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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Naruto 456: Naruto Departs

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456 Naruto: Departure

Danzou forms seals and exhales
The shinobi going for Danzou drops dead one by one
Danzou: "7, 8, 9... 17 of them"
17 of them on the ground

Naruto puts on a cloak
Naruto: "Alright! We're good to go!"

Sai and Kakashi talk
Kakashi: "Cover up the actions of Naruto when you report to the Hokage's linkup. He mustn't know anything"
Sai: "!"
Sai: "It looks like... you have yet to have faith in me.."
Kakashi: "You're the one supposed to keep an eye on Naruto for Danzou."
Sai looks away
Kakashi: "However, you're also part of Team Kakashi and Team 7."
Sai is surprised
Kakashi smiles
Kakashi: "... I have faith in you."
Sai remembers what Naruto said with a smiling face, covered in bandages
Naruto: "He said... that he has faith in me"

Sai: (What could this feeling be...?)

Kakashi gives a thumbs up
Kakashi: "See you later"
Sai smiles
Read Naruto 457 Discussion


Danzou's turn
The shinobi going for Danzou drop dead in a shower of blood
Fuu: "These guys are the remnants of the Ninja* ANBU of the Woods Country, that assassinated before."
Torune; "Since old days, it seems. They'd always jump on an opportunity like this. Seems like there's going to be lots of more bothersome things."
Danzou: "There was pride in being anonymous in the world of Shugen. However, by having a monopoly on both sides would allow stability in this country and village. If the summit goes well, I'll be recognized as Hokage. The jounin will also see that I am to be Hokage. My era has finally come."

Sasuke's turn
They're leaping from tree to tree, heading for the summit site.
Karin: "!! Wait, there's something up ahead!"
Sasuke: "?!"

Naruto's turn
He's facing Konohamaru in a forest.
Root ANBU are watching them from the shadows
ANBU: (What the... what's going on?)
ANBU: (No idea, what are those two planning?)
Konohamaru: "Oiroke no Jutsu!!"
ANBU: "?!"
Kakashi uses his Sharingan to put a genjutsu on the two ANBU
Kakashi: "Watch Naruto's illusion for the time being, would you? I wonder if they've been worried about the Oiroke no Jutsu... Sorry."
Kakashi: (However, it looks like Root doesn't have much faith in Sai.)

Konohamaru: "Dammit, what a difference in sexiness! Argh! I lost!! I've been completely left behind by Nii-chan!! Even though he's my rival!!"
Konohamaru is quite furious.

Naruto: "I heard, you know..."
Konohamaru: "?"
Naruto: "That you took out one of the Pain bodies with the Rasengan!"
Konohamaru: "..."
Naruto is patting Konohamaru on the head.
Naruto: "Well done! Konohamaru! You're a hero of the village too!"
Konohamaru tears up and laughs shyly.
Naruto: "You caught on better than I did! This time, if you can master the Oodama Rasengan..."
Kakashi smiles down on them from a tree.

Part 3

Omoi, Karui & Samui
They're retrieving data and taking notes in a place with Konoha's old books.(Library?)
Omoi: "My hand hurts! Man! If this gets inflammed, then my sword muscles will weaken. If I get killed because of that in a battle..."
Karui seems torn up
Karui: "If you can move your mouth, than move your hand!!"
Konoha shinobi tell them to shut the fuck up
Samui apologizes
The three of them finish what they're doing and leave.
Samui to Omoi: "Sheesh, if you're a shinobi, be more cool!"
Saumui: "Let's hurry to where Raikage-sama is."
Omoi: "Right."
Karui "Yessir!"
Karui steps on a pebble(Yamato's radio wood) when he begins walking. Karui doesn't realize that.
Yamato himself emerges from a wall(?).
Yamato Sorry, but I've been allowed to learn radio wood. It's my forte to tailing people like this. Now then, maybe I should link up with Kakashi-senpai and Naruto.)
Omoi, Karui & Samui are leaping from tree to tree, heading back to the Raikage
Omoi: "That guy(Naruto)... I wonder if he's alright."
Karui grimaces
Karui: "If you bring that up, I'll kick your ass too, Omoi!"
Omoi: "Huh? So you were worried too then!"
Karui gets [something. Don't understand the word]

The real Yamato has his eyes closed. Maybe's radioing.
Yamato: "Let's begin the pursuit."
Naruto: "Yessir!"

