Naruto 459 RAW Spoilers and Predictions

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Naruto 459 RAW
by: Nja - 2Ch (NF)
Part 1

Danzou: If that is all right with you, I will accept that responsibility
Raikage: Why the Hokage!? His name is synonymous with "shadowy ninja"! We cannot leave that to him!
Mifune: Then who!?
Raikage: There is no a single Akatsuki who comes from our village! This important role is not for those we cannot trust! For that, I would...
Mifune: I cannot accept that
Raikage: Why not!?

Somebody breathes in
Raikage: !
Mifune: I know that strength and feelings is necessary to gather strong people, but... You seem to be the kind whose emotions strongly influence your acts. The alliance would be scattered like this table.
Raikage: Gnnn...
Mifune: I only made a proposition, with the calm judgment from the viewpoint of a neutral country. Kazekage-dono is too young yet to exert this supreme power... His face would not be recognized by other countries. Bearing the title of Kazage is already hard.

Tsuchikage-dono is on the contrary too advanced in years, his image is of limited mobility. And he has used Akatsuki too much... The trust in him is lacking the most.
Mizukage-dono being in charge of the birthplace of Akatsuki, there is a risk that our information would leak through the village of hidden mist. She's worrying herself that there could be spies in hidden mist.
I do not know in what intentions Akatsuki is gathering Bijuus, but... We cannot let them have the Kyuubi...
Danzou: Kyuubi belongs to Konoha, so it might seem appropriate for the hokage to be in charge...
Raikage: In the first place, I cannot allow an alliance that would expose the skills of my village.
Aoi: Something is unclear... This situation... I will try to check. Choujuurou... Prepare for a fight.
Choujuurou: Huh?
Aoi: BYAKUGAN!! (Tadzam Tzam Tzam)

Aaaand cut to Ino crying. I'll keep translating.

Part 2

Change of scene to INO CRYING (Dammit, Kishi)
Ino: Huu... Huu...
Chouji: Ino...
Ino: Huu... Huu...
Kiba: Stop crying!
Tenten: Kiba, what's with that tone! Ino, she's...!
Kiba: What's the point! Times have changed!
Shino: Is it all right? Ino is like this... Then what of Sakura and Naruto...
??: Leave them to Shikamaru, he will find the way to say it... And as the leader of the platoon, with the failure of his first mission...

Shizune: For Naruto-kun, it is not only the promise to Sakura, he also wanted to rescue Sasuke from the bottom of his heart!
Sai: I also think that, of course, but... Sakura, me, all of us, we ask too much of Naruto
Sakura crying (I'm going to puke if this goes on)
Sai: When seeing Naruto, recently, I seem to be able to understand him... He is miserable... And thinking of Sasuke... My belly starts to burn (I don't want to know that!)

I understand this is anger.
For Naruto, for Konoha, we should not rely on Naruto, and do something about this earthquake. Sasuke...
Shikamaru: Like Sai is saying...
Shizune: Shikamaru-kun
Sakura: ...
Shikamaru: We are not children any more... We will stop Akatsuki, and then... We will stop Sasuke. I have come here to get the consent of the members of Team 7.
Shizune: The consent... You don't mean!?
Shikamaru: Yes... That. We cannot allow Konoha and hidden cloud to have a war, all because of Sasuke.

Let's talk a bit further away... Now listen. If hidden mist kills Sasuke, first, Ino and you...
Naruto is not likely to accept it. If there is trouble and you guys are killed by cloud, me, Chouji, Inoichi-san and your parents are not going to accept it. Hostilities are sure to pick up.
And then the other side won't accept it either... They'll get revenge. And if me or Chouji are killed, then our parents will act, which will send the message to cloud that it's war.

Sasuke is already considered an international criminal. If he still sides with Akatsuki, the hate will increase everywhere. So I think that Konoha must dispose of him.
The meaning of what I said... You understand... Sakura...
Sakura is CRYING CRYING CRYING (haters are gonna have a ball)
Shikamaru: Do I have your consent... Sakura...
Sakura: Shikamaru... Don't say... Anything any more...
Shikamaru: ...

