize Madara
I only came to talk. I was interested in how you managed to convert Pain/Nagato
Naruto cross-examines him: "More importantly, what's up with Sasuke?"

Allright, I'll tell you about how Uchiha Sasuke fell into the darkness, the hatred and revenge that are the world of shinobi

Sasuke unhesitatingly kills the samurai who were patrolling after noticing something strange
Suigetsu sees this: "You told me not to kill, but aren't you doing that yourself right now?"
With her ability, Karin also senses an abnormal darkness and coldness from Sasuke
A person with a chakra that great...

It ends with the Raikage and his two subordinates encountering Sasuke
by: Nja - 2Ch (MH-aaghnoreply)

Here's my half-assed translation of the spoiler:

Tsunade on the spine, Naruto and Sasuke on the cover(confronting one another, Sasuke has lifeless eyes)

Raikage caught white zetsu by his neck and asks him where Sasuke is.
Zetsu tells him 'It wouldn't hurt to give you a hint I guess~'
The second he says this his neck is broken with a loud sound, is he dead?
Mizukage goes 'Killing is off limits'
Everyone else is ordered to keep watching Hokage while others break through the wall to go look for Sasuke

Madara comes to where Naruto's sleeping and asks him if they could talk for a while but is attacked with rasengan in return
Kakashi and Yamato make appearance and seize Madara
'I was only interested how you managed to change Nagato's beliefs so I came here to ask' says Madara
Naruto tells him that it doesn't matter and asks where Sasuke is

Madara goes 'Fine, let's talk about Sasuke who had fallen into darkness and about this world of shinobi, permeated with hatred and revenge'
Without any hesitation Sasuke strikes down Samurais standing in his way who'd noticed the abnormality around them
Suigetsu notices this and goes 'Why did you tell me not to kill, isn't that what you're doing now?'
Karin senses unusual 'darkness' and 'coldness' coming from Sasuke with her special ability
And then someone with insane amount of chakra appears

The chapter ends with Sasuke running into Raikage and his two underlings
by: MH - aaghnoreply

What Karin sensed seemed like a 'shadow' of someone's glare enveloping Sasuke from behind
Maybe he's being manipulated but maybe it's his hatred that took form of a 'shadow'
I dunno
by: NF Shounensuki

As Karin senses Sasuke from behind him, The expression in Sasuke's eyes is hidden by a shadow
It could be that he's being manipulated, or it could be the shadow of Sasuke's hatred
I don't know
by: Hatiffnatten
contributed by: jvv

Fan Art Prediction
CLICK Images to Enlarge

SJ = Shonen Jump
MK = Masashi Kishimoto

SJ: There's many rumours regarding Madara being the absolute final villain. Is this true?

MK: Madara being the final villain is yet to be seen and I can't let that information out just yet. But he will play a big part as a villain, that's for sure.

SJ: Now that it's officially known that Yondaime is Naruto's father, will you show more of Minato? continue here
by: Ironside

Naruto 460 Prediction

-White Zetsu will attack the Raikage

-Sasuke will reveal himself and launch his attack against Danzo.

-Gaara, Temari, and Kankouro and Mizukage and her guards will attack Sasuke as well

-Tsuikage and his bodyguards will target Zetsu and assist the Raikage

-Madara is preparing the along with Black Zetsu statue to use against the 5 kages and plunge the world into chaos, as well as dispose of Sasuke, Zetsu has the ability to regenerate either half of his body.

-Madara has been manipulating the Uchiha since his exile and used Shisui to manipulate the politics of Kohona, Itachi was the first person to resist the manipulative affects thus becoming an enemy of Madara's plans.

-Sakura, Shikamaru, and the rest of the kohona 11 will head for the kage meeting

-Sakura plans to ask Naruto to let her handle the caputuring of Sasuke to her and Ino.

-Shikamaru will organize the teams in perparation for Sasuke.

Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato will be alerted that the Kage meeting is under attack by Akatsuki and Team Taka by Team Samui.

Naruto and will rush to engage Sasuke.

White Zetsu will be taunting and shifting around the meeting room infuriating the Raikage, Tsukage and company.

Gaara will ask Sasuke why he is doing Akatsuki's bidding, Sasuke will tell him he is doing it for revenge, Gaara will respond by telling him he hasn't changed at all.

Danzo will unveil his sharigan against Sasuke shocking him promting him to ask how he got it.

Danzo plans to kill Sasuke and implant his Sharingan eye into his right eye giving him the manipulative power of Shisui, and Sasuke's/Itachi's Man

Chapter will end with Team Samui and Naruto, Kakashi, and Yamato arriving at the meeting
by: Freakout

Naruto 460 Prediction
by: Freakout

Zetsu: Sasuke is here and wants your head Hokage.

The Raikage breaks the table once and for all after learning this and shouts in the room with an enraged voice. “What this bastard of Uchiha is here? Where is he, tell me or you will regret it. I care less whom he is after but I WANT HIS HEAD RIGHT NOW!!! He will burn for what he did to my brother.

The Mizukage doubts. “Keep calm Raikage dono. Don’t rush things, why should we trust this halved guy/plant/whatever. He is of Akatsuki and this meeting is held because of them. Who tells us it is no trap to get rid of you?

Gaara agrees to this. “She is right; we have no reason to trust his drive.

The Tsuchikage grumbles. Yeah, this kid is right, Akatsuki is a very shady organization after all and I know this because we did business.

