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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Chapter 443: What's your name? Reveal yourself.
Chapter 444- The Destined Children, A Fated Reunion
Chapter 445- The Beginning and the End

"Naruto plunges into Pain with the Rasengan"

Pain: - Gaaahh!
Nagato: - *cough cough* ahggg...!

"Naruto and Pain hits the ground and slides into a block standing 5 meters away, the crash crumples the stone."

"As the stones falls to the ground and the dust settles out of the rumble a shadow arises. Naruto, his shoulders hanging towards his sides and blood running from a wound in his chin lets his head fall back in exhaustion... His cloth are torn and covered in dirt from the collition. He looks up towards the sky, it's so blue. He looks back down towards Pain. Pain lies incapacitated on the ground, a big wound in his chest and his arms broken. Blood is pouring from his mouth."

Naruto: - What's your name? Your real name.

At Hinata:

"Sakura looks tired"

Sakura: - There...I've done what I can. Let me see Pa...
Neji: - Will she be alright!?
Sakura: -Yes Neji..yes...It was a close call though.
Neji: - Hinata...why did you....

"Sakura walks over to Pa"

Ma: - It's to late Sakura.....he is gone...

"Ma starts crying. Sakura looks sad"

Sakura: - I'm sorry Ma...I was to late.
Ma: - It's not your fault Sakura...we were not prepared to handle Pain. It is our misjudgment that made this reality.....and Naruto still fights for us..

"Neji looks towards Naruto and exclaims"

Neji: - It seems that Naruto have defeated his opponent!
Ma: - !! He did it! Did you hear that Pa! He did good...He is the destined child after all, you would be so proud..

"Ma starts crying into Pa:s chest"

At Naruto:

"Pain looks up towards Naruto, Naruto is standing in the light of the sun"
"Nagato see this Naruto through the eyes of Yahiko and his own eyes widen"

Nagato: - The...destined child....
Konan: - What's happening Nagato!?
Nagato: - He....he has defeated us...utterly.
Nagato through Yahiko: - You have won this battle Naruto. My name is Nagato, this body is Yahiko.

"Naruto looks towards the location of Nagato then back at Yahiko"

Naruto : - I want to talk to you, the real you..Nagato.
Nagato: - If you wish to speak you have to come to me, you know where I am. Bring Yahikos body as a sign of trust.

"Naruto flinches and become more serious"

Naruto: - Trust?...I don't know what will go down or if we will fight. All I know is that I must speak to you.

"Naruto seems to be in deep thought"

Nagato: - That is fine for now, I ask you to bring Yahiko then, as a favor, even if you owe me nothing.

"Yahiko's eyes turn normal and his body turns limb. Naruto stands silent for awhile."

Naruto thinks: Jirayia, Father, Kakashi...Pa... is this what you mean? I'm starting to find my answers....but....I can't forget about you....what he has done.... I must be prepared.

"Naruto sits down, and meditate, pondering all he has learned....loosing his physical self in thought, becoming still and gathering Natural energies."

"Naruto awakes, stands up, walk over to Yahiko, picks him up and Jumps of"

"You see Naruto jumping through the air towards Nagato from the side. The one that is looking is Madara. He is standing on a tree branch very far away, his eye focused on the location of Naruto."

Madara to himself: - The nine tail was suppressed it seems...but he did not do that alone, I felt it...he had help. This has become interesting indeed.

"Naruto lands in front of the place where Nagato sits. He doesn't see Nagato because of Konana cover. Naruto puts down Yahikos body and as he stands up again, zoom into his eyes, he is in Sage mode again. He glares right towards the spot Nagato and Konan is They both feel the power of his resolution"

Naruto: - Reveal yourself!

How will the fated meeting between the pupils and destined children go?
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