Change of scene to Naruto. Stay tuned.

Final Part

Change of scene to Naruto.
Naruto: Sasuke... Where are you... What are you thinking? About me, about Sakura... (which one do you like?)
And Kakashi-sensei, do you think about him a bit?
You defeated your brother Itachi... You got your revenge... Do you feel better?... Or do you feel even more painful? Sasuke... Why don't you come home to Konoha...? Did you get overcome with hatred?? Have you become a simple criminal? Now... I don't understand you anymore...

Change to Sasuke's group
Karin: !Oh? Where did that guy go?
Sasuke: Huh...

Change to Madara and Zetsu, snow is falling
Madara: All right?
Zetsu: Yes...
Madra: Let us begin

Change to Sakura, wiping her tears
Shikamaru: I'm sorry, Sakura... No matter what your answer is, I will act for the future of Konoha.
I will also talk of this to Naruto... Where is he?
Sai: Naruto has gone for Iron country. To meet with the Raikage
Shikamaru: He went that far... He isn't easy to deal with...
Sakura: I will talk to Naruto
Shizune: !
Sai: !
Shikamaru: !
Sakura: That idiot still likes me... So let me have that duty. It is me who has made Naruto suffer the most... I have done nothing but mistakes and wrong decisions. I don't want to make mistakes any more. I don't want to make wrong decisions any more.

Change to the meeting
Aoi: What does this mean? In the right shoulder and arm, and in the right eye, the color of this chakra is no doubt...
The color of Uchiha Shisui!!! A powerful adversary I met once... A color I could not forget!
Hokage-dono, the right eye under this bandage, please show it to us!
Tsuchikage: What is it?
Danzou: ...

Aoi: His right eye seems to have been robbed and transplanted from Uchiha Shisui
The eye technique of Shisui was to get in the brain of the other people
Eyepatch: A technique manipulating the person into fake thoughts, as if from his own will... The person manipulated does not even notice it... An eye technique of the highest class!
Raikage: Hokage... Don't tell me Mifune...!!
Mifune: !?
Aoi: My right eye is also a precious trophy from fighting Hyuugas... I cannot tell about people like you, but you cannot fool my eye, who solved the illusion the fourth Mizukage was caught in. And that...
Raikage: You!

Zetsu: Helloooooo!
All: !
Everybody prepares for a fight
Raikage: What now!?
Tsuchikage: Then...
Zetsu: Uchiha Sasuke is intruding... So, where do you think he is hiding?

From the pics:

Eyepatch: That right eye... He seems to have robbed and transplanted the eye of Uchiha Shisui (wow)
Eyepatch: The eye technique of Shisui was to get in the brain of the other people
Eyepatch: A technique manipulating the person into fake thoughts, as if from his own will

Eyepatch: The person manipulated does not even notice it... An eye technique of the highest class!
Raikage: Hokage... Don't tell me Mifune...!!!

It seems he manipulated Mifune in order to becoming the leader of the alliance
by: Shounensuki

Ino cries, then there's a meeting of people of the same generation¹ for some reason. Sakura and Naruto aren't there.
Shikamaru goes to where Sakura is

He reports to Sakura that everyone got together to talk
The conclusion is that if Sasuke is caught up in hatred and revenge, as Konoha, they will... (kill him?)

For some reason, Sakura seems to go from being dazed to making a decision
I'm going to talk to Naruto

To the conference
The Mizukage's attendent with the eyepatch senses that the atmosphere has turned strange for some reason
Under the eyepatch is the Byakugan
In Danzou's right face and arm, he sees a chakra flow he once saw before...

It is exactly the same as Uchiha Shisui, whom he once fought
(Shisui's Sharingan had a doujutsu that allowed him to go into his opponent's mind and manipulate them, even without the opponent realising it)

He questions Danzou about it: I too once fought a Hyuuga and got a transplant, but...
What if I were the one who unravelled the Fourth Hokage's jutsu (Danzou was the one manipulating?)

As the circumstances worsen, Zetsu appears

After this, Uchiha Sasuke will attack. I wonder if you know where he is...!?