The Raikage stomps this statements. His wish for revenge has overtaken his thinking. Fuck that, no trap can stop me but I won’t miss the chance to behead him.

The others: Tsk…
The Raikage yells even louder now. You have ten seconds to tell me where this Sasuke is or I kill you right now…

Zetsu is not impressed by his threat. “Why should I fear you to even scratch me? I easily entered in this room who is supposed to by guarded with the best Samurai of the world and with no entering?

The Raikage jumps towards Zetsu but he just enter back in the earth and re-appears soon after again after the Raikage landed on the ground at Danzous feet.

Mifune who is now himself again because Danzou is distracted by the sudden appearance of Zetsu and Raikages rush, wonders where he is now.

“What did just happen, I feel dizzy, it is somehow like someone or something took over me and controlled me. The last I remember was that the Kages and there bodyguard took there seats in the meeting room.”

Second later he is fully clear and notice Zetsu who is laughing crazy. “What, how did you enter here, all is guarded by my best warriors. No one and I mean really no one is able to fool my guards, not even a Kage: How did you enter and why are you here.

Zetsu turns his head and looks towards him. “Ahhhh, so you are awaken and freed from Danzous grip. That is good so I can speak freely.

In the wooden cottage where Naruto and co resists is something moving.

Kakashi notice Narutos sneak. “Hey Naruto, what are you planning on doing that late? No don’t answer me, you want to show up and the meeting to speak with Raikage-dono and the other Kages. Well, there is no meaning in trying to get this thinking out of your head and Danzou will learn about our leave soon anyway, if he doesn’t already know.

Tenzou also woke up by this tumult. “Hey whats going on here, I slept so well a moment ago and had a beautiful dream.” (Some panels where he is outshining Kakashi are shown)
“Nothing Tenzou nothing, Naruto was just about to go out for a little walk.”

“Then tell him he shall return more quietly if he would please” and soon after he fall asleep again.

“Thanks Kakashi sensei.”
“All right, all right I just didn’t want to here his complaining just yet. But wait a sec, in case something happens I will send Pakkun such he can inform me. I just wonder how you want to get around all the guards. I believe you wouldn’t be dumb enough to just burst in. This wouldn’t do any good for your request.”

“Don’t panic, besides drawing natural chakra I also learned a few other techniques at Mt. Myobokuzan which will help me sneak in.”

“I wonder if this is true but I will learn soon enough if it worked.”

“Trust me, I’m all right.”

“Well then, good luck. You will need it.

Back to the Meeting.

“Well, well, listen. I heard each word you spoke and all plans you did make…”

“Don’t blubber and tell me where this shithead is.”

“My, my Raikage, rush type, aren’t we? Such a hot head… arguing about other nation not dealing with there criminals but…

The Raikage seems shocked for the first time. „How…?!”

While the others become attentive. “!!!”
“… Your little friend was the best acquisition Akatsuki made. He really is enrichment for us. If he could have assisted us in the Jinchu hunt we already had all of them. Unluckily he was dispatched to an even more important quest…”

A shade closes to Madara in another place.

“Here are the items you requested leader.”

“Very well Taijin, you arrived way earlier than I expected. You really worth to be Raikage not like your friend.”

“He is not my friend anymore.”

“You right and you deserve more than just a puny little village like Kumogakure.
With these items I am one big step closer to my goal… I order you to help Kisame. He is hunting for someone you know well, Kirabee, the eight tails.”

“As you wish leader.” So he vanishes to close to Kisame.

“But he soon should return but this is of no concern for you anymore. You want Sasuke, well try to get him if you want him so bad but I won’t say where exactly he is. He is near, and that’s all I tell. However, as I already told you I overheard everything and as well that you are planning on forging an alliance of the five great nations against us and that you quarrel for whom shall become the leader. Since Danzou was controlling Mifune his words until know shouldn’t count.”

(“I was what…”)

“I would recommend that the one who catches and kills Sasuke may be put in charge for this ring. Isn’t that a sporty idea which promises fun? *evil laugh* However I doubt one of you alone could put him down, not even with support of your bodyguards. And now I give you my regrets. Have a good time. *more laughs*”

“How dare you…”

In Konoha the gang is on the moving.

“If it is necessary, we kill Sasuke but I hope it won’t…”

“We too Shikamaru”

“Naruto you idiot… As long as I can’t forget Sasuke it wouldn’t end well and also there is Hinata… but I will release you from your promise. This is my thanks for your affection and support all this years…”

“Sakura… I’m sorry but right now Sasuke appears to be a big threat for Konoha.”

Also Kabuto just reached the border of the Iron country. His body is covered with scales

“So we meet soon Sasuke… I also wonder if I finally meet my parents. *crazy laugh* At least father will be there, that is sure… *more laughing*”

Also something happens where Sasuke and Taka are located.

Karin is not really surprised.

“So Zetsu has stabbed our back…”
“No wonder, I never trusted him or any of Akatsuki. I’m just here to meet with Kisame and get his Samehada.”


“He doesn’t react.” Juugu and Sugitsu notice.

“What is this, this is a strange chakra reading I can feel but why didn’t Karin notice, maybe it is to unique for her to notice. It comes in our direction though not exact; it rather seems to aim for the summit… I must check it out; it may be a threat for my plans.”

While the others still try to speak with Sasuke he just leaves without a word, towards the direction he felt the energy from. He was to fast for them to keep up and so they lost him. Only Karin was able to trace him slightly.

At the Kage summit a decision was made.

