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Friday, June 19, 2009

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Naruto 453: Konoha at the Center of Attention
by: The Special One

(Team 7 learns of Sasuke's erratic behavior.)

"You can't seriously believe this, right Naruto? Sasuke would never join such a shady organization," said Sakura. "Who cares what you think! He was caught red handed in an Akatuski cloak carrying away our master," yelled Omoi.

"How you can even stand up for a missing nin who left the village and joined an s-class criminal organization is nothing short of insanity," said Karui. "And Akatuski did this to your village, how could you fools be so stupid enough to over look this. The mighty Konoha has definitely fallen," said Omoi.

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"Wait just one second! I won't let you talk down to Sasuke and our village like that," yelled Sakura. (She balls up her fists.) "Looks like she wants some more. Fine, after we are done with her, I'll gladly have me some Uchiha on my plate," said Omoi.

(Karui flips her blade) "This time I'll cut her," said Karui. (Naruto stops Sakura. Sai is shocked.)

"Naruto, what are you doing? Let me go, this is Sasuke we're talking about," said Sakura. "Tell me something Cloud ninja. Was there something special about your master," said Naruto.

"Special as in his amazing strength," said Omoi. "Was he, a jinchuurikii," said Naruto. "Nnn, Naruto," mumbled Sakura. "TELL ME, was your master a Jinchuurikii," yelled Naruto.

"Yes. He was the eight tailed beast," said Karui. "Master spent most of his young life protecting the village. At first everyone was scared of him. But after risking his life time and time again, the people began to except him as part of the village. (Naruto reflects on himself) Raikage, his older brother, placed him, our Master in those situations in order for the villagers to respect him," said Omoi.

(Flash Back of the Eight Tails Released facing off against hordes of shinobi.)

"He was so strong. He was an experienced swordsmen type shinobi. We looked up to him. We wanted to be strong just like him and protect the village. We begged and begged, and finally with the kindness of his heart, he took us under his wing. We finally grew strong enough to join Samui who, like our Master, is a top Jounin in our village and reports directly to Raikage. Then we eventually formed our platoon. We were just like our Master, in the sense that we were the Hokage's most trusted. Still, its unreal that he's been captured," said Karui.

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"We called him Killer Bee and he was everything to us. He took us good for nothing kids and changed us into top shinobi. That's why, I'll never forgive that Uchiha bastard," said Omoi.

"I understand," said Naruto. "What, how could you possibly understand. Killer Bee had it hard his entire life. And all of a sudden, Akatuski takes him away, for what, because he has special power to exploit," yelled Omoi. "You Konoha ninja make me sick," said Karui.

"Your master and I, are similar," said Naruto. "What are you getting at," asked Omoi. "I am also a jinchuurikii. I am the 9 tailed host and I recently defended the village from Akatuski, because they wanted me," said Naruto.

"So you are like him, a host," said Karui. "My apologies. Your life must have been difficult as well. You said you saved the village. Perhaps you are Killer Bee's ongoing will. In that case, we'll sit here and get to understand the situation," said Omoi.

(Karui and Omoi jump over to Team 7's location.)

"Naruto, you don't think Sasuke really did this," asked Sakura. (Flash back of Itachi's words)

"Sasuke is still pure, but he can be easily painted," said Itachi.

(Back to present)

"Someone told me that Sasuke might have changed," said Naruto. "But who," asked Sakura. "It doesn't matter, but that's not all. That man with the mask. The Akatuski member that went after Sasuke. I know something about him," said Naruto.

(Flash back of Minato talking about the masked man manipulating Pain.)

"Is it really ok to be listening to this," said Karui. "It'll bring us to a better solution," said Omoi.

(Sakura is confused and is about to ask Naruto to elaborate, but he speaks on.)

"You two. Leave Sasuke to me. I'm sure I can end it," said Naruto. "Hay listen, this was the guy that defeated our master, surely you can't handle him alone," said Omoi.

(Flash back of Itachi.)

"I gave you some of my power. I hope the day comes when you never have to use it," said Itachi.

(Back to the present.)

"No. Its something I have to do. So I insist, don't pursue Sasuke. I'll go after him," said Naruto. "Well, based on the reports, he had three allies with him. Its likely he used them to help him defeat our master," said Karui. "We'll at least make them pay for their treachery," smiled Omoi. "Thank you," said Naruto.

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Switch Scene to Danzou's hut:

"So, the Hokage summit will take place in Konoha," said Danzou. "Yeah, I'm assuming due to geographical location, Konoha is the most viable spot. The Fire country is between the great shinobi countries, and since Konoha is a prestigious nation, its the best location for the summit," said Anbu 1.

"Heh. I wonder what they'll think once they see that we're in shambles," said Anbu 2.

Switch Scene to Sand Village:

"What is it Temari," asked Gaara. "Its an urgent summit of the Five Great Kages," said Temari. "Hmm. I wonder what's going on. Konoha seems to be the location. I'll wonder if I'll see him there," said Gaara.

Switch Scene to Tsuchigakure:

(He's cloaked up)

"Summit of the Kages. Konoha... Its been years since the 3rd shinobi war. I wonder if there is still some tension," said Tsuchikage.

Switch Scene: Raikage Dashes to Konoha

"Raikage sir, please slow down," said Adviser. "The day has a arise to put an end to Akatuski," said Raikage.

Switch Scene To Mizugakure:

(Madara dresses himself up)

"It seems Konoha is going to be pretty hot. I'll lay low for a while and let Sasuke stir things up," said Madara.

Next Chapter: Team 7 And Team Samui Join Forces

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