It ends with him saying something like this

It seems Sasuke is going full speed down the path of evil, already being searched by the Five Countries as a dangerous criminal...
Tobi orders Zetsu to "Go!!"
Zetsu appears in the centre of the place where the conference is held and speaks
It seems like White Zetsu hints that Sasuke and his team are no longer with him... or something like that

When Zetsu appears in the end, Temari stands before Gaara, protecting him ^^
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Naruto 459 Prediction

-Danzo will push for a coaliton of the 5 nations with Kohona leading it and tell of Naruto's power

-Raikage may outright refuse to join, Tsukage may remain neutral towards the idea.

-Mizukage will support alliance in order to prevent Akatsuki from using Mist again.

-Sakura will tell Sai of her love of Sasuke and the bonds she has with him, will ultimately ask Naruto to leave getting Sasuke back to her, freeing him from the 'curse'.

-Naruto will interrupt the kage meeting, tell him of Nagato's demise and ressurection of kohona.

-Sasuke will be betrayed by Karin, Jugo, and Sugiestu when he plans to attack Danzo before he can establish an alliance .

-Naruto will tell him of how he is being used by Madara

-Sasuke will be captured

-Danzo and Raikage will call for Sasuke's immediate execution

-Naruto will object with the support of Gaara and Mizukage. Tsukage will remain neutral.

Chapter ends
by: The Special One

The Final Agreement:

(The Room is in uproar with the comming decision of the Lord of the Iron.)

"Konoha! This damn meeting came about because of Konoha's Hokage was weak-kneed and listened to the helplessness of a pathetic child. Now that missing-nin kidnapped my brother, the real chance we had against Akatuski. I don't trust you or your damned Host," yelled Raikage.

"Although, I hate to agree with Raikage for once, how do we know Konoha's host is up for the challenge. From what I was told, he's only a kid and no kid could have the potential to master a monstrocity such as the Kyuubi," said Tsuchikage.

"Hey Gaara. Isn't that Naruto kid the host their talking about," asked Kankuro. "Yeah, I remember Gaara saying Akatuski was after him to," said Temari. "Naruto huh. I think he has what it takes," said Gaara. "I don't think that will convince them though," said Kankuro.

"You guys know of this host," asked Mizukage. "Yes. He helped save me from Akatuski. He also stopped me from going on a rampage three years ago. I have faith in his ability," said Gaara. "I'm not trusting the words of a child, one who fell victim to his own bijuu," said Tsuchikage.

"Naruto. You don't mean that pathetic excuse for a shinobi that sobbed like a wimp. That kid doesn't have what it takes to be a shinobi," said Raikage.

"You've met Uzumaki Naruto," said Danzou. "Yeah, that punk approached me and tried to convince me in forgiving Uchiha Sasuke," said Raikage. "So, Sai failed me. Anyway, he was only acting that way because of Sasuke. After all, they were very close. If his opponent is Akatuski, I have faith in his ability," said Danzou.

"How, give me proof said," Raikage. "Uzumaki Naruto has grown into a fine shinobi under the training of Hatake Kakashi and the Sannin, the Legendary Toad Sage Jiraiya," said Danzou. "Jiraiya he's dead, I heard Akatuski got em," said Raikage. "Another legend bites the dust. First it was Orochimaru," said Tsuchikage.

"That was from Uchiha Sasuke, he wasn't part of Akatuski than from my sources," said Danzou. "It seems Sasuke has become dark and followed the course that darkened his eyes," said Gaara.

"Jiraiya lost his life to Madara's most trusted man, Pain. A man that carried the legendary dojutsu, Rinnegan," said Danzou. "A bloodline such as that actually exists. Makes for an interesting specimen. It is no wonder that even the great Jiraiya died," said Raikage.

"Pain was undefeated. We, Root, studied his movements and Akatuski for years. No one was able to defeat him. Except for Naruto," said Danzou.

"WHAT," yelled Raikage. "Impossible, against the Legendary dojutsu that shaped shinobi techniques," said Tsuchikage. "Naruto. How strong have you gotten," said Gaara. "This kid must be no joke to defeat something like that," said Mizukage.