“This meeting has a break now, I will hunt and kill Sasuke before he leaves and then we can talk more about Akatsuki.” And so the Raikage left with his guards.

“Well since the Raikage now left there isn’t much of a chance to continue but my bodyguard will keep his eye on you, Hokage.”

Sasuke atop a three…

“So you’re the one sending out this strange chakra waves Naruto.”

“Sa-su-ke… why… are… you… here?”

The two friends meet again once more. What will happen next. Will ther be a clash a interruption or does Sasuke just leave for his real goal. Learn What happens next in chapter 461.
by: Numinous

Naruto 460: A Failed Ambush

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(Kage Scene)

White Zetsu: Uchiha Sasuke is intruding... So, where do you think he is hiding?
Raikage: What?!
Tsuchikage: An Akatsuki, here?!
White Zetsu: That’s right…
Mifune: Summon all Samurai, quick!
Bald Guard: Yes, Mifune-sama! (vanishes)
Gaara: Uchiha Sasuke, here?
Mizukage: Ao!
Ao: Yes, ma’am! (searches the building with his Byakugan) He’s...!
Sasuke: (suddenly appears behind Mifune, with a Chidori Katana near Mifune's throat; the remaining guard drops dead) Inside. (White Zetsu disappears)

(Taka Scene)

(Taka is running to Kage's Summit building)
Karin: I knew that Zetsu was bad news!
Suigetsu: We must help Sasuke!
Juugo: Right. (the trio tries to enter the building, but White Zetsu appear before them)
White Zetsu: Fu fu fu fu... I can't allow that!
Karin: What?!
White Zetsu: Fu fu fu fu... (the ground below Taka starts to swallow them)
Karin: What is this?!
Suigetsu: Let me go! (they vanish into the ground)
White Zetsu: Now, wait for the show to end... (he disappears through the ground)

(Kage Scene)
Raikage: Uchiha Sasuke!
Sasuke: I'm flattered you know my name...
Raikage: Quit being arrogant, brat, don’t you think I forgot about what you done to my brother, Kirabi!
Sasuke: I did nothing to him.
Raikage: Are you insane?! You attacked him and took him away!
Sasuke: Not quite. ( the rest of Taka gets up) We thought we captured him, but he got away. He’s most certainly alive, hiding somewhere.
Raikage: I don’t trust the words of an Akatsuki!
Sasuke: Do as you please. Now where were we... oh, right, I don't care about the rest of you, I'm here for Danzou.
Danzou: It seems you caught up to me... hahahaha!!!
Sasuke: Don't laugh, you son of a b*tch! You'll pay for what you done to the Uchiha clan!
Danzou: I only did what was necessary to keep balance and harmony in Konoha.
Sasuke: Don't make such pitiful excuses!
Samurai: Mifune-sama!
Sasuke: Looks a fine time to show you your death. (he activates Mangekyo Sharingan)
(Naruto Scene)
(Yamato’s wood clone is spying near the entrance of the Kage Summit’s building. All the Samurai are withdrawing to the interior)
(Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato are inside an house/inn)
Yamato: The Samurai are being summoned to the Kage Summit as we speak.
Kakashi: Something big must be going on in the Summit. I wonder what it is…
Naruto: What if it is Sasuke?!
Kakashi: Don’t jump into conclusions, Naruto. It can be some squabble between the Kages.
Yamato: Are you certain of that, Kakashi-senpai?!
Kakashi: If I was certain, I wouldn’t wonder, would I?!
Naruto: No matter, the Samurai aren’t watching, it’s our chance to crash the Summit! We got to go there!
Kakashi: There’s no stopping you, is there, Naruto? (Naruto smiles) Ok, let’s go!

(Konoha Scene)
(Shikamaru, Sai, Sakura and Shizune are in the tent)
Shikamaru: If that’s what you want to do, fine. Are you going to wait for him to tell him?!
Sakura: No. I won’t wait for Naruto anymore! I’ll go to him!
Shikamaru: You’ll go there? But by the time you get there, Naruto will be returning to the village!
Sakura: I know, but nonetheless I’ll go.
Shikamaru: If you go, I’ll go too. I must be certain the message is delivered.
Sakura: You don’t trust me?
Shikamaru: It’s not a matter of trusting you or not, you’re an emotional wreck right now and you might get hurt in the process, I’ll go just to make sure Naruto knows our decision.
Sakura: I… guess you’re right…

(Kage Scene)
(Mifune and his Samurai scream in agony, engulfed by Amaterasu, the Kages are shocked; their guards are in a defensive position)
Sasuke: (with his back turned to the Kages, he’s looking to the flames) A death by fire, you should feel honored.
Mizukage: Don't move. I’ll use a Suiton jutsu! (she’s performing a Serpent hand seal)
Danzou: It’s futile. (Mizukage breaks the hand seal) Amaterasu, the ever burning flames, will blaze everything it’s caster puts his sight on. Not even the most power Suiton can douse that fire.
Sasuke: It seems that you’re familiar with Amaterasu… I’m impressed. (turns around)
Danzou: Watch out!
(Sasuke looks in the direction of the Kages, but a wall of Gaara’s sand blocks the way, starting to burn)
Sasuke: Gaara, I was starting to miss your meddling sand…
Gaara: I can’t hold the flames forever, what about a strategy?!
Tsuchikage: Since you know so much about this jutsu, what do you suggest, Hokage?! (Danzou is silent)
Raikage: Say something, you bastard!
Sasuke: Since you won’t make your move, I’ll make mine. (powers up Chidori Sharp Spear, which begins to grow)

(Naruto Scene)
(They’re at the entrance of the Kage Summit’s building)
Kakashi: It’s awkwardly silent.
Yamato: What’s going on?! (Amaterasu’s flames appear from inside the corridor, leading to the Summit's room)
Naruto: These flames…
Kakashi: Tenzou, seal the flames before it’s too late!
Yamato: Yes, Kakashi-senpai! (they pick up a scroll, start to draw a seal and perform Bird, Rat, Horse and Tiger hand seals)
Kakashi & Yamato: Fuuka Houin!* (vapour appears from the scrolls, engulfing Amaterasu and sealing it. The kanji , “seal”, appears on the scrolls; Naruto enters the corridor)
Kakashi: Wait, Naruto!
White Zetsu: (revealing his face in a near wall) This will be interesting...

