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Monday, June 1, 2009

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Chapter 451: The New Regime
by: The Special One

(Shikaku is displeased with the Feudal Lords' decision)

"This is nonsense, I humbly request my lord that you reconsider," said Shikaku. "On what grounds," said Head Lord.

"No need. My Lord, the decison has already been decided by you, the head of the Fire Country's council, that's all that needs to be said. Stand down Shikaku, or in the name of the law they may punish you for breach of power," said Danzou.

"Why you little... Where were you when we needed your unit the most," asked Shikaku. "Settle down, or this meeting will be postponed," said one of the Fuedal Lords. "I'm just trying to defend these travasties this man is throwing at me, please for give my manners," said Danzou. (He stands up and then bows.)

"Do you want Konoha to end up like Mizugakure? Please, here my out. This man stands for everything that is wrong in the shinobi world. He is not the example our past Hokages set for us," yelled Shikaku.

"Who is to say the new system is worth giving a try? Under the past Hokages the village has always been in turmoil," said Danzou.

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"ENOUGH. Danzou is now the 6th Hokage. Anymore complaints and I'll retain each and everyone of you in confinement," said Head Fuedal Lord. (Shikaku thinks to himself.)

"I can't let this happen. I must do something. If I can, then maybe Konoha will have a chance," said Shikaku. (They leave. 3 Guards escort Danzou and others outside.)

"Now, considering that this area is heavily guarded, I might cause a huge commotion .Kage Mane, complete," said Shikaku. "What's going on," said Guard one. "I can't move," said Guard three. "Damn," yelled Guard 2. "Kage Mane," said Danzou. "Shikaku, what are you doing," said Anbu 1. "I have to do this, this man is not what Konoha needs right now," said Shikaku. "You'll never get away with this," said Danzou.
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"I don't care what they'll do to me. This is my way of making it up to Konoha. BIND," said Shikaku. (Immediately, the Fuedal lords send in a horde of guards, who are armed with Kunai and heavy weaponry. They capture Shikaku and takes him away.)

"Shame. Did you think you could plot something as drastic as this and not be caught? This place is heavily patrolled," said Head Council Leader. (They move to the commotion.)

"So, it seems Konoha has some internal problems as well, this is no good," said Council member.

"He'll most likely recieve the ultimate punishment," said Next Council Member.

"DAMN it. I was so close," said Shikaku. "ASSASINATION ATTEMPT. SHIKAKU of Konoha will immediatley be retained in confinement for high treason to the Hokage," said Head Fuedal Lord. (Who appears with more guards.)

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(Danzou Smiles.)

Switch Scene to Akatuski Hideout

(Madara approaches Falcon.)

"I know you are extremely anxious about going to Konoha. But Sasuke, two of your members will have to stay behind and help with the sync of the Eight Tails," said Madara.

"I aint goin no where. I'm with Sasuke regardless," said Suigetsu. "Afterall, it is up to Sasuke. But two of you will still have to stay behind," said Madara.

"Heh, Sasuke needs my chakra sensing abilities, I have no need to worry," said Karin. "So, have you decided," asked Madara. "Suigetsu is coming with me. Juugo and Karin will have to remain behind," said Sasuke. "Yeah, that's my pal," said Suigetsu. "If its Sasuke's orders, I'll have to follow," said Juugo.

"How dare you? Afterall I've done for you," said Karin. "Let it go, this is for the best," said Sasuke. "Before you go to Konoha. I need to warn you of Naruto. He defeated the former Akatuski Leader. I'll replay back the viewing of the battle via my sharingan," said Madara. (Apparently Zetsu recorded it. Like he did with the viewing of Sasuke vs. Itachi.)

"Naruto hmm," mumbled Sasuke.

switch Scene to Konoha:

(Team Samui are wondering around Konoha.)

"So, is the Hokage even alive considering the state of the village," asked Karui "I dont' want to feel like wasting my time but its for Raikage," said Omoi. "Guys. Look over there. There is a huge crowd of villagers. Perhaps we'll find the Hokage over there," said Samui.

Switch Scene to Kisame:

(He is walking over an ocean of water.)

"Looks like I'm all alone on this one. Its been a long time," smiled Kisame. (He pictures walking alongside Itachi.)

Next Chapter: Team Samui Contacts the Leaf