"He has become a Sage just like Jiraiya and is without of a doubt a hero in our village. When Pain came to our village, he reduced it to rubble, but he alone toppled Pain and with that strength, I believe we can put an end to Akatuski. He transformed into the 8 tails, but managed to reverse back. Whether that had something to do with his seal is unknown, but surely Kakashi and Yamato an inheirtor of the 1st Hokage's genes are able to work something out so we can control Naruto. He is also the son of the feared Yellowflash," said Danzou.

(Tsuchikage punches the table as well.)

"You don't mean THE YELLOW FLASH OF KONOHA," said Tsuchikage. "The very same. The same man that reduced your troops into mush during the 3rd shinobi war. He was the former 4th Hokage and he sealed the 9 tails within his son to face Madara. It seems he saw things our way," said Danzou.

"Namikaze Minato . Even I've heared of him," said Raikage.

"It seems the Hokage has caught everyone's attention. We will aid as much as you can. We strike in two years time. Use that to gather your forces.. From what I've heard, Akatuski has military strength that rivals multiple nations. Over the years of disarmament, they've been getting stronger, but with the time we have, and the aid of the 5 great nations, 2 years will be enough. It has been several years over a decade since the last shinobi war since Madara has been gathering men, but like I said earlier, we have 5 nations. We can divide the time amongst us appropriately. My samurai will also be preparing for the battle," said," Mifune.

"Hmm. TO think I'd be relying on those Konoha fools again. Hmph, makes me sick to my stomach," said Raikage.

(Danzou thinks in his head.)

"Finally the time has arised. Konoha will rise again as the most prestigious nation. And we have a long grueling war for Konoha to gain experience in. Naruto, you will play out your allotted part," said Danzou.

(Zetsu's face pulls back in.)

(Switch Scene to Falcon.)

"So basically that's what is going down," said Light Zetsu. "Damn. Akatuski is sure getting to be a hot place. I don't know if I want to stick around longer," said Suigetsu. "What should we do Sasuke? Should we wait out the two years or strike soon. If Madara is a strong as they say, we could put up a chance a strike Danzou during the conflict," said Karin.

"It is up to you Sasuke," said Juugo. "I'll wait out the two years. If Madara is as strong as they say and his army is so massive. Destroying Danzou and Konoha may go hand in hand," said Sasuke.

"This Naruto guy sounds like the real deal. We'll need time to prepare definately," said Suigetsu. "Hmm. He's just an obstancle in my way. I'll cross him as I did Orochimaru," said Sasuke.

Next Chapter: The preparations for War on Akatuski. How will Naruto respond to this?
by: Numinous

Chapter Naruto 459 Prediction (by: Numinous)
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(Kage Scene)
Raikage: What did you say?!
Tsuchikage: You expect us to accept such a thing?!
Mizukage: Isn’t that a little rushed?!
(Gaara stares at Danzou, silent)
Mifune: Please, calm down. I knew this decision wouldn’t be unanimously accepted, but Konoha is the most prominent force here, the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki is a large factor that has to be accounted for. For a strong alliance, a strong leader is needed.
Raikage: A strong leader?! Look at him, he was very recently appointed as Hokage and he looks like a disgrace!
Danzou: Watch your mouth, Raikage! There’s a reason I was appointed the Sixth Hokage!
Tsuchikage: As far as the rumours go, you’re sporting the title because the Fire Daimyou appointed so, and most certainly your Jounin didn’t made their decision yet.
Mizukage: I must concur with the Stone and the Cloud. You’re in hot water, Hokage.
Danzou: As I said, there’s a reason the Fire Daimyou made such decision.
Gaara: Where were you when Akatsuki levelled Konoha?! (everyone seems shocked)
Danzou: I-I beg your pardon?!
Gaara: By other rumours that reached Suna shortly before I left, Konoha was attacked by an element of Akatsuki and would be utterly destroyed if Naruto didn’t single-handedly defeated that element of the organization. (everyone looks apprehensive)
Raikage: (thinking) That whiny brat… defeated alone an Akatsuki?!
Gaara: So I ask you again, where were you?!
Danzou: Akatsuki was after the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki, that Naruto you speak of. Because of him, Konoha was destroyed!
Tsuchikage: Dodging the question, eh?
Mizukage: This Naruto… is the last Jinchuuriki?!
Raikage: Quit your pitiful excuses, Hokage!!! The kid made a simple question, so answer him!!!
Danzou: None of you are entitled to stuff your noses in Konoha business!
Raikage: That answers all... I refuse to be in an alliance with this fraud as leader!
Danzou: Hmmmpff…
Mizukage: What if… what if this Naruto you speak of was appointed as leader of the alliance?! If the rumours are right, it seems he’s strong enough as a leader.
Gaara: I guarantee you, he is. I know Naruto, he would be perfect for the job.
Tsuchikage: And wasn’t this Jinchuuriki the criteria for selecting the Hokage as leader, Mifune? I think the Jinchuuriki himself would be better as leader.
Raikage: Aren’t you rushing, fellow Kages? You don’t even know the person and you’re already putting him in a throne?! When I met him he wasn’t nothing short of a crying spoiled brat, begging for the salvation of his friend that went rogue.
Danzou: And furthermore, putting Naruto as leader of this alliance would be like sticking your head in the mouth of the lion!
Gaara: (thinking) Sasuke?! (speaking) That’s the Naruto I know. No matter how doomed his cause is, he’ll stick to it. And I don’t know anyone more suited to take care of Uchiha Sasuke and the remaining Akatsuki then him.
Raikage: Humm… If you say so… it seems that either I accept the whining brat as a leader or Kumo is leaving this alliance.

