Freakout Prediction - Naruto 460

Friday, August 7, 2009

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Naruto 460 Prediction
by: Freakout

Zetsu: Sasuke is here and wants your head Hokage.

The Raikage breaks the table once and for all after learning this and shouts in the room with an enraged voice. “What this bastard of Uchiha is here? Where is he, tell me or you will regret it. I care less whom he is after but I WANT HIS HEAD RIGHT NOW!!! He will burn for what he did to my brother.

The Mizukage doubts. “Keep calm Raikage dono. Don’t rush things, why should we trust this halved guy/plant/whatever. He is of Akatsuki and this meeting is held because of them. Who tells us it is no trap to get rid of you?

Gaara agrees to this. “She is right; we have no reason to trust his drive.

The Tsuchikage grumbles. Yeah, this kid is right, Akatsuki is a very shady organization after all and I know this because we did business.

The Raikage stomps this statements. His wish for revenge has overtaken his thinking. Fuck that, no trap can stop me but I won’t miss the chance to behead him.

The others: Tsk…
The Raikage yells even louder now. You have ten seconds to tell me where this Sasuke is or I kill you right now…

Zetsu is not impressed by his threat. “Why should I fear you to even scratch me? I easily entered in this room who is supposed to by guarded with the best Samurai of the world and with no entering?

The Raikage jumps towards Zetsu but he just enter back in the earth and re-appears soon after again after the Raikage landed on the ground at Danzous feet.

Mifune who is now himself again because Danzou is distracted by the sudden appearance of Zetsu and Raikages rush, wonders where he is now.

“What did just happen, I feel dizzy, it is somehow like someone or something took over me and controlled me. The last I remember was that the Kages and there bodyguard took there seats in the meeting room.”

Second later he is fully clear and notice Zetsu who is laughing crazy. “What, how did you enter here, all is guarded by my best warriors. No one and I mean really no one is able to fool my guards, not even a Kage: How did you enter and why are you here.

Zetsu turns his head and looks towards him. “Ahhhh, so you are awaken and freed from Danzous grip. That is good so I can speak freely.

In the wooden cottage where Naruto and co resists is something moving.

Kakashi notice Narutos sneak. “Hey Naruto, what are you planning on doing that late? No don’t answer me, you want to show up and the meeting to speak with Raikage-dono and the other Kages. Well, there is no meaning in trying to get this thinking out of your head and Danzou will learn about our leave soon anyway, if he doesn’t already know.

Tenzou also woke up by this tumult. “Hey whats going on here, I slept so well a moment ago and had a beautiful dream.” (Some panels where he is outshining Kakashi are shown)
“Nothing Tenzou nothing, Naruto was just about to go out for a little walk.”

“Then tell him he shall return more quietly if he would please” and soon after he fall asleep again.

“Thanks Kakashi sensei.”
“All right, all right I just didn’t want to here his complaining just yet. But wait a sec, in case something happens I will send Pakkun such he can inform me. I just wonder how you want to get around all the guards. I believe you wouldn’t be dumb enough to just burst in. This wouldn’t do any good for your request.”

“Don’t panic, besides drawing natural chakra I also learned a few other techniques at Mt. Myobokuzan which will help me sneak in.”

“I wonder if this is true but I will learn soon enough if it worked.”

“Trust me, I’m all right.”

“Well then, good luck. You will need it.

Back to the Meeting.

“Well, well, listen. I heard each word you spoke and all plans you did make…”

“Don’t blubber and tell me where this shithead is.”

“My, my Raikage, rush type, aren’t we? Such a hot head… arguing about other nation not dealing with there criminals but…

The Raikage seems shocked for the first time. „How…?!”

While the others become attentive. “!!!”
“… Your little friend was the best acquisition Akatsuki made. He really is enrichment for us. If he could have assisted us in the Jinchu hunt we already had all of them. Unluckily he was dispatched to an even more important quest…”

A shade closes to Madara in another place.

“Here are the items you requested leader.”

“Very well Taijin, you arrived way earlier than I expected. You really worth to be Raikage not like your friend.”

“He is not my friend anymore.”

“You right and you deserve more than just a puny little village like Kumogakure.
With these items I am one big step closer to my goal… I order you to help Kisame. He is hunting for someone you know well, Kirabee, the eight tails.”

“As you wish leader.” So he vanishes to close to Kisame.

“But he soon should return but this is of no concern for you anymore. You want Sasuke, well try to get him if you want him so bad but I won’t say where exactly he is. He is near, and that’s all I tell. However, as I already told you I overheard everything and as well that you are planning on forging an alliance of the five great nations against us and that you quarrel for whom shall become the leader. Since Danzou was controlling Mifune his words until know shouldn’t count.”

(“I was what…”)

“I would recommend that the one who catches and kills Sasuke may be put in charge for this ring. Isn’t that a sporty idea which promises fun? *evil laugh* However I doubt one of you alone could put him down, not even with support of your bodyguards. And now I give you my regrets. Have a good time. *more laughs*”

“How dare you…”

In Konoha the gang is on the moving.

“If it is necessary, we kill Sasuke but I hope it won’t…”

“We too Shikamaru”

“Naruto you idiot… As long as I can’t forget Sasuke it wouldn’t end well and also there is Hinata… but I will release you from your promise. This is my thanks for your affection and support all this years…”

“Sakura… I’m sorry but right now Sasuke appears to be a big threat for Konoha.”

Also Kabuto just reached the border of the Iron country. His body is covered with scales

“So we meet soon Sasuke… I also wonder if I finally meet my parents. *crazy laugh* At least father will be there, that is sure… *more laughing*”

Also something happens where Sasuke and Taka are located.

Karin is not really surprised.

“So Zetsu has stabbed our back…”
“No wonder, I never trusted him or any of Akatsuki. I’m just here to meet with Kisame and get his Samehada.”


“He doesn’t react.” Juugu and Sugitsu notice.

“What is this, this is a strange chakra reading I can feel but why didn’t Karin notice, maybe it is to unique for her to notice. It comes in our direction though not exact; it rather seems to aim for the summit… I must check it out; it may be a threat for my plans.”

While the others still try to speak with Sasuke he just leaves without a word, towards the direction he felt the energy from. He was to fast for them to keep up and so they lost him. Only Karin was able to trace him slightly.

At the Kage summit a decision was made.

“This meeting has a break now, I will hunt and kill Sasuke before he leaves and then we can talk more about Akatsuki.” And so the Raikage left with his guards.

“Well since the Raikage now left there isn’t much of a chance to continue but my bodyguard will keep his eye on you, Hokage.”

Sasuke atop a three…

“So you’re the one sending out this strange chakra waves Naruto.”

“Sa-su-ke… why… are… you… here?”

The two friends meet again once more. What will happen next. Will ther be a clash a interruption or does Sasuke just leave for his real goal. Learn What happens next in chapter 461.