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Friday, May 22, 2009

Naruto 449 ENGLISH and RAW now up!!

Naruto Chapter 449: Nagato's Last Moments
Read: Prediction on Naruto Chapter 450

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SPOILERS are HERE NOW!!! Read them all!!
Read: Prediction on Naruto Chapter 450

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Submitted to me by an Anonymous contributor (sorry I cant give credits). He/She said this is something about a prohibited technique and informations about Sasuke. Can someone do the translations?

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Shizune, Pa frog and Kakashi.
They survive!
Only Nagato and Jiraiya died in the end of the fight.
Nagato revives all people in Konoha and entrusts to Naruto and then died.
Konan leaves akatsuki and bring the corpses of Nagato and Yahiko back to Hidden Rain. She prays for Naruto's success and says that both Nagato and Naruto have the same dream. She gives him a bunch of paper flowers.

The dialogue between Kakashi and his dad
Kakashi: I'm proud of my father.
Dad: Thanks.
An arrow shining with light spots on Kakashi.
Dad: This is the place where it is too early for you.
Finally I can see your mom.
Then Kakashi wakes up.

The last panel which Sasuke is heading to Konoha.
Side cover is Kabuto.
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カカシ 俺は父さんを誇りに思うよ
Kakashi: i am proud of my dad

Thank you father

An arrow of light shines on Kakashi

It's Kakashi's mother and she says something about Kakashi's dad appearing too early
Kakashi:i finally see my mother ... thank you.

Kakashi awakes
Kakashi 's Face Revealed!!
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Nagato : Gedou Rinne Tenshou ! ( Heretical Justice Reincarnation ) [ Rinnegan are supposed to be the eyes of the Reincarnations ... ]

Everybody is brought back to life.
Fukusaku, Kakashi ...

Nagato hairs becomes grey ... and paper like.

Konan makes a flower out of paper and gives it to Naruto.

Sasuke is rushing to Konoha

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Sasu-Saku and Naru-Hina

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where is the colored nails?
by: Anonymous contributor
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Can anybody translate this too?? This is about Zetsu and Madara appearing... This looks fake but its worth knowing what it is about right??
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by: polskanarut (naruto4u)
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Status: Prediction

Chapter 449: Nagato's Trust

(Konan is worried about Nagato's condition. Blood trickles from his mouth once more.)

"Nagato, what are you planning? We should use this time to escape, save your strength," said Konan.

"Konan, silence. I need as much chakra as possible to pull off the summoning," said Nagato. "WHAT? The King of Hell Statue. You can't possibly be planning on sealing the 9 tails alone. He is not even contained," said Konan.

(Naruto goes on the defense)

"Don't worry Uzumaki. I have no interesting in taking the Kyuubi from you. I said I believe in you. Let me us, students of Jiraiya, bring peace," smiled Nagato. "Nagato," mumbled Naruto.

(The area begins to shake. Nagato continues to concentrate.)

"ARRRGGHH," yelled Nagato. (The King of Hell Statue emerges and severly cripples the origami tree. Naruto avoids the statue's entrance by slipping to the side. Konan and Naruto both glance at the statue. Seven eyes are open, to reflect the amount of Bijuu sealed within it.)

"See? The Rinnegan gives me amazing power. This moving statue was said to be a personal summon to that of the Six Realms Sage. Incidently, I have inheirted this monstrocity that day I awakened the Rinnegan. This beast absorbs souls and converts them into energy, energy that could be condensed into an attack.

The overall strength of the attack, depends on the level of chakra the soul has. Since the tailed beasts has the greatest resources of chakra, their souls would be more than suffice to create a gigantic weapon of mass destruction.

I intended to use this weapon to restore peace to the world. But now, after hearing your story, I fear all my efforts would have gone in vain. If people are to live in a world without scheduled conflict and eradication, a weapon such as this shouldn't exist. Right, Naruto," asked Nagato.

"Nagato, are you asking him to destroy this thing. What about Akatuski's purpose? What about everything we've bleed and fought for," said Konan.

"What about it? If its all in line of the prophecy, our existence is not by chance. It was only written down that the world would meet peace through Naruto's existence," said Nagato.

"Nagato, are you even listening to yourself? You've become a fool, just like Jiraiya. I won't sit her and let all our efforts go to waste," said Konan.

"No one is keeping you here. And if you provide yourself to be an obstancle in the way of peace, Uzumaki has no qualms about putting a stop to you," said Nagato. (Konan looks scared)

"Fine, do what you like," said Konan.

