The Main Secret of the Kyuubi

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Main Secret of the Kyubi
by: Boagrious

Yondaime Hokage foresaw something, and ripped the chakra of the Kyubi sealing, only half in his son.
None know the true nature and powers of the seal. I guess there are three main aspects of this sealing. One, Minato was buying time. Second, the Kyubi could seize permanent control over Naruto. Third, the sealing technique is linked to the Uchiha clan. Kyubi’s dark and light halves Yondaime Hokage gave up his life when he sealed the Yang chakra of the Kyubi in Naruto, while the Yin was given to the God of Death. But, why did Minato do such a thing? No creature “can survive without yin or yang”, according to the oriental philosophy. Therefore, Yondaime sealing technique bound Kyubi’s existence to Naruto’s life. Kyubi will die if Naruto is killed; hence for his own sake Kyubi helped Naruto in the past.

Yondaime sacrifice was meant to buy some time for his Village and his son.
The Kyubi could break free Yin and Yang are meant to interact and evolve one into the other (day turns into night and vice versa). Life always seeks balance. Therefore the Kyubi chakra won’t remain in the same state. Kyubi is growing stronger within Naruto. The seal is weakening. Three years ago Kyubi first tempted Naruto with his power, and barely assumed the shadowed figure of a fox with 3 tails. Now without Naruto’s request Kyubi took over Naruto and transformed into a 6 tailed form with bones. How much time does Kyubi need to gain flesh, 9 tails, and completely take over Naruto? If this happens, there won’t be going back. Kyubi will posses Naruto’s body and take it as his own.

Pein forced Naruto to transform.
I suppose that Akatsuki needs the Kyubi to break his chains and take over Naruto, or to at least get him near that point. They need the bijuu to have dark and light chakra before they seal it in the statue. Otherwise they would have captured Naruto long ago.

Minato’s hopes Yondaime hoped that Konoha would see Naruto as their hero.
He probably had more in mind than the Village being grateful with a kid because he became a jinchuriki. Yondaime foresaw the fight that Naruto will have with the Kyubi, and leave things in a way that his son will have the help he needs to win over the monster.

1. Minato bought time in which Naruto was expected to master Senjutsu.
As his father and godfather did. This art forced Naruto to achieve the very accurate control over yin and yang chakra because Senjutsu requires three equals part of yin/dark/spiritual, yang/light/physical and nature energy, otherwise the user turns into a frog. Naruto has gained the ability to suppress Kyubi’ chakra thanks to the scroll of the seal’s key and the senjutsu training. The main proof of this is that Naruto has seen through Pein’s genjutsu.

Until now Naruto was a total failure at genjutsu
Because it is pure yin (dark spiritual energy), and until now Naruto had extra yang chakra (from the Kyubi) mixed with his own. Chiyo sealed the whole Shukaku in Gaara, and the beast blood thirsty temperament almost consumed Gaara during his childhood. If Minato had sealed the whole Kyubi, Naruto would have been consumed by the monster, long ago. But now, Naruto is close to facing a fully formed Kyubi, will his new abilities be enough to force the Kyubi back to the cage?

2. Yamato was already 10 years old and a chunin with 4 years of experience, when the Kyubi was sealed.
Minato could have seen mokuton in action and hoped that Yamato would grow strong enough to control bijuu. The Hirashima’s necklace allowed Yamato’s special mokuton jutsu to control the Kyubi, or made it stronger. The bijuu has now apparently destroyed the necklace, taking away Yamato’s chances to help. If Yamato is to succeed this time, it will probably be at a great cost.

3. Minato also could have entrusted the Uchiha clan with the mission to make at least one of them a MS user to control the Kyubi.
Konoha’s upper class knew about the Uchiha’s potential, otherwise Danzou and his gang wouldn’t have blamed them for the attack. By the time of the attack the Uchiha clan was well renowned. But back them only the forsaken Madara was strong enough to control the Kyubi. If Minato entrusted such a mission to the Uchiha this could have arose Danzou suspicions and fear to this clan’s power, causing the massacre 7 or 8 years later.

