ShiverX Predictions - Chapter 444

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Status: Prediction

Chapter 444: - A fated reunion and a resolution, -
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Naruto stands in-front of Nagato and Konan that are protected by the shield Konan created.

Naruto: - Reveal yourself!
Nagato: - Konan, release the shield.

"Konan looks concerned and shocked"

Konan: - No Nagato! We must escape, you have used up to much Chakra to fight him!

"Nagato looks a little surprised and then smiles at Konan"
Nagato: It is alright Konan, I have you to help me and I can still fight if that is what is needed. But for now we cannot escape, God cannot run tail, please release the shield. It will be alright. He want's to talk..
Konan: - ...........Ok...

"Konan hesitates but releases the shield, paper flying in a spiral and back to Konan. The both of them are bathed in light and revealed to Naruto.

"Naruto see Nagato and looks a bit shocked. He makes two kagebunshin to be ready.
Konan steps in between them, hands raised at her sides."

Konan: - You wanted to speak, so speak.

"Naruto looks at Konans concerned face, then at Nagato"

Naruto : - So your Nagato... I want to ask you a question, and you WILL answer.

"Nagato hesitates at the hint of anger in Narutos voice"

Nagato: - Ok, I will answer the question if I can.

"Naruto nods"

Naruto in a more indifferent voice: - Who is the man in Akatsuki with the mask? When did you meet him?

" Nagato is shocked by this question"

Nagato: - What?..why do you ask that?
Naruto: - I ask because he is deceiving you, and he may be the cause of this war.
Nagato: - The cause?.....Madara?? What are you talking about, how do you know Madara?

"Naruto is taken by this answer"

Naruto: - Madara?! The person who fought the first? You must tell me, when did you meet this person.

Nagato: - Ok, I guess I can tell you about Madara, I promised I would answer your question. And in turn you will tell me how you know about him.

Naruto: - Yes.

At Hinata and Gang:

Neji: - Naruto has gone away from the spot he fought the opponent. He seems to have taken the body of the opponent to....
Sakura: - Where did he go?
Neji: - I...I don't know, he went away, to far. Away from the village.
Sakura wispers: - Where are you going Naruto?
Katsuya: - He has gone to speak to nagato, the real pain.
Sakura: - Will he be alright?
Katsuya: - He will be fine.

"Hinata stirs and opens her eyes"

Hinata: - Sakura? Neji?...Naruto.....
Sakura: - We have no time to waste, we must start to make preparations for medical treatment. Find some ninjas and put up shelter for the injured!
Sakura thinks: Naruto....come back to us....

At Tsunade:

"Tsunade arrive at kakashi" She walks over to where he is and picks up some debree"

Tsunade: - Katsuya, how is he?
Katsuya: - He is almost gone now.....

"Tsunade cries"

Tsunade: - I was to late Kakashi, I'm sorry..... You, Jirayia, Konoha...

"Tsunade gets some fetermination in her eyes, kneels down at Kakashi's side and makes a handseal"

What is this Jutsu Tsunade is making? What will Nagato tell naruto?
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by: ShiverX