"Destroy the staue with everything you've got. Once you've done that, the seven Bijuu will escape and Akatuski's direct motive will be lost," said Nagato.

"RIght. For peace," said Naruto. (Naruto remains motionless. And after a several moments of gathering chakra, he entires Sage Mode.)

"So what attack should I use on this thing," mumbled Naruto. "Make sure you use a powerful technique to take this thing out," said Nagato.

"I could use Rasen Shuriken. But I don't want to take Nagato and his partner out as well," said Naruto.

(Close up on Nagato. All of a sudden flashbacks starts rushing through his mind. From childhood all the way up until he meets Naruto and does battle with him.)

"I've served my purpose. Konan, you live on. Once he uses his attack, I'm going to get in the way. Therefore I'd be gone as well," said Nagato. "Www, What," yelled Konan.

Swich Scene to Akatuski's Secret Lair:

(Zetsu is witnessing the ruin land in which the King of Hell Statue use to stand)

"All man. Madara is not going to be happy with this," said Light Zetsu. "I wonder who had a hand in this. Time to report to Madara at once," said Dark Zetsu.

Next Chapter: Salvation Revived
by: The Special One
Status: Prediction

Nagato: Then lets ask our sensai what he thinks, ok Naruto???
Kuchiosi - summons Jiraya with black rods coming out of him orange hair and other typical pain garb. "Well master, how does one achieve peace in this world?"

Jiraya: "With Paaaaain!!!!" (sfx)

Naruto: "Master..." (sfx:sadface)

Jiraya uses shinra tensai blasting Naruto out of the cave. He then does a follow up and summons all of animal realm beasts including a new one - a frog with two swords on its back.

Naruto destroys a clone he had made before and had gather sage chakra for him. he powers up and sends two of the summons into orbit (lol), then Jiraiya shunshins in fornt f Naruto and chokeslams him into the ground. and then

Jiraya: INFINITE PAIN!!!!! (sfx:summon)

A dark figure appears behind Jiraiya Pain...Its Nagato out of his wheelchair - he looks extremely evil.

Nagato: Demon Summon, Shinra Of the Six Paths - a figure witha cape appears and puts its hand on Narutos chest and sucks out the nine tails chakra into a tensai bubble ( like in one piece where Kuma sucks the pain out of Luffy...)

Nagato: lets go Konan, Nagato has an uneasy look on his face.

Last page is a picture of Neji

Neji: So you didn't escape your fate as a failure after all....

next chapter - Reborn, Death of the Hokage
by: Narutorealm
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Status: Prediction

Nagato: i will believe in you Naruto! because of that i will give up part of my eyes and see what you will have to do in order to bring us peace. I will be watching.

Konan: No Nagato! you cannot just give him the rinnegan? you are God, you will be the one to bring peace to this forsaken land!

Nagato: yes i am a God, and because i am. i decided to put fate in Naruto. and i decided that you should be with him to watch in my stead.

Konan: No! And what use am i to him? i will be much more needed... here... with you...Nagato I..

Nagato: I want you to be with me.. as always. but i have to watch over Naruto... and his goal of peace.. our dream of peace.. yahiko's dream..although i cannot..I will still watch over you from afar.. Konan, I... will you do this for me... watch over him.. watch as our dream unfolds..

Nagato closes his eyes then completes the Seal: "Incarnation"*

Naruto stands ready as Nagato is releasing the jutsu, a jutsu that is neither attack nor intended for Naruto. When Nagato opens his eyes, only 1 eye has the rinnegan ripple. Naruto was shocked, glanced at Konan crying.. tears rolling from her left eye, the eye that now holds the power of half the Rinnegan.*

next chapter: Naru-Kon
by poolangya
Status: Prediction

Chapter 449: LEGACY
with his hands making a seal what dread jutsu does nagato have in store for naruto?

NARUTO: you... believe in me?!

NAGATO: yes. but you still need one more push,naruto. you want to take my throne, but you will need a crown. I am going to see this through naruto. I am going to make sure you succede in finding peace.

*nagato makes some unknown seals*

KONAN: Nagato! what jutsu is that! you have never shown me that one! what are you doing!

NAGATO: konan... I can't go on. my mind and my body are racked with pain. I have caused so much pain... I have caused you so much pain. this is my final atonement. when a god sins, they can no longer be god.

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NARUTO: what do you mean by all of this? tell me?

NAGATO: naruto,konan... I can't keep living this life. there is no reason to stay trapped in this mortal shell. it is weak and feeble. naruto... I am going to give you new sight. I will give you my legacy.