*Fire Sealing Method

(Kage Scene)
(Chidori Sharp Spear is almost piercing Gaara's sand wall; Amaterasu disappears)
Sasuke: What? (deactivates the Mangekyo Sharingan and stops Chidori Sharp Spear. A person’s silhouette is in the corridor, above the carbonized corpses) Who’s there?!
Naruto: SASUKE!!!

Next Chapter: Judgement

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Zetsu-san's Poll of the Week
Coolest Sharingan
A - Itachi's Mangekyou Sharingan
B - Kakashi's/Obito's Mangekyou Sharingan
C - Madara's Original Mangekyou Sharingan
D - Madara's Eternal Mangekyuo Sharingan
E - Sasuke's Mangekyou Sharingan
F - Izuna's Mangekyou Sharingan
Show results
by: The Special One

Ambush (Everyone is stunned by Zetsu's shocking appearance.)

"UCHIHA SASUKE! COMEOUT YOU TRAITROUS DOG," yelled Raikage. "Sir let us handle the small work," said Shii. "Maybe we should get the other Kages to order their subordinates to plan an assault," said Darui.

"Otta my way," said Raikage. (Raikage snatches Darui's blade from him and pushes him to the side.) "Lord Raikage," mumbled Shii.

(The other Kages are unable to react to the Raikage's shocking actions..)
"Akatuski fool begone," yelled Raikage. (Raikage channels lightning chakra into the blade and slips into mid air. As he swings the weapon downward. The Rest of the Kages take notice and prepare themselves and their subordniates to evacuate immediately.)

"Looks like I'm today's pick," said Zetsu. (Raikage's blade is engulfed in a lightning bolt like shape. Talk is short as in a split second everyone evacuates and the area is reduced to rubble. It appears as though a huge thunderbolt shook the foundation. Samurai, Falcon, and Team 7 takes notice. The building collaspses in Raikage's wake. The dust clears revealing a dissapointed Raikage.)

"He got away. So, you are here in the Land of Iron. You'll pay dearly for this Uchiha Sasuke. I'll find you, you scum of a missing-nin," said Raikage.

(Switch Scene to Team 7. Yamato and Kakashi are in Naruto's room.)

"Did you guys hear that too," said Naruto. "Yeah, it sounded very close by," said Yamato.
"Guys, come with me for a second," said Kakashi. (They all stand outside. Kakashi activates the sharingan.)

"Just as I feared. It seems The summit of the Kages has been attacked. I sense a strong trail of chakra toward that area" said Kakashi. "What the hell? A suprise attack on the Kage. Who could be behind this," asked Yamato. "I don't know. Who'd be stupid enough to pull such a stunt. Whoever it is, they must have faith in their abilities," said Kakashi.

"You think it was an inside job," asked Yamato.

"Do you think The Hokage could be in danger," asked Naruto. "I don't know about that. But let's say whoever it is, is strong enough to defeat at least one of the Kages. The structure of the entire shinobi world would be drastically altered. This could spark a global catastrophic warfare between the nations if it were the Kages fighting amongst each other. The state of confusion and diaster the world would be in would be unheard of," said Kakashi.

"It could be even bigger than another shinobi war given the circumstances," said Yamato. "Another war is not what the shinobi world needs. We need to get over there and stop whatever is going on. Although, I don't like Danzou, we shouldn't just stand here and let the village's Hokage be hurt," said Naruto.

"What do you say," asked Yamato. "Even though I would normally let the Kages deal with matters such as these. This is indeed an emergency. Naruto, get prepared, we're heading out. There should be aids with the Kages.. Prepare for whatever outcome," said Kakashi. "Right," said Naruto.

(Switch Scene to Konoha's hut)

"I'm going as well," said Sai. "But Sai," said Shikamaru. "I'm apart of Team 7 as well. If presevering the integrity and safety our of squad is Sakura's concern, it is also mine. Besides, I need to be there for Naruto as well," said Sai.

"Don't count me out either. I won't tell the other guys, but Naruto is an important aspect to this village. Though because of that we instinctively placed so much pressure on him. At the same time he still has responsibility given his masters. I need to have a talk with him as also. I am a personal friend to Naruto. How he feels is my direct concern" said Shikamaru.

"You guys," said Sakura in a calm voice.

(Switch Scene to open snowy plain. The subordinates and the Kages talk amongst themselves.)

"Damn that man! Because of him we lost our biggest lead on Akatsuki," said Tuschikage. "Raikage is known for his short fuse and explosive power and ninjutsu. He is not one to be taken lightly, and Good work Aoi . By the way Hokage. Don't think you've cleared your tracks, I want answers right now," said Mizukage.

