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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Naruto Chapter 456
by: The Special One

Naruto 456: Setting the Stage

(Danzou turns around to face his enemies. Fu and Torune watch as Danzou unveils the sharingan. The five attackers notice the sharingan as they land.)

"What is this? When did Danzou become capable of the sharingan," said Attacker 2."We weren't breifed of his abilities at all, but to think he'd have ties to the Uchiha clan.
It is five against three, I'll devise a strategy. Remember against a sharingan user, one distracts while the other gets the rear.And don’t show him your jutsu, if he’s anything like Kakashi, he may use our techniques against us" said Lead attacker.

"Sir, we'll go after the other two," said Attacker 3.

"Foolish followers of the slug queen, like even a handful of pests are enough for either one of us," said Danzou.

(The leader attacker attempts to rush at Danzou, meanwhile, the attacker at Danzou's back attempts to strike with his short sword. With fast reflexes Danzou tosses a Kunai at the lead attacker's throat before he could counter. In a swift action, Danzou spins around and quickly draws his short sword, effectively beheading his rear opponent before he could get off a swing at Danzou.)
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"Damn, him," yelled Attacker 4. "His reaction time is unreal. He'll pay for that," said Attacker 5. "No time to worry, I'll slip to his right, he's weak on that side," said Attacker 3.

(Attacker 3 ,4, and 5 disregard Fu and Torune and goes after Danzou. One jumps in the air and tries to attack from above, another attempts to strike from the rear, and finally the last attempts to strike from his right side. Close up on Danzou’s sharingan. Through Danzou’s vision, we see multiple after images of the attackers.

Danzou withdraws his blade, slides back slightly to avoid the downward slash of his upward opponent. He then grabs the arm of the descending opponent and swings him to his right, which resulted in the attacker being attacked by attacker 3 on accident. As the enemy is accidently stabbed by two Kunai from his ally, Danzou pulls the blade from his dead hands and tosses it through both the corpse and attacker 3 with all his might. Before the rear attacker can make his move, Danzou does a spinning heel kick, knocks flat to the ground. Danzou slowly walks over to him, and pulls out his blade.)

“To think, someone such as you have become Hokage. You’ll never succeed, as long as,” said Last attacker before he is silenced by Danzou’s blade.

“They were Anbu under Tsunade’s employ. They must have been sent to assassinate me if I were to become Hokage. If I was some old man, maybe her attempt would have succeeded. But, she drastically underestimated by abilities,” said Danzou. (Danzou pants a little and sweats.)

“The sharingan yes. Although an effective means for disarming your opponents, it seems that even after 8 years, it seems your body still hasn’t gotten use to it,” said Fu. (Danzou covers up the sharingan.) “Even Kakashi has had this problem, that’s why we need to find Kabuto, he certainly has data on the Uchiha bloodline that Orochimaru researched,” said Danzou.
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“Sir, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you obtain such a power,” asked Torune. “It was a gift from a very powerful man. He offered me his left eye to replace my missing eye as a way to a bargaining chip. I aid in the destruction of the Uchiha and preserve his identity, he offer me power beyond my imagination. Enough with that, let’s move on,” said Danzou.

(Switch Scene to Naruto’s recover room.)
“Naruto, you’ll probably need more time,” said Yamato. “Don’t worry, not if I do this,” said Naruto. (Naruto makes a hand seal and draws upon the Kyuubi’s chakra. The red chakra instantly heals his wounds from the outside.)

“Not bad, it appears as though he has found an effective way to use the Kyuubi’s chakra to his advantage,” said Kakashi. (Naruto gets dressed.)
“Alright, it is time to move out,” said Naruto. (Naruto rushes off, Kakashi does as well.)

“How do I always get involved in all this. Sigh,” mumbled Yamato.

(Switch Scene to Team Samui. They are conversing with Shizune, Shikaku, and some Anbu.)

“I’ve circled some landmarks which are and have been occupied by the Akatuski,” said Shikaku. “Is it credible,” asked Samui. “Yeah, we’ve received their background info from a book, which pinpointed Akatuski’s every move,” said Shikaku. “We don’t know how many you’ll have to check, but we have marked off the one that we currently visited,” said Shizune.

(An Anbu hands Samui a map.)
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“We’ll have to have Raikage sort out the search and rescue. Let’s go,” said Samui. (They leave.)

(Switch Scene to Team Kakashi. They are on the outskirts of Konoha.)
“You notice that,” said Yamato. “Must be root,” said Kakashi. (Naruto makes the Shadow clone jutsu handseal.)

Next Chapter: The Summit Commences