NAGATO: I have loved you since the day you saved me, my angel... please grant my last wish... help naruto achieve peace... sorry my... love.
*nagato's head falls*
*Konan cries uncontrolably.*

NARUTO: Nagato??? *eyes start to well up.*
... my... my eyes.... ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

*naruto's eyes slowly begin to shift into the ripple form.*

ahhhh..... *naruto drops to his knees and looses consciousness...

*naruto's subconscious world is completely dark. a voice echoes*

NAGATO: naruto... I am in you now. a vestigal spirit. I will show you how to master my legacy to you. I will guide you until the end. that is my gift to you.
you are the savior. you will be god. I know because you saved me... but now you must wake up...

the struggle is over! nagato will shepard the new savior into the world. return to konoha!

by: dark messiah verdandi
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I just cant help it, I dont like Nagato, but oh well - here are the "nicest" pics I've found. The first (larger pic) is my favorite - creepy!

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would you be friends with him?

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Status: Prediction

I also think team Gai will get involved, but I would like to see what Nagato is trying to do, either good or bad, before he is killed by anyone. Team Gai should be getting reliable information from Katsuyu right now as they make their way to the tree.

I think that Kishi has created this current situation quite masterfully. There are so many things that could reasonably happen with respect to the Naruto/Nagato dialogue in the next chapter or two that I don't know what to make of it. A small list is:
  1. Danzou/Root intervenes
  2. Team Gai arrives
  3. Madara phases in
  4. Nagato Attack Naruto
  5. Nagato gives gift to Naruto
  6. Naruto lets Nagato go free
  7. Naruto refuses to let him go free
  8. Cloud team arrives at any point
  9. Taka arrives (though this seems less likely as Sasuke is supposed to be healing after he got beatdown)
Then the other good parts is that Kishi could go away from the above list or combine any number of them to create some chaos. I love it when a plans comes together
by: jdw
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Very Interesting Chapter! Nice twist. As I was reading Chapter 448, it suddenly came to me the interview on Masashi Kishimoto during the later part of last year. Please take note on prediction #3: One of the Akatsuki’s member becomes friend/ally with Naruto

Do you agree in NARUTO and NAGATO being friends and allies??
YES! they are great ninjas with same vision and goals - they should be friends
NO WAY! How can someone be just friends with each other - when both know they are the cause of each others pain!
Anything! If this would mean that this is the last we would see Pein - then GREAT!
I don' really care at all - where is Kakashi??

You may select multiple answers.

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I am thinking that, this is it! Nagato and Naruto will become ally! Now thats a nice twist of the story - but what is it exactly that Nagato will do now that he expressed, "I will believe in you... Uzumaki Naruto"

What do you think will NAGATO DO NOW? What is this technique he is about to use??

1. Could it be that he will give Naruto the Rinnegan?? (i personally don't want this to happen)
2. Could it be a seal to protect him from Bijuu extraction of the Akatsuki??
3. Would it be a technique or a seal that would UNDO everything that he did to Konoha??

C'mon! Share us what you think! Also read all comments below.
Nagato will give Naruto the Rinnegan
A jutsu to protect him from Bijuu extraction of the Akatsuki
A technique that would UNDO everything that he did to Konoha
I really dont know what Kishi will think of this time!
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Knowing the style of Kishi, Im sure it would be none of us could guess and predict of. But one thing is for sure though, whatever it is that Nagato will do, it would be something that will surely help Naruto in attaining the PEACE they both wanted.

by: Naruto Addict
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Status: Prediction

What I would like to happen.. are two exclusive options, either..

1. Nagato captures Naruto with the intent of giving him power over all the captured tailed beasts. The process will last 7 days and he'll prepare for Madara himself. He steps out of his chair and returns to a healthy looking Nagato - he no longer needs the 6 paths of pain to fight. He'll battle Madara himself.

-- OR --

2. Nagato casts a jutsu on Naruto to help him with controlling Kyuubi. Visualized as Kyuubi in his cage going into a slumber, chakra leaking out and being absorbed by Naruto's own chakra. Then some explanation about how Naruto will gradually absorb Kyuubi's chakra and make it his own.

by: Syntaxis
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Status: Prediction

I have a feeling that Naruto will learn about Minato's reasoning behind the type of seal he used and why he only sealed the Yang chakra in Naruto and not all of it. I also would like to see if Minato gives Naruto a task. Something along the lines of finding a scroll Minato left for Naruto that explains many things to him and many jutsu's as well. Maybe a scroll that Minato wanted to wait until Naruto was older to pass down.