"You've tricked us," said Gaara. "What is the meaning of this Hokage. Spit it out," said Tushikage.

"Torune, fu," said Danzou. (They guard him.) "So, is it true what the Mizukage's guard mentioned," said Mifune.

"Listen here old man. You better say something," said Kankuro. "Calm down," said Gaara.

(Raikage comes crashing in with Shii and Darui.)

"If you don't talk Sasuke's head won't be the only thing I take home," said Raikage. "I think there are more matters you should concern yourself with. Like Akatuski," said Danzou.

(Immediately Danzou reveals the sharingan. Everyone face north.)

"There's four of them behind Danzou. They're moving in very fast. Get ready Chojiro," said Aoi

(Aoi reveals his Byakugan. Chojiro pulls out his Hiramekarei which is a twin bladed like numchuck. The blades have Jagged teeth marks moving down where the blade slices. They are wide-short swords that arc.)

"Kankuro and Temari," yelled Gaara. "Right on it," said Kankuro. (His puppet is revealed to be Sasori, Temari pulls out her fan.)

"Time to bag me some Uchiha," said Raikage. (He pulls off his cloak revealing a finely chizzled body. He cracks his nuckles.)

"Look at em. He's all fired up," said Shii. "This time please don't put my life in danger," said Durai. "Ha, ha, ha.. I'm competiting with the other Kages and subordinates this time. I'm gonna bull doze my way through everyone until the Uchiha lie dead at my feet," said Raikage.

(Durai readies his blade.)

"I don't SAY this enough, but give them hell you guys. I'm too old for this mess," said Tuschikage. "We've got you've covered old man," said Kurozuchi. "Don't want you to pull a muscle," said Akazuchi.
(Switch Scene to Team Falcon then are above the Kages and their subordinates.)

"Sasuke, like oh my God. The chakra levels I'm feeling right now are life threateneing. Are you sure we can take Danzou and still save ourselves," said Karin. "I'll use Amaterasu. No one will stand in my way," said Sasuke.

"WHat the hell? Are you thinking about attacking the other Kages as well? What has gotten into you said," Karin. "Let me tell you one thing. I don't give a damn about what happens to the world. I'm an avenger. Revenge is everything to me. My goal, my life dreams has no bearing on what happens to the world outside in my view. It is time I live for myself," said Sasuke.

"Wow, Sasuke," said Suigetsu.

"You're freaking crazy, what the hell," yelled Karin. "You wouldn't understand. I don't expect you to. You can drop this if you like, this is my dream, my reality," said Sasuke. (Sasuke activates Mangekyou Sharingan and uses Amaterasu. The sky is covered in black flames as it prepares to collide with the Kages.)

(Switch Scene to Team 7)

"Amaterasu," said Kakashi. "So it must be a person with the sharingan," said Naruto. "Itachi is already dead. It is either Madara, or, or," said Kakashi. "Sasuke," said Naruto firmly.

(Switch Scene to the Kages.)

"What what the hell is this technique," asked Raikage. "A black flame.. Uchiha Sasuke is here. I know this is one of the Mangekyou Sharingan's techniques," said Danzou. "Mangekyou, never though I'd hear that word again," said Aoi.

"Whatever the case is. Prepare for collision. Uchiha Sasuke has struck war with the Shinobi World," said Danzou. (Raikage gets in front.)

"That's the same technique that was said to have been used on Killer Bee. Not on my watch! I'm not going to let that punk do as he pleases. He is a missin nin. I'll put an end to it myself. You guys stand clear of the real shinobi. DO YOU HERE ME," yelled Raikage. (Raikage begins making handseals.)

Next Chapter: Sasuke Strikes War on the Kages An Explosive Battle Begins.

by: jeanericuser

Naruto 460: Eye of the Moon

Zetsu is standing in the center of the room. The Kage's guards are inching closer to Zetsu. Tsuchikage looks at Zetsu then suddenly
smiles as if recognizing someone familiar. Tsuchikage waves to his guards and they lower their weapons as if they too recognize Zetsu.
Tsuchikage: "Relax everyone. This is merely the errand boy of akatsuki, Zetsu. He is no major threat."
Zetsu smiles as he looks at Tsuchikage and then looks at the others with a slightly nervous expression.
Raikage: "He is a member of akatsuki! He should be killed on sight! No exceptions!"
Tsuchikage: "I said relax! This mere boy is barely strong enough to lift a kunai but nothing more."

Mifune: "Guards! Arrest this member of akatsuki immediately."
Zetsu: "If you arrest me you will never learn where sasuke is or where the cloud village's jinchuriki has fled to. As Tsuchikage has said, I am merely a messenger."
Raikage: "Alright! You have made your point! Mifune recall the guards. Everyone return to your positions. Lets hear what this akatsuki has to say."
Zetsu looks at everyone and smiles. The guards have left the room and the bodyguards are back at their original positions.
Zetsu: "Thank you. As Tsuchikage has made you all aware of, I am a messenger for akatsuki. I have a message and gift for you directly from the current leadership of akatsuki."
Everyone gasps in shock and looks at him with curious expressions.
Zetsu: "Over the last few years, there has been a splintering within the ranks of akatsuki. While one faction has continued offering aid to countless villages, the other half has carried out these attacks on your villages."
Raikage: "Enough with the history lesson, get to the point!"
Zetsu: "The new leadership of akatsuki wishes to make restitution for the acts perpetrated by our members. To that end we are handing over to you, Sasuke Uchiha as well as all those responcible for the attack on the cloud village."
Raikage: "Than where is sasuke uchiha!? Tell me right now!"
Zetsu: "He is right outside this building attempting to sneak in for what he thinks is gonna be a sneak attack."
Mifune: "Guards! Search the village immediately! We have intruders!"
Raikage: "Now where is my brother!?"
Zetsu: "We are searching for him as we speak and will notify you when we have found him."
Zetsu vanishes in a cloud of smoke and Raikage is now leaving the table.

