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Thursday, April 23, 2009

* The Failure of One's Duty *

Dusk falls, the weather cools as a light rain blankets the area. 
"It feels like an appropiate ending for such a red day" Naruto thought as he stood on the branches of the paper tree now losing it's sturdiness since Konan left.

" Their dream was so much bigger than they were, yet they were willing to die for it even if seemed impossible to achive. All i could do was support them, in the end we weren't enough. Perhaps it will be diffent for you Naruto, you have a gift none of us had, the power to change others. Please keep the vision of a world at peace alive, achive what Nagato and Yahiko never could in your own way. "

Those were the last word she spoke to him before she departed. She didn't say where she would go but he knew it would not be to Aka and the masked ninja.

The rain felt good against his skin. It wasn't until now that it really hit him how tired he was.

Naruto: ( thinking ) No time to rest. better start making my way back to the village.

Naruto makes his way to the ground, the paper tree now sagging as the weight of the water soaked walls becomes too heavy to support. The opening he made on the side was still visible, he peers inside.

A metal structure is present at the corner, the legs spread apart, a side door opened. The ground next to still soft, the soil disturbed and elevated clearly showing the outline of grave occupied by a tall individual. A small paper rose sits on top it. 

With a last glance the conversations that took place that day flash before Naruto'mind once again. "Peace", that word had taken a new meaning, now fallen from the wings of pain and suffering.

Naruto turns and begins walking away, the sky grows heavy as the rain intensified. 

* scene shifts to the crater and the survivors *

Sakura: Damn it. why did it have to start raining now.

She helps a random villager to his feet, his arms around her shoulders as she supports him. 

Sakura: Can you walk a little ??

Random villager: Yes. ( grunts from the pain )

The ninja and villagers who could still walk sweep various areas looking for survivors.Cries of despair are heard as dead bodies of loved ones are pulled from under the rubbles of fallen buildings. stretchers carrying the countless wounded are being transported to the area atop of the hokage mountain
where a few building remain standing. 

Tsunade oversees the rescue efforts and gives out directions as the wounded pile up.

Tsunade: ( thinking ) So many wounded, out emergency supplies won't do.

A ninja approaches Tsunade.

Tsunade: Report.

Ninja: We have already dispached small squads to the neighboring 
logging towns to get supplies. 

Tsunade: Were they informed of the circumstances ?

Ninja: They were instructed not to mention the attack as you orded.

Tsunade: Good. If word got out of our current situation we could risk being attacked. Has a messanger been dispatched to the Sand ?

Ninja: Yes, he left about an hour ago. He should reach the Sand in 2 days.

Tsunade: Good work. Carry on.

Ninja: Yes Hokage-sama.

The ninja leaves. Tsunade makes her way to building being used as the main medical facility.The floor littered with wounded, she watches as medical ninja franticly run around trying to heal and accommodate as many people as they can.

Tsunade: ( thinking ) We're running ouf of space, on top of that its raining outside.

Sakura walks into the building with the wounded man she found. She sets him down on an available spot and makes her way to her master's side. 

Sakura: Tsunade-sama.

Tsunade: How are things at the lower part of the village ?

Sakura: The team are almost done, we've swept the area as you ordered. Only a few spots left to check.

Tsunade: Undestood. Come with me we need to set up the building next door and start handing out supplies.

They make their way to the building next door. Gai's team along with Ino and Kiba were there, helping with the preparations. The line had already formed and was getting longer as the survivors waited for something to eat.They shounted as the food was taking to long to handed out. Tsunade and Sakura make their way to Gai and the others.

Gai: Hokage-sama. They are getting impatient, we need to start handing out supplies quickly or they'll riot.

Tsunade: We'll begin handing out food soon, they have to wait a bit longer so we can measure rations. 

Gai: Any word on Naruto yet ??

Sakura looks concerned, the other ninja come closer to hear the conversation.

Tsunade: Shikaku and the other are in the area. If anything had gone wrong we would have heard about it.

Gai: I see.