Naruto, Kakashi & Yamato
they put on their ninja hats and robes cloaks

Part 4
The Mizukage & co. stayed at an inn.
Mizu: "Choujuurou, your sword must be quite heavy. Are you sure you're okay?"
Chou: "Oh... Yes... I have a slight fever though..."
Mizu: "Let me see..."
She puts her forehead on his, and checks his temprature
Ao: "I'm telling you, Godaime, you're too soft on Choujuurou! This is why youngsters are spoiled nowadays! They walk for a little bit and then they go "Oh, I'm so hot augh". Why, in our days--"
Mizu:"Ao... It's no longer the time when it's called "The Village of the Blood Mist". The nightmare that was Yondaime's era is over... Please stop boasting about the past."
Chou gets all lovey-dovey and happy
Ao: "S-Sorry... It's finally..."
Mizu: "Now, let's end this gloomy topic there. Let's have a meal soon. I look forward to the food of a minshuku***."
Ao: "What'll we eat tonight? We can arrange a meal for it, right? Choujuurou?"(How the Mizukage hears it: "What's for the betrothal? We can arrange a meal for it, right? Choujuurou?)
Chou: "Uh..."
Mizu: (...Betrothal...!)
Chou: "There's so many things, I'd worry myself over what to choose, eventually I wouldn't be able to decide."
Ao: "Man, you're so indecisive!! This is why youngsters have no spirit nowadays!"
Mizu: (Bethrothal, so many things, eventually... break-up?!?!)[Pun again]
Chou makes arrangements for the meal and leaves the room
Ao: "Man, why, in our days--"
Mizu gets close to Ao: "Shut up or die."
Ao: (Whaaaaaat--------!!)

Last part
Maybe they're camping in some cavern
Kuro: "Man, I'm so excited to go to the Iron Country for the first time."
Tsuchi: "It's not such a fun place."
Aka: "What kinda place is it then, gramps?"

Looks like the summit will take place in the Iron Country
Looks like it's a snowy place.
There's a panel of snow falling.

Tsuchi: "It's a country founded by a trio called "The Three Wolves"(San-Ookami). It's a neutral country which retains a peculiar culture, a peculiar jurisdiction and strong war power. Since old times, it has never been involved in wars of shinobi. That's why it was decided on that the summit would be held there. The Iron Country isn't guarded by shinobi, it's guarded by people who call themselves "Samurai."

The apperance of these "Samurai" is like Darth Vader's.

They're in the snowing Iron Country
Sasuke: "Well?"
Water-transformed Suigetsu: "Looks like they're bolstering the guard around the Five Kage Summit"
Sasuke: "Juugo, use an animal and lead us to the summit through their lesserly guarded areas."
Juugo: "Got it."

Kazekage's turn
Mifune: "We've been waiting for you, Kazekage-sama. I am a general of the Iron Country, call me Mifune."
Gaara: "Pleased to meet you. I am the Kazekage, Gaara."
Kankurou: "Brrr... This is nothing like the climate of the Wind Country."
Mifune: "If you would follow me, I'd serve you hot tea."

It looks like Naruto & co. have reached the Iron Country too.
They're leaping from tree to tree, in the snow.
Naruto sneezes
Naruto: "Urgh, it suddenly got real cold."
Yamato: "Ssssssshhhh! We're in pursuit, so ssssssssshhhh!"

One by one, they gather at the site of the summit!!

The end!
*Assuming that ohana made a typo here, and meant "ninja"
**Look up Shugendou

Credits Nja/vered NF


The first part says something about Danzou using a swift attack from his mouth to chop his enemies, by using the sharingan to calculate the enemies movement

switches to naruto:
i cant perfectly make this one out, but it says something about yamato and kakashi watching some root members secretely with a mokuton technique

switches to the mizukage:
the seven swordsman dude has a pair of swords called "hiramekarei", they stop at an inn or something

switches to the tsuchikage:
the tsuchikage is concerned that the meeting place of the kages isnt patrolled heavily enough

switches to kazekage:
gaara already reached his destination or is almost there

switches to samuis team:
kakashi, yamato and narato are apparently following them secretely

the last part is possibly about team kakashi being noticed and being attacked..