Sasuke and team hawk is hiding against the wall of a building looking at the entrance to the Kage meeting chambers. Suddenly alarm bells start ringing. Karin looks around in panic and grabs sasuke's shoulder.
Karin: "We have to get out of here now! Its too dangerous to stay here!"
Sasuke: "Do you see zetsu anywhere?"
Karin: "No sign at all. Its as if he vanished."
Suigetsu then suddenly collapses to the ground unconscious. Karin looks annoyed at him and tries to wake him up.
Karin: "Wake up you idiot!"

Karin then suddenly collapses to the ground unconscious.
Juugo: "Someone is targeting us with genjutsu. I will try to figure out where the person responcible is."
Juugo suddenly gets hit with a dart and pulls it out. Juugo looks at sasuke and his vision is very blury. Juugo collapses to the ground.
Sasuke: "You have eliminated the rest of my team. Now are you brave enough to face me in person."
Sasuke deflects a dart off his sword and stares directly at where the dart came from. Suddenly a large amount of water falls from the sky on top of sasuke. Sasuke looks above to see Mizukage holding a hand sign. Suddenly before he has a chance to react, the water freezes into solid ice holding sasuke still in a solid block of ice. Raikage walking towards sasuke from around a corner.
Raikage: "At last we finally meet, Sasuke Uchiha."
Raikage punches sasuke hard in the face and sasuke slips unconscious as more ninja arrive on the scene.

Madara and Zetsu are watching the Iron Country Village from a distance away. Zetsu is now reunited with his lighter half.
Zetsu: "Do you think the bought it?"
Madara: "Well right now they have one less reason to search for us now."
Zetsu light: "May I ask, why is the plan called Eye of the Moon."
Zetsu dark: "It simple. We needed to have their focus be on something else instead of us. That is why we betrayed sasuke. His team was a liability."
Madara: "An expensive liability but expendable none the less."
Zetsu light: "But why that name?"
Madara: "In the darkness of night, some times the only thing visable to some things is the presence of things visable by moonlight. Sasuke in his own way has brought our actions to light thus allowing them to know about us. But once sasuke is gone, our actions will once again be unknown to the other villages thus we may once again move freely without reprecussions for our actions."

Naruto and Kakashi are at a resturant. Naruto is not eating his food while a steamy bowl of ramen sits next to him. Kakashi is looking at his book. Kakashi looks at naruto and then puts down his book.
Kakashi: "You better eat that ramen before it gets cold."
Naruto: "Im not hungry."
Kakashi: "You haven't eaten in a long while. Besides this one is on me."
Naruto: "...."
Yamoto enters into the resturant. He has a grim look on his face. Yamoto sits down next to kakashi.
Yamoto: "I have some good news and some very bad news."
Naruto: "Whats the bad news?"
Kakashi "The caught him didnt they?"
Yamoto: "Correct. Sasuke Uchiha has just been captured in the Iron Country Village."
Kakashi: "It was bound to happen sooner or later."
Naruto: "I wonder what they will do to him now that they have captured him."
Yamoto: "Thats actually the good news. The bad news is that they have decided to transport him to the cloud village for a live execution."
Naruto: "When?"
Yamoto: "Unknown."
Kakashi: "Probably after Raikage and the others are done torturing him for information."
Naruto: "Sasuke."
Sasuke is shown shirtless with bruises all over his body. He is chained to a wall in a prison cell.

Next chapter: The Last Hours of Sasuke Uchiha

Kakashi 's Face Revealed!!

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1. Danzou Manipulating Mifune!

Thanks to Ao and his acquired byakugan souvenir - for revealing what is underneath the bandages! Eveybody's beloved 6th Hokage is already is in deep sh#t now!
  • * First, they already know that he's got a sharingan!
  • * Second, they are now fully aware of the ability Shisui Uchiha's transplanted sharingan - one of the most powerful techniques - Mind Control!!
2. Who Is Shisui Uchiha?

first mentioned in Naruto 222

He was one of the most talented of the Uchiha clan. Shisui was the best friend of Itachi Uchiha. However, when Itachi began to act oddly, Shisui was instructed by the Konoha Military Police to keep tabs on him. Soon afterwards Shisui was found drowned in a river. Although it appeared to be a suicide, the police suspected Itachi had murdered him and used his Sharingan to fake a suicide note. Itachi later confirmed this.

At some point in the past, Shisui fought with Ao. Ao retains an acute memory of Shisui's chakra and ability to control others with his Sharingan. Because of this, he recognizes that Shisui's right arm and eye were transplanted into Danzo.

3. Ao With Byakugan?????

This is totally unforgivable Kishi!! Not yet satisfied with all the Sharingan transplant? I can't understand why you would have to resort to a Byakugan transplant just to reveal Danzou's secret - I mean c'mon Kishi - did you just ran out of ideas?? I wont be surprised if another character will show up with the Rinnegan!!

4. Wrong Timing Zetsu!!!

What was Zetsu doing showing up in the middle of the heated meeting?? Its so freaky - just look at him (sorry Zetsu-san)!! His timing is really off!! It would have been nice if Danzou had been clobbered by the other Kages and the Iron Country!!