(Flashback Scene)
Naruto: I’M BEGGING YOU!! I DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE KILLED FOR REVENGE!!! All Sasuke ever thought about was revenge!!! It consumed him and changed him!! He was driven mad by revenge! He’s not the same guy I knew anymore! I don’t want that to happen to anyone else!! I don’t want people from Konoha and Kumo to be killing each other!! … So, please…!!

(Kage Scene)
Raikage: I’ll hate myself for this, but I’ll give a chance to the kid.
Danzou: What?! You can’t be serious!
Raikage: Hummm… but at any mistake from his part, Kumo will withdraw immediately from the alliance.
Gaara: I see. It seems the majority of the Five Great Nations concur, Naruto must be the leader of this alliance.
Mifune: Unfortunately Naruto isn’t inside these halls, so I can’t rely in rumours and unfounded remarks. For the time being, the Hokage is the appointed leader of the alliance.
Danzou: Thank you.
Raikage: Are you deaf, Mifune?! We don’t trust this hoax of a Kage and you still shovel him in our throats?!
Mizukage: Is this an arrangement? This fixation of yours for the Hokage is highly odd.
Tsuchikage: The Stone will not be part of this debacle!
Raikage: Nor will the Cloud!
Gaara: Count the Sand out too.
Mizukage: And the Mist.
Mifune: Please, be reasonable, we are getting nowhere. Unity among the villages is critical at this moment. I believe this alliance and the Hokage as the leader is the best method against the Akatsuki threat.

(Sasuke Scene)
(The group is hiding in a secretive high point)
Karin: The Five Great Nations, on the edge of war…
Suigetsu: At least they agree on something, they all hate Danzou’s guts. That makes your job easier, Sasuke!
Sasuke: Actually no.
Suigetsu: What?
Karin: Use your brains, dumbass! If Danzou is killed now, all the other nations will be suspecting each other and the Fourth Great Shinobi World War might start!
Sasuke: And don’t think that war among them will spare us. Most certainly we’ll be the first persecuted.
Suigetsu: Really?!
White Zetsu: And that’s not all… now they know about Madara. This is bad, really bad…

(Kage Scene)
(Awkward silence between Kages, everyone is staring at Danzou, while he’s smiling)
Samurai: (appears next to Mifune) Sorry to disturb you, Mifune-sama, but a crew from Konoha requests to speak in the Summit. (everyone stares, surprised)
Gaara: Is it… Naruto?!
Samurai: Y-yes, Kazakage-sama!
Gaara: Let him enter.
Danzou: What?!
Mizukage: I want to meet this Naruto.
Tsuchikage: Me too.
Mifune: Sorry, but I can’t let him enter, he’s not authorized personnel.
Raikage: Do you want me to rip you a new mouth, punk?! (He smashes again the table; the samurai and Mifune’s guards are in a defensive position) Let the brat enter!
Mifune: Eh… as you wish. Let him enter.
Samurai: Yes, Mifune-sama. (he vanishes)

(Sasuke Scene)
Karin: Naruto?! The Naruto?!
Suigetsu: Now this is getting interesting!
Sasuke: Whatever. Just don’t lose focus on our mission.