Additional information - NF:
cant quite put my finger on it, but i think its some root members trying to stop naruto from leaving the village.
i can see "root" in there definitely but i cant translate the rest accordingly, doesnt make that much sense.

i really cant say for sure.
the last part also says something about the origins of the raikage (apparently yamato talked to kakashi about him)
Kakashi puts the Root ninja tailing Sai to sleep with a Genjutsu.
(Naruto's and Konohamaru's Oiroke no Jutsu is used to distract the two of them, thereupon they are taken out with a simple Jutsu.)
Sai: You won't be able to have faith in me, won't you?(It's almost like he's betraying the Root a second time)
Kakashi: You're already part of Team Kakashi! [I/We] believe in you!

[Sai] immediately smiles
Small note is the single line with the Tsuchikage saying there won't be shinobi on duty should be:

He says that it will be samurai, and not shinobi, who'll be the ones securing the location

And I believe it's literally named Taisouken* Hiramekarei** for Choujuurou's katana

*Great Twin Blades
*left eye flounder and right-eye flounder (a type of fish)

Credits: Nja/Nightjumper NF

Danzou swiftly ends the battle.(Looks like there's a seal/mark like Kamaitachi's(Temari's weasel summon) connected to his mouth[unsure] The enemy gets chopped up)
Danzou uses the Sharingan to calculate the number of enemies and ends the battle swiftly. Scene change to Naruto

Kakashi puts the Root ninja tailing Sai to sleep with a Genjutsu.
(Naruto and Konohamaru uses Oiroke no Jutsu to distract two of them, so they are taken out with a simple Jutsu.)
Sai: You won't be able to have faith in me, won't you?(It's almost like he's betraying the Root a second time)
Kakashi: You're already part of Team Kakashi! [I/We] believe in you!

[Sai] immediately smiles

The Mizukage & co. are staying at an inn.
That seven swordsman guy has a pair of swords, Hiramekarai
The Tsuchikage & co. are camping
The Tsuchikage informs his company of the site of the summit.
He says something about the aren't shinobi on guard duty there, so they'll wait for the others, or something.
The Kazekage heads straight for the summit site.

Back to Samui & co. A clone of Yamato is tailing them back to the Raikage.
Naruto and Kakashi are following them.

It ends with a place below[Or something. The kanji is 下所, meaning "below place"]

[Nja explains how the fight with the root ninja went again]
by: boyakist4649 - MH

Some more translations:

This sword of the Seven Swordsmen is called Daisouken HirameKarei (Giant Dipole/Dual Sword – SoleFlounder)

The shinobi are not on security, but rather bladesmen/samurai are on security

About the Oirokeno Justu – the two ‘Ne’ that were monitoring Sai – were apparently distracted by this Oiroke-battle between Naruto and Konohamaru, and that is when Kakashi easily puts a Genjutsu on them.


Danzou is definitely Madara/Tobi
Danzou is Obito - right eye & right arm!
Danzou is Izuna - younger brother of Madara
NO. Danzou is just Danzou - sharingan transplant
Who cares! Everybody can easily have sharingan anyway!


by: Ironside

Naruto 455+ Predictions, Analysis, Thoughts

These are both short-term and long-term predictions

-Danzo will seek Kabuto out to regain a more powerful body, Kabuto will use Danzo to implant Orochimaru into thus giving Orochimaru the Sharingan and control of Kohona (by using Danzo as a disguise).

-Naruto will seek out Killer Bee and/or assist him against Kisame.

-Naruto will learn how to gain complete control of the Kyuubi by learning from Kirabi (the 8 tailed bull respected him somewhat), or using the 'power' Itachi bestowed upon him.

-Naruto is seeking the raikage to reveal the true leader of akatsuki Madara and direct all efforts to him.

-Naruto will unite the 5 major villages against akatsuki.

-Sakura may go off alone to confront Sasuke

-Sasuke will reveal Danzo's involvement with the Uchiha Massacre at the kage meeting, will be captured upon his successful/failed attempt on Danzo at the kage meeting.