5. Danzou Is Not Madara

"Everyone who came on board the Madara=Danzou=Tobi=Everyone bandwagon can now admit that they were mind-controlled by Danzou to think and act that way--basing on the facts discovered in the last chapter" by: kinjo

6. Why don't ya all give your comment on this one??

7. Naruto Vs. Sasuke Soon!!

We all know that this is imminent. And my guess - its just around the corner!!

Hey guys, we got two weeks anticipating the next chapter - why don't you all share your thoughts and opinions! ENJOY!!
by: gamatoyo

Scene : Kages’ meeting floor
White Zetsu : Sasuke is here somewhere…the question is where…? I will give you an answer, if only you listen….
Raikage : Stand down everyone! I want some info on my…..
White Zetsu : Yes, yes. That is why I am here, to do business. You know what I mean. Right, Tsuchikage?
Tsuchikage face turns red.
Tsuchikage : State your business! I don’t welcome any games!
All kages back-off from their table while all the bodyguards take position in front of their respective kages.
The main door open and came a number of Samurai, making a round grid, surrounding everyone. Mifune shook his head, as if coming back from a daydream and look around.
Mifune : Secure the parameter, inside and out! Now, Akatsuki. Let us hear, what info is more valuable than your head!

Scene : Naruto’s room
Sound of a screeching alarm was heard from a distant. Naruto went out the door, and found Kakashi and Yamato on an alert guard.
Naruto : What was that? What happen?
Kakashi : Be on your guard, Naruto. We will know soon enough. Be ready for anything.
Yamato was closing his eyes, full in concentration. And then, his face turns alarmed and distress.

Scene : Taka’s hideout
Sasuke : (whispering) Suigetsu, take my robe. Now, all the three of you, make a run for it.
Karin, Juugo : ???
Suigetsu : Understood. Come on fools. Sasuke needs a diversion.
Sasuke : Now!!!
Suigetsu, wearing Sasuke’s robe, makes his move, loudly (by crashing the roof), making sure those downstairs heard him. Karin and Juugo followed.

Scene : Kages’ meeting floor
Upon hearing the noise, all look up and saw a few people between the smokes of the crashed roof tiles, one wearing a robe with an Uchiha crest.
Raikage : Damn you brat!
Raikage jumped and starts pursuit while both his bodyguards follows.
White Zetsu : That’s what I was trying to WARN you. Do you trust me know?
White Zetsu goes melting into the floor and dissapear.
Tsuchikage : Let’s retreat. I don’t think the meeting is going to continue. At least for a while.
MIzukage : No! I want to see that eye, Hokage. Now!
Mifune wave his hand, signalling his Guard Captain. The samurai now all concentrate their human grid on the Leaf’s position.
Danzou : (whispering to his bodyguards) so it has come to this. Follow my lead and give me all the loyalty that you got, even when it means you death!
Danzou pull his bandage up, his sharingan already activated.

Scene : Tobi and black Zetsu
White Zetsu appears from the snow and merge with black Zetsu.
Tobi : So, how was it? Are those Kages and Sasuke fighting already?
Zetsu, now fully merge, is ignoring Tobi. Instead he is focusing on a tree some distant from Tobi’s back. Suddenly thousands of vines appears from the ground around the tree and engulf it. Yamato face appears on the tree trunk, seems stuck and unable to get free.
Zetsu : It is rare for you to be off your guard, Madara. You must be really anxious about today.
Tobi : Hmm. Need some damage control than…

Scene : Naruto, Kakashi, Yamato
Yamato : They are here!
Naruto and kakashi : ?????

by: Numinous

Naruto 460: Five Kages, Five Rogues, A Friendship.

(Kage Scene)
(Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato at are in the Summit’s building entrance)
Samurai: You may pass. Mifune-sama gave the permission.
Yamato: Thank you. (the group enters, accompanied by the samurai. They walk in a corridor)
Kakashi: This is it, your second chance Naruto. You think this time he’ll listen?
Naruto: He has to! I can’t let them kill Sasuke!
Yamato: Even if the Raikage doesn’t listen to you, he must answer for the Hyuga incident.
Naruto: (thinking) The Hyuga incident… Hinata…
(Naruto’s group is in the Kage Summit’s room)
Naruto: (bows to Mifune) Thank you for welcoming us.

Kankurou: Hey, it’s really Naruto! But what’s with the bandages, he looks like that fishy Hokage…
Temari: Maybe it’s the new fashion in Konoha!
Kankurou: I didn’t know you were so vain, Temari…
Temari: Kankurou, learn to detect sarcasm, please.