by: Infinitekaos
Status: Prediction

Nagato's handseal either:
1. Gives Naruto a power up (hopefully not rinnegan).
2. Turns Nagato's body back to normal.
3. Restores some lives or something he did to Konoha.
4. Kills himself.

by: Gman47
Status: Prediction (Long-Term)
  • *Nagato peacefully retreats, just in time for Team Gai to arrive with Neji flipping out. Naruto says he's gone. Then Team Gai's goes. .
  • *They head home to what's left of Konoha and Yamato arrives, thinking the Kyuubi blew up the place, but learns that it was Pain who did that. It's asked how Naruto regained control of himself after nearly transforming, and Naruto reveals that he had a chat with his father. (The expressions on their faces when they hear the details. )
  • *Meanwhile, guess who was watching all this time? Could it be Kabuto? Sasuke? Madara himself? Or perhaps someone else?
  • *Team Samui arrives in what's left of Konoha.
  • *Sasuke runs into Kabutomaru and they square off.
by: Tyrannos
Status: Analysis

Why do all people think nagato is not going to give rinnigan? What makes you think naruto is already very powerful. Then you must be kidding. Against madara and sasuke naruto is nothing.Even against pein he would have lost badly if nagato would have fought him fresh. Until now all of naruto's victorys have been fluke and not because he was powerful. Naruto requires advantage as his father told him. Kyuubi is suppose to be that advantage. But naruto cannot control it. In the case of senjutsu we know that he cannot hold it longer than 10-15 min and it is not a bloodline. In fact we have seen nothing new out of naruto. He only uses taijutsu, rasengan and kagebushin. Which would not be enough to fight sasuke or madara who use ninjutsu and genjutsu. They can control kyuubi inside naruto and destroy him. So he needs advantage.

Also nagato and naruto are like both sides of the same coin or soul. They both felt the same pain and had the same dreams.Only together they would be able to bring peace. Also in some way nagato is naruto's true godfather. This is because the book "gutsy ninja" was written depicting nagato not jiraya. The characters name was naruto honoring nagato and not jiraya.

Also what do we know about naruto and his character. Kishi has shown until now as a goofy character but also he has shown that it is just a mask to hide his pain. Naruto has never felt love, he doesnt know what it is. He is able to help everybody except himself. Real naruto we have seen is a very serious person, who thinks a lot and is usually very sad.He is also very intelligent as shikamaru. Nobody knows naruto true strength becuse he has not shown it. Also what do we know about narutos ancestory. What about his mother? Does he have siblings. Did his mother leave him or did she die. Where there namikage or uzumaki clan.We know nothing, kishi hasnt expalined anything not also about his father.

Also there is more than 95% chance that nagato is bluffing that he belives i naruto. maybe he wants naruto's guard to be down and it looks that way from the end of the chapter 448. Otherwise why would he start using a jutsu immediately. Hopefully the next chapter would explain lot of things and be end of pein saga. What do you guys think?
by: Anonymous comment poster below (#39 at May 23 4:31PM)
Status: Analysis

First off 448 redeemed Naruto's character in my eyes, it's not that he doesn't want to kill Nagato, it's that he wants to live up to the insane standard Jiraiya set for him.

I have three general theories, one of which I would hate with a passion (though it's unlikely) and two I think would help finish this arc and build the next main arc respectively (if one can ignore the fight between Teams Hawk and Samu as a "main arc).

1) Nagato kills himself to ensure Naruto CAN become Hokage, as without this, it would cause him to become very unpopular with the villagers and simply speaking his body is ruined and his and Yahiko's legacy can be entrusted to someone with faith, something Nagato lost.

2) Madara kills Nagato. Why? It hypes him, for the first time, as an evil ne'er-do-well rather than a questionable immortal. The story of the founding of Konoha seems biased and incomplete, but if it is taken to account (as we should, to the points where it is contradicted by other parts in the manga), the Senju usurped power from the Uchiha completely. This gave us a sort of sympathy for Madara, so this would at least keep Naruto's hands clean and would lead to the much anticipated final main arc.

3) Naruto is given the Rin'negan by Nagato. This one I believe is not very likely, probably 1/100, as Naruto is already given a lot of insane powers, mainly the Kyuubi and Senjutsu and Kishimoto really spaces power-up's well from what we've seen so far I think. It took Naruto forever to get Rasengan, FRS and Senjutsu, while we say a similar case with Sasuke though he was not given as much time on "screen." Anyways, probability aside, I think it ruins both Nagato and Naruto if it happens.
by: The Sixth Hokage

Chapter 448: MEMENTO
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Credits: Kaku and Serenity85 of NF
Credits: Medusa - NF (jump cover)