Lee: Naruto-kun defeated Pain, he'll be fine. He is strong.

Upon hearing Lee's comment the others smile. 

Sakura: Neji, how is Hinata doing ??

Neji: She is resting at the moment. She was put on the second floor of the main medical relief building along with some other people who have already been treated, they have beds set up there. Kakashi is there too.

Sakura: Ill take some food to them later, right now they should get some rest.

The people in the lines were getting more aggresive as fatigue and hungers began to take their tow.

Tsunade: Everyone, please be patient. We'll begin handing out food in a few minutes, bear with us for a little longer.

Looks like all they have done is bear with your incompetence lately Princess-Tsunade. A tall, dark figure walks through the door with two masked ninja at each side. Piercing eyes stare down at Tsunade.

Tsunade: Danzou.

Tsunade: So you are unharmed, glad to see that. ( bitting her lip at the obvious fake front statement )

Danzou: Sadly we can't say the same about the village and our people can we ?? It is a shame that they were forced to live through something like this.

Tsunade senses anger on Dazou's voice. She moves closer to him, they lock eyes.

Tsunade: What are trying to say ?? What do you mean by "forced" ??

Danzou: Isn't it obvious ?? You failed to protect the village in its darkest hour. This is all your fault.

Gain and the others were astonished upon hearing this.

Sakura: How can you say that ? Tsunade-sama saved countless lives here today.

Danzou: Silence. Who gave you permission to speak ?? This is between me and the Princess.

Tsunade realized what was going on.

Tsunade: Lets talk about this somewhere else.

Danzou: Why ?? Are you afraid of what the villager will think ??

He moves towards the center of the building and elevates his voice.

Danzou: Are you afraid that everyone will realize what a failure and a embarrassment to the name Hokage you are ??

Everyone in the building heard his words and turn their eyes to the argument. Whispers fill the room.

Danzou: Tsunade has failed us as a Hokage. When the time came she wasn't strong enough to defeat the enemy leading to the destruction of our home.

The room fell silent as Danzou spoke. Sakura could not keep quite upon hearing this.

Sakura: Thats a lie. Tsunade-sama saved many people using her medical ninjutsu, no one else coud have done tha-

Danzou: That does not excuse not preventing the enemy to enact such destruction. She saved lives yes, but failed to prevent so many from being lost by not neutralizing the enemy. 

Tsunade: We were taken off guard, the enemy used the element of surprise to deal the first blow. 

Danzou: Save your excuses for the families and loved ones of all the people who are now dead. The enemy coming here was all your fault.

Tsuande: How is it my fau-

Danzou: You gave Uzumaki Naruto too much freedom. You set him on missions which involved confrontation with Akasuki knowing that he harbored the Demon fox instead of keeping him hidden away under surveillance. Your actions attracted the enemy here, and because of both you and that boy many of our shinobi were killed lowering our defensive capabilities. We are vulnerable to attacks thanks to your decisions.

Sounds of agreement are heard from some of the villagers present.

Random villager: I knew that boy would mean the end of us one day.

Others shout in agreement.

Sakura: How dare anyone speak of Naruto that way ?? He defeated Pein and saved us. 

Danzou: He is the reason we were attacked in the first place.

"Is this about me ?"
A figure stood at the entrance of the building. Soaked clothing and a scroll on his back. 

Danzou: speak of the devil. 

Sakura: Naruto.

Danzou turns and faces Naruto, the villagers stare at him with eyes filled with anger.

Naruto: If there is something you need to say about me, say it to my face.

Danzou: As you wish. Because of your very presence in the village Akatsuki attacked us. Look around you, all these people here along with the many wounded in the building next door are homeless and lost loved ones because of you. Ever since you were a child you have been nothing but trouble to the village. Pulling pranks, failing in the academy and now you have brought total destruction upon our home, just like the demon locked inside you.

Tsunade: Enough. Naruto didn't choose to have the Kyubi sealed inside of his body. He defeated Shukaku when Orochimaru invaded and helped amend our relationship with the Sand. Our shinobi have acknowledged his strenght and trust him with their lives.