Tsuchikage: (thinking) That silver hair and the droopy eyes… and the bright golden hair with blue eyes… (speaking) If I didn’t know better, I would say you’re the White Fang and the Yellow Flash! Their sons, I suppose?
Kakashi: Yes, that is correct. I’m Hatake Kakashi. (pointing to Naruto) And this is Uzumaki Naruto.
Yamato: I’m Yamato.
Mizukage: So the famous Naruto is the Yellow Flash’s son?! How prosperous! (thinking) Uzumaki… that’s an odd name for someone from Konoha. Last time I heard that name was in the now extinct Land of the Whirlpool.
Naruto: Thank you for the kind words, but I’m here to talk to the Raikage. (begins to bow)
Raikage: Do not bow to me, boy!
Naruto: (back to normal position) Uh?
Raikage: We have a favour to ask you, kiddo.
Gaara: We, the Kages, want you the lead the alliance between the Five Great Nations to counter the Akatsuki threat.
Naruto: (Naruto looks shocked) What?! Really?!
Mifune: Don’t be so hasty, Kazekage. Unanimity is still not found.
Mizukage: Uh?
Danzou: Correct. The leadership of this alliance should not fall in the hands of this Genin!
Raikage: He’s still a Genin?!
Gaara: You shouldn’t judge him by his rank. He’s on our level of power.
Yamato: And was a student of Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin.
Tsuchikage: Jiraiya’s student?! The more I hear from you, young Naruto, the more I’m convinced!
Danzou: Hmmmpfff… for your information, the Akatsuki that levelled Konoha was a student of Jiraiya too! (everyone looks shocked)
Naruto: Who are you to talk about Akatsuki?! If it wasn’t for you making a deal with Hanzou of the Rain and setting Pein in the path of revenge, maybe the Akatsuki would never been formed and Konoha would never been destroyed like that!

Temari: Burn!
Kankurou: That’s gotta hurt!

Mizukage: Well, well, what a shocking development, isn’t it, Hokage?!
Tsuchikage: And there goes the leftovers of your reputation down the toilet…
Raikage: Why I’m not even surprised... and I owe you an apology, Mizukage, for accusing you for the Akatsuki creation in your country.
Mizukage: Apology accepted. I'm just glad all was cleared up.
Danzou: What, you’re trusting his words?!
Mizukage: And why would we trust your words?
Danzou: I’m the Hokage, he’s a reject!
Mizukage: Are you calling him, the son of the Yondaime Hokage, the Yellow Flash…
Tsuchikage: Student of the Sage Jiraiya, one of the legendary Sannin…
Gaara: And student of Kakashi, the Copy Ninja, son of the White Fang…
Raikage: A reject?! Look at yourself, Kousokage*, before you speak!
Danzou: What did you just called me?!
Raikage: Oh, you don't hear very well… must I repeat, Kousokage?!
Danzou: War has started by much less, Raikage!
Raikage: And with what army will you come against me?! From what I acknowledged in this Summit, Konoha will ditch you at the first chance they get! Maybe only those puny guards of yours might come to your rescue!
Danzou: Konoha’s Shinobi will protect their Hokage’s reputation! (looks at Naruto and company; Naruto turns his face, Kakashi stares at the floor, Yamato looks back, nervously)
Tsuchikage: I wouldn’t count on that…
Mifune: This seems troublesome… may I suggest a pause in this Summit? A quick break, just to clear your minds. I recommend you to visit our wintry gardens, our snow roses are in their highest splendour this time of the year.
Tsuchikage: Good call, Mifune. You could carve a knife in the tension felt in this room.
Raikage: At last, you propose something decent, Mifune! I was growing tired of seeing this scum’s face!
Danzou: Hmmmpfff...
(All the Kages and their guardians exit the building, in order: Raikage, Tsuchikage, Danzou, Gaara and Mizukage; Naruto’s group is still in the corridor)
Yamato: I’ll talk with the Raikage about the Hyuga incident.
Kakashi: Be careful, Tenzou. I don’t think he’s in the mood for quarrels about the past.
Yamato: I know, Kakashi-senpai. I’ll handle the conversation with tact.
Kakashi: Want to talk with him too, Naruto?!
Naruto: I don’t know anymore what he wants! First he wants to kill Sasuke no matter what, and suddenly wants me to lead an alliance against Akatsuki?! I just can’t figure that out!
Kakashi: I thought you were getting used to change people’s minds.
Naruto: It’s just… weird.
(They’re outside, Yamato vanishes. Danzou, Fu and Torune await the group)
Danzou: Naruto… Kakashi… I would like to have a conversation with both of you.

*Kousokage: Sewer Rat’s Shadow

(Sasuke Scene)
(Sneaking on top of the Summit’s building roof)
Suigetsu: Oh boy, I wouldn’t want to be in Danzou’s skin right now!
Sasuke: They just made Danzou’s mask fall. I think this is the time.
Karin: What?!
White Zetsu: Aren’t you rushing this, Sasuke?
Sasuke: If it depends on Danzou, there won’t be any consensus. Think of it as a present to all Shinobi Nations.
Karin: But they’re forming an alliance to go after us!
Juugo: We’re in the front of their noses and still they didn’t detected us.
Sasuke: Juugo’s right. Even if they are after us, it’ll take some time.
White Zetsu: Just don’t make any foolish mistakes.
(Sasuke looks ate Danzou’s crew. Naruto and Kakashi are with them)
Sasuke: Damn you, Naruto, always in my way…
Karin: We got to wait… there’s no way we can defeat them.
Sasuke: Of course we’ll wait… an ambush in the open with them isn't something we can afford at the moment.

(Sai and Sakura Scene)
(Flying on the ink bird, trees with snow fill the horizon)
Sakura: It’s getting cold… I should’ve brought a mantle.
Sai: Don’t worry, we’re getting close. See the snow on those trees in front of us?
Sakura: How can you be so passive about this freezing weather?! You’re wearing less than I am!
Sai: Maybe because I don’t bitch so much about stuff.
Sakura: What?! (tries to smack Sai, but the bird trembles)
Sai: Calm down or we fall!
Sakura: I thought you said the bird was stable!
Sai: And it is, if we don’t struggle on it!
Sakura: Guess you’re right… (thinking) Wait for us, Naruto.

Next chapter: The Advent.

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