-Anko will Team up with Sai and try to remove the seal that prevents Sai from talking about Danzo

-Anko will learn of Danzo's deals with Orochimaru and bring it up before her fellow jounins

-Danzo will be overthrown as the offical

-Madara is keeping Sasuke alive for 'spare parts' incase he himself is injured or his eyes degrade.
by: The Special One

Naruto 456: Setting the Stage

(Danzou turns around to face his enemies. Fu and Torune watch as Danzou unveils the sharingan. The five attackers notice the sharingan as they land.)

"What is this? When did Danzou become capable of the sharingan," said Attacker 2."We weren't breifed of his abilities at all, but to think he'd have ties to the Uchiha clan.
It is five against three, I'll devise a strategy. Remember against a sharingan user, one distracts while the other gets the rear.And don’t show him your jutsu, if he’s anything like Kakashi, he may use our techniques against us" said Lead attacker.

"Sir, we'll go after the other two," said Attacker 3.

"Foolish followers of the slug queen, like even a handful of pests are enough for either one of us," said Danzou.

(The leader attacker attempts to rush at Danzou, meanwhile, the attacker at Danzou's back attempts to strike with his short sword. With fast reflexes Danzou tosses a Kunai at the lead attacker's throat before he could counter. In a swift action, Danzou spins around and quickly draws his short sword, effectively beheading his rear opponent before he could get off a swing at Danzou.)

"Damn, him," yelled Attacker 4. "His reaction time is unreal. He'll pay for that," said Attacker 5. "No time to worry, I'll slip to his right, he's weak on that side," said Attacker 3.

(Attacker 3 ,4, and 5 disregard Fu and Torune and goes after Danzou. One jumps in the air and tries to attack from above, another attempts to strike from the rear, and finally the last attempts to strike from his right side. Close up on Danzou’s sharingan. Through Danzou’s vision, we see multiple after images of the attackers.

Danzou withdraws his blade, slides back slightly to avoid the downward slash of his upward opponent. He then grabs the arm of the descending opponent and swings him to his right, which resulted in the attacker being attacked by attacker 3 on accident. As the enemy is accidently stabbed by two Kunai from his ally, Danzou pulls the blade from his dead hands and tosses it through both the corpse and attacker 3 with all his might. Before the rear attacker can make his move, Danzou does a spinning heel kick, knocks flat to the ground. Danzou slowly walks over to him, and pulls out his blade.)

“To think, someone such as you have become Hokage. You’ll never succeed, as long as,” said Last attacker before he is silenced by Danzou’s blade.

“They were Anbu under Tsunade’s employ. They must have been sent to assassinate me if I were to become Hokage. If I was some old man, maybe her attempt would have succeeded. But, she drastically underestimated by abilities,” said Danzou. (Danzou pants a little and sweats.)

“The sharingan yes. Although an effective means for disarming your opponents, it seems that even after 8 years, it seems your body still hasn’t gotten use to it,” said Fu. (Danzou covers up the sharingan.) “Even Kakashi has had this problem, that’s why we need to find Kabuto, he certainly has data on the Uchiha bloodline that Orochimaru researched,” said Danzou.

“Sir, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you obtain such a power,” asked Torune. “It was a gift from a very powerful man. He offered me his left eye to replace my missing eye as a way to a bargaining chip. I aid in the destruction of the Uchiha and preserve his identity, he offer me power beyond my imagination. Enough with that, let’s move on,” said Danzou.

(Switch Scene to Naruto’s recover room.)
“Naruto, you’ll probably need more time,” said Yamato. “Don’t worry, not if I do this,” said Naruto. (Naruto makes a hand seal and draws upon the Kyuubi’s chakra. The red chakra instantly heals his wounds from the outside.)

“Not bad, it appears as though he has found an effective way to use the Kyuubi’s chakra to his advantage,” said Kakashi. (Naruto gets dressed.)
“Alright, it is time to move out,” said Naruto. (Naruto rushes off, Kakashi does as well.)

“How do I always get involved in all this. Sigh,” mumbled Yamato.

(Switch Scene to Team Samui. They are conversing with Shizune, Shikaku, and some Anbu.)