Danzou: Yet so many of them perished today because of this boy. What about the families & friends they left behind? what can you and this boy possibly say to justify the deaths of their loved ones ?? 

Tsunade: Do not dump the blame on Naruto-

Danzou: You're a fool Princess-Tsunade, you as well as the 3rd who failed to keep this boy on the short leash.

Tsunade: How dare you-

Danzou: And the biggest fool of all was the 4th Hokage, and to think he wanted this boy to viewed as some kind of hero.His actions contributed to what happened today....death was to good for him. 

In a second Naruto had him by the throat Dark pigment surrounded his eyes, his pupils displayed a cross pattern.The immensity of his chakra made the air inside the building heavy, the ground beneath his feat began to crack.

The villagers slowly take a few steps back. Danzou looks right into Naruto's eyes.

Naruto: Don't you dare talk about the 4th that way.

Danzou: So you know.

Sakura: ( thinking ) What is he referring to ??

Danzou: Go ahead fox....kill me. Spill even more blood.

Anger filled Naruto as he held Danzou in a vice like grip. He wanted to tear his head off. Suddendly Naruto realized the response his actions were attracting, he looked around. The villagers in the building were backed into the corners, Naruto saw the fear in their eyes.

He calmed down a bit and released Danzou, he takes a few steps back.

Danzou smiles, he has the villagers at the palm of his hands now. He points to Naruto.

Danzou: This is what our shinobi, family and friends died to protect. A beast that only seeks to kill and destroy.You have caused enough damage and pain to all of us Fox. What will you do to ever atone for this sin ?

The room erupts with anger as the villagers began to echo Danzou's sentiments and blamed Naruto for what had happened.

Random villager: ( shouting ) Leave the village demon.

The other villagers shout similar things.

Naruto, with a serious look on his face looks around as faces drenched in anger and fear curse his very existence. 

Sakura: Stop it. Naruto defeated Pein, he lost loved ones just like all of you.

Lee: Naruto-kun constantly risks his life for the village, how can you treat him like this ?

Gai, Tenten, Neji, Ino and Kiba along with Tsunade stand firm by Naruto's side as the shouting continues.

Naruto's heart becomes heavy, as guilt begins to slowly creep in. His talk with Nagato once again passes through his mind."Hatred", that word takes nwe meaning as Naruto experiences resentment from the very people he fought to protect.

Tsunade: Naruto is not to blame for this. He had no idea this would happen and when the time came he fought to protect us all.

Danzou: Yet he couldn't stop mass destruction of our village. He was off training some where when he should have been here fighting along side his fellow shinobi.

Tsunade: He was training so he could stronger and protect us you knew where he-

Danzou: Excuses. He was off training while we were being slaughtered.

The shouting intensifies. As insults and accusations flew left and right only one person remained silent, Naruto.

Suddenly he notices another person walking through the entrance. His eyes swollen and red, his armor covered with traces of blood. Yet the simbol for " eat " was still visible.

Naruto: Chouji.

The room fell silent once again, the young man walks towards Naruto. He stops a few feet away.

Naruto notices the somber air around Chouji, something bad had happened.

Ino: Chouji, is everything ok ??

Chouji slowly looks up, his gaze shifts to Naruto.

Chouji: Naruto....you should leave.

Ino and the others were shocked.

Ino: Chouji, what are saying ??

Chouji: My father passed away a few minutes ago.

The mood changes as everyone listens. 

Chouji: The med nin did everything they could, but his injuries were too severe.

Ino starts to approach him but he halts her at arm's lenght.

Chouji: Naruto, i've know you for a long time. I wish i didn't feel this way, but because of you my father is dead.

Naruto lowers his head.

Naruto: Im sorry for your loss.

Chouji: Sorry won't bring my father back. 

Ino: Chouji...

Chouji: If you really want to do something beneficial to the villagers and me, you'll leave this place.

Sounds of agreement are heard amongst the villagers.