Naruto Chapter 430 Spoiler (RAW)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

It is confirmed!!!! Naruto chapter 430 is already out! And here are some juicy bit of informations for the addicts and fanatics out there!! I cant wait for the manga to be out soon! Go ahead share us your thoughts...

naruto goes back (looks shaded on a scroll, he has a cape thing like the 4th)
naruto can’t recognize the place due to all the destruction
iruka, shikamaru (father son) chouji (father son) kiba (mother son) are alive
kakashi…still not sure but he’s in 1 panel.
hiashi was away from the town (or on patrol, not sure…)
Tsuande has used souzouzaisei and given all her chakra to katsuya to help everyone (the mark on her forehead is gone)
Enma eats ‘bean’ Pein who then comes back to life
gathering all the chakra in tendou was risky, konan offers to treat him
bean pain goes after Tsunade but naruto kills him instantly.
He has the 4th and Jiraiya’s at his back.
Final page is naruto ‘let’s finish this’

Pain: “You’ve saved me a lot of trouble searching”

Translation notes:

Enma is not the monkey, it’s that monster with black flames that the Hell Realm Pain (the one who fought Konohamaru) uses to judge if a person is telling the truth.
Also, “Bean” Pain is probably Asura realm (the one that Kakashi destroyed, that with a lot of arms and faces).
This would mean that Hell Pain is the one who can bring the wrecked bodies back to ‘life’ and he did it with Asura realm who after all got defeated again by Naruto

The Anbu mention that Tsunade used her Souzousaisei to pump all of her chakra to Katsuyu to save all the villagers from Pein’s jutsu so the spoiler writer figured that she must have done it at around the same moment Pain used his super Shinratensei. The spoiler writer then adds, she saved the villagers sorta like Gaara did. (*when he used all of his strength to make the giant sand shield against Deidara’s blast)

Basically, the Anbu are talking about Tsunade’s technique. As far as the spoiler goes, there is no mention of any Anbu jutsu.

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