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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

By: Ironside

These are both short-term and long-term predictions

-Danzo will seek Kabuto out to regain a more powerful body, Kabuto will use Danzo to implant Orochimaru into thus giving Orochimaru the Sharingan and control of Kohona (by using Danzo as a disguise).

-Naruto will seek out Killer Bee and/or assist him against Kisame.

-Naruto will learn how to gain complete control of the Kyuubi by learning from Kirabi (the 8 tailed bull respected him somewhat), or using the 'power' Itachi bestowed upon him.

-Naruto is seeking the raikage to reveal the true leader of akatsuki Madara and direct all efforts to him.

-Naruto will unite the 5 major villages against akatsuki.

-Sakura may go off alone to confront Sasuke.

-Karin, Sugietsu, Juugo, will betray Sasuke as he gets them involved in more dangerous situations.

-Karin will help Kabuto ressurect Orochimaru (she is still loyal to him and may not know of Sasuke's murder of him).

-Sasuke will reveal Danzo's involvement with the Uchiha Massacre at the kage meeting, will be captured upon his successful/failed attempt on Danzo at the kage meeting.

-Danzo will be overthrown as the offical Hokage of Kohona, and will resist all interference

-Anko will Team up with Sai and try to remove the seal that prevents Sai from talking about Danzo

-Anko will learn of Danzo's deals with Orochimaru and bring it up before her fellow jounins

-Kohona will revolt against Danzo and his regime once the truth of his past is revealed

-Madara is keeping Sasuke alive for 'spare parts' incase he himself is injured or his eyes degrade.