“I’ve circled some landmarks which are and have been occupied by the Akatuski,” said Shikaku. “Is it credible,” asked Samui. “Yeah, we’ve received their background info from a book, which pinpointed Akatuski’s every move,” said Shikaku. “We don’t know how many you’ll have to check, but we have marked off the one that we currently visited,” said Shizune.

(An Anbu hands Samui a map.)

“We’ll have to have Raikage sort out the search and rescue. Let’s go,” said Samui. (They leave.)

(Switch Scene to Team Kakashi. They are on the outskirts of Konoha.)
“You notice that,” said Yamato. “Must be root,” said Kakashi. (Naruto makes the Shadow clone jutsu handseal.)
Next Chapter: The Summit Commences
by jeanericuser

Danzo is watching the shinobi in mid air as they fall then suddenly they vanish in mid air. Fu is looking around with a puzzled look.
Fu: "Genjutsu?"
Danzo: "Yes but merely a test."
Torune: "Is it one of our people?"
Danzo: "No. This one is different."
A shadow appears on the ground in front of them. Out of the shadow rises a figure that looks at them. Its the dark half of zetsu. Fu and Torune seem surprised at encountering an akatsuki member but Danzou looks at him while covering up his eye.
Zetsu: "My master requests your presence. He has a proposal to offer to you."

Naruto is riding on the back of kakashi as him and yamoto head through the forest.
Kakashi: "So that is your plan for dealing with akatsuki?"
Naruto: "Yes. It seems the only way but in order to accomplish it we need sasuke first. He is the only one that can make this possible. If the pervy sage were still alive than we could use his intelligence to make this happen but with that not possible we need sasuke instead."
Yamoto: "I don't know if Raikage will accept that kind of deal though. Sasuke has after all killed at least one of their own and they still will want vengeance."
Naruto: "If vengeance is allowed to cloud their decisions this conflict will never end but if this goes right the conflict could come to an end very soon."
Kakashi: "But are you sure he will be there?"
Naruto: .......
Yamoto: "We are being followed."
Kakashi: "How many?"
Yamoto: "8 of them at least."
Kakashi: "We can't waste too much time. We have to hurry."
Yamoto: "Then I will try to keep them busy as long as possible. Get naruto to there as fast as you can."
Yamoto lands on the ground and naruto watches as several shinobi land near yamoto.
Kakashi: "Don't worry naruto. The last thing root will do is try to kill yamoto. They need him alive to help rebuild konoha. Focus on saving your energy for later."
Naruto closes his eyes and kakashi jumps ahead faster.

Danzo is standing in a forest when suddenly tobi appears.
Danzo: "Its been a long time since we last talked. What is it you want now?"
Tobi: "You have grown much danzo since we last met. I can still remember you as the young genin seeking wisdom."
Danzo smirks in anger but then smiles.
Danzo: "If this is about the meeting of the kages than Im afraid there is nothing I can do. Too much has gone on for the meeting to be suddenly cancelled."
Tobi: "I do not wish it to be cancelled. On the contrary I wish it to take place. No I have come to warn you to not attend the meeting."
Danzo suddenly looks at Tobi then suddenly his eyes widen in shock.
Danzo: "An assassination attempt?! Are you insane?!"
Tobi: "If the kages are eliminated than akatsuki will be free to do as they wish while all the villages sort out whom their new leaders will be. Time for you to secure your own position in the hidden leaf village and deal with naruto."
Danzo: "And whom is the assassin I have to thank for this attack?"

Sasuke is shown heading through the forest. Lighter Zetsu is just ahead and sasuke notices the tree parting to reveal a long field with a village in the distance.
by: Forlong