The Uchiha clan is and the Kyubi are connected by an unbreakable chain.
For good or ill this connection will be crucial. The Uchiha and the Kyubi Apparently the Mangekyou Sharingan (MS) is the only power that can tame the full powered Kyubi. I wonder if Madara wanted Sasuke to join Akatsuki in order to control the Kyubi once it takes over Naruto. Pein is apparently is helping the Kyubi to take over Naruto. Also, Madara said the Sasuke’s eyes “will be better” than Itachi’s. Was he planning for this moment? Will Sasuke come to control the Kyubi? Will he capture Naruto or help him? Madara can’t or doesn’t want to control the Kyubi by himself . He used it against Hashirama but lost. I suppose the EMS doesn’t have the same level of control over Kyubi; or Madara don’t want to suffer from more side effects. Shared Destiny If the Kyubi dies the Uchihas will lose the Sharingan, or their above average chakra levels, or even die out. This is the only answer that I can find to Kyubi’s menace. The Bijuu threatened Sasuke, “don’t kill Naruto or you will regret it” he said, in other words “don’t kill me or you will regret it”. There are many possibilities for this relationship.

All of the kekkei genkais can be linked to the Bijuus.
But I believe the Uchiha helped Minato to seal the Kyubi in Naruto, and through this act, bound the bijuu’s destiny The kanji for fox, and the symbol of the nine tails were present at the Uchiha’s hideous, were Itachi and Sasuke held their final battle. The symbol is almost the same as that representing the Kyubi sealing at the start of the manga. Links: Kyubi sealing, Uchiha’s Hideous, Kyubi’s words, and the Nakano temple. Out of time Naruto and Sasuke are linked to the Kyubi. Time is running out for both of them. Naruto is really near to facing his final battle against the nine tailed Demon, who will try to size his freedom and take Naruto body’s as his own forever. Naruto’s heart, his training with the frogs, and his friends will pay a great part at the end.

The Kyubi shortens Naruto’s life span.
He will live a short existence if he reminds as a jinchuriki. Even if the bijuu is extracted or destroyed and Naruto survived, there would be side effects. The longer is his time as a jinchuriki, shorter will be Naruto’s life. Sasuke face now the curse of the MS, is falling into darkness, (as much)[the more] he uses his eyes faster he will become blind and mad. Worse than that, the MS also consumes the life of it user (that was Itachi’s illness). There are only three secure ways out of the MS’s curse: a) like Madara take the MS of another Uchiha (Itachi’s); b) Like Izuna (Madara’s brother) give up the eyes ( Izuna died in battle after he became a blind shinobi); or c) Die like Itachi. But maybe Sasuke can get rid of his power and the curse if he fights the Kyubi. What will happen with Kyubi, Naruto and Sasuke?

Quote from databook3 1. “Yin chakra” was sealed with the ‘Dead Demon Consuming Seal’, using the Yondaime’s life as a sacrifice.” Yin apparently is: dark chakra, the spiritual / mental energy. 2 . “What was Minato’s true purpose when he sealed Kyuubi’s Yang chakra into his son…? ” Yang presumably is: the light chakra, material or physical energy. 3. “ Right now, he ( Kyubi ) is soundly sealed inside Naruto’s body, with no chance of resurrection. But he sees the opportunity to once again walk the Earth by using that body” 4. The Bijuu “Their bodies are made up of vast amounts of chakra and their personalities are ferocious and cruel. When they begin to act violently, nothing can be done. Hitherto, there existence is a symbol of “menace” 5. “The Mangekyou Sharingan is feared as the strongest doujutsu, but only some of its possessors can reach this further godlike state. This jutsu works both as the user’s guardian deity and as something that consumes his life.” Quote from the manga chapter 398 01 “ A clan with the power to make disaster their slave. The eyes that would make them legendary are part of an unbreakable chain” Quote from the manga chapter 309 06 “I may not see you again, but I warn you. Don’t kill Naruto. You will end up regretting” (Kyubi to Sasuke) Quote from the anime “This may be our last meeting, so let me say one last thing. Don’t kill Naruto. You will live to regret it

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