(Sai and Sakura Scene)
(They’re still in the tent)
Sakura: What you mean, I cause pain to Naruto too?!
Sai: Maybe if he hadn’t made that promise… maybe he wouldn’t suffer so much.
Sakura: (smacks Sai, he falls clumsily) What are you saying?!!! Are you accusing me of all this?!
Sai: (he gets up) No, Sakura. I’m just saying…
Sakura: You’re saying?! Do you know anything?! You don’t know anything about it! Who are you to say anything?!
Sai: A friend.
Sakura: Uh?!
Sai: I’m saying this as a friend. Naruto is out there, on the verge of sacrificing himself for a promise he made to you. And you’re still here.
Sakura: (stares at Sai) You’re right. All this time… I let Naruto do my biding. Even after Team 7 reunion, all I did was following Naruto. I wasn’t beside him, I was behind him all the way. (cleans up the tears) No more! This time I won’t be falling behind, I will be at Naruto’s side. I’ll no longer expect him to bring Sasuke back, we will bring him together. Even if Naruto falls, I will fight on! That’s the promise I will keep to myself! (Sai smiles) Tell me where the Summit is being held. We got to go there, now!
Sai: Hummm… is being held in the Land of Iron, north from here. (thinking) But I can’t leave Konoha, if Danzou-sama finds out…
Sakura: What are we waiting for?! Let’s go!
Sai: I can’t leave the village…
Sakura: Forget Danzou, we got to help Naruto!
Sai: But…!
Sakura: We got to do anything to help a friend!
Sai: (thinking) To help a friend. Is friendship this strong?! Is friendship worth this much?! (speaking) Don’t worry about the travel. (picks a scroll, opens it and starts to paint. A giant bird comes out of the scroll) We’ll fly to Naruto! (he smiles)
Sakura: Hell yeah!!! Wait… is that bird stable?! It’s just ink after all…
Sai: Don’t worry. We’ll be there in no time, trust me.

Next Chapter: Five Kages, Five Rogues, A Friendship.
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SJ = Shonen Jump
MK = Masashi Kishimoto

SJ: There's many rumours regarding Madara being the absolute final villain. Is this true?

MK: Madara being the final villain is yet to be seen and I can't let that information out just yet. But he will play a big part as a villain, that's for sure.

SJ: Now that it's officially known that Yondaime is Naruto's father, will you show more of Minato? continue here

Naruto 458 is an awesome chapter! Not an epic level but simply awesome... lemme start with:

1. The Kage's Heated Arguements

So much development!
  • * Raikage is suspicious of Danzou and Tsuchikage is a total asshole, lol.
  • * The conversation between them all was great!
  • * Danzou "magically" knowing that Madara is in charge or Akatsuki makes this whole mystery even greater.
  • * Now that Danzou is the only place with a Jinjuriki he gets to be made the head of the alliance???
"It seems like Danzou has more planned out that originally expected. I guess he wasn't just gonna stop with becoming Hokage but now he's gonna be in charge of the kage alliance. Sheesh this guy must be a mastermind" by: arrogance

2. Nice One Sai

Maybe it is this part that makes this chapter more interesting. Sai has earned all my respect! Im giving Sai a double thumbs up for making Sakura stumped!!

3. Sakura Wasted 5 Pages of This Chapter!!

Pardon -- but allow me to say this... WTF!! Sakura just realized that Naruto "likes" or "loves" her? Is she that dumb??

Oh well I believe this will be a start of the Great NaruHina vs NaruSaku War!!
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Sasu-Saku and Naru-Hina

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