Danzo uses Genjutsu to own those random ninja.
Fu: "They're from the Mist Village."
Danzo: "No doubt sent to assasinate me."
Torune: "They may simply be missing nin."
Danzo: "The Mist Village is to lenient to it's missing nin. I must bring this up at the Kage Summit. The Mizukage is to much like Tsunade."
-cut to Sai-
Sai: "He left?"
ANBU: "Yes. He is off to the Kage Summit."
Sai: "But I just found out something about the Akatsuki that the Hokage should be told. Tell me where the meeting is."
ANBU: "Each Kage is only to bring two bodyguards. You cannot go."
Sai: "I will get to him before he reaches the meeting then return to the Village."
ANBU: "Tell me the information; and, if it's worth telling the Hokage, I'll decide if he needs to know immediately."
Sai: "Pain was not the leader of the Akatsuki. It's Madara! He was manipulating Pain the whole time. He summoned the Kyuubi sixteen years ago. The Forth tried everything to stop him, but in the end had to seal the Kyuubi in Naruto"
ANBU: "Very well, I shall tell the Hokage when he returns."
Sai: "But this is vital! He must tell the other Kages. Ordering Sasuke's death might not be nessicary. Madara may be brainwashing Sasuke or threatening him! He may have had no choice but to capture Killer Bee."
ANBU: "Don't be rediculess."
Sai: "I admit that it's unlikely, but we have to concider the possiblity."
ANBU: "You will tell the Hokage when he returns! No sooner."
Sai: "I...understand..."
Sai turns to leave.
ANBU: "Who told you this?"
-Sai has a flashback-
Sai is passing a group of villagers.
Villager #1: "Did you hear? Tsunade has been replaced as Hokage by Danzo."
Villager #2: "Why? Tsunade protected the village. If anyone should be Hokage in her place, it's Naruto."
Villager #1: "Yeah, he's the one who stopped Pain. And he saved the village years ago when Orochimaru attacked. He even saved the Kazekage."
Villager #3 (female): "And he's so attractive."
Villager #1: "Will you cut that out. For the past few months, all you can talk about is Naruto's looks."
Villager #2: "Yeah, if you like him so much, just ask him out and stop bugging us."
Villager #3: "I couldn't do that. I'd be so nervious."
-flashback ends-
Sai: "Naruto...Uzumake Naruto."
ANBU: "I see."
Sai: "A warning. I'm certain Naruto will chalange for the possition of Hokage."
ANBU: "You think so."
Sai: "I don't think, I know. Naruto has the support of the village. If he chalanges the Hokage, the village will be right behind him."
ANBU: "We will have it under control."
Sai flashes-back to various people talking about Naruto.
Sai (thinking): won't!
-cut to the exterior of the village-
Several Hyuuga clan members, including Hinata's father and sister, return to the village.
Hinata's dad: "What has happened to the village?"
Tazuna sees them and waves.
Tazuna: "Hello."
Hinata's dad: "What happened here!? Who did this?"
Tazuna: "I don't know. Just got here myself. Someone attacked the village, and Naruto stopped him. I also heard that they've appointed a new Hokage. Some guy named Danzo."
Hinata's dad: "Danzo!?"
Tazuna: "Yeah, confused me too. If you ask me, Naruto would be the best choice for the job. We've gotten a lot of news about him in the Land of Waves. They say that he saved the whole village from a monster three years ago. I would have liked to have seen that."
Hinata's dad: "Tell me where Naruto is."
Tazuna: "!?"
Hinata's dad: "I must speak with him...imediately!"
End caption: What does the Hyuuga clan have to do with Naruto?
by: Vengeance

Prediction 456

Fu & Torune jump to the side to give Danzou some space. Danzou quickly turns around & uses a Fuuton wind gust to blow back all the fodder shinobi. The Shinobi are given no time to recover as Danzou disposes of all but one using high speed taijutsu & his robot arm as a weapon. Danzou grabs the last shinobi by the neck using his robot arm & presses him against a tree.

Danzou: Who sent you!

The Shinobi doesn’t answer so Danzou uses his sharingan to look into his mind. The shinobi faints as Danzou snaps his neck & tosses him aside.

Danzou: Hmmm… Konan of the Rain will have to be dealt with sooner then expected. Fu Tornune, dispose of the bodies & let’s get moving.

Fu/Tornune: Yes Lord Danzou.

Naruto: Kakashi I’m fine we should leave as soon as possible.

Kakashi: The Kage summit is tomorrow. Take the time to get some rest the location is only about an hour away from here. We'll head out in the morning.

Yamato: Besides Sai still hasn’t come back from speaking with the Hokage.

Naruto: That’s been bothering me…. How long does it take to deliver a message anyway?

Ino comes rushing into Naruto’s room & is shocked by his appearance.

Ino: Naruto its Sai something bad has happened. You guys need to come outside right now!!!

Sakura can be seen outside trying to heal Sai as he’s apparently badly wounded. Shino, Kiba, Hinata, & Chouji are standing between them & 8 man squad of Anbu Root.

Kakashi: What the hell is going on here!

Anbu Captain: That boy is coming with us Kakashi. I’d advise that you call off these children before they get hurt.

Ino: Me & Chouji were going to see Shikamaru in the hospital when we saw Hinata, Shino, & Kiba fighting with these Anbu. Sakura heard the commotion & ran outside to help.

Kakashi: This is Danzou’s doing….

Kakashi & Yamato vanish & reappear between the young Shinobi & the Anbu Root. Naruto runs over to Sai to see if he’s ok.

Sakura: Naruto what happened to your face!! Did these guys attack you as well?

Naruto: No Sakura but don’t worry about it how is Sai?

Sakura: Not good… his internal organs have been struck. I should be able to stop the bleeding but without a transfusion I’m not sure how long he’ll hold out.

Naruto: Thank you guys for protecting Sai but I need to ask another favor from you.

Shino: No problem Naruto Sai is a fellow comrade we wouldn’t just abandon him while he’s being attacked. Not even if they are Danzou’s Anbu. What do you need from us?

Naruto: I need you guys stay out of this. Go find Shizune & inform her of the situation. As a precaution keep watch over Tsunade.

Hinata: But what about…

Kakashi: We’ll be fine Hinata Naruto is right Tsunade may be in danger if Danzou gave an order to kill Sai.

Anbu Captain: Enough of this you’re all under arrest for revolting against the Hokage.

The young Shinobi leave & head over to Tsunade & Shizune when the Anbu try to block there path. Kakashi takes out 4 while Yamato takes out 3. Naruto blitzes the commander but he's still injured from his beat down. Naruto manages to get in a few good shots forcing the Anbu Captain to his knees.

Anbu Captain: Danzou said this could happen…. Lucky for us he’s always 5 steps ahead of everyone… Summoning jutsu Eye of the Forsaken!!!

A squad of 30 shinobi instantly appear in front of the Anbu Captain.

Kakashi: Danzou really is a monster… To think he’d go to such lengths to ensure his supremacy over Konoha….

Yamato: What do you mean?

Kakashi: You can’t tell because of the mask… But every one of these shinobi has a sharingan!!!

Anbu Captain: Kill Kakashi, Yamato, & detain Naruto! They're all traitors to our lord & master Danzou.

Sharingan Anbu: As you command... We live & die in the service of Lord Danzou...

A squad of Root with Sharingan!! What does this mean?

Next Week: Konoha Unites & Sai's Sacrifice!
How can Danzou possibly have a SHARINGAN??? He is definitely NOT an Uchiha, right? Or did I miss something out? What is the connection of Danzou with Orochimaru? Did Orochimaru have something to do with his acquired Sharingan?
  • * Danzou = got right eye
  • * Madara/Tobi = got right eye
  • * Obito = left eye given to Kakashi (but is his right eye still intact?)
  • * Kakashi = got left eye (from Obito)
  • * Danzou = left arm is unknown
  • * Obito = left arm is crushed!
  • BUT
  • * Danzou got basic sharingan
  • * Madara got MS
What conclusion can we derive from here? It could be that:
Danzou is definitely Madara/Tobi
Danzou is Obito - right eye & right arm!
Danzou is Izuna - younger brother of Madara
NO. Danzou is just Danzou - sharingan transplant
Who cares! Everybody can easily have sharingan anyway!
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Another possibility:
1. Danzou is among the Elders who ordered Uchiha Clan Massacre - right?
2. Could it be after they are ALL dead - since he is aware of the powers of the sharingan - instructed that one sharingan be TRANSPLANTED to him??
3. Could it be that OROCHIMARU could have transplanted the sharingan?
4. Knowing Orochimaru and his forbidden techniques, Danzou must have bargained with Orochimaru - thus causing him his arm.

This is just my wild guess - but who knows!! Share us your reactions and post your ideas.